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Or Kill Me / The end of the world?
« on: April 28, 2005, 11:03:04 pm »
I just had a horrible thought.  The world isnt going to end.  There are going to be no times of righteous destruction wreaked by an angry god/goddess/elder things with more eyes than tentacles upon the landscape.  Everything is just going to go into a gradual grey decline where things get noticeably more boring, more stale, more rigid....and thats it.  Forever and ever and ever.  Monday morning for eternity.  That sinking feeling when you see a big pile of forms, all day long.

Lets face it, a catalclymic end to things would be rather fun, or at least interesting and yield some oppurtunities that may prove a nice distraction.  But instead it will be the proxy death by the long slow fight.  By the time the world has ended, we wont even notice it.

Of course, that will be the perfect world for Eris.  A planet full of people so unused to anything out of the ordinary, well it would be a blast.  Look at what she did to those twits in the State Department who talked about the "end of history" just after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Barely a year later resurgant Islam militancy caught up with them. Suckers!

But I just had a horrible vision of that...hell I suppose, and felt inclined to share.  I bought enough for veryone.

Or Kill Me / NSRA Field Report 1: Actually lost in Suburbia
« on: April 12, 2005, 07:48:33 pm »
This is actually quite embarassing, but I will tell it anyway.  It was the Monday after I got back and I went to see a friend who lived in the same town as me. Her parents had moved recently so we walked to her new house after our chat. It was on the residential side of town, the bit I didnt like.

After seeing her off, I decided to head home. After 10 minutes, I was absolutely lost. I had lived here for nearly 2 years, although some of that time I was away. Lost, in my home town?

The problem was everything looked the damn same and I can't be bothered to memorise 200+ street names. Every house was made of the same stone, to the same design. I wondered for a moment if I had actually left St Andrews at all, as it had a very similar area.  I shook my head and continued on, in the hope of finding a landmark or higher ground.

And every street seemed to have a person washing a car, which made it worse.  Why did a quarter of the population decide to do their car on a not very sunny day?

I decide to get a drink out of my bag. Diet coke (sooo healthy, or maybe not). I remember these were a life saver in Peru, where the water was near undrinkable. I was gasping for one while we were trekking in the Colca Canyon.  And then it hit me. Everything was trying to become the damn same!

Thats the thing. We see the same things, the comfort of knowing order is there. As if order = security.  Its a very appealing, intuitive seeming idea, isn't it? Hell, the whole idea of ritual is based around it: "if I do this and this then this will always happen".  But it seems to be getting greater appeal, through such things as globalization and and the monopolization of companies.

Where is the variety, the change, the chaos? Do they really think by making the whole world the same they will manage to shut Eris out? Hah, boy were you fed a line of bullshit if thats so! Just as you think your safe She'll smash down those walls of comfort!

But still, it seems that is where the forces of order are determined to strike next. Just remember that evolution comes about through change and variety. If you try to make everything the same, rigid, it becomes unadaptable and gets left behind.

Or Kill Me / Consensous Reality
« on: March 20, 2005, 09:55:16 pm »
Took this off another forum, I thought it was very good and so I am posting it here:

Hell yes I "confuse" chaos with freedom and liberty! CHAOS IS FREEDOM. To me, Chaos first and foremost, is warfare against oppressive consensus reality. Because oppressive consensus reality is evil. Its the most evil thing the world has ever known. People talk about the evil of Hitler for instance, how he killed 11 million people, but its their missing the point. Hitler didn't kill those people, CONSENSUS REALITY IN NAZI GERMANY killed those people, through hundreds of thousands of concentration camp employees. In every atrocity, in every cult, in every repressive regime, there exists an established consensus reality that does not permit questioning, and will kill those who do. Take the purges under Stalin. 20 million dead, due to consensus reality. For many of them their only crime was questioning the government. And now like 48% of high school kids in the US think that the government should approve all news stories from a recent survey!
Do you see what I'm saying? I think Hakim Bey is a genius and the ideas are golden, but I can't afford to wear the veneer of a black/criminal mage when the real criminals are standing at podiums anouncing to the masses how "good" they are. It plays right into their hands.

Of course, I dont agree with it totally.  But it is an interesting viewpoint nonetheless.

Or Kill Me / Roger has a point about the pie and cookies
« on: March 19, 2005, 04:58:22 pm »
I mean, for the followers of a goddess of discord and chaos there does seem to be an awful ot of it about.  Just saying.

