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the Basics

Many of the things that happen in the game are explained by the use of “calls”. These are out-of-game words and phrases which describe certain effects. For example, the call "roots" represents a force which pins your foot to the ground. “2 iron” is a call that represents that the attack does two points of damage with an iron weapon. (if you are vulnerable to iron, you take an extra point). It is necessary that you role play when you are hit with these effects.

If you use up an expendable skill on someone and they don’t role play the effect or call a defensive skill in reply, the skill is not used up. At the very minimum, they have to call “got it” to indicate to you that they registered the attack. If you miss with an attack, it isn't used up either.

Sometimes you may be able to call a defensive skill in reply to another attack. For example, some warriors have the ability to parry weapon blows. To do this, you must announce "parry" in response to the attack. After the attack, you have three seconds to use a defensive call.

Delivery Methods

  • By Weapon – in order to deliver a call through a weapon blow, you must say the call out loud, and then hit your victim in a legal target (anywhere other than their hands, head, neck, or groin). All game weapons must follow weapon safety guidelines.
  • By Aura – most spells are cast through small cloth pouches filled with birdseed called Spell Packets (or occasionally “spackets”.) In-game, people refer to these objects as “aura”. If you are holding spell packets, it looks like your hand is glowing with magical aura. In order to cast a spell, you must say the full incantation of the spell and then throw the spell packet. If the packet his your target or anything he or she is wearing or holding, then your spell succeeds.
  • Versus X – Some attacks only work against certain targets. The call "5 damage versus fae" will affect a fae, but nobody else.


Some effects will be instant, like effects that inflict wounds. Others will last longer. Most calls have a duration of "line-of-sight". This means, the spell still affects you as long as you are within the caster’s line-of-sight. To determine whether or not you are in line-of-sight, imagine a line being drawn between you and the caster. If it is obstructed by buildings or stationary objects for more than ten seconds, the spell is over. To break a line-of-sight spell, you can’t just face the other way or hide behind people – you have to step behind a building or tree for at least ten seconds.

The duration of any spell that doesn’t deliver an immediate effect (like damage) is line-of-sight unless a different duration is specified. For example, if someone hits you with a “root” attack, you are rooted in place until the caster leaves your line of sight. If the attack states “roots for 1 minute”, you remain trapped for a full minute.

The duration "until rest" indicates that the effect will go away once you take a five-minute rest.


Bestow - the target receives a skill, ability, or bonus, as specified. Some bestowed abilities can only be used once, while others can be refreshed like an encounter skill. Unless another duration is specified, all bestowments disappear at 6 AM.

Bind - your arms are bound to your side. You may still move around. Any attacks that hit your weapons or shield will effect you while bound.

Disarm - you must drop the specified item. You may not toss it or throw it. You may pick it up again as soon as it hits the ground and stops moving. If this call is delivered by weapon, the target is the weapon or limb it hits. The call will have no effect if the legs or torso are hit.

Dispel X - the specified call is ended. For example, if you are effected by roots, someone could cure before the duration has finished with "dispel roots". Any unspent charges from an evocation spell can also be snuffed out by a dispel by targeting "dispel evocation".

Drain - While drained, you cannot take any in-game actions or use any skills.

Heal – this call heals a point of damage. A number of wounds may be specified, such as "Heal 3".

Knockout - you are unconscious and must fall to the ground. You will wake up in 60 seconds.

Push - the target must immediately move back until they are ten feet away, and cannot use offensive game skills until he does. If he is unable to move back, he must kneel for three seconds. If the target is already ten feet away, this has no effect.

Refresh - This call recharges one skill. Usually, a specific skill or skill type will be specified, such as "Refresh 1 encounter skill".

Roots – When rooted, your right foot is stuck to the ground. You may pivot on that foot, but cannot move it from that spot.

Slow - When slow, you cannot run.


Veritas, the Latin word for truth, is a special game word which means the next thing you are about to say is true within the context of the game. For example, if somebody points to the sky and says "Veritas: There's a UFO flying overhead!" you must act as if you see the UFO flying overhead.

Game instructions may also be delivered with the word Veritas. For example, during a Dream Walk, you might hear, "Veritas - the pavement is hot lava. If you step on it, you take one damage."

You are only allowed to use the word Veritas if a game ability or Dream Walk script has permitted you to do so.


In Game, a location can have more than one identity. For example, a place can be both a park near your house and the ruins of an ancient battleground. Sometimes, (often on Adventure Scenarios) you will venture into fantastic places which coexist with actual geography.

For example, you might be on an adventure to a temple in the peaks of the Himalayas. As you climb a steep hill, your party leader might say, "Veritas, you can see for hundreds of miles up here!" When you reach the little gazebo at the top of the hill, he'll say "Veritas - look, over there, the temple!"

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