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Re: OPEN BAR: 50 Shades of Chronic Liver Disease
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Interesting conversation on FB about which subway line in Boston is “the best”: Orange Line or Red Line.  A lot of people are supporting the Red line.  As I live on the orange line, I’m backing that one, but a lot of people are disparaging of it.  However, I noticed something…  Could be coincidental.

Red Line stops: Southie (traditionally white). Kendall  (white).  Harvard (duh). Somerville (white). Alewife (white).
Orange Line stops: Forest Hills (black), Jackson Square (black/Latino), Roxbury (black), Chinatown (duh, part 2).

Ok, there are outliers. The Orange Line does go through Charlestown (working class white) and into Malden (white), and the Red Line goes into Dorchester (black).  Still, it did give me pause.

You are aware that Boston in general is, like, SUPER DUPER racist, right?

Despite the fact that we pride ourselves on liberalism and equal rights and all of that, yeah. We are, as a whole, secretly and disturbingly racist. Problem is that it is subtle. I think that part of the problem is that we DO pride ourselves on being liberal. It gives us a bit of wiggle room to be racist assholes.
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