Or Kill Me / The World is doomed
« on: March 19, 2005, 01:10:41 am »

Read it and weep.  Is it possible to bankrupt the entire word?

Or Kill Me / Epistle to the Hopeless
« on: March 18, 2005, 01:03:17 am »
So the state is around forever.  You have performed 1001 mindfucks and nothing seems to be happening.  Oh dear, best to go back to the emo-style philosophical mastubation then.

The state is a drug, and unfortunately we are all addicted.  I dont know about you but I want to be clean.  The state is built into our very life from birth, we are taught to depend on it, to get used to letting it clean our nose and wipe our arse.  And that becomes kind of comforting.  Or does it?  I find it stifling myself.

And thats where the doubt sets in about undermining the current way of things.  "But if there was a revolution/uprising etc tomorow then I might have to do stuff for myself!"  Shock horror!

The fact is you dont know what is possible until you try.  Yes, the state is very real.  it has power and that should never be overlooked.  Yet it has been outwitted before.  Maybe only temporarily, but that can be dealt with.

I didnt believe I could walk out of a canyon with no water and having eaten very little while in the desert, but I did.  I didnt know that I could stay up for 72 hours straight and yet still negotiate in a foreign language for accomodation.  But I did. Maybe I am being overly optimistic here.  But perhaps we are looking at it the wrong way.

This is a struggle of attrition, that can never be forgotten.  The trick is to hide in the nooks and crannies that society, that our leaders overlook, and come out when we see a vulnerable target to strike.  Dont expect short term returns.  If I wanted that, well, I have access to a chemical lab anytime I want.  That way is just as pointless, at this stage, as giving up.  Just because you cant see the returns doesnt mean it isnt there.

Of course I could be wrong.  Soon there may be no cracks to hide in from the Grey Monolith.  But I wont know unless I try.

Literate Chaotic / A poem about reading books
« on: February 28, 2005, 03:08:02 pm »
by [name removed to protect the innocent]

I love getting out on the dance floor
And shaking my bum for a laugh
But sometimes I just want a quiet night in
With a jolly good book in the bath.

I suddenly see the appeal of the Senor Limpio/Hotsuma position on this.

Or Kill Me / C.O.G.
« on: February 28, 2005, 12:22:14 am »
to be Fascist it must employ violence, it must use armed force, it must if necessary impose itself through armed seizure of power and armed maintenance of power. This has been proved true elsewhere; it is the pattern for Fascism in America. . . . It is always money and power that control Fascism. The backers of Fascism everywhere are the industrialists, manufacturers, big businessmen, the bankers."
George Seldes (1938)

"The immensely rich and powerful corporations of this country can buy access to the public mind, can form public taste, and can create public opinion. These corporations can invade our minds and change our likes or dislikes, our ideas, our values, and even our personalities."
Gerry Spence, in From Freedom to Slavery (p. 147)

"The corporation cannot be ethical. Its only responsibility is to turn a profit."
economist Milton Friedman

"A business or a big corporation is a fascist structure internally. Power is at the top. Orders go from top to bottom. You either follow the orders or get out."
Noam Chomsky

"why the current recovery is so sluggish is that the government hasnt been able to resort to increased military spending with all of its multiplier effects the traditional pump-priming mechanism of economic stimulation. . . . "
Noam Chomsky, from The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many (pp. 11-12, 31)

Welcome to the century of the COG.  Thats the Corporate Occupied Government.  Dont worry about the middleman, he doesnt exist anymore.  Your, theoretically, public servants are your employers and so you lost any power you had over them.

What do they want?  To look out for you, care in a paternalistic way?  Fuck no! They want a profit, and screw the expenses.  Thats what all corporations want.  And now they have a government to give it to them.  Tax cuts for the rich?  Made Bush an extra $10 million a year, Rumsfeld and Cheny nearly double that.  More money for the weapons producers?  Well engage in several low intensity wars to create a demand that we can sell to the public.  Notice they try to sell the public ideas now?

And its going to get worse.  The traders on Wall Street want to open more markets across the world.  Notice the Baghdad Stock Exchange opening lately?  Well Iran is the next big market to be tapped.  Convieniently next door to Iraq also, and it leads into Central Asia, where there is an abundance of people and resources.  A prospectors dreamland.

And its not just an American problem.  The French had their intelligence spy on UK and American forces while in Kosovo and Bosnia, and they sold that information directly to the French arms business.  Hell, the UK arms business keeps their relations with Indonesia open and friendly.

