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Sadly, the argument is going in the direction of "reality is only perception" and "conciousness is not a physical aspect".

Right this minute, I'd like to feed fuckers like that into the choppy grindy burny machine.

Which is actually a thing.

But does the choppy grindy burny machine have a consciousness that exists in the "real" world?

You are so much more amusing than the Philosophy 101 I'm dealing with.

"Physics is the science of how matter and energy interact. That speaks very little to consciousness, and is still reductionist/rationalist/materialist, which speak even less to consciousness. The physical world (I still don't like calling it "world") may be amplitudes in configuration space as far as you and physics are concerned, but consciousness isn't. Ergo, if your reality is physical in nature, consciousness cannot be reality."

Oh wow, hahah.  Argument through assertion and conflation.  "Consciousness isn't part of reality.  Nothing more to say, reductionist pig."

"My perception is that your argument is bullshit.  Since most people agree with this perception, you'll find that this actually exerts a very real influence on the collective subconscious, thus turning reality into a mostly empirical construct."

Pwn3d!!12! etc.

I counter with "my resignation letter finally has a response, 6 days after I sent it" and "I'm arguing with nerds about health regen".

Which isn't strictly a counter, but whatever.

The Trickster accesses your shadow psyche, compelling you.

That's shitty. I hope the pay rate makes it somewhat worth it.

For the current one?  Unfortunately no.  Minimum wage all the way.  The education one is significantly better, if I get it.  I also know the school, and it is a very good school.  Good enough that private school students are frequently enrolled there (it's a state school) to do their A levels.  I would be working with students with behavioural and learning disabilities if I were there, but in conjunction with a teacher, which is something.

It sucks trying to have a life without a semi-stable schedule. Pretty much just end up living for vacation.

Yeah, exactly.  And I don't get much say over that, either.  Last time I had a week off, I didn't book it, wasn't given any say over it.

That's just rude. Are they using you to fill in shifts when the other employees call in sick or no-show?

In theory, no.  In practice, probably.

Over here, we have something called "zero-hour contracts", which are an abomination.  I'm not on one of those, but I am basically the next rung up - I have contracted hours, but not contracted times.  Those contracted hours are not many, and basically I need to work overtime every single week just to pay my rent.  And as one of the newer employees, I of course don't have any sort of social capital to influence the rota.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« on: October 20, 2014, 01:32:10 pm »
Well, except for this, sure.

Seriously tho, "citizen journalism" amirite?  There's a reason real journalists tend to look down on opinion columnists, and it has a lot to do with how they talk about what they think and feel and conjecture about...rather than doing something as basic, obvious and journalistic as "ask questions".

It's a shame bloggers, uh science communicators decided that was the aspect of "journalism" they most wanted to emulate.

I wish work would make up their fucking minds.  They either want me pulling insanely long shifts (6am to 4pm yesterday) or none at all (ie; all of this week).

Is it too much to ask for reasonable workloads, every day?  I'd much prefer working 5 hours a day, every day of the week, than pulling three huge shifts which then require at least a day just to recover from.

Well, I suppose this is why I'm applying to go back to work in education.  Not Houseparenting...but still.  Teenagers.  Urgh.  On the other hand, stable working hours are pretty desirable right now...

According to Wikipedia, as of 2012 the band's site no longer links to Chris Maggiore's group.  The group no longer mention's Alive And Well, refers to their material or publically speaks in favour of the group.

Wouldn't it be great if there were some kind of extremely cheap global communication device, whereby interested parties could contact people in other countries and ask them questions like "do you now no longer support Alive And Well, and if so, what brought about the split with the group" and "what is your stance on HIV/AIDS denialism"? 

Alas, humanity has yet to achieve such a wonderful network.

As soon as someone says "do you even lift bro" unironically, you know with 100% certainty you can ignore anything they have to say.

U jelly, bro?

No, that's my arm muscles.  From all the heavy lifting.

As soon as someone says "do you even lift bro" unironically, you know with 100% certainty you can ignore anything they have to say.

So, is it WRONG to go to "prepper"1 pages and try to whip them into greater frenzies about ebola?  I am told this makes me a bad person, but these folks ARE fear junkies, so I figure it's a public service.

1 "Prepper" is what survivalists and gold bugs call themselves now.

Yes.  But only because you're missing out on a perfect opportunity to purposefully confuse "prepper" with "preppy" and troll them with endless talk about whether Harvard is better than MIT for your course and if the Ralph Lauren autumn collection is actually better than Brooks Brothers.

While talking about ebola.

Discordian Recipes / Re: Hearty breakfast
« on: October 16, 2014, 03:12:00 pm »

Well, I locked myself out of my university email.  So, no tutorial tonight.

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