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The Wild Westchester Explorer Guild is a group of people who meet on Saturdays to explore a bit of a dungeon hidden underneath Tarrytown, New York.

You pay $10-20 and get to go on a hour long module involving tactical boffer combat and RPG elements. Within the dungeon, you'll be able to solve puzzles, fight mythological monsters, interact with ghosts who haunt Tarrytown (some of which are based on real historical characters), work against an evil cult bent on destroying the town, and hopefully score some treasure you can use to get better gear on your next venture in.

Players don't create a character or gain levels. Each time they enter, they may choose which gear to bring into the dungeon. Each piece of gear represents a different character class skill. For example, an wand lets you cast an attack spell, a charm lets you heal allies, a dagger lets you backstab, a sword lets you swing "2 damage" attacks, et cetera.

The Guild is led by the mad explorer Cramulus, a resident of Westchester, who gives your party tasks and quests you can complete within the dungeon.

Within the dungeon, you can receive quests which involve exploring, locating, or retrieving something somewhere in westchester. For example, the ghost of Mark Twain might send you to go find out the color of the hotel where his house used to be. Or the ghost of Washington Irving sends you to the graveyard to find out who he's buried next to. Perhaps a character sends you to the local library to look at a certain book, and you find a note stuffed in the book which gives a clue about a challenge within the dungeon.

Many concepts can be imported from Obscera.

Skill Tables

Skills are displayed on tables. Literally. After you check in, you go into the armory. Within, there are several tables, each roughly represents a character class. Pieces of gear sit on each table. There is a tag attached to each piece of gear which lists the items abilities (which work like a skill) and how many gems it costs to take it with you.

If you have gems from a previous journey into the labyrinth, you can spend up to 50 of them. There may be other treasure within the dungeon that give you additional options at this stage.

-for the most part, these skills cost 25 gems.


  1. Sword: 2 damage 3x per room
  2. Axe: 6 damage 1x per room
  3. Mace / Hammer: 3 damage 2x per room
  4. Shield
  5. Buckler
  6. Parrying dagger: off hand - parry 1x per room
  7. Badge: +2 health


  1. Sword: 2 damage 3x per room
  2. Parrying dagger: off hand - parry 1x per room
  3. Buckler
  4. Short Sword: 4 damage from behind 2x per room
  5. Dagger: 8 damage from behind 1x per room


  1. Robe: one attack per room, call "shield" and ignore a melee attack
  2. Ice Wand: 6 packet attacks per room which each deal "1 ice damage"
  3. Flame Wand: 3 packet attacks per room which each deal "2 flame damage"
  4. Lightning Rod: 1 packet attack per room which deals "6 shock damage"
  5. Tanglefoot Talisman: 3 packet attacks per room which each deal "slow"


  1. Disarm Talisman: 1 packet attack per room which deals "disarm"
  2. Mystic Lasso: 1 packet attack per room which deals "bind arms"
  3. Water of Healing: 6 packets per room which deal "heal"
  4. Fan: 3 packet attacks per room which deal "push"


Things you can find in the dungeon:

  • Free game token: one is hidden on each adventure
  • Gems - unit of currency. About 100 go out on every adventure.
  • Coupons for Tarrytown stores and stuff?
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