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Principia Discussion / Re: Neoism
« on: September 27, 2016, 10:48:33 am »
The text... is writing itself, even if I don't click ! Aaugh :eek: !

Experimental, very random and contradictory . There was a page where "neoism is all about sex", then another where the narrator "gave up sex [...] and is now a neoist" :wink:. It's either the state of accepting one's own religion or adopting whatever religion one's interested in, even a fictional or deviant one, and making it anonymous.

It's a kind of negativist and Zen view on the world. Once, I had to do a tarot tirage (I do them to make a rubric for a radio podcast) for someone similar, who was litterally asking "why do :weary: ?", and Eris responded to her "what the ! stop giving up on Akari, notice her" ! So there's some chance that Neoism is not Erisian :roll:.

Some of them seemed to actually call themselves Cantsin in an intent to become anonymous, kinda reckless giving all the problems Argéniums would make of such behavior.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Rio 2016 shitshow thread
« on: August 03, 2016, 12:53:17 pm »
I don't understand how Brazil, with all the money from tourism, culture and the economic boom, somehow stayed poor and even with the subsidies they couldn't prepare anything decent (or even safe for the athletes).
Media didn't cover all the chaos that happened since 2013, at least, where I live (even as brazilian-themed events like Rio Loco happen and get ample coverage).

Quote from: Sano
Recently in São Paulo there has been a dislodging of poor people from the state's property; one of the left's few truly charismatic figures, Eduardo Suplicy, was arrested for trying to resist it with the people who lived there. São Paulo's mayor, Fernando Haddad, who ordered the dislodging, is actually also in the same political party as Suplicy. For this and for litterally confiscating homeless people's blankets during winter he is losing support of the left (which has always been small in São Paulo anyway) very fast; he never had support from the right because of the other terrible, terrible things he has done such as putting biker lanes in the city.
How is such a guy still alive and free :x ? There's poorly-veiled-behind-law lack of respect for human life in dislodging poor people, and there's blatant and criminal lack of such respect in confiscating blankets.
There may be a coup (or at least, the forceful overtaking of a mayoral position) after the Olympics there.

Literate Chaotic / Re: The Only Answer
« on: August 02, 2016, 10:57:19 pm »
Nice poem !
Every being and thing is more or less full of love, which cannot be contained and slowly leak to surrounding people and objects...
A thinking being can only vary the flux, and only as separate loves mix, it can multiply, forming matter and fight entropy...
It's how existing, being noticed by the universe, works, and parts of it can only notice a infinitesimal bit of it back...
So love~ ! Notice Akari.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Moe Philosophy
« on: August 02, 2016, 10:27:38 pm »
Quote from: The Good Reverend Roger
which Moe?
Moe as the japanese adjective signifying blooming (or verb signifying burning). Not the Simpsons character.
Wikipedia has a biased definition of it, as the word slowly became a suffix to mean passion and/or a word to describe what TvTropes calls PSL (attraction to fictional characters).
Applied to characters, it means that they have defects which make them cute and endearing. The book is based on a generalization of the concept (being tolerant to/or appreciating defects), putting it in a 2x2 table alongside love (appreciating qualities), hate (disappreciating defects) and jealousy (disappreciating qualities).

Quote from: Brother Mythos
Not being familiar with Spinoza, I’m reading The Ethics prior to delving more deeply into your book.

The Ethics is a bit of a tough read, but I’m finding I do like Spinoza’s writing style. I’ve completed “PART I. CONCERNING GOD”, so far.

This is going to take longer than I thought.
Wow, you're brave :link: ! Good luck with the Ethics !

Literate Chaotic / Moe Philosophy
« on: July 21, 2016, 09:40:14 pm »
Eat your fresh .pdf ! Oops, felt wrong when I said it.

Whatever : Here is Moe Philosophy.

It's probably among the most ordered and greyfaced book ever made by people that would call themselves « a Discordian » :|.
It's a book about a mix of Spinoza's philosophy (especially Ethics), some Discordian concepts, and the idea of Moe. Among other things.
It's divided in plateaux I mistakenly call chapters (a concept from some writer who wanted an alternative way of organizing a book) but function as such.

I would have liked having more ideas for illustrations to make for lighter reading. Good word-munching~ !

I'll think of perusing the Bring and Brag and Propaganda fora, for the fourth edition. *Goes to sleep*

Literate Chaotic / Re: Five word horror
« on: July 21, 2016, 09:17:38 pm »
"You don't see your gun." (In an RPG session, in the middle of a pitched battle, followed by "The one in my haaands ?!".)

For soundclouders:
Got my first copyright strike
Buy Real SoundCloud Followers Now (curse those spammers :argh!:...)

