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Aneristic Illusions / Re: Darth Vader in Ukraine Elections
« on: October 26, 2014, 08:38:09 pm »

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Shootings in Canada
« on: October 24, 2014, 10:45:24 pm »
Thanks.  His social media presence may exist in Arabic or on Arabic social media.

In other news:

- Canada has ruled out a direct link to ISIS.  Probably just as well.

- Stephen Harper hid in a cupboard for 15 minutes, apparently terrified terrorists would kill him (is anyone surprised? No).

- MPs took down flagpoles and turned them into spears, in case they needed to go hand-to-hand with any terrorists in the building (Canadian MPs confirmed as being tough enough to fight Putin one-on-one).

That reminds me of a story told around the SCA circles here in the North West. Some Mounties had invited the SCA heavy fighters to help them train with their riot gear (shields, etc). The heavies brought their rattan swords and hand-made shields.... and some-one brought a rattan pole-arm. The guy in charge of the Mountie exercise started giving that person a bunch of shit about it until another of the heavy fighters walked over to a nearby stop sign and pulled it out of the ground, swung it around a few times and then "readied" it at the line of Mounties.

So they let the guy use the padded spear.

It was one of the best shorts in the SIGGRAPH film festival at PCC tonight.

One of my other favorites was this one:

So I was reading through this article, when a sentence jumped out at me and something in my patternmatching software went *click*:

The Snowden disclosures about the surveillance carried out by the National Security Agency killed all those proposals. Now Mr. Comey appears to be going even further, seeking a way into data stored on phones even if it is never transmitted. And he wants to make sure that Apple, or other phone manufacturers, do not “throw away the key” that allows that information to be unencrypted. The companies, meanwhile, are going the other way: They want to convince customers that their data will be private, even from the phone’s maker.

“Just as people won’t put their money in a bank they won’t trust, people won’t use an Internet they won’t trust,” Brad Smith, the general counsel for Microsoft, said recently.

Recognizing America’s suspicion of government surveillance, Mr. Comey has based his argument on the need to conduct investigations into child pornographers and kidnappers, not terrorists. The office of the director of national intelligence and the N.S.A. have deliberately stayed out of this argument, leaving the issue to Mr. Comey.

But under questioning from Benjamin Wittes, a cybersecurity expert at Brookings, and from reporters and audience members, Mr. Comey made clear he was speaking only for the F.B.I. As a result, he made no commitment that the N.S.A. or other American intelligence agencies would never exploit the technology that could unencrypt data.

No. Fuck you. You and plague ridden horse you ride in on. You're all quite terrified of a future where all these little networks of SERIOUS FUCKS you've setup all over the world (including mafia, cartelistos, terrorists, child-pornographers, arms dealers, etc) will suddenly be able to *poof* vanish into the crowd if you don't have actual eyes on them. The tech companies are threatening to cut the strings on all of your Kites at once. It has you pissing your shorts.

Lol, this topic got me pondering homeopathy again. While this doesn't validate the "woo" culture around things like homeopathy, if you cut out the "dilute it till you can't measure the substance anymore" shtick, some applications might trigger the olfactory cells in our skin (which cause subconscious chemical-cascade changes in the body):
Skin cells possess an olfactory receptor for sandalwood scent, as researchers at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum have discovered. Their data indicate that the cell proliferation increases and wound healing improves if those receptors are activated. This mechanism constitutes a possible starting point for new drugs and cosmetics. The team headed by Dr Daniela Busse and Prof Dr Dr Dr med habil Hanns Hatt from the Department for Cellphysiology published their report in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.


Hey loki, welcome to the forum.

If your shtick is meant to be flack for the various agents, and doesn't get in the way of communicating with who you want to, fine with me.

We've seen your linguistic pattern, before:

So it kind of jumped out at us.

Is it wrong that I've been starting a hoax on FB that John Mayer is doing a Metallica cover album?

Because I've done it on several dozen pages, and the rumor seems to be spreading.


So so deliciously wrong.



Oh, that was Dok Howl? Nicely done man.

 :lol: So true.

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Heh. "If a you meet Jesus[Buddha] on the road while a-viking, fuck[kill] him."

She has no case in court.  :fnord:

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