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It's so freaking huge you have to, just to see everything.

I've been putting off, so my gameplay will be blind after some point (blind is more fun, IMO).

Incidentally, I've been doing some Dragon Age: Inquisition recordings.

I want to get a few more episodes under my belt before I start uploading, though.  And that wont happen until this essay is over with, by the end of the week.

I will, of course, post links once they are actually online.

Oh, it will.  But quite frankly, neither side are doing their job properly, which means I'm doing 3x as much work.  So the idea is to try and harness their petty, incompetent ways and use them for the Power of Good.  Namely, doing their damn jobs so I don't have to.

Yeah, like you say, paranoia is definitely less fun than visual hallucinations.

Admittedly, the having them while driving part may not be perfect...but at least hallucinations are sorta fun.

Yeah.  Even better, though I "rule" in hell, I'm not responsible for it.  I've toyed with the idea of playing the game, getting my bosses fired or promoted into positions of irrelevance and taking over, to improve the place.

But it's a pretty thankless task.  And it involves then owning whatever occurs the mice, and the terrible management and people who cannot use a word processor even though they're in a goddamn office 4 days a week.  Not to mention dealing with a senior management who are fairly new at their job and have never run a boarding school in London before.

My stay here is starting to feel somewhat like Liddy's prison stint.  It's a terrible place and I'm probably stuck her for the forseeable future.   Being here isn't cathartic, or a learning experience, or teaching me the error of my ways - it is simply meaningless punishment.

Nevertheless, I'm thriving.  I'm playing the sides against the middle and the middle against the sides.  I'm fairly sure more people are willing to talk to me than they are either to management, or underlings respectively.  Throw into that mix I'm one of the only two competent people in the building (and the bar for competency is terrifyingly low - my co-workers don't even know how to use the tab button to format a list.  Nor do they know how to update a list) and...well, I'm in a pretty strong position.

It happens.  I know by the end of my four years at Uni, despite learning some incredibly cool shit (Geopolitics, ethics in conflict, MOAR terrorism), I was also just looking forward to it all being over.  Shut up and give me my credentials.



Have you considered a career in the lucrative field of "Making Shit Up About Muslims"?  It's a huge market, with great potential for growth.  All you need is to be utterly shameless, and the rest will follow.

Also, humoring your inquiry by responding with polite small talk should never turn into an unwanted counseling session. You think you give good advice? Good. Start an advice column.


That was kinda my hope, that this would be a "success", however Obsidian measure that, which would allow them to develop the franchise in the future.

Not that I've played it yet.  Probably wont have a chance for at least another week.

Meh, if I wanted immersion, I'd play Skyrim/Requiem/Frostfall/RnD/Hunterborn.

The minor drama about one of the backers having an "offensive" poem was amusing.  It wasn't that offensive, IMO, although undeniably a little tasteless.  Obsidian did exactly the right thing - they contacted the backer and asked, in light of the complaint, if he wanted to change it.  He provided an alternate poem, making fun of the drama, and everything was good.

Well, except for the Gamergaters getting up in arms about Obsidian "selling out" to the "feminist agenda".  But that's practically expected nowadays.  I have no doubt Killing Floor 2 will be criticised for selling out to the feminist agenda, because it's about ethics in slaying zombies, or something.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: ISIS shows historical hoax
« on: April 11, 2015, 03:01:40 pm »
And now this thread is perfect.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: ISIS shows historical hoax
« on: April 11, 2015, 02:45:12 pm »
Quote from: Winston Churchill
A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.

If you kill his parents, you can adopt him.

And then Fus Ro Dah him off a cliff.

That's easy.  All you need is a dog, some furs, and some tree branches, paint them white, and then tie them to the dog. Instant Frostbite Spider!

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