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 :lulz:  Those Civ devs and their sense of humour.

Thanks.  I've considered maybe putting something together, one day....but eh.  I dunno.  We'll see if the current writing gig pays off any...that and I'm going to be doing so much writing between now and Xmas any more would probably drive me mental  :wink:

I believe that's a fan favourite on Sid Mier's Civilization based internet groups.

I can't speak for more recent iterations of the game, but in Civ 2 he was hostile and belligerent as fuck.

Smashwords was surprisingly easy to use.  Which is awesome.

Yep.  It's really the best thing going.

Make sure, though, to check a sample of your work before it goes to the premium catalog.

Oh, I just meant for purchasing.  I was expecting a nightmare of verification and things.  Username, password, paypal.  Sorted.

Smashwords was surprisingly easy to use.  Which is awesome.

This particular individual(though not necessarily representative of anyone else) openly stated her intention to stifle it. It's depressing as hell.

What you have there is tumblr, Sanders groupies, and my mom.
You bring up Tumblr, do you think that the medium in which these discussions happen matter? does this method just not work on the internet, since people feel less inhibited to be assholes there?

I'm not sure I'm reading you right, but people absolutely tend towards assholism and extremism online, far more so than IRL.

I'd post it here, relevant thread and AI.  Go hogwild with it.

Note: this may or may not be related to the potential orange eating contest.

So, for those of you who wanted to read my Dylann Roof article, I only have one word for you:

Possibly not true, but 100% in keeping with what a cat would do.

A beginners's guide to the Redpill Right.

They want you to lift the veil pulled over your eyes by the progressives who secretly control society. Like Neo escaping the Matrix, your choice is to wake up and see how the world really is, discarding religion, subjectivity, and feminist indoctrination. Conspiracy theorists, Men’s Rights Activists, Pick-Up Artists, GamerGate, even the Neoreaction: all of these communities share a common creed, tech-fluent and superficially self-aware. To outsiders, it's distinctly conservative. But they don’t see themselves as conservatives at all.

Welcome to the Red Pill worldview, where the entire world is a game and the people who are winning are the best players.

They've yet to assume a formal name, remaining a loose confederation of overlapping reactionary movements resistant to (though exploited by) their would-be leaders. Most identify as libertarian, many as atheists, and they are overwhelmingly white and male. They’re comfortable with progressive terminology and how technology has changed society, which puts them sharply at odds with most conservatives, who see both as a threat to traditional values. Many "Redpillers" perceive conservatism as censorious and unscientific, and instead identify with the “freethought” and “skeptic” internet communities.

The term “cuckservative” caught the eye of puzzled observers this week amid the froth of commentary floating around the race to become the Republican nominee for president in 2016.

It has been dubbed a sign of a “raging civil war” tearing the Republican party apart, “the GamerGate” of white supremacists, and a meme expressing “a certain kind of contempt”. But the dictionaries have yet to step in, leaving readers to take it apart more or less on their own.

The basics are simple: cuckold, a man with an adulterous wife or partner, and conservative, which in context means someone on the spectrum of 21st-century Republican thought.

The insult’s most general gist is conservatives accused of bowing to one non-conservative idea or another, eg immigration reform, should feel humiliated, their ideology adulterated.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is thus accused of cuckservatism for supporting a path to citizenship for immigrants, rather than the “big, beautiful wall” to enclose the United States, as endorsed by Donald Trump in last week’s GOP debate.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh alluded to the meme in praise of Trump on Wednesday, saying that “if Trump were your average, ordinary, cuckolded Republican, he‬ would have apologized by now” for criticizing Fox News host Megyn Kelly. In this sense, as it’s used to criticize mainstream Republicans, the insult is an update on the “Rino” (“Republican in name only”).

Mostly, the word is used to belittle conservatives for a perceived weakness, for instance as an emasculation of Fox host Bill O’Reilly for “daring to question” Trump.

At present, “cuckservative” is just one more signal of how the contemporary Republican Party and movement conservatism have become a carnival-like human zoo fueled by the talk-radio echo chamber, one where extremism is now mainstream, and the politically adolescent and immature obsessions of “men’s rights” victimologists — with their “alpha males” and “cuckolding” anxieties — are considered reasonable and respectable points of view.

The convergence of white supremacy and conservatism in the modern Republican Party — spurred in part by a renaissance of toxic white masculinity — has produced what, in the moment, appears to be a series of never-ending climaxes and crescendos wherein new levels of absurdity and paranoia replace previous peaks once thought unattainable. The extreme has become the new normal for mainstream American conservatism. As the Republican Party continues its death-spiral embrace of fascism, misogyny, patriarchy, and racism, the political insanity embodied by concepts such as “cuckservative” will become the new normal.

Genghis Khan was a barbarian, and look what he built.

A nation of yak riding weaboos?


Authentic Mongolian t-shirt:

Also I'll be setting up a smashwords account later today, to buy all Roger's books.  Hopefully there shouldn't be any issues with a UK bank account....or I'll see how Paypal works.

Genghis Khan was a barbarian, and look what he built.

A nation of yak riding weaboos?

Genetically, the prize for greatest variance goes to the octopus, I think.

Which species of octopus and why?

I think it was the whole genus, extending maybe even to the family, and it was because of their DNA, maybe all the different proteins they can encode being greater by something like an order of magnitude w.r.t. all other "terrestrial" families; with the implication of their being practically alien.

Here's the actual study all those bullshit headlines are based on
Coleoid cephalopods (octopus, squid and cuttlefish) are active, resourceful predators with a rich behavioural repertoire1. They have the largest nervous systems among the invertebrates2 and present other striking morphological innovations including camera-like eyes, prehensile arms, a highly derived early embryogenesis and a remarkably sophisticated adaptive colouration system1, 3. To investigate the molecular bases of cephalopod brain and body innovations, we sequenced the genome and multiple transcriptomes of the California two-spot octopus, Octopus bimaculoides. We found no evidence for hypothesized whole-genome duplications in the octopus lineage4, 5, 6. The core developmental and neuronal gene repertoire of the octopus is broadly similar to that found across invertebrate bilaterians, except for massive expansions in two gene families previously thought to be uniquely enlarged in vertebrates: the protocadherins, which regulate neuronal development, and the C2H2 superfamily of zinc-finger transcription factors. Extensive messenger RNA editing generates transcript and protein diversity in genes involved in neural excitability, as previously described7, as well as in genes participating in a broad range of other cellular functions. We identified hundreds of cephalopod-specific genes, many of which showed elevated expression levels in such specialized structures as the skin, the suckers and the nervous system. Finally, we found evidence for large-scale genomic rearrangements that are closely associated with transposable element expansions. Our analysis suggests that substantial expansion of a handful of gene families, along with extensive remodelling of genome linkage and repetitive content, played a critical role in the evolution of cephalopod morphological innovations, including their large and complex nervous systems.

Scientist: "Science has proven the way tabloid journalist headline writers think is practically alien to the normal human."


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