Quote from: Fernando Poo
like omg tfw roflcopter xd

Am I doing it right?

Oh yeah~, definitely :lol: !

D'oh, somehow missed that post !

Hi, I'm Alban and I live in a town in south France, near Toulouse.
Studied statistics, but didn't find any job, and now I am babysitting an non-profit organization about mentally disabled people producing a monthly podcast broadcasted on radio, was even recruited at some point as tech support.
I was autistic since I was a kid, and believe I encountered fairies who healed me by some sort of surgery. Psychiatrists were baffled, as it's supposed to be incurable but was curing itself anyway.

I was interested in the occult when I was a teenager, and found the Principia in my searches. I really liked it and its "spirit", and lamented the obsessional orderliness of my mind and its incapacity of generating uncontrolled amounts of chaotic thoughts. :sad:

During by statistics studies, I discovered moe-anime and started writing philosophical articles, piecing together a philosophy made of Spinoza's Ethics, moe concepts and the Principia (I'll put it on in Bring and Brag soon~), and happily embraced (some kind of) Erisian faith.
The disillusion of studying for nothing and five years of job seeking gave me depression, so I'm lacking motivation, all the time.
I was trained to deejay two years ago which, lately, gave me had the curious idea of mashing up music despite my total lack of musical (and other artistical) sense. At least I get to mix and make adorable cover arts !

I also like roleplaying, enjoying playing priest in D&D and starting to assemble Call of Cthulhu-like scenarios :transmet: (in a homebrew mixed universe between CoC, World of Darkness and other things).

And that'll be all.
Hail Discordia, and hi to you all ! (Discordia in drops is also good.)

High Weirdness / Re: DEA Issues Stoned Rabbit Warning
« on: July 20, 2016, 05:10:30 pm »
Quote from: Grey Area
Quote from: Prelate Diogenes Shandor
Won't somebody think about the bunnies?

I feel your pain. I assure you, the cute, little bunny rabbits hippity hoppitting around my backyard, at least, are being well cared for.

The only predators in my neighborhood are some very lazy, roaming housecats, an occasional crow, and some hawks that have easier pickins down by the river. My wife plants catnip behind our garage, so the neighborhood cats are usual too stoned to even notice the bunny rabbits. (I find one of the neighbors’ cats sprawled out and cross-eyed in our catnip patch about once a week during the summer. My wife is, apparently, growing some primo stuff.)

Those cute, little bunny rabbits, however, went all ‘scorched earth’ on our carrots last spring. (I don’t think they were into The Sustainable Food Supply Chain Management™ thingy quite yet.) So, I had to build a chicken wire fence around and over the carrot patch. Our furry, little friends are now welcome to eat anything that grows through the chicken wire, but they have to be patient, and wait for us to share the rest of the carrots with them when we’re ready to harvest them. (‘Them’ meaning the carrots, not the cute, little bunny rabbits.)

So nice and generous ! Ecological management done right.
One step before the THC-laced grilled carrots :). (Do not mix up catnip and the other herb, for rabbit survival.)

(Grr, Photobucket's seems to have gone even shittier. Again. Seems it kicked itself.)

High Weirdness / Re: "We Taught A Lion To Eat Tofu"
« on: July 20, 2016, 04:53:06 pm »
Wow. It's arrogance to a planetary scale. It's like telling all the animals "Hey guys, I'm going to augment you to make you model citizens of my objectively superior way of life :kingmeh:.".
Will the natural order stay barbaric to civilization, or will civilization will become barbaric to the natural order ?
Animals maybe have the right to not be eaten by humans who'd despise eating meat, but animals should also have the right to be what they are too, and a predator is a predator and nobody can complain about it.

Also, the idea of cyborging every lifeform into a united society reminds me a lot of the Borg from Star Trek.
"You are now drone #whatever. Your task is to sleep 14 hours a day and spend the rest roaming and meowing every 368 secs. Mice have to be assimilated to the Collective by you. Eating them is irrelevant, rat resistance is futile." :)

Their pages with the pyramidal links seem familiar too. :fnord:

High Weirdness / Re: HUGH Case of Mixed Emotions
« on: July 20, 2016, 04:29:23 pm »
How weird~, feels she was "interrupted", a la Dwarf Fortress :roll:

Asylum and psychatric following would've been much better than jail and not seeing her children again, I don't think jail will end her obsession with knives once freed :sad:.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Laws
« on: July 20, 2016, 01:59:56 pm »
Laws need optimised. Stripped down to the bare essentials. Don't kill. Don't steal. Don't lie. We are rapidly approaching a situation where we can prevent these things. Deal with them before, not after they happen. Minority report? Yup, it's less than a decade away. It won't work quite the same way as it does in the movie - psychic mutants plugged into the internet but the net effect will be the same. The annihilation of privacy (trust me - you really will appreciate it when you see it) via ubiquitous micro (later nano) -scale sensors will know when something's about to go down. Drones will intervene to prevent the crime taking place faster than the human can carry it out.

