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Apple Talk / Re: Day of Discord: Providence/Boston
« on: June 01, 2010, 06:32:26 pm »
Ah, the Cantab! Totally forgot about that place. Again, I'm game for whatever (although I do have limited funds), so as long as we can all agree on SOMETHING, hopefully I can meet up :D

Apple Talk / Re: Day of Discord: Providence/Boston
« on: June 01, 2010, 06:15:26 pm »
So, you all better sit quietly at TC's for 6 hours (I'll permit one (1) beer per person per 3-hour period max, or two (2) cokes/waters/non-alcoholic beverages of choice per same time frame) until I get there, dammit. Hands folded on laps, no talking. Everyone must remain seated the entire time with the following exceptions: 1) bathroom breaks (these are to consist of no more than 14 minutes per person per 3-hour period with no more than one allowed to leave per 14-minute period) or 2) cigarette breaks (these are to consist of no more than three (3) per 6-hour period, with no breaks occurring on a per-person basis more often than once in a given hour). ANY other movement will be met with the harshest penalties.

I hope everyone can have an enjoyable time prior to my arrival (following carefully the aforementioned guidelines)!

But seriously, I had no intention of forcing anyone into any specific plans. Hell, if it turns out that people would rather just do the lunch thing then fuck off somewhere else, great! I'd be disappointed I couldn't meet up with everyone, but I definitely don't want to force anyone into anything.

The last I heard there was the desire for shitty dive-bar-related happenings at some point. If that changed, no worries. If I can meet up with everyone that evening (in Boston, at a T-accessible wherever) then that would rock, as I'd like to see those I haven't in a while and see those I've never met for the first time. If not, you'll all have to remain figments of my overactive imagination.

No worries, all :)

Apple Talk / Re: Day of Discord: Providence/Boston
« on: May 27, 2010, 04:44:54 pm »
There is a small possibility the Mrs and I may attend post-work (1800hr) shenanigans.

I've met the Mrs  - good people!

Also, I can most likely make any post-1800hr shenanigans as well. I know there was talk of hitting a shitty dive bar (TC's Lounge having been proposed). Anything that evening should be no problem for me. Hopefully we can all meet up!

Apple Talk / Re: ITT: We plan the Dok's arrival on the East Coast.
« on: May 20, 2010, 02:44:43 pm »
I must agree with LMNO regarding TC's over Bukowski's. TC's is a goddam dive in the pure sense, with a surprisingly decent beer selection for those interested.

What time are the Boston shenanigans happening on the 11th? Depending on timing I should be able to make it out and about after work (post-6PM) to revel in the madness. Otherwise I must only bask in the reflected glow of awesome.

Horrorology / Re: So, Jim...When Did We Join The Monkeys?
« on: May 03, 2010, 08:44:23 pm »
They help the other 94% of our planetary cohabs get with the fucking program, is what.  Without an ideology to guide them, they'd go the way of the neandertals.

I'm quite sure that's the rationalization.

And it sure helped in 1939.

Oh, point.

So how do you propose we keep ideologies from the masses? 

At the risk of sounding pinealist, by keeping them confused.

Sounds workable.

Now we need a formula to induce severe cognitive dissonance on a nationwide scale.

I'm going to disagree, and state that any confusion we engender should be aimed at making their ideologies fail faster.

This just makes me think of the classic Daffy vs. Bugs cartoon where they're going at it over what hunting season it is - Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Rabbit Season!

... and then Bugs confuses Daffy into forcing Fudd to shoot him because he becomes CONVINCED it's Duck Season.

THAT is how confusion should be used - make them blow their own damn fool heads off. It's the only way to wake them up that has a hope of working. And if it doesn't, at least they got their damn fool heads blown off while we laugh.

Apple Talk / Re: So, Jim, are you ready for The Finals™?
« on: April 22, 2010, 06:39:11 pm »
Works for me, Dok. I like this place because there's fewer and fewer monkeys that take a look around them and laugh these days. This place has always been a place where I can laugh with the other monkeys that are laughing at everything going on around us, from the day-to-day stuff to the apocalyptic harbingers.

