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I get more depressed every time this thread gets a reply.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Oh, Oregon!
« on: September 01, 2014, 12:09:08 pm »
We have some big worms here.
The Oregon giant earthworm is one of North Americaís largest worm species, reaching up to 1.32 m (4.3 ft.) in length. It is known from 15 sites in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and one site in the Oregon Coast Range. Like Oregonís other indigenous worms, this species has a narrow range of tolerance for soil conditions, favoring fine textured soils rich in clay (Fender 1995); it is generally associated with deep, little disturbed soils in moist mixed forest of Douglas firs, grand firs, and bigleaf maples (Wells et al. 1983). Habitat loss and the establishment of introduced earthworms are currently identified as the two major threats to this species (Fender 2009, pers. comm). Note, however, that the status and threats of this species cannot be fully assessed until an effective survey protocol is developed and tested (Rosenberg 2009, pers. comm.).
Seriously? that is huge.
The earthworms near Chernobyl weren't that big after several decades of mutating!

I can't help but disagree with parts of the BIP interpretation.
I'm not sure why, but it seems too constricting. there seem to be too many "rules" for me. .

Right, you're out of the club.

Incidentally, there is nothing to be gained by throwing your morals out.  There's a lot to lose, though.

I remember reading a study somewhere that said that sadness serves the purpose of making us introspective. We get depressed and start taking good long looks at out lives to find out Where It All Went Wrong.
Sadness and depression are not at all the same thing.
Depression is often in response to unbearable sadness but it is the opposite of emotion.

Hey actually, is it possible to make altars to things that aren't gods, strictly speaking. Not like demons obviously. But if i were to go to Las Vegas, for example and erect a shrine to Lady Luck in the hopes of winning shitloads of money at the tables, would it be any different that worshiping household deities or something? Would doing that MAKE Lady Luck a minor deity?


Well met RevDWC.

Being a biped is addictive, but at least it isn't Heroin. Have fun!

Principia Discussion / Re: An amusing bit against the number 5
« on: August 30, 2014, 01:11:48 am »
... nothing to say, just :mittens:

Isn't that where we are?
Hmmm, looking at the horizon I have to admit you are right. It doesn't seem curved at all!

Obviously we're getting smarter because we're more depressed.
Now that I could believe, depression keeps distracting emotions away. There is no fear failure strong enough to survive a clinical case of 'Whatever, nothing matters anyway.'

I hate to be the one to remind you, but Rule One is "Do not act incautiously when confronting little bald wrinkly smiling men".
I thought that was the first rule of Discworld?

Or Kill Me / Re: Another reason to hate the world. True or False?
« on: August 28, 2014, 07:16:29 pm »
short, stumpdicked, poor, bald, plebian, chubby pedestrian, unemployed and unpopular I think
Hey now, I know quite a few nice people that are any combination of short, poor, bald etc etc. Don't use things that aren't insults as insults.
Come to think of it, most insults usually aren't as insulting as the insulter thinks.

Uh, pretty sure he's ironically referring to the list of items in the OP.

Someone made this list, and I saved it because its an interesting concept.

How wrong is this?
I really think this is true for when you meet people.
This doesn't seem to apply when logic gives up and
a relationship takes over, or when girls are trying
to take pity on someone. Thats usually a friend zone thing anyway.

Literally all women care about.

1. How tall you are
2. How big your dick is
3. How much money you make
4. How much hair you have
5. Your social status
6. How fit you are
7. What car you drive (and other various status symbols)
8. What you do at work
9. How popular you are
10. How handsome you are

I'm hoping that some will try to prove or disprove this, inevitable creating some insight about life.
Either that, or you all can just kill me.
Look, just because i responded without reading properly... I forgot my point.
My realisation stands though: Insults don't have to be as insulting as the insulter thinks they are.

Also, today must be link day, because this is awesome:

Unexpectedly nude photography. SFW.

This is so wonderful.
Cool idea!

I'm like you NoLeDeMiel, so I can't help.
For me, clothing is the stuff you put on your body to prevent the screams.
It usually works.

I'm supposed to be the best man at a wedding in a suit and stuff. I'm pretty sure I can suppress the tie/choking-related panicattack long enough to get through the ceremony but the whole suit thing just baffles me. I told my friend to dress me and tell me how my hair should look and that seems to be working.

Housemate to boyfriend: "Me and you, fisticuffs, all day long"

Boyfriend to housemate: "I'll fuckin scrap any time you like goddamn it. I'll bring my blankie. It makes me a superhero."

I think they are in the throes of bromance.
That is just the cutest testosterone outburst i have seen in ages!
I love the use of emotional dissonance as a bonding ritual.

I've found a lovely little spot around me that'd be perfect for a semi-public altar for Eris. I'm a little stuck on what might be useful to put up on it.  So far, I know I'll be putting a cheaply bound copy of the Principia, an empty box for a DVD of midget porn, a plastic apple painted gold, some gold candles, and as many Pope cards as I have the patience to print out.

What would YOU put on this altar?

Historical eris was a deity noted for riding shotgun in aries' chariot, shrieking in laughter while riding through knee-deep blood. As enyo, she was responsible for razing cities to dust, burning whole populations alive, and generally fucking things up.
she was hardly worshipped; only the thracians (iirc) had a cult for her, and thats because they loved going to war.

So what to put on an altar to eris? Blood. Blood of people youve killed for personal gain. Ashes of the villiages youve put to the sword and burned to the ground. Weapons...because why not? And salt. Salt was expensive to ancients, and its as good a thing as any for a goddess who delights in salting the earth and making sure whole populations rue the day they discovered agriculture.

I cant fathom what eris would do with midget porn or that other junk. Shes not some goddess of hippydom and slapstick...shes the madder and orgiastic aspects of aries but with a vagina and more passive-aggressive.

Now that's where you are wrong. She is most definitely a goddess of slapstick.

Just take a look around you.
Every time a predator drone takes out a house full of innocents tears appear in Her eyes. Slowly her beautiful features are contorted by a mad grin until she bursts out laughing. It is an ugly laugh, loud and whooping and full of snorts.
Just for fun, with a twitch of her pinky finger she puts a thought in the neighbour's head: "Now I can keep the borrowed lawnmower!" just to see the self-loathing look on his face a second later.
This millennium the laughter hasn't stopped for even a second.

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