Also they dont care what the Government does so long as you turn up to work on time.  Hell, the Protestant Work Ethic is a positive boon to them.  The only problems are Muslims who dont believe in profit (unless they are Saudi princes) and those on the left who keep wanting trade unions and minimum wages and such shit. So you can torture or arrest or disappear or declare war on such people, it wont affect the profit margins.

And these corporations, like I said, couldnt give a flying fuck about you.  Youre just another resource, another tool.  The COG wants to turn you into a cog, a little bit of the machine that runs on oil, blood and capital profit. Be part of the machine or be blacklisted.  If the cog is faulty, replace it.  There will always be more around, espescially if we discourage contraceptives.  

Welcome to the new century, my little cogs.

Or Kill Me / Lights, Camera, Action!
« on: February 21, 2005, 11:04:16 pm »
I am here tonight to preach action, action against the Greyfaces without and within.  For the jake has a dual purpose, to befuddle those who would think in grey ways and as a reminder not to do so ourselves and at the same time a prayer of sorts to Eris.

I speak not of the action of the LDD (which does not exist).  I feel that the election may have had a bad effect on all, plunging us into despeir.  Fear not, for we shall launch the Night of 1001 Jakes, aka Operation MindFuck Part Deux, the Mind Fucks Back!

I challenge, yes I dare to challenge you, to jake now!  Jake at every oppurtunity!  Set a limit, and when you find it too easy, up it again!  Cracks are appearing day by day, so force them open!

Goddess damnit, I may be drunk and run out of ice, but the day I run out of jakes is the day I die!  I declare this Open Season!  Fire at will, fellow Ersians, Discodians, rogue SubGenii and any other lunatics/assorted crazieswho want to join in.  Espescially at Will, for I have it on good authority he is one of the worst Greyfaces.  

Let there be be no let up.  Unleash the most creatively destructive forces of the Goddess herself!  No target is out of bounds, no jake taking it too far. Be sneaky, remember, there are no laws to stop the best jakes. To paraphrase Nietzsche, this is beyond Law and Criminal.  

We have the enemy in sight.  What are you gonna do about it?

Literate Chaotic / Read the Illuminatus! trilogy
« on: February 21, 2005, 03:13:50 pm »
And I can't shake off the feeling I had read it before.  Really wierd feeling too.  I couldnt pin it down to any particular page or character, it was just the entire thing.  Like I had read it a long time ago and forgot it all.  Anyone else have this?  And no, I had not taken anything "special" before reading it. :roll:

Literate Chaotic / Bad scotch
« on: February 14, 2005, 08:08:34 pm »
Coughing down my scotch
Forgot to put the ice in
Now my throat hurts some.

Or Kill Me / Blurgh
« on: January 07, 2005, 03:31:15 am »

Or Kill Me / Politicians and public morality
« on: December 17, 2004, 12:31:43 pm »
This is a story from the UK that has been brewing for a few days and has got me rather annoyed.  As you may know, our Home Office Minister David Blunkett has quit over an affair and subsequent abuse of position to get his lover's nanny a fast tracked visa to stay here.  WHY???  Quite frankly, this disgusts me, that he has gone because he has become, and I quote, "an embarassment" to our Government.

Never mind that he passed a criminal set of "laws" (the 2001 Terrorism Act, whereby I can be arrested and imprisoned without trial because I hold an Aussie passport).  Never mind that violent crime has risen by 12% over the last year alone, that the Police force have become glorified traffic wardens with too much paper work, that he passes more maligned directives than the Supreme Soviet (the ASBO is a good one if you wish to search for that) and he waits 2 years after 9/11 to increase the size of the Security Services.  Oh no, he had an affair and caried out a relatively minor abuse of power (chances were the nanny would get her visa anyway, it would just have taken longer) and became "embarassing" and so had to go.

If I met a politician who's only crime was an affair, I'd probably buy him a drink.  Interesting how this is meant to be the publics servant, and yet he goes over a privte indescretion (trust me, more was made of the affair than the visa).  Public politics sucks.  Blair only gets rid of people when they become embarassing, and for a lawyer like himself with nearly no shame to start wit, that takes a long time (normally at least 6 months after everyone else wants the sod gone).  Argh!

Principia Discussion / I'm confused, is that good?
« on: November 27, 2004, 02:14:20 pm »
Sorry, newbie post yadda yadda but I read the book an I am now confused (in a good way, I think). Is that a good start?  Also is Malaclypse in any way related to the Malaclypse character (conspriacy theorist-priest supremo) on the Discworld Noir PC game?

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