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Bring and Brag / Various Rants
« on: August 30, 2012, 10:51:07 pm »
These are rants that I did earlier this year after I finished moving to LaCrosse.  It's a short series as I had to adjust my schedule for employment reasons.  I'll return to the stage and begin ranting again very soon as my new job allows it in my schedule and I'm getting a backup in my guts from being out for so long.  These are considerably more influenced by the folks here and interactions I've had that have helped me to clarify my thoughts on some subjects.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy them!

Rootnoterant#1  WARNING: I sing in this one, be advised.




If you like these feel free to do as you wish with them.

I also have a series in a different thread from when I first arrived here and started spagging around.

They're here -->,29485.0.html

Heartfelt thanks to those that have had an influence on me here, and I do hope that this place and it's denizens prosper!

It's my first one ever and I just can't believe how lucky I was to to get in line early!!  Now, finally, I will get to observe the gentle and delicate interplay of human relations here on PD without any protection whatsoever.  Science is best whilst unprotected.
 True fact!

It's right here!!------->,33117.0.html

Party is kind of slow until page 3 or so, but it's best to read the whole thing now so that you will not feel overwhelmed and confused by the size, as I did.  I got to crash, cuz the dexies are wearing off and I gotta work REALLY early.  This thread has been the most fun I've had for a while and I thank you wholeheartedly,, for the chance to participate.  Back to the party tomorrow!!  YEAAAHHH PAAAARRRTY!!!!!
 :p  :lulz:

Apple Talk / This is Spinal Tap quotes in my virgin ears!!
« on: November 12, 2011, 12:47:53 pm »
"You can't really dust for vomit"

It would appear that rumors of rituals at the great pyramids have caused it to be closed.  Probably so the REAL powers that be can hold theirs undisturbed.  :tinfoilhat:

Here's a few mainstream versions of the story.

AAAND.. here's a bit of Youtube Madness, for flavor.  note these are random selections and not necessarily to my taste.

This crap is just getting ridiculous.

This is by far the most freaky thing I've seen on youtube as of this date.  That's REALLY saying something.

Youtube Video: Jesus Was Half Anunnaki

I found it amusing that I was the 322nd viewer.  :fnord:

Even if this stuff was true, I'm not a fan of the nice things said about Enlil.  He tried to kill us all.  Then these folks say he sent Jesus. Not helping his case.

Here's the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel version

Milwaukee woman jailed in sex-related stabbing of Arizona man
By Gitte Laasby
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Updated: 11/10/2011 01:04:21 PM CST

A Milwaukee woman apparently interested in werewolf spirits having sex was in jail Wednesday after an 18-year-old man endured 300 puncture wounds when their sexual encounter "got out of hand," a police affidavit says.

Rebecca Chandler, 22, was being held in the incident, which may also have involved satanic or occult practices.

Bleeding from the neck, arms and back, the man called police Sunday night from the intersection of E. Knapp St. and N. Astor St. on Milwaukee's east side. He told police he had traveled by bus from Phoenix to Milwaukee for a sexual encounter with Chandler.

"Once he got to the residence, he was bound and stabbed numerous times over a time frame of what he described as two days," an affidavit accompanying a search warrant states. The affidavit also says the apartment contained a book titled "Werewolf's Guide to Life," a necromantic ritual book, as well as a black folder called "Intro to Sigilborne Spirits." According to various websites, Sigilborne spirits include female werewolf spirits who engage in sexual acts.

The man suffered more than 300 wounds to his back, face, arms, legs and neck and was taken to Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa, according to the document. His condition was not immediately available.

Near the intersection from where the victim called, police found bloody duct tape "fashioned in a manner that appeared to be a restraint, as well as a bloody length of rope," the affidavit says.

Officers followed a blood trail to an apartment in the 900 block of E. Knapp St, where the door to one of the units was open. Inside, there was blood on the floor and on bedding in a bedroom as well as duct tape that, again, appeared to be a restraint, according to the affidavit.

