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Summary: Cramble is a competitive, team-based, game where players compete for territory in a limited time frame.

6-12 RFID readers are designated as "game zones". Each one has a colored light or LED display which will display either red or blue. (and can be switched) Players will be on either the Red or the Blue team. Each player needs a bandanna, arm band, jersey, or some other way to visibly denote what team they are on.

The game is divided into rounds. Each round lasts five minutes. Players will run to occupy zones and contest their opponent's zones, hoping to be in a good position for when the round ends.

A buzzer noise will mark the end of the round. Each player is considered occupying the zone whose reader they are closest to. Each team's score will be tallied and displayed on the monitor. It is tabulated as follows:

  • Your team gets 1 point for each zones that has more of your teammates than enemies occupying it.
  • Your team gets -1 point for each zones that has more enemies than teammates occupying it.
  • Your team gets 0 points for each zone with no one occupying it, or an even number of friends and foes occupying it.

We run 1 to 5 rounds. At the end of each round, the score is displayed on the monitor, and everyone gathers up (or spreds out) before the next round begins.

To clarify how this works:

  • If two blue players are standing in a blue zone, the red team can contest the zone if three red players occupy it.
  • If you're standing in a contested zone, as the clock ticks down, you'll be debating between calling for backup or just fleeing to another zone.
  • Optimally, each zone should have a display which shows how many people are standing in each zone. Perhaps a map, with a number of LEDs lit representing the ratio of players at each zone. This means that if you're visually isolated from other zones, you still have some idea whether you should hang out there or jet to another zone.
  • There should be a several minute break between rounds so teams have the opportunity to discuss strategy.
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