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Now he needs to do a Dead Is Dead, Hardcore, Pacifist playthrough of FO4.

Crank that shit up to 11.

Hm, I have to say, I'm somewhat suspicious of any theory that purports to explain the Sea Peoples in such an easy manner.  Along with the Hyskos, the Sea Peoples are the biggest magnet for bullshit within legitimate Bronze Age studies.

Eberhard Zangger's not obviously insane, but he has argued for decades that Atlantis was in fact Troy (a position few historians agree with) and seems rather...fixated on Anatolia.

Based on my understanding, it's more about focusing on the techniques to get correct answers than getting correct answers themselves.  Basically "show your work" turned up to 11.

Not that I know too much about Common Core...but it sounds about right.

I died in an an unfortunate dissertation related accident, and so have given my account over to a bot which approximates my posts based on my previous posting history.

Not really, but my fingers have not fully recovered yet.

Emo Howard, it seems like your work is eating from the trashcan of trashcan ideology.

Which ones are the ones wearing black pants an jackets that say FBI?

*edit*  I forgot the hazmat crew.  Where do the hazmat guys fit?

They sound like these guys.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« on: May 06, 2016, 04:35:00 pm »
Its weird though, because you'd think someone who was there with Id Software right at the beginning would at least have some idea of how to make a decent FPS.   I guess John Carmack was the creative genius of that operation.  Actually, that would make sense, since the new Wolfenstein games are actually pretty damn decent.

Woo the FBI are in town.

Are these the cool FBI psychologists who look like they walked out of a fashion catalogue, or are they the likely corrupt Italian-American FBI agents who looked like they walked out of a back-alley boxing club and are likely combatting alcoholism, a record of violence against suspects and are probably secretly feeding intelligence to the enemy because the cool CIA agents are the designated heroes?

Wait, my bad.  It was Josh Marshall at TPM who said it

Incidentally, re: my earlier comments on Russia, Politico ran a story today that, since Trump is now the last nominee left standing, he and his staff will start getting intelligence briefs.  One problem: Trump's campaign has several people in it with extremely close links to Russia and have worked for Russian oligarchs before now. 

True, but Obama was also never alleged to be a member of HIMEOBS.

I wonder if there may be some deep state fuckery directed Trump's way...when the CIA and Pentagon have already come out and called you insane and made it clear they will refuse illegal orders, then the whole "ruining American relations with China" (who isn't actively trying to dick America or NATO over) and make nice with Russia (who is), at a time when US military presence in Eastern Europe is so dangerously low Russia could probably steamroll everything east of the Vistula without breaking a sweat and it would take at least 12 months to just mobilize the forces to retake those territories...and when Russian-financed far-right parties are gaining ground in western Europe...

I mean, I'm not the only one who's seeing all this, right?  Someone on the NSC must be able to put this together without someone having to put together an infographic and slide show.

At this rate, Muslims may double their population by 2050, becoming a whole 2% of the US population.

Prepare to live under Shakira Law, dhimmi.

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