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Apple Talk / Re: For the internationally travelling spag...
« on: June 29, 2019, 02:04:42 pm »
A collection of the world's rudest hand gestures.
Thanks for sharing! I am going to Africa on my summer holidays, but I was not aware on this point. HIMEOBS' travel advisory told me a little about the rules of behavior there. But this collection will assist me, too.

Dear Sir,

Intrigued by your claims, I purchased a HIMEOBS Orbital PlatformTM and upgraded to the DELUXE SUPER SECURE SECURITY FORCE. My purchase arrived swiftly and without error in the order. However, my security force is extremely surly and insists on watching porn 24/7 instead of actually providing security. I know because with the deluxe package I'm given copy of the daily report log. Almost every entry is "surfed 4chan for hentai" and "bearforce1 fanfiction competition during mess, Slovale one again!" In addition, the amount of trash they leave behind is horrific.

Sure, antivirus protection is the one that must be for sure. I use the special one to have well protected PC. There are a lot of firewalls etc., but not all of them can defend your device. HIMEOBS will provide you such security.

On a semi-related topic, the founder of Quadriga, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, died recently, and $250M worth of "assets" just sort of...disappeared.  Nobody can find the passwords, or something. :lulz:

I didnít find enough information confirming everything described. But I know several facts against this theory The most important one is about the connection to HIMEOBS

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