The 22-year-old woman introduced herself to officers, saying, "I think you are here looking for me."

She said she'd been having sex with the man and that the cutting was consensual but quickly got out of hand.

After she was arrested, Chandler told police her roommate, whom she called Scarlett, had done the majority of the cutting. She said Scarlett is "possibly involved in satanic or occult activities." She claimed she didn't know Scarlett's full name, but that her DNA could be found on a hair brush.

Police searched the apartment for DNA clues to determine if there was another person involved. The man had told them "a woman" had bound and stabbed him.

Chandler is being held in the Milwaukee County Jail in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Here's a CBS News version that says less about what was found, but names the accomplice

November 10, 2011 11:27 AM
Cops: Man bound and stabbed over 300 times by two women

    Crimesider Staff

(CBS) MILWAUKEE - Two women are under arrest for allegedly cutting and stabbing a man more than 300 times during a bizarre two-day ordeal.

According to a search warrant affidavit posted on The Smoking Gun website, the 18-year-old victim met Rebecca Chandler, 22, online and traveled by bus from Phoenix to Milwaukee to meet her. When he arrived, the young man told police, he was bound and stabbed for two days.

Detective Michael Walisiciwicz stated in the affidavit that he was called to the neighborhood Sunday evening and found the man bleeding, with what looked to be restraints made of duct tape and rope nearby. He followed the blood trail to Chandler's nearby apartment, and found the door open. Inside, he found a large amount of blood on the floor and bedding, as well as books including "The Necromantic Ritual Book."

Chandler was in the apartment and greeted police, saying, "I think you're looking for me."

Chandler told Walisiciwicz that she had had sex with the man, and stated that the cutting was consensual - until it got out of hand. She also told the detective that a roommate named "Scarlett," who she said may have interest in satanic rituals, did most of the cutting.

According to the New York Daily News, police identified "Scarlett" as 20-year-old Raven Larrabee.

Both women are being held on suspicion of reckless injury, but have not yet been charged.

Do click the links, you gotta see the looks in these ladies' eyes.  What a catch!!  :lol:

your your  y o u r your YOUR   

All I typed above here was your spelled Y O U R.

If it's not happening on your computer then I need to know.  Then it's a problem with mine, not thine yours!

Just yesterday I attended the Occupy Milwaukee rally and march.  I went there to protest for the first time and decided to document as much stuff as possible.  Here's the best I could do with a good audio recorder and bad wind.  The Occupy protests are definitely under reported, so I felt like bringing as much of the spirit as I could back home to this place.  I've got plans of my own for some of these files, but consider them property of nobody and offer them for the interest and use of the folks here. 


These are based on 2 simple questions and my own flavor of trouble making.  Question 1 was "What does the Occupy Movment mean to you?"  Question 2 was "What does the federal income tax pay for?" followed by a wild assertion out of Teabagger mythology that may or may not be accurate.  It pays only for the interest on the national debt. Don't care If that's accurate or not, it was fun and the interviews were a blast to do.
I tried to get a good demographic slice, but came up heavily skewed to males.  It proved more difficult to get females to agree to an "Anonymous Audio Interview" than I thought it would be.

OMilwaukee Interview 1 Bob     OMilwaukee Interview 2 Karen     OMilwaukee Interview 3 John     OMilwaukee Interview 4 Jesse     OMilwaukee Interview 5 Jerri
OMilwaukee Interview 6 Dan     OMilwaukee Interview 7 Matt     OMilwaukee Interview 8 Mike     OMilwaukee Interview 9 Allen     OMilwaukee Interview 10 Phil
OMilwaukee Interview 11 Jared     OMilwaukee Interview 12 Frank     OMilwaukee Interview 13 Anonymous     OMilwaukee Interview 14 Tom     OMilwaukee Interview 15 Richard
OMilwaukee Interview 16 Daniel     OMilwaukee Interview 17 Russ & Alex     OMilwaukee Interview 18 Victor(en Espanol)

Slogans & Shouting

This is a collection of protest slogans being shouted by REAL ANGRY people.  Fun to listen to and may make great fodder for video background noise.

