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  • Game board is based on a chess board, with obstacles and hazards. Printable 12 x 12 (or largest available size)
    • Obstacles: cannot move into that square
    • Hazards: take damage for moving into this square
  • Character deck: Each character is based on a fantasy class. Each character has a card. You build a team out of 10 points worth of cards. At one time, only 3 cards may be on the board. Cards are "balanced" to point value: low (1), medium (3), high (5).
    • Components of the card: name, flavor text(?), 3 abilities (2 attack and a move, or 1 attack, 1 ability, 1 move).
    • Hits: Each card has a little square, the same size as a d6. You place a d6 there, with the character's number of remaining hits facing up. Inside the square, it says "starts at X". Each time the character gets hit, turn the d6 to the next lowest number. If the piece runs out of hits, it dies. A random piece of its treasure falls to the board on that square.
  • Treasure deck: During play, treasure chests are placed onto the board, placed randomly by die roll (d8). If you move onto a treasure chest, you get a treasure card. You can give it to any character on your team, but after you assign it to a character, only that character can use it. Each treasure card confers 1 ability. Some treasure cards are consumable, meaning they are discarded after use. There is 1 chest on the board at any time.
    • Broadsword: +2 attack vs adjacen
    • Trusty Steed: You may now make a knight's move. If given to a knight, you may make two knight's moves.
    • Shuriken (consumable): +3 vs one target exactly 3 squares away diagonally.
    • Throwing Knife (consumable) +3 vs one target exactly 3 squares (straight left right back forward).
    • Magic Potion (consumable) gain +2 hits
    • Shield: when you get hit, roll a d6. If you roll a 6, you block the attack.

Character cards

build a side using 12 points

High Value

all have 6 hits

  • King - move 2 squares in any direction, makes an attack vs adjacent at +3, or 2 squares in any direction and makes an attack vs adjacent at +2
  • Queen - moves 4 squares in any direction, makes an attack from up to 4 squares away at +2, up to 2 squares away at +3

Medium Value

all have 4 hits

  • Fighter (knight): makes knight moves, or moves 1 square adjacent. Attacks 1 square away at +2. Attack as knight at +2.
  • Wizard (rook): Moves 3 squares as rook, or 1 square adjacent. Makes wand attacks as rook, up to 3 squares away at +2
  • Cleric (bishop): Moves 3 squares as bishop, or 1 square adjacent. Makes diagonal attacks as bishop, up to 3 squares away at +2

Low Value

all have 2 hits

  • Henchman - Moves 1 square at a time. +1 to attack. If he stands next to an ally, its +3.
  • Pawn - Moves 1 square at a time. +2 to attack. Can only attack diagonally.
  • Goblin - Moves 2 squares at a time, +1 to attack.
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