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A game of ideological warfare.


Each player has his own deck, which may be customized before the game. Each deck contains a mix of Meme cards and Ideology cards.

In center of the table, there's a space called "public awareness", which has three slots.


The three public awareness slots can be occupied by one meme card at a time. If a slot is open, someone may play a card into it. To remove a meme from public awareness, it must be countered with another meme.


The goal of the game is to play ideology cards, which go face up in front of you. Each ideology has a score (which represents how hard it is to enact). The first player with 10 ideological points wins.

An ideology can only be played if certain memes are present in public awareness. For example, the "Scientism" ideology can only be played if the Science and Atheism keywords are present in public awareness.


Each meme card has several keywords, such as "science", "religion", "event", et cetera. Meme cards also have a numeric rating for their persuasiveness.

A meme card which is in play can be countered by another meme which shares at least one keyword and has a higher persuasiveness rating.

For example, the card "Asch Confirmity Experiment" has the keyword "Science", "Anti-Authority", and a persuasiveness rating of 4. To beat it, you have to play another meme with the science or anti-authority keyword and a persuasiveness of 5 or higher.

Certain cards may have special rules. For example, "Scholarly Debate" has a persuasiveness of 3, but it gets +5 if used against a card with the mysticism keyword.


During your turn, you may play two meme cards and, if the right memes are in public awareness, one ideology card.

Design Brainstorm Space

The game has five "colors" (think: Magic)

  • Science/Technology. Cards include: Computers, Internet, Bill Gates, Bad Ass Cars, Richard Dawkins
  • Religion/Mysticism. Cards include: The Pope, Deepak Chopra, Westboro Baptists
  • Politics. Cards include: War, Elections, Revolution, Obama, Gun Laws
  • Consumerism / Entertainment. Cards include: Youtube, hip hop, The Video Music Awards, Summer Blockbuster
  • Corporate / business: Cards include: Lobbyists, Standardized Testing, Copyright Law

Then there are keywords which cut across multiple "colors":

  • Philosophy
  • Academic
  • Finance
  • Spirituality
  • Cool
  • Offensive
  • Scandal
  • Group
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