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Thank you, everyone. I'm okay, but I havent spent time with the rest of the family yet, specifically his sons (15 and 12). I'll probably be all messed up after that.

In better news, I learned that my resting heart rate is 53, down from 65-ish one year ago. Feeling pretty alive right now.

My uncle passed away Wednesday night.

Nothing much to say, really, but I figured I ought to follow up after dropping my problems in Open Bar a few days ago.

Speaking of procrastination, I went and saw this lady speak last week:

Oh, she's GOOD.

She really, REALLY is. Someone asked her whether she was concerned that neuroscience was sucking the mystery out of life, and she just cocked her head and said, kind of wistfully, "You know, people ask about the mystery and I think about all the people I've known with schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, Huntington's Disease, Parkinson's, muscular dystrophy, bipolar disorder... what were you saying about 'mystery'?"

Hear, hear!

People who think the mystery of life can be dispelled by learning things are either pitiably misguided or have incredibly small imaginations.

Imagine all of human knowledge as a big sphere, and the outer edge of that sphere is mystery. When you expand human knowledge, you push the surface of that sphere further outward. This increases the surface area of the sphere, thereby increasing the total amount of mystery.

You can pretend I'm smoking a clove cigarette and sipping a latte while I say the above statement.

I just got counseled for not falling asleep in a meeting, and for not doing work that had been taken out of my hands.

I am of course behaving badly now.


There's nothing better than "I don't want you do to the thing" followed by "WHY DIDN'T YOU DO THE THING?"

My source tells me that Lillie is trying to goad me into insubordination.

Puny human!  I dealt with PROFESSIONALS trying to get me to do that for TEN YEARS in the military.

I am now being exceptionally reasonable, with the caveat that - unlike the military - there is no provision for non-verbal disrespect.  Like a GRIN.

I could see THAT grin driving Lillie all the way around the bend.  :lol:

Yeah, this is now a matter of honor.   :lulz:

OH how I wish this would be available on video!

You'd have to do it in time lapse photography.  She hates me so much she can only stand to be around me a few minutes a day.

I am finding things that I need to consult with her on, and then making the conversations unnecessarily protracted.

And I GRIN a lot.  With a hard hat and sunglasses on, so all she can see is the facial hair, which her husband tells me is some kind of weird phobia of hers.

You, sir, are a fucking ARTIST. :lulz:

Thanks for the sympathy everyone, although now I feel like a goober for dropping that and then fucking off for days.

May is my new February. This has been a real shitter of a month, as far as my normally charmed life goes.

My uncle is comatose in the hospital right now, following a heart attack. Outlook is not good.

I may be kind of a downer for a while.

Ho ho ho! :lulz:

Literate Chaotic / Re: FFFFUUUUUUUUUU
« on: May 06, 2015, 08:55:53 pm »
A mere seven and a half-ish years.

I have a feeling that Jeremy Renner calling BW a "slut" didn't help matters.

I guess not, but I haven't been paying attention.

Deciding how petty I want to be.

Someone sprung a surprise inspection on my kitchen today.  Said kitchen is a mess, because I'm in the middle of essay fever, and because I do my writing in the kitchen (its the room with a lounge).  Thing is, I took some time out to check the exact rights I have here, and despite my contract stating that this is a licensed occupancy, the actual conditions mean I'm an assured shorthold tenant, and so they can't simply come barging in here.

Funny thing is, they've screwed themselves on the contract.  They want to claim I am a licensee, but service occupancy only occurs if I'm required to live in, as part of my job.  And I'm not.  So they can either choose to treat me as a licensee, but negate my rent (as its required for the job), or else they have to give the same rights any private tenant has.  I wont push that just yet, as the company is going to restructure the whole rent system over the summer...but I'll keep it in mind, if they try anything foolish.

That's SO FUCKED UP. I hope that however it plays out, when you leave you nail their balls for SOMETHING.

Angry email was sent.

I'm looking for another job anyway, but seriously.  It's like people here need laws to make them not act like dickweeds...referencing common decency is not sufficient.

In other news, Joss Whedon is a sexist pig and piece of shit:

Yes, we've reached the point where self-described feminist creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is sexist.

I... what?

I haven't seen Age of Ultron yet, does this have something to do with Black Widow not getting EXACTLY what the hive mind wanted, in a movie with 800 characters?

Loving the Shameless Slander series. It's very lucky that Doktor Howl doesn't know that part of my family has historical involvement with a Communist cult (that exists to this day, I learned only a few years ago), lest more lies be spread.

High Weirdness / Re: Operation Jade Helm 15
« on: May 01, 2015, 01:24:38 pm »
More importantly: how does Obama invade a state he already owns?

That's like claiming I illegally broke into my own house.  It's retarded.  I know Texas likes to think it's not America, at least when a black man is in charge, but it is. 

The South lost, and it really fucking needs to get over that.

There's an interesting optical illusion, where if you look at the South from Northern states, it's the Confederacy. But if you look at it from Mexico, it's "AMERICA where we speak ENGLISH also please pick my vegetables." It's like the blue-black/white-gold dress meme, but for a hundred years.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: BIG MAN PLANS
« on: May 01, 2015, 12:51:28 pm »
When I am rich I'm gonna build bullet trains all over North America. The ones that go to places I like will be private, and all of the other ones eventually end up in Tuscon, but never leave.

When I am rich I will shop at Whole Foods.

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