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Though if by you guys you mean Anarchangel, the drummer's moved to San Diego, and the other guitarist's wife just had a kid, so there is no more Anarchangel. I'll be happy to play Irish folk for you though.  :lol:

lol, didn't know that. We could squeeze you in somewhere...

Cool. I have to start playing guitar again first. It's been a while.

Though if by you guys you mean Anarchangel, the drummer's moved to San Diego, and the other guitarist's wife just had a kid, so there is no more Anarchangel. I'll be happy to play Irish folk for you though.  :lol:

School. I'm digging the music. Love the cover art.

Cool, man. Speaking of, how come we haven't had you guys down for a show yet?

School, mostly. With the exception of the wedding in Chicago, I haven't left the Boston area since winter.

School. I'm digging the music. Love the cover art.

Houston, Texas preferably in the North Side.

Cities outside of North Houston.
Cypress (very diverse Blue Collar),Tomball (Blue Collar), Spring (Blue Collar country/rock crowd), or The Woodlands (posh/rich suburban area). If she's serious about living in a less noisey place than you guys should check out Conroe.
Cities outside of West Houston.
Katy (Snowbirds live here)

These are the cities, or parts I feel you might feel at ease, and won't stick out as much, or less likely to feel jaded.

Why Houston? It's everything your GF wants, and also it's home to some of the best cancer centers in the world here downtown great for you guys with Science majors.

4th largest city demands you to drive 24/7. Our public transit is a joke.

The problem with Texas is with me. Not because it's Texas, but that Texas is far away from both Boston and Ireland. Also, I really hate heat. I don't think I could do it.

The people who took a pic of us at Wrigley were also Cardinals fans (there was a game that day. Also for those that don't know, Cubs vs Cards are basically the same rivalry intensity as Red Sox vs Yankees). After the pic was taken, I was like, "Sorry about 2004 World Series. We're from Boston, by the way." "Oh, we were glad that you finally won. We just wish you didn't beat us so incredibly badly." (World Series is best of seven games. The Red Sox won the first four in a row).

Hello, friends. Here's a quick update:

Should be getting internets Thursday or Friday.

New roommate is awesome local comedian and radio DJ.

Commuting 10 miles by bicycle in 100░ weather isn't actually as bad as it sounds.

Found out I didn't default on my student loans, they had approved me for forbearance.

Going back to school for computer science (physics and calculus: wheeeeee!).

Health insurance finally kicked in and paid 100% of the costs for my asthma inhalerŚthought I was going to die there for a minute.

Got fired from previous job without cause and immediately found a better job at a seedy internet TV. I make my own hours. 8)

Things are generally looking up.

Woohoo Net!

Awesome photos/story about your trip Twid!

I really dig Chicago and wish I was still there. I'm going back as soon as I can, but a trip to Philadelphia will probably happen first.

Burns, next time I'm heading to Illinois, I'll give you a heads up beforehand.

Oh. And going to Chicago made me want to play guitar again. We didn't even hit up any blues clubs, but it shook something loose, and I am interested in making music again.

Twid, you're like 30 minutes from me! Also, yeah those stickers are EVERYWHERE...some even have grenade silhouettes ... which I think is hilarious.

I'm glad you two are having a blast here!

Were. I got back to Boston yesterday around noon.

But it was really, really fun, and I do want to go back when I have a little more money to throw at a trip as well as no obligation to attend a ceremony (free booze was great though). I kinda have a city crush on Chicago now.

I described it as like New York, if New York didn't smell like piss and the people were friendly. One of my friends, who is moving there on Sunday, said that was high on his list of considerations for places to abandon Boston for.

I'm eventually going to have to leave Boston, too. I kinda poked Villager about Chicago while we were there and she was like, it's a nice place, but it's basically bigger Boston with the chance of tornado. I don't quite agree, but since Chicago is probably as far from Boston as I am willing to go without leaving North America entirely, I'll let it pass.


This was our first time flying together. She likes flying. I'm not too fond of the mode of travel.

We decided to have authentic Chicago Deep Dish pizza. We continued to eat it here and there over the next 24 hours.

The next day was the wedding, so we got dressed up

Villager and I went to a church. A Catholic church mind you. Some heretic left this in the missal containment thingie in our pew. It's the Christian thing to do.

The best man decided to play a prank on the groom. It was flawless.

Turns out that we're adults. We also got the cutest guitar picks ever. (Groom is a bassist and played in a band here in Boston)

Also, there were these signs. Everywhere. Including the church, mind you, but this was at the reception.

The next day we went in town

We went to Wrigley Field. One of my friends is a huge Cubs fan, and also, Red Sox fans gotta love a cursed underdog team.

We found the spaceship from Flight of the Navigator (spaceship was my idea, but Dimo gets credit for pointing out FotN)

I suspect this is the spaceport

This artifact may or may not be related to the spaceship, but I have made it my new god, and Chicago is now my holy land.

This bridge currently leads to nowhere.

This bridge currently leads to somewhere. (also pictured, groom's sister and her boyfriend, who were also in the groom's band. In fact, I'm wearing their shirt.)

This is me at Midway Airport on Monday morning, beginning the geographically longest and most implausible commute to work I've ever done (as far as duration, it was the second longest. No snow was involved.)

This was the last thing I saw before boarding. Apparently Chicago's airports have a problem with cyborgs from the future.

Also, my feet. They hurt.

Just got home. 4 day weekend was longer than expected, upon return to Boston. Pictures later.

Have made it safely to Chicago

First pot of coffee consumed.

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