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feeling a little naked over here. :S

I punched my boss in the face. He told me he was going to lower my pay. I invited him to suck my dick and walked out. He followed me into the street and got in my face demanding to know why I was leaving. I told him that he was far too much of an asshole to be tolerated for any less than I was already being paid. Short of anything else to say, he offered to fight me. So, to quote Muhammed Ali, “We got it on, because we did not get along."

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / ROGER!
« on: October 28, 2013, 03:02:27 am »
who the fuck is on rain deity duties? is it you? Me?

I've lost track (you keep on leaving us with that Doc Howl bastard and we have force 9 outside that the Uk papers have dubbed this the "St Jude" storm.

I don't think trees are supposed to bend that way.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Penis beaker
« on: October 10, 2013, 01:52:43 pm »

this thread is a classic example of the weird on Mumsnet, a forum dominated by wimmins. It has gone viral and is even in the Telegraph?!!?

their 50 Shades parody was amaze.

I am a little concerned about the Zoflora (disinfectant) and douche lady though. IT'S A SELF-CLEANING ORGANISM WTF DON'T PUT THE CHEMICAL THINGS IN THERE!


Protests have popped up all over Greece and seem to be spreading amongst antifascist networks to the rest of Europe. I know some folks that are planning one near me even.  Apparently the Golden Dawn HQ was attacked and it's getting a bit rioty and it may cause more strikes. seems to be more detailed about the actual assault, and somehow, with GD's links with Greek police.

it's also been 2 months since this happened:-

On my way to school I almost got mugged in broad daylight. Cops were circling the area so they came before anything happened. I am fine, just shaken up and safe on the bus to class. The dude had a red ren faire tail on. I shit you not. I can post the full story when I'm at a computer and not on my phone.

shit. thirding the "glad you are safe"

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Seamus Heaney dies
« on: August 30, 2013, 12:28:55 pm »
Poet laureate, and one of the reasons I love poetry.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Nigel!
« on: August 28, 2013, 02:14:06 am »
i read this

after a TV chef moaned about "people buying chips and cheese" on low incomes and generally coming across as being on another planet about food poverty and such

One of the things that struck me, as I was reading it was the concept of a collective kitchen. If you tied them in with food banks, enabling people with limited purchasing power to get healthy food rather than to just not feel hungry and eating the poor quality cheap convenience stuff.

It's a concept I haven't come across before and I'll be putting it forward to the community org I work with as something to explore, as well as any other people who'd be open to the idea.

Myself and the Motherfucking Messiah/scruffy Scots oik are moving because we are sick sick sick of housemate drama.


I had a tumblr meltdown with moving anxiety earlier. We're moving, deposit is safe, as the official deposit scheme from the govt is in my name after the fiasco of moving in here. Using my old landlord to get this place and paying out all the cash to secure it, then having it paid back has despite the initial grumble, worked out in this new improvedTM fucked up situation in my favour. As does the medical letter that the doc has promised me.

Friday, we thought he was moving out. Now, he wants to stay.

For this the useless sack of feed tube needs_

This is the draft list I came up with

2 new housemates (in full time work)

Raise new deposit and first month's rent in full because new deposit scheme form and such will be needed, as the current one is in my name and non-transferrable.

get new internet

new mattress

fridge freezer



kitchen kit

pay back debt to Steve (minus any deposit paid)*

change supplier details for utilities and council tax on 1st October

lounge furniture (outside of anything we leave behind)

this currently stands at approx £300

This is pee my pants fucking hilarious. I don't even think he'll manage to get the landlords permission to start with, and I'd feel like an utter dick passing him off onto some other poor schmuck. The boy is a walking money pit, has history of domestic abuse and shirks all housework.

needless to say today is the day that I find out that one of my freinds of a friend (my femininja friend Joy's friend..) is looking for somewhere to live and as they (not sure which pronoun they prefer..) are looking for somewhere to live, and is in a living with an ex type situation. but with a housemate that doesn't want to budge. Similar values and gets on with your friends in a new housemate is a close second to no housemate, even if the intertubes have been the sole form of communication.

Oh and I have to look for work at the moment too. Which is great when you are too stressed to concentrate. I did manage to hash out the transferrable skills list though, which is a small victory.

and on a day like today, I'll take the small victories and "well at least the bottom line and my ass is covered money wise."

Current predictions for me and Payne are that feed tube is going to crash and burn spectacularly.

More news after the agent's meeting with us tomorrow.

Guy is literally busting my balls here.

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