Who's Street, Our Street     We Are The 99%     This Is What Democracy Looks Like     This Is What Democracy Looks Like, But Shorter
The Rich Got Bailed Out, We Got Sold Out     They Don't Pay, We Don't Pay     We Are The 99%, Again     More Who's Street, Our Street
Slogan Failure

Sounds & Rants

Here we have a few select pieces of audio for your pleasure.  I didn't manage to get as close as I wanted to some of the speeches going on, but there you have it.

OMilwaukee, Angry Educator In The Wind & The People's Mouth
OMilwaukee, Occupy Everywhere
OMilwaukee, Yes They Are
OMilwaukee, Marching Beats
OMilwaukee, Circle Beats

Event Reporting and Commentary

While participating in the march I felt the need to note what was going on around me.  This is the collection of those thoughts and a chronological record of events as the protest moved.

OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #1     OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #2     OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #3
OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #4     OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #5     OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #6
OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #7     OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #8     OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #9
OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #10     OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #11     OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #12
OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #13     OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #14     OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #15
OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #16 (Teabagger Edition)     OMilwaukee Commentary By T.w. Joseph #17

I sincerely hope the folks here enjoy the files and find them useful.

Apple Talk / Joseph- A very questionable Wizard
« on: August 24, 2011, 02:53:36 am »
Alright, Any questions, comments and snide remarks intended for me are welcome here.

I'll try to be cool.  8)

I may frequently fail at this.   :lulz: :oops:

I'm ready to throw my hood back and chat like civilized primates, but if it's funny just post away!

Bring and Brag / Title less
« on: July 13, 2011, 12:42:17 am »
I wanna grow
I wanna know

I want the world
I'll take it 
million bytes
a second

Let me go
start the Show
Here we go

Come with me
The apple in
My pocket
keeps you fixed

Just a glimpse
Just the skin

The taste will come
later om
You'll know when Lights
T-He fix is in

Real slow
Meta flow
time to grow

You see it
Lethe has more
not on shore
they're within

T. W. Joseph

"If you are trusting a wizard it means you have no choice."  - Commonly expressed throughout the known worlds

"There is never a wizard when you need one" - Another comm expression meaning different things by context: 
Do it your self! - to the lazy
I want you to die horribly! - when angry, rarely but sometimes light-hearted
We're in for some shit! - if already over your head in some shit
I couldn't even guess. - when stumped
Pay attention fool!! - to a wizard lost in thought
I encourage/require those that may reply to make up more.  I Will!  -  :wink:J

Apple Talk / UNLIMITED Wizard Joseph Garbage Collection Thread.
« on: June 29, 2011, 11:21:28 am »

Those were the days.

 :)Cheer up good sir!  I know I can bluster overmuch, but  The days we have left are The best yet.  The economic(and most every other) picture is so surreal now in light of the events since Feb.  that I have little doubt you will live to see the dream dam we're calling exchange do what everything does and break.  There's some straight up Nero shit coming down the pipe!  I read a pocket book version of Tacitus' take way back. Nero played no fiddle, but sang of Troy!  The bastard's own guard cried to the people that it was not them throwing the torches but Nero.  The people let them for the usual "can't kill a souldja or you die" unreasons.  Nero bought the fresh real estate.  

You know this cycle.  Some even think themselves it's architect, the fools.  They are unqualified to operate it IMHO.  But they try hard as HELL!  They even sellout to the worst in human nature's impulses and dreams because it makes some think their cock is hard enough to spin the wheel.  If the economy malfunctions I simply think we need to clear out all the bloody cocks stuck at the top!

I say the wise know better and know also that getting your cock stuck in a moving Chao is your own damn fault!  Cheer Doktor!  You can surf the wave they would own but claim to fight!  You know there are no sides other than the one that keeps you(and yours) above water.  You get to watch it break their serfs while they tear at each other in little concrete boxes waiting to claim an aftermath they are unworthy of!  

