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Until the monsoon broke, it was 46C here.

I don't understand your Nova Scotia units of time.
It's really simple: 0C is the boiling temperature of water on a Wednesday with a humidity between 0 and 53%, while 100C is the sublimation temperature of water on the moon. It makes perfect sense once you get used to it.

Quote from: youtube
This video is not available.
We're sorry.
It's hard to find a working copy.
Maybe us filthy Euros don't deserve to hear this song?
Got one!

Anyway, in my search I have read a lot of haters but the song is quite tolerable.
It is less damaging than this.

Perdido Street Station - China China Miéville -- need a break from history and biographies.  I've been working my way down the president line. I last read John Adams but thought i'd take a break at Madison. 

Although, I'm also nearly done with vol 1 of Battlecry of Freedom by James McPhearson. My old man's a civil war buff and I thought it'd be good to get better acquainted for better conversation.
Mieville is fantastic, one of my favourite writers.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Cain called it. Greece defaults.
« on: Today at 08:16:07 am »

I was hoping for another Iceland but I don't think the Greeks can pull it off.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Cain called it. Greece defaults.
« on: Yesterday at 04:36:45 pm »
Oh cool!
Thanks for that, it explains quite a bit.

Now the second question is: who benefits if Greece defaults?

I imagine the Greek people would.

Or Kill Me / Re: silly teenage rants
« on: Yesterday at 11:16:49 am »
Stop comparing yourself to others, in fact, just ignore them completely.
Do stuff because it interests you and the act of doing it makes you happy, don't just do it because you get a happy from being better at it than others.

Pride is anathema to happiness.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Cain called it. Greece defaults.
« on: Yesterday at 11:11:45 am »
Russia can also supply Greece with the oil it pretty desperately needs.  My understanding was that Greece previously had arrangements with Iran regarding the black gold, but the most recent set of sanctions made that impossible to continue.

It would be a significant strategic coup for Moscow...yet another reason we shouldn't be playing this dumbarse game with the Greek government.  If at the start of this whole mess we'd just written off the debt, it would've cost us less than it has now...and that's not including the political and possibly international tensions we're talking about here.  Just in strict monetary terms.
If we (by which I assume you mean the EU) are not the ones profiting, then who is?
Whoever it is, I don't like them.

The fuck does joining the army have to do with perpetuating war?
Non Serviam
Exactly, it is quite hard for a war to start if both sides have no soldiers.

It gets complicated if one side does have soldiers though.

And it is the contract that worries me, because the commitment only dances around the notion of informed consent.

Where do you get that idea?

The potential loss is difficult to grasp for most males aged 18-28, I think, from personal experience.  I don't consider myself entirely unreasonable and yet still was susceptible to suggestion.

If I may allow mself to imagine what it feels like, I'd think the 'draft' at first was breezy, like the invitation of an open door, slowly turning into a massive undertow.

This kind of training may be good but the end result is something of a complex beast.  The only way I know to kill it is not to serve it.

I have a feeling you may have a better grasp on the subject, so I wouldn't be opposed to conversation, it's your thread?

Well, we certainly can't allow people to make decisions before they're 70.
I think LuciferX is under the impression that quitting the army is always desertion and refusing to follow unethical orders will get you locked up.
That is only true during war time, so that almost never applies.

Would it be too childish to find out the number of the other board member who keeps harping about the hoses and send her a picture of a clean properly wound hose after every job i do? Just every time i'm in there sending pic after identical pic of a clean, wound up hose?
Don't send, but do save pictures. Ask permission to take these pictures first so they know that you took the accusation serious.
Send at next allegation.

yea, and i've been training in martial arts for a bit. Not to brag, but i could probably survive a few drunken hecklers.
I always had you figured for a guy who is nice because he knows he doesn't have to be.

Stand-up definitely looks like a better option; though a bad crowd is more likely to attack you than to trash your car so . . .  :wink:
People heal, cars don't. ;)

That is genius!
    "No one could deny that there is open warfare on men all throughout western society. Whether or not it is deserved is somewhat irrelevant (you’ll see why in a second). There’s a minority of men who are alarmed but the vast majority just doesn’t have this on their radar…yet. This is mostly because it doesn’t affect them directly."

How can there be “open warfare” on men if most men haven’t even noticed it? Has there ever been a war in which the majority of those ostensibly affected by it don’t even know that it exists?

just got an email from Nancy, one of the board members at the community garden saying that i've been getting complaints about the watering services I've been providing. The main complaint seems to be that i'm leaving the hoses dirty when i'm done with them. Nancy says she wants to talk to me when she gets back on Monday, hopefully its a warning, because even tho the pay is shit and the work is irregular, i actually enjoy doing the work and hanging out in the garden. Its a shit gig, but its a shit gig i will really miss if i get canned.  :cry:
That sucks, I hope you get to keep the gig. They can't fire you over something this small if this is the first time the complaints were brought to your attention, right?

Working in a garden for money is a great gig, if only it payed enough to cover the cost of living.

:horrormirth: This is dumber than homeopathy.
first hit on a reputable source, namely pubmed: "Histamine intolerance results from a disequilibrium of accumulated histamine and the capacity for histamine degradation. Histamine is a biogenic amine that occurs to various degrees in many foods. In healthy persons, dietary histamine can be rapidly detoxified by amine oxidases, whereas persons with low amine oxidase activity are at risk of histamine toxicity."

Wait some more:
more than 500 hits on google scholar not counting citations and patents.
First one from 1983.

True, it is not a lot, but it seems to be taken seriously by people who are very good at the biochem techno-babble.

Histamine can be metabolized by two pathways:
 - oxidative deamination via diamino oxidase (DAO) (formerly known as histaminease)
 - ring methylation via histamine-N-methyl transferase (HNMT)

DAO is a secretory protein responsible for the breakdown of extra cellular histamine,
whereas HNMT, a cytosolic protein, inactivates histamine only intracellularly, for example
in the liver (2). The enzyme DAO therefore plays a key role in the breakdown of dietary
histamine. Insufficient DAO activity can thus lead to the symptoms described, e.g., after
ingestion of histamine rich foods, (5), alcohol (6) or histamine liberating or DAO blocking
medications (7).
Various possible mechanisms have been discussed as the cause of histamine intolerance
(1). The production of DAO may for example be reduced by damage to enterocytes in
gastrointestinal disease (11, 21). Other biogenic amines, alcohol (18) and medications
(7, 19) can also competitively inhibit the breakdown of histamine by DAO. Acquired
histamine intolerance may be reversible where the cause if removed, such as the dis-
continuation of DAO blocking medications.

Note: minor editing in quote because copypasta didn't work properly.

Yes, deficiencies in breaking down histamine is a real, biological occurrence. Just like deficiencies in breaking down gluten and deficiencies in breaking down lactose. That means there's just enough science behind a very rare enzyme pathway deficiency to make the health quack crowd BILLIONS when they convince millions of Americans that they, too, have a histamine intolerance. :lol:
Yep, but learning that did change my mind about one thing: Now I think homeopathy is dumber.

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