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It may well be.  I was looking into how eco-terrorism was underrepresented in academic literature, and found that, actually that wasn't the case (at least by the criteria I used).  However, I needed a control, which was ethno-terrorist groups, to compare results for.

And in doing that, I discovered that the vast majority of the groups I listed for my comparison data-set were also not in fact referenced in the academic literature.  Removing those without an explicit mention reduced attacks by one-third, and cut out 90% of the groups.

Meaning the most prolific and famous groups were getting all the attention.  Meaning most researchers are lazy gits, relying on media access, proximity and older pieces of research for their papers.  Meaning they're distorting the field, through undue focus on specific groups.  The world really does not need yet another sociological analysis on the working class composition of the Provisional IRA.  But I'll bet on getting another 10 before the decade is out, because venturing out into the field is scary and stuff.

Well, I just got back from crunching my new data-set.

It didn't help.  Same conclusion, just more accurate.

On the plus side, I'm changing the focus of my research onto "why do researchers, with 20 bajillion attacks by 50 bajillion groups in the START database, still only talk about the IRA, ETA, PKK and Palestinian groups?  Is it because they are lazy fucks?  Maybe, maybe not, but it would be irresponsible not to speculate on why only THE SAME 14 GROUPS out of 202 with a similar ideology ever get any airtime."

Going by their internal newspaper, Boston PD are not among the great thinkers of our time.

Or even vaugely competent.

Welcome to the world of, "There's an error, but we won't tell you what it is."

"...but you can almost certainly fix it painlessly after a quick Google search"

Problem: I cannot connect to Google.

Science is proving my hypothesis wrong.

I'm not strongly attached to said hypothesis, so I'm mostly amused by this outcome, as it means I'm writing a somewhat different research study from the one I expected.  Also, not all the data has been compiled yet.  But so far, three out of three times, the group I expected to be underrepresented in the literature has actually been overrepresented, when compared with my control group.

Principia Discussion / Re: A challenge for all Bush-Haters
« on: April 16, 2014, 09:18:57 pm »
Ah, we were all so naive, in 2005.

I mean, not that fucking naive.  But in comparison to 9 years later...damn.

The NYT will hire anyone won't they?

I'm actually fairly sure, Paul Krugman aside, that to get a regular column there you have to suffer from Pathological Idiocy.

I'm playing hockey with no-touch football rules, with Putin.

In your face, Thomas Friedman!

And it's still better than Hakarl.  Fucking Icelanders...can't be trusted to do anything right.

Quote from: Wikipedia
The herring are caught in April and May, when they are in prime condition and just about to spawn. Prior to spawning, the herring have not fattened. They are then put into a strong brine for about 20 hours which draws out the blood, the heads are removed and they are gutted and put into a weaker brine solution. The barrels are then placed in a temperature controlled room kept at 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. Canning takes place at the beginning of July and for five weeks thereafter. Ten days prior to the premiere the final product is distributed to wholesalers.[6]

The fermentation of the fish depends on a lactic acid enzyme in the spine that is activated if the conditions are right (temperature and brine concentration). The low temperatures in Northern Sweden is one of the parameters that affects the character of the final product.
Fermentation continues in the can which causes the can to bulge noticeably. Prior to modern canning methods, surströmming was sold in wooden barrels, and was only consumed locally. As even the smallest one litre kegs could leak, surströmming was bought directly from the producers in small quantities for immediate consumption.[7]

Half a year to a year later gases have built up sufficiently for the once flat tops of the cylindrical tins to bulge into a more rounded shape. These unusual containers of surströmming can be found today in supermarkets all over Sweden. However, certain airlines have banned the tins on their flights, considering the pressurised containers to be potentially dangerous (see also below).[8] Species of Haloanaerobium bacteria are responsible for the in-can ripening. These bacteria produce carbon dioxide and a number of compounds that account for the unique odour: pungent (propionic acid), rotten-egg (hydrogen sulfide), rancid-butter (butyric acid), and vinegary (acetic acid)

Psh, that doesn't even begin to explain the horror, and you know it.

The kid's stupid enough his later life is probably going to be a mess anyway.  He doesn't need the state to aid in that.

Shit, a fine and a public apology would be a sufficient punishment, IMO.  He was an idiot, but 5 years in prison?  Can't say I'd be comfortable in a society which deems that acceptable, even given the spectacular idiocy on show.

German food critic and author Wolfgang Fassbender wrote that "the biggest challenge when eating surströmming is to vomit only after the first bite, as opposed to before."

RPG Ghetto / Re: Dragon Age: Origins playthrough and commentary thread
« on: April 16, 2014, 01:52:21 pm »
I should probably explain the options a bit more, as I did kinda simplify it.

1) outright possession.  We let Kitty take over Amalia.
2) Refuse to negotiate
3) Lie to the father that Amalia is dead
4) Force the father to help us fight Kitty
5) Promise to set Kitty free but she cannot have Amalia, keep to that deal
6) Promise to set Kitty free while telling her she cannot have Amalia, let Kitty bribe us to take Amalia
7) Betray Kitty by promising to help, then killing her

The way I see it, most people are voting for 1), but some of you may prefer 5) or 6) or feel that maybe double-crossing a desire demon is a fun game.  Just letting people tailor their choices more effectively.

Just yesterday, I was complaining that "pathological idiot" didn't have an entry in the DSM-V.

I think I just found a case study for conclusively proving the existence of this affliction.

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