As for the original pull-one-over on the J-squad start of this thread :lulz:   :| you have no idea what some of these people are capable of!
They might anoint you or something... It's horrible.  It's gonna be a little rusty, but if anyone wants a fake anointment to help blend in I may just pull one off for you. :wink:

I know this is all unsolicited jabber, but youall somewhere said to just be myself on these forums and here it is.  
Or kill me 2!

[edited for new title after split - Dok]

Propaganda Depository / Audioautoerotica
« on: June 17, 2011, 05:12:59 am »
Reality Advisory: In this particular thread I'd like to be more sincere and tell you my real opinions about artwork and it's place in things.  Be advised that I'm no wizard and though I may portray myself outrageously from time to time the point on this thread is to display my real feelings and opinions and artwork.

Greetings.  I'm sure you've heard it all before from self obsessed maniacs, but do they always say it with style?  I like to think I do, but it's the audiences that I really love to impress, not necessarily always myself.  I've taken to public ranting at open mike events and refined it into a topical series of public rants that are still going on at quiet cafes and not so quiet bars here in my home state.  

I am setting up a business site and posting these on it as I build up towards a grand opening party.  I thought I'd spare you the trouble of going all the way to my site just to hear my B.S. but some folks seem to like it.  I guess that's why I wanna post it here.  I just want to know if some of you react strongly.

I, Us, Them: Insanity

I, Us, Them: Fear

I, Us, Them: Secrecy

I, Us, Them: Patience

I, Us, Them: Creativity

I'll be keeping up with this thread pretty frequently and posting new rants close to weekly.


Edited to re-direct links to   You may need to refresh the screen if Kiwi6 lags and says it's buffering for too long.

Or Kill Me / As y'all say: Mutation is the highest form of flattery
« on: June 16, 2011, 11:32:05 pm »
Reality Disclaimer: The following is an act of fiction. All statements expressed are not real and neither are the words used to make them.  They express views and opinions of no kind.  No persons groups or entities portrayed are real either. 

Behold!  I've devised a plan that will leave all other plans with feelings of inadequacy and a persistent fungal infection.  The world is finally reaching the tipping point!  Brothers and Sisters are divided among themselves in ways that no longer even need the pretext of reason.  In the mess made by the more primitive primates of this world I have been watching and building.  Soon I will be a fresh menace in the marketing world, One that would make Barnum, Bernays, and Reich all proud! (It's too bad most of them are dead)

I turned my grimy hands to scrabbling for an Icon.  That is when I found Eris!  She was so beautiful.. The irony if the whole Illiad situation to me is that clearly Eris Is the prettiest one!  It was also impressive that she managed to throw the golden apple at all.  It clearly works just fine on lesser goddesses. 

Having no real way to relate to you all other than the hotness of your goddess, I won't try very hard.  I'm an outsider to this world and it's sorcerous distr :fnord: ctions.  It would be foolish of me to discuss my origins openly so I will reign it in from here.

I want to open Hail ing frequencies with you followers of Eris.  Though I can earnestly call the magics (Magicks?, Majics?, Magiqs?) of your world rather like a comic book compared to even the basic instruction of my people, (Mom ever catch you diddling to the pictures in the Necronomicon?)I can relate to you and your sense of humor.  It's a most powerful asset.  Those of your world that would shackle themselves to a description of magical seem to have lost much of it in the time that your world has been lost to us, but I say too much.

The core(if you will(or not)) of my plan is to produce a counter current to this lack of life and humor in the most readily available method your silly post-whatever Noosphere (You spell check device is a moron!) can handle, Marketing.  I will blend fiction and fantasy with the real world in a fashion that will infallibly draw attention.  Consider this new thread an opportunity to observe, comment, wail and cry, find fulfillment, or most any other thing. 
Thank you sincerely for your time and good fortune in your days.

Joseph, Wizard, Proprietor of

Sudden quote: If Mathematics is the key to the universe, art is learning to pick the lock, and Funny is kicking the door in and failing!

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