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So, today's roundup:

Someone whose named rhymes with Kared Jushner is being investigated by the FBI for their links to the ever-expanding Russia scandal.

The Special Counsel's team has been looking into the impeachment process "for research purposes".

The Israeli agent who was burned by Trump was not only an asset on ISIS, but also on Hezbollah.  Israeli intelligence is beyond outraged at this. 

And Russian officials bragged that they could use Michael Flynn to influence Trump.

Already done.

As well as an article I wrote for the law firm I consult with on WCry and how human failure in updating security applications is the key factor in the spread of the ransomware.

Who needs rubberhose cryptography when people are just too lazy/stupid keep their software updated.

Yeah.  To be fair, Microsoft updates have, in the past, broken Windows programs and functionality, requiring a re-patch two days later, but when something's a critical update to patch a vulnerability from a cache of NSA exploits that was sold on the darknets to interwebs h4xx0rz of undetermined origins....that's one where you might want to err on the side of safety.

Already done.

As well as an article I wrote for the law firm I consult with on WCry and how human failure in updating security applications is the key factor in the spread of the ransomware.

Speaking of black holes with no response....

We've now been 5 weeks without a valid copy of Windows in the