The current mountain of ridiculous legislation won't work. You're absolutely right - everyone would end up in jail. We'll have to dump them and go back to basics. So I can almost hear the grinding of teeth from the Orwell followers reading this. The abuse. The human rights violations. Right? Wrong. What will happen in a totally transparent society is that there will be no place for Big Brother. Everyone can see through him, just like he can see through everyone. People can spy on you taking a shit or jacking off to tubgirl videos but guess what - you can see them spying on you and so can all their friends.

What's going to happen is people are going to be forced to become a lot more tolerant. People are going to be forced to become a lot more polite. To the point where you can fuck your significant other on a busy street corner and no one will watch because they'll know that you don't want them to and that will be enough. The reason this sounds far fetched is because, although this level of mutual respect and politeness is most people's ideal, the fact is that most of the human race are biologically and psychologically incapable of practising it. Transparency, not privacy is the key to this. Openness, as opposed to sneaking around and hiding which, when it comes right down to it is the fundamental nature of privacy. 

The laws of the future are implicit. "Do what thou wilt", "Be excellent to each other", "Live and let live"

Our technology will not "Enforce" these laws.

Our technology will "Enable" them.

Laws have, in the beginning, sprouted from the need of respect among people. Most laws have their origins in various religious texts such as the commandments. :fnord:

But Laws are only useful in a society where the majority of people are solipsistic, only thinking of their own good above all others. Our "society" is based on working for others to get the means to live, it is based off intimidation and violence, even if that violence is bound and enabled by laws.
We (almost) all work at the figurative gunpoint of our job contracts.

So it is normal that in such a society, exploitation is the norm rather than the deviation, and that people have to be bound by laws to disable them from exploiting in "non-default", "antisocietal" ways.
But people who exploit in the "default", "societal" ways are given means to live better, and a lot more love. Those people, in turn, made laws to force people to exploit or be exploited, calling that enforcement "order", and calling alternatives to "order" "chaos" and making them illegal.

Enhancing "justice" with technology is just giving and will be giving an even more and more unfair "edge", helping "legal" exploiters. And it will make the change to a new, altruistic society that much difficult.

In as society where people are altruistic and have to trust each other to get the fullest experience of life, rules made to limit people from lacking respect amongst themselves become irrelevant, as exploitation itself becomes a deviation.
Exploiters would be shunned upon, would be given a lesser share of love, therefore getting a worse life experience. Therefore they would revert back to less exploitative ways by themselves, without the needs for violence in the name of "justice" or "order", nor the need to shun chaos...

Quote from: Reginald Ret
I think it would be fair to say that being in Dutch (or Norwegian) prison is like living with your mom. In theory it is nice to have everything taken care of but in practice you just want to GET OUT. It has the added benefit of a long-term improvement in the relationship with the authority figure. Rehabilitation Through Smothering, it works!
I got this hilarious image stuck in my head of a bad ass long-term criminal whining "But mom! I don't want to go to bed! I wanna read my comics!" "And the warden saying "No. You need your sleep and that is final. And turn your playstation off as well!" "But mom! I haven't saved the game yet!" etc. etc. as Gandhi said, the power of love is a thousand times stronger than the power of fear and intimidation. 8)

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Dallas Police shootings
« on: July 20, 2016, 01:03:07 pm »
Killing people with C4 is like killing with a rocket or grenade launcher, may seem like terrifying overkill, but in a country where everyone has the right to wield guns, it's the next steps of the Lensman race between police and the people. It may be what Dire Straits wanted to say in "Man's too strong" :sad:.

It's kind of normal to see that kind of brutal enforcement when protesters have the dumb idea to come as armed gunmen. When one protests, it's to get a more peaceful life, that's why most protests are peaceful. Shooting men of law is like asking them to get more weapons to shoot back !

But it's still terrifying overkill. Gee. Like you two, I'd almost wish they had an accident to make people realize how insane went the world around them.

Featured / Re: Another topic
« on: July 20, 2016, 12:34:57 pm »
How weird... Last time I've seen that pic was about someone getting something on his head. I wonder too. :roll:

(Explanation: The song has been made by an experimental rap/variety band which made a bunch of lore about the universe in their minds, which is fighting against the hordes of Greyface. It's one of their lore/dedication songs.)

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