It's ALL funny, and it's all going to get MORE funny in the coming years. I like having somewhere to go where other people get the joke too.

When I first ran across this place, all I was looking for was an e-copy of the PD. That's it. Wasn't looking for a bunch of like-minded spags, or making amazing content or meeting amazing people or even just another random internet forum. However, when I ran across the madness of the forums and saw that here were others - like me - that were laughing just as hard at the joke, I couldn't help but stick around.

Often, I disagree with many people who I do or don't like. These feelings have changed over the years for everyone here. Sometimes I get annoyed with certain people, then I get over it (or don't). But that doesn't change the fact that, regardless of how well we do or don't get along, the other people here seem to get the joke.

THAT is the "hive-mind" that I jump into gladly, and that's why no matter what I'll undoubtedly be here for the forseeable future. It's a rare thing to see the joke and still recognize the monkey is the one laughing - the seeing and the being a part of the joke, all at the same time. Most if not all of the people that stick around here recognize that (at least as far as I can see), and that's why I've been here since January or February '07 and why I'll most likely stick around for as long as we push electrons through the servers.

« on: April 09, 2010, 07:07:10 pm »

-resigned from Red Sox Nation.  Too many spags.

This, dammit! Time to wander back to my New York roots ... that's right, it's back to the Mets for me! The Yankees can always suck it, and since the Sox are now also the Yankees (albeit with different unis, but the same "we've got more $$$ than any other team so we'll take your best players kthx!" philosophy) I just can't take it. I love hopeless underdogs, and the Mets certainly deliver!

Plus, they're ALREADY suffering weird, abnormal injuries (thyroid issues? yeah ...) and that was before opening day. Gonna be a fun year!

 :mrgreen: :cry: :argh!: :lulz:

Apple Talk / Re: HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: April 08, 2010, 07:36:54 pm »
...and I need to make an appointment with financial aid.

Crap. Here we go again.  :kingmeh:

No really. Look at the name of this website:

First, congrats Suu! Any credits accepted are good credits - less stupid crap you have to take, even if they make you jump through the inevitable financial aid hoops to get the money. The fact they took 31 credits means less non-major-related BS you have to sit through in order to do what you want there in the first place.

Second, that website's url =  :lulz:

Apple Talk / Re: ATTN: World
« on: March 24, 2010, 07:02:44 pm »
Woohoo! Congrats RWHN  :D

I know I haven't been around much in the last handful of months (mostly due to IRL issues), but I can definitely feel what ECH is saying with this.

I have a somewhat different perspective on this since I've only been hopping on occasionally (once every couple weeks for a long stretch) and have only recently been coming back every day to take a look-see around the boards, mostly the political subforum and Apple Talk. What I see is the same posts from the same people saying the same things in the same way, and trying to frame it as a new exchange of ideas, rather than as a rehash of the same argument/discussion/debate/shit-flinging that's been going on for months.

While there are some new posts (the Spiders thing, the Richter/Dok Howl back-and-forths to name a couple that stood out to me) with some new presentations and ways of approaching the daily whatever, I've felt that the boards have been more and more mired in a seemingly rote exchange where I can almost exactly predict what any given poster will be saying before I even read what the post actually is.

That isn't fun for me, so I have been drifting away from here. Which is too bad in many ways - the Memorial Day meet-up a while back was GREAT and the NYC spag invasion of Boston was super fucking fun ... because we weren't just regurgitating the same shit that we always spew (and I'm definitely not saying I'm not guilty of this - the fact that I saw myself falling into this pattern was definitely another factor that influenced my distancing from PD) but we were out in the real world DOING SHIT, together with like-minded freaks and weirdos who also wanted to DO SHIT. I wouldn't have done the shit we did (which was fucking great - HIMEOBS'ing Boston, POSTERGASMing Providence) or met the great people I met if it wasn't for this site and the exchanges that have taken place here.

