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You should come work with me, Roger.

Trust me, it's fun.


A complimentary baggie for your teef will not be provided.

Of course, this would happen because someone finally fixed the printer.


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It appears a notorious conman by the name of Wilfredo Saurin, aka Yohannes Riyadi, aka Bill Hayward was the responsible party behind "Foundation X".

And an alert Financial Times blogger said that had Lord James googled “Yohannes Riyadi”, the first item to come up would be a warning from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York that the name is part of an internet scam designed to get money from the gullible. Two agents are trying to trace who is behind it. Perhaps Lord James should offer his memory stick.

The Federal Reserve is aware of a fraudulent scam involving individuals using the names Yohannes Riyadi and/or Wilfredo Saurin, or persons claiming to be representatives of these two men. In a typical version of this scam, Mr. Riyadi and/or his delegates falsely claim that they have on deposit with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York several U.S. Treasury Checks issued to Mr. Riyadi amounting to billions of dollars.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has been contacted by several brokers and financial institutions worldwide inquiring about the validity of this fraudulent account documentation, which is being offered as collateral for lines of credit or other types of asset based financing. The fraudulent scheme includes multiple documents which purport to have the signatures of various Federal Reserve officials, including Chairman Ben Bernanke.

In some instances, individuals involved in this fraudulent scheme claim to have met with Federal Reserve officials and claim to have verified that the alleged account is in order. We have also learned that the fraud may include the purchase of certain documents by the introducing brokers.

If you have information regarding this fraud please contact either Robert Amenta, Special Investigator at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or Erik Rosenblatt, Senior Special Agent at the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Unofficial What are you Reading Thread?
« on: July 21, 2015, 11:42:06 pm »
Good comments.  It was indeed nice to get outside of Bob's head for once, and see things from another POV, especially with regards to how he has changed over the course of the series.

It was also interesting to see Stross saying that the protagonist for some of the future planned books with be neither Bob or Mo, and that Case Nightmare Green is going to have an....interesting impact on the government's workings.  He did say the Laundry themselves could not undertake a coup, but if there are parallel paranormal branches of the British secret state or even overseas actors like the Black Chamber, they are not bound by the same rules, well... I could forsee a situation where the American paranormal services are sufficiently disturbed by a lack of seriousness on the part of the British government that they take matters into their own hands.

Holy fuck that was 5 hours of hell.   26 inductions done, my throat is in pieces, paperwork is nowhere near up to date.

I cannot even imagine. Gah.

9 were in the first three hours of the shift.  A full induction includes a tour of the building, procedures (fire, signing in) setting up the internet and questions.  So, about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile my useless fucking co-worker updated three files, then watched an online streaming episode of Game of Thrones.

On the upside, everyone does say it's really good.

Mad Max: Fury Road.  Everyone says its amazing, convince me otherwise

Holy fuck that was 5 hours of hell.   26 inductions done, my throat is in pieces, paperwork is nowhere near up to date.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Jezebel magazine and Mean-Girl Feminism
« on: July 19, 2015, 07:13:13 pm »
The Gawker network has recently exceeded their already low standards when they "outed" a senior executive in a competitor company as hiring a gay porn star.

The guy isn't really in any way a public figure.  There is no clear indication he was cheating on his wife, she was unaware of his sexual interests or anything of the like.  It just looks like yet another sideswipe at a competing firm "lololol he gay".  And from a supposedly "progressive" media outlet, no less.

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