Author Topic: Open Bar: We're going to build a bar, and make the drinks pay for it!  (Read 26389 times)

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"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man." - Nietzsche.

Which is my way of saying my copy of The Great Ordeal is now running late.  Just wrote a pissy email via Amazon, asking why my shit hadn't arrived and why I hadn't been notified and where is my shit now.  <snip>

Oh christ alive, I was out of town and totally forgot! Amazon Prime, SAVE ME!


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It is so nice to see everyone keeping a calm, cool level head this election season. It's so God damned delightful to watch everyone carefully and tactfully avoid eating each other's faces. It's so fucking rad, why can't you see how rad it is, stupid?


I generally have a no-political-discussion policy on FB, just because it can get so ugly. Sometimes I have to try really hard to hold my tongue, though.  :sad:
"If I owned Goodwill, no charity worker would feel safe.  I would sit in my office behind a massive pile of cocaine, racking my pistol's slide every time the cleaning lady came near.  Auditors, I'd just shoot."

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I am enormously excited for Mr. Robot tonight. Potentially disproportionately excited. The real world can fuck itself.
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