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It's good to know that art is still alive.

Holy SHIT.

Um... extra muscle, if possible? I dunno, man, that's horrible. I hope that you get to a safe place ASAP and she gets put somewhere where she won't hurt anybody.

Have you tried throwing fistfuls of sacrificial goat entrails into a fiery pit while screaming curses into the indifferent Void?

I mean I'm not an expert or anything but that just seems like the solution from where I'm standing, imo.

I saw this on the internets and I decided to bring it to the experts here at PeeDee.

Why, Finland?

I am quite fond of this series.

I'll bet you put those things on their heads and made them think it was their own idea.

I saw this on the internets and I decided to bring it to the experts here at PeeDee.

Why, Finland?


Great, now I have to buy a ball cap. And I think all my jeans have giant tears in the ass...

Do I have to ditch the mutton chops too? :cry:

Aneristic Illusions / Re: UN fails to decrminalise drugs for personal use
« on: October 24, 2015, 12:16:57 pm »

I'd forgotten that's our : rwhn : emote :lulz:

The comics I've enjoyed the most have always been the stuff that falls outside the Spandex Pro-Wrestling With Lazers category. Even the stuff I like within that category is either a self-contained alternate universe story (see DC's "Kingdom Come" for my favorite example by far), or, like, Deadpool.

As a little kid, I never wanted my favorite things to end. TV shows, books, series of any kind; I wanted them to go on filling my imagination forever. But as an adult, I think a well-executed story arc with a proper ending is priceless. Even if I don't make it all the way to the end, or it never gets finished, the sense that something has been written with an ending in mind greatly affects the feel of the story.

An endless superhero story is exactly the same as a cheap soap opera that goes on forever, but with slightly more exciting visuals.

Roger is nicer in person than on the forum.  Also even more talkative.

He's not nicer, you can just tell that he's laughing and that makes him seem nicer.

I don't bust you out when you're doing bad things to people.  :rogpipe:

I only know this because I suffer from the same effect. People always say "You're so much nicer in person!"

No I'm not.  :lulz:

It's like, everyone in the universe knows that typed posts on the Internet lack tone...

...but everyone assumes that the tone being taken is contemptuous or mean. They just fill in the blank with nasty.

I will hereafter pledge that, if I can't determine the intended tone of a post, I will assume it is gregarious and charitable.

Wow, that's a relief.

I found putting an uncoated aspirin on the sore helped.

RPGs are really near the top of the list for "When it's good it's great, when it's bad it fucking sucks donkey balls" hobbies.

I've spent most of my RPG energy on LARPs in the past few years. Four or five weekends a year translates to much more actual game time than I ever managed with a tabletop group. Of course, if the community was bad it would be a nightmare too.

Games would be great if it wasn't for all these damn gamers.

I bet none of these use geothermal systems either, just because.

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