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Visual Notes

palette: (use the cream color for background)


    • I'm particularly liking bleeding cowboys for the main title font. Maybe dry goods, edmunds, or trading post for the headers.


Your profile contains a few non-standard pieces of info....

  • Level - a number determined by your XP value / 10
  • XP - a number. this is modified by the website in a few different circumstances

Inventory: You have a digital inventory, displayed on your profile. The game can assign items to you after you go on an adventure. Players can send items to one another. If you have an item code, you can enter it and it will add the corresponding item to your inventory. Item codes are unique, and are generated when a player prints an adventure. The codes also need to be validated, which is done automatically on the day of the event.

Your profile lists all the territories you own, with links to their pages.


These are pages connected to a physical space in the real world. Each territory must have a GPS coordinate or be somehow linked to a map.

A territory may have an owner, which is a player.

If you are the owner, you have a button "relinquish territory" which passes ownership to another player. If you're the owner, you have moderation privileges for that page.

A territory can be marked "public" or "private".

On the territory page, there's a button that takes you to the Event Summary interface. After you run a live adventure, you'll go into the event summary interface where there's a dropdown, and a list of available adventures. When you select one, it brings you to a form where you can submit info about that. See below.



The create event button is located on a territory page. Events must be linked to a territory. You can invite people to events. After the event is completed, there's an Event Summary form available where people can submit data about the event. Basically, everybody who participated gets a chance to post pictures, video, or text.

On the event page, there's a section for attendees. You can tag other users who were at the event. Everybody who attended gets 2 XP.

If you attended, you may post any number of pictures to the event page. This earns +1 xp

If you attended, you may post any number of videos to the event page. This earns +1 xp

If you attended, you may post a 200+ word narrative to the event page. This earns +1 xp

The Map

Players can access a google-maps style game map. Pushpins mark established game territories.

Players should be able to view upcoming events on a map. They can see what events in their area are coming up.


After accomplishing certain objectives, players earn achievements which are displayed on their profile.

Each achievement is linked to a private storefront offering a game accessory from a print on demand site.

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