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I've considered setting fire to this building.  I mean, apart from the normal reasons.  I reckon it might actually be colder if I did that.

I would assume at least most people in Tucson have some form of air conditioning, only because the city is not currently on fire.

I'm also looking forward to taking a cold shower tonight and then waking up tomorrow caked in my own sweat.  Again.  Because that's always enjoyable.

I love how it's now raining and windy outside, I have my window fully open and two fans on high settings, and if I move 4 metres back from the window towards the bedroom door, the heat rises enough for me to start sweating again.

And the students cannot even open their window like I do.

But no, I've been assured this is perfectly fine and healthy and not at all putting anyone at risk  :lol:  This is why I need to move to Oslo.  It was 33C today (outside.  Inside it was probably 43C).  Today in Oslo it was 22C. 

I'd actually blocked the existence of that thing from my memory.

Nah, not Lembit.  That was the Romanian twins, and Romania is a staunch NATO ally.  Well, a NATO ally anyway.

I was thinking of  Mike Hancock.  When Arron Banks, the UKIP financier, had problems regarding his wife's visa, it was Hancock who interceded on his behalf.  Hancock had a four year affair with Katia Zatuliveter.  She had close contacts with someone in the Russian Embassy, who MI5 had fingered as an SVR officer.

"Oh Farage is just appealing to racists for the votes".

Ain't any votes to be had now, though.

There is an opening for idiotic talking head though. With any luck he'll go the way of moron and fuck off to the USA until they're sick of his shit.

Still, interesting to see the link this openly so my mind goes to Russia and money. Farage may be angling for a taste of that pie, events from the past couple of weeks seem to support this suspicion.

Maybe he and Piers Morgan could co-host a show?

Also, the main financial backer of UKIP has a Russian wife, and some interesting connections to the Russian secretary/mistress of a certain Lib Dem, who was accused of being a Russian agent of influence.

It's like Spanish for "the pee"

"Oh Farage is just appealing to racists for the votes".

Ain't any votes to be had now, though.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Unofficial What are you Reading Thread?
« on: August 25, 2016, 11:56:05 am »
Well, at least Sorweel should come out of things OK.  Unless he literally runs into the No-God or goes on to kill Kelhus, that boy's unstoppable.

Or, if the theories are correct at least, he runs into Kelmonas.  The fan theory is that Kel's a narindar of Ajokli, and thus stands outside the sight of the gods, including Yatwer and her White Luck Warrior.  He sacrified that beetle as an offering, a murder done for no other reason than "because". 

Ajokli is the god of tricksters, thieves and assassins...a description that fits Kel to a t.  I also wonder if Ajokli can see the No-God and Consult..."He only seems such [the Fool] because he sees what the others do not see... What you do not see ... The blindness of the sighted".  Which also makes me wonder if there is a link between Ajokli and the Solitary God of the Cishaurim...the reference to the blindness of the sighted, the fact that the Psukhe is undetectable by other magi and even unknown to the Consult, and that the Cishaurim wage war against the followers of the Tusk.  Ajokli, via the nameless narindar in the White Luck Warrior notes that his cult alone is persecuted by the Tusk. 

I'm also somewhat amused by the many parallels one can draw between Ajokli, narindar and our favourite inscrutable trickster god, the Anticipation of Mephala himself, Vivec.  Narindar are holy assassins the gods send, but narindar of Ajokli are ritual assassins for whom the act is holy, and are asked to kill without reference to their own cares.  Of course, Vivec is the Tribunal replacement for Mephala, whom the Morag Tong assassins (and maybe the Dark Brotherhood, if the Night Mother is Mephala.  Of course, one reading of the 36 sermons suggests Vivec is in fact the Night Mother).  Assassins remove the act of emotion from murder, which in turn makes it an act of destruction...and destruction is another form of creation.  Murder and enlightenment, combined.

Incidentally, narindar = narinder = narendra = "lord of men" in Sanskrit.  Just putting that out there. 

That Farage is willing to endorse Trump in all but name should put to rest any doubts that he is entirely comfortable with racism and bigotry.

This is this generation's Two Tribes.

Though I'd pay good money for a music video where Hillary Clinton suplexes Putin.

I see. I take it that it's also ordered that way as the degree of effort to manipulate an asset rises with each. Throwing money is quite easy, ideological folk may require anything from a handwave upwards to convince them. Gathering Intel to compromise a target is probably far more costly and time consuming than a bribe, etc.

Not as such, all potential methods of securing an agent have associated pitfalls and problems with it.  Ideological people can be inflexible or swayed by policy changes, those who are corrupt can always be outbid, ego generally dissolves into narcissism and compromised people can always bite the bullet or have their failures exposed by other parties.

Not to mention most people are going to be motivated as a matter of degree, not category.  Someone selling information for ego gratification may also be in it for the money.  The lines become blurred as to where the "real" motivation lies and thus the potential pitfalls become harder to account for.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Pagan or Racist?
« on: August 24, 2016, 12:10:28 pm »
It appears to be a venture by a Jim Lyngvild, a fashion critic, writer of fantasy novels and social media narcissist in Denmark (note: Bawer is one of the many sources cited by Breivik's manifesto, nevertheless there is an interesting anecdote further down)

It seems, on early inspection, that this isn't organised Odinist white power stuff...but Lyngvild isn't exactly a man of character or high moral standing either, and may be unwittingly enabling racism due to his status.

Had a quick look at Lyngvild, seems to be an openly gay man. This would indicate him being towards the "less terrible" end of the scale because at least he's unlikely to hold crazy opinions about gay people. With any luck that applies to other concerns too but I wouldn't put money on it yet. Roger's probably found some horrible insane crap.

You would think so, but I would like to point to the recent career of one Milo Yiannopoulos, also openly gay, has often spoken of his love for "big black dick" and helped write a love letter to the alt-right for  He also assures people that being gay is a choice and that it's perfectly alright to refer to people as faggots.

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