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Some education in Civics and US Constitutional law would be a really great start. It would put you well ahead of most Americans, really.

Dark Souls 3 is going to exist. Even if it's the worst of the Souls series I'll probably still like it more than 90% of vidya games.

I almost worked 60 hours last week, including weekend time. I feel like I have committed a great sin. (My capitalist pig-dog iPhone just tried to autocorrect "sin" to "win").

A great Slackening is immenant.

 :eek: what the fuck? :lulz:

The military is, fundamentally, a sociological control mechanism based on authority and discipline. If you're going in with the intent of learning inside info you will spend a lot of time being disappointed.

But maybe it would be good for you anyway.

Well, neither of the jobs I had my heart set on panned out, for reasons I am too disgusted with to mention.

Time to look elsewhere.  I have 3 solid leads and some other shit on the back burner.

No regrets, I would have quit that job without ANY idea of where I was going.

Aw, boo. :sad:

My dog just ate. :)


When I was around that age, a little younger actually, I read a book series with a major character who is a master manipulator, to a nearly superhuman degree (this is the Prince of Nothing series I talk about with Cain sometimes). The character is the prodigy of a monastic cult of hyper-rationalists who live isolated from a word that is full of fanatical, medieval Europe style religion. He can read faces and body language, predict the movement of people's thoughts, and figure out what makes them tick within the span of a single conversation. He is, of course, an absurdly effective character who gets an improbable amount of shit done.

Upon a second re-read a few years later, I put it together that this character is NOT the Good Guy. There's always hope for progress.

Problem: since I moved, there's a Chipotle I can easily access on my way home from work.

(Hopeful) Solution: I still get about 1 to 1.5 hours of vigorous exercise twice a week. Not sure what the calorie exchange is but I guess I'll find out in the next few weeks.

If I remember your age correctly, I AM you in 5 years, which is probably why I took great joy in shitting on you yesterday. I joined this shitty website when I was 17, and literally every post I made for like 3 years (excepting maybe a small handful of tolerable essays) was trash.

Trust me, you're hilarious.

He could be Batman if Gotham City would quit being an over-emotional idiot who won't cooperate.

He has zero interest in her beyond the game of her life, and possibly dat ass. If she was in a good life situation she'd be too BORING for Dr Moriarty here. But she's ruining the fun by being a player in her own life, rather than a nice flat game board.

But as we all know, Logic and Reason are totally the best ways to make people tick and eventually  he'll WIN and wonder why he isn't happy.

DID YOU KNOW?!: Your bones are more like masts than a foundation. Masts carrying sails of meat to propel you into your stupid desires.

Also I just wanted to quote this.

I was just thinking about this quote a few days ago. Thank you for thread-necromancing it.

DemoSquid beat me to the "fetishization of logic" bit.

"I hold other people's feelings and thoughts in contempt, therefore I am rational. Because I believe in Borg Logic."

"I am a rational person, therefore my thoughts, decisions, and conclusions are rational."

Contempt, disdain, and self-superiority are all emotions. So is the desire to show them all how much you don't care that they think you're a scumbag. FP's motivation is to "win" by beating "the bad guys" (here personified by the girlfriend's parents) by being smarter than them. The girlfriend is not relevant except as a battlefield.

He can be the hero if he "saves" her. If she didn't need to be saved she'd be about as valuable to him as a corn chip. She's the challenge by which he will prove himself, even if only to himself.

And he's annoyed that a victim of long-term emotional and physical abuse (if that's to be believed) isn't making it easier for him to enact his masterful plan. Because, of course, abused people living in unstable, potentially dangerous conditions are well-known for their calm, detached demeanor. The battlefield is not cooperating with his battle plan, and he's mad at her in the same way you'd be mad at a rock you stubbed your toe on. She's in the way.

But of course, this is all just "feedback" or "baseless speculation" depending on how much this annoys him. If he was really interested in feedback on his battle plan, he'd take the actual advice being given. Advice which I don't think he's figured out yet, because he thinks it's just insults.

It occurs to me to put it like this: Caitlyn Jenner can not be a woman in a man's body, because she is a woman and therefore her body must be a woman's body--medically altered or otherwise.



Science classes are the fucking best, because you either study your ass off and do shit right or you don't. There is no discussion. There is no appeal to emotion. What are you going to say, "electron behavior hurts my feelings"? No.

You underestimate my whiny entitled tumblr millenial powers.

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