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Title: The Price of Gas
Post by: Cuddlefish on October 03, 2012, 12:34:39 am
A grand display of human hubris was at the heart of the decision, perhaps mixed with a subtle naivety along side an American-sized serving of what would've otherwise been known as "healthy curiosity." I've been told of the dangers. Well, they've been alluded to, anyway. After all, now that I've seen it for myself, I can see why no one had described it without the heavy use of metaphor, as it's very existence (or, appearance of existence) defies the very concept of definition.

All these burnt out research labs are starting to look the same to me... Didn't I just pass that?

It aught to have an end, and I aught to be able to get there. A stupid thought from a blindly ambitious but well meaning person (?). But, am I at fault? How could I have known it's true (???) nature without a direct experience? An now that it's been seen... Well, y'know. And, man... It just goes. And it gets weird.

I could have sworn I passed that old collapsed church already...

I tried turning back but, well, there aren't any exit ramps. Not even an "official use only" turn-around. I'm sure the authorities would have understood if I had used it. Had it been there. I did pull over once, though. I thought that, maybe, if I could get some sleep, I could escape this place, even if only temporarily, but the thing... It exists in your dreams, too. And it can be even worse there, what with the utter lack of a physical reality to conform to. You don't want to sit put for too long, anyway. The still live remains of former travelers are ravenous for... company.

Wait... That burnt out old lab looks just like that collapsed church I just passed...

No. It's too late. I've made the choice, and now any attempts to find myself, my location, just get me more and more lost. Deeper down... Fuck, how deep is this?! I try the old scenic route every once in a while. It always strikes me as a bad idea, on account of the barriers blocking the connector roads. I mean, if the people that populate this place are building walls, well, what does that say about what they're trying to keep out? But, the scenic route... This aint the colorful jaunt through early autumn Birkshire foliage... Ever seen a Dali painting? Well, in comparison to the fringe locals, Dali'll give you the warm fuzzies... at least he shows something with a vague semblance of the familiar. The familiar. I don't think I'm familiar with that term... Fuck, these pot-holes are the size of craters...

Ok, there's no way that's the same lab... erm, church. Eh, shit. Had I imagined it the first time? No... I'm certain I've seen that school building. I'm certain...

There's other people here. I'm pretty sure of it. Somewhere. But I can't see them. Not clearly, at least. Hold on. Did that guy try to say something to me? These words... They don't make any sense... That guy... Am I imagining? Fuel is a commodity here. Well, it's at least safe to assume it is, the gas gauge is spinning like a compass on a boat stuck in the Bermuda triangle... Man, I could really go for a vacation in Bermuda... Even that triangle looks damn good and ordinary right about now.

Look! An information booth... Oh, never mind... Doesn't look like any one has been working there in a while... And just look at that line.

Fuck it. Let's run this tank dry. If I don't have the fuel left, I can simply be counted out as a victim of circumstance, right?


Damn, that's definitely the same church as where I got on. Fuck, I'm gonna run out of gas for sure...
Title: Re: The Price of Gas
Post by: Freeky on October 03, 2012, 12:42:30 am
Amen, brother Dimo.
Title: Re: The Price of Gas
Post by: Juana on October 03, 2012, 12:43:02 am
Excellent, Dimo!