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Also, this is why I keep linking to Freddie d'Boer's blog on Facebook, as he's one of the few people pointing out how fucked up this is.

Modern liberalism is pretty much almost entirely social signalling and cultural dispositions, at this point.  Conservatism reached that point somewhere around 2002.

Good thing the internet has allowed free and open exchange of views, or else we'd be totally fucked.

Har. Har. Har.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« on: November 14, 2014, 02:21:44 pm »
Not to excuse this or diminish it, but you see this a lot in rural communities of poorer countries - like those of the Mediterranean and the cultures they spawned elsewhere.  In Peru, disfigured kids would often be made to sing for money - usually by older relatives or someone known to the family - in order to elicit sympathy from travellers and the like.  Their living conditions were not much better than cages either.

I suspect it's got a lot to do with the traditional rural values about being able to work on a farm - if you can't, you're seen as worthless.  A more robust welfare system would, in time, alleviate that notion, but I don't have to point out the dire economic conditions of many of these countries...

Literate Chaotic / Re: Unofficial What are you Reading Thread?
« on: November 14, 2014, 11:06:42 am »
So many numbers!  :horrormirth: I find that kind of naming system as annoying as the One Woman's Journey approach.

Books: One Woman's Journey into 17,000 One Woman's Journeys.

Isn't Third Way sometyhing like: Both these systems are wrong, so lets combine them and do it some more, Hitler style?

You may be thinking of Third Positionist, which is similar, but not exactly the same.  It's basically left-leaning neoliberalism - capitalism and a welfare state.

Though the 4th Political Theory was invented by a man many see, not unfairly, as as mystical fascist.

I still think this question isn't hypothetical.

You should ask Foodbabe for medicinal herbs to treat ebola.

Both seem to suggest that there is no evidence that this form of treatment works rather than there is evidence that it doesn't work.

Bro, do you even science? What would "evidence that it doesn't work" look like, other than lack of evidence that it does work? WTF??  :lol: :lol: :lol: Please read that sentence again and tell me if you can figure out what's so horribly, horribly wrong with it.

I honestly think that Holist would get a lot out of the LessWrong sequences.  Not being sarcastic, I think they would help sharpen up some of his thinking on subjects like this, and help him approach these things in a more systematic and rigourous fashion.  Plus I think the overall topics and style of writing might appeal.

Oh I know boarding schools, and this particular employer in particular.  They may have a budget in the tens of millions and a goddamn Qatari sovereign investment fund backing them, but they wont shell out a single penny more than they have to, and since they didn't specify it in the interview arrangements (despite my asking), they're not obligated whatsoever.

Eh, it happens.  I wasn't especially thrilled with the place anyway, but I would like my travel costs to be covered. 

Anne Hathaway poses in the same position for 15 minutes, making you think the film has frozen.

Bleh.  Not working in Cambridge.  Well, that's 130 in ticket costs I wont see again anytime soon.

Also, I'm meant to be attending a work meeting today.  I'm planning on having a last minute unavoidable emergency, because I can't be bothered.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Unofficial What are you Reading Thread?
« on: November 13, 2014, 07:33:05 am »
Is the Fith Discipline related to the 4th Political Theory in the sense that it also utilises the Third Way?

I'm reading Jonathan Powell's book on negotiating with terrorists.  Powell is most infamous for being one of Tony Blair's special advisors but, unlike Alistair Campbell, the man has had a successful career in politics before going party political (as a diplomat) and is actually something of an intellectual.  Politically one can still find him disagreeable, but he's far more personable than most SpAds.

Powell was also one of the chief architects of the Good Friday Peace Agreements, and so actually has more than a little bit of expertise in the whole "negotiating with terrorists" deal.  He's remarkably sensible about the whole thing too - it's a wonder he ever survived high office in this country.

Then again, he also wrote a book about Machiavelli, which well could explain how he managed that feat...

Techmology and Scientism / Re: Rosetta has landed!
« on: November 12, 2014, 05:31:56 pm »
I can't wait until they switch the camera on and find the mangled remains of the Mars Rover in front of it.

So, abortion, gun rights, atheists and the above named?  Trying to think of more, but it's been 32 hours since I last slept, so things are hazy.

Has to be coherent, of course.  Just throwing labels around is cheating, and more importantly might even cause the dullards on FB to catch on.

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