I've had a lot of personal stuff happen in the last six months or so. Might other people here find it interesting? I don't know - maybe. However, I have no need to tell strangers about my personal shit, so I don't. If others want to I have no intention of stopping them, but I also have no intention of reading it. So I don't. When that kind of content or style of discussion (IE always bringing the "me/my" perspective into a discussion or topic rather than keeping a broader view) doesn't dominate the boards, it's no problem to find a wide variety of topics to have interesting discussions. When it does, seemingly making any discussion devolve into personal anecdotes substituting for broader, underlying reasons for a given issue, I lose interest and spend my time elsewhere.

Which is a shame, since I've definitely had many great discussions get going, like the 5GW stuff and the BIP. Then there are the endless rehashes of libertarianism (being tossed in where it doesn't apply, then derailing a thread that was starting to pick up steam) or drugs, the mere mention of which is guaranteed to destroy the topic being discussed. It seems like every individual is too locked into their own experiences and is allowing that to color every and any discussion on the boards here, where even a year ago it seemed like, while everyone's base frame of thought was known people were able to debate the larger picture without succumbing to anecdotes/opinions as evidence. I was starting to do that, so I kept my distance in hopes that it would shift a bit, instead of getting worse as it has seemed to be doing. I originally stuck around here because the boards were a bunch of people willing and able to at least TRY to be above the primate-style shit flinging, and I feel like the boards have lost the ability to keep that style in the last year or so.

Oh well, just my thoughts on the matter as someone who's been around here a while that hasn't been deeply involved in the day-to-day arguments/discussions/threads. As always, YMMV.

Principia Discussion / Re: discordianism law question
« on: December 15, 2009, 07:17:10 pm »
Do As Thou Wilt, But Remember No-One Likes A Douchebag

Troof, and I think I finally found the perfect wording to sum up my personal philosophy. Thanks!

Always remember Billboard is the most honest about its lists and awards. They have but one criteria - $$$. If you sold the most albums, you're #1 in Billboard's list!

It doesn't matter how shitty it is - if more people bought your album or single than anyone else's you'll get a Billboard award.

Whether you agree with the quality of the artist in question is something that is immaterial to the process - it's ONLY based on sales for Billboard. It's thus the only music award I feel has any use as a metric, and then it's only for the business side. Everything else is too subjective and inside-politics-based for my tastes.

Apple Talk / Re: His worst week ever.
« on: November 24, 2009, 07:00:29 pm »
For some reference points, here's a link to the WebMD info on concussions. I'm not saying he has a concussion, but this gives a bunch of things to keep an eye on, and the first part of it focuses on kids and what to watch for.

Hope everything gets at least a little better!

Aneristic Illusions / Re: The bleach! It does nothing!
« on: November 24, 2009, 06:08:33 pm »
Honestly, I thought I was looking at "faces of meth".

Well, it IS the BNP, so ... pretty much.

Also, did you read their answers? Damn! Morons! Not that I'm surprised or anything, but still. THIS is the best the BNP can muster? I somehow don't think this will have the bump in recruitment they might have hoped for.

Apple Talk / Re: An international conspiracy
« on: November 17, 2009, 08:18:25 pm »
I find it sad so many people like modern rubbish, but each to their own I guess.
If anything I just feel sorry for you all, because you never had what I had growing up. The chance to see the best musicians in the world playing live progressive rock or heavy metal.
I'm sorry.
I find it sad so many people like being fucking stupid, but each to their own I guess.
If anything I just feel sorry for Latchingdon, because you never had what I had growing up. The chance to not be an idiot and listen to more than one or two genres of music.
I'm sorry.

Again, I am sorry for you all.

I'm with ECH, but I'm bored so I feel like tossing some morsels at the troll - where did you spend your 6 years at music school, Latchingdon?

Berklee? Juilliard? Eastman? Myself, I went to Berklee, with a Music Synthesis degree (I actually DID go to "choking people to death with a MIDI cable" class - got an A too), with a focus on digital recording.

So, as someone with a piece of paper that apparently entitles me to an opinion in this "debate" (although it's different from the Rev here so it'll be dismissed for something or other), you're stupidly trying to present your opinion of music as fact, and coming across like a total ass.

Just thought you should hear it from someone you probably will dismiss anyway. Enjoy!

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