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« on: October 22, 2004, 11:46:27 am »
"The exception tests the rule" -- Richard Feynman, the last true physicist

"If a man in a long white coat tells you that something is true, it probably is. But if he tells you that something is false, then he is absolutely wrong." -- Sir Arthur C. Clarke, one guy well worthy of his Knighhood.

"SHUT UP!" he explained. -- Stephen Leacock

Do you know what it is to be a Discordian studying sciences ? Can you imagine the sheer pain, the feeling of absolute repulsion that the permeating dogmatism the current scientific establishment exsudes can give to the genuinely free-wheeling mind ? Has any one of you ever tasted the ostrichizing attitude of self-importance conveyed by some of the most mediocre rational minds found in colleges and research labs ?

Fortunately, mediocrity is truth-invariant. That is, it does not matter in the bigger picture of theories, explanations, experiments, data collections and facts. But Goddess, can it be annoying. "Save the Holey Kludge ! Believe my words as that of God itself even though I have no clue !" even though there is always one better explanation. Hence my new sig. But I di-gress (or do I con-gress ?).

So I was walking along the road that links the House of the Crazy Drunk Monkeys in which I have found a place to live in peace, and the place that connects our world to the Railroad world (a parallel dimension in which time slows down to a crawl while brain stops functioning almost entirely, in which air is impure and headaches abound, and where Greyness incarnates into a dark blue suit, to ask for your ticket). I was lost in my own thoughts, as is too often the case, rambling about how everyone had been brainwashed so as not to believe, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, in any theory (be it alien presence on Earth or Illuminati's world domination plans) that menaces their kludged reality assessment map. This naturally drove me to think about the incarnation of utmost ugliness that is the Standard Model taught in every Approved‚Ѣ school of science, and of its many short-comings and flaws. That so many minds can be fooled into chasing the shadow instead of the prey saddens me. And accordingly rose in my heart the terrible feeling of inadequacy of All This, which made me mourn on the immense waste of efforts and reasoning it represents.

See for example the 15 years it took just for accepting that maybe, perhaps, something special could indeed sometimes happen in certain weird conditions of electrolysis. What tragedy, what outrage, that so many reasonable people with long beards would rather fling their excrements, in the manner of irritated simians, in order to save the theory and sweep the reality under the rug ! Unfortunately for them, so many things have been sweeped there, that the rug now resembles an elephant. The Emperor has no clothes, I thought.

This is about the moment that Eris chose to sway a lightpole in my footsteps. And thus was I enlightened.

Everything is false. Even true things are false. Maybe. And I should watch my steps instead of worrying about it all.

Literate Chaotic / Cryogenize me to sleep
« on: October 15, 2004, 02:03:27 am »
It's 2 AM, why the fuck did I wake ? Last time I had sleeping issues was at the peak of depression, I'd hate to have that again.

Until I manage to get my cycles back in sync, I'm making plans. Yup, that's what I do when bored. Apart from trolling around webboards, that is...

Sooo, making plans. Projecting self in imaginary futures and realising I don't want it to happen after all. Plans plans plans. I lack the money to complete my aeronautical suicide plan, let's find something else. Mindufcking fellow students around the Uni ? Boring, same old same old. I should focus on something I'm good at. Like telling stories of pseudo/real science/mythology maybe ? Hmmm. Now that's more like it.

Here's my current plan: I'll write a book on alien civilizations based on their traces in human history and mythology. Did you know the Nommons of the Dogon tribe were outlaws who escaped the legal system of their own planet by crashing their prison-spaceship on Earth ? That the Greys went back to their 96-light-years-away homeworld after they were done abducting people ? That there are some alien assholes from 174 light-years away who've been experimenting brain control techniques on various human victims since 1962 and show no regards to consequences of their intrusions, and don't give a shit about Galactic regulations on non-interference with native development ? And that they're here for the food and music, and believe in one God(dess ?) ?

Hey, maybe I'll end up being invited to some TV show. The potential for Real‚Ѣ Nation-wide Mindfuck is not to be ignored.

Sooooo my fellow whatevers, can I count on your participation in wildly extrapolating what little we have about aliens in human culture ?

Literate Chaotic / The story of money
« on: August 18, 2004, 04:35:08 pm »

This is a fantastic read. Simple enough for even children (though not too young) to understand, and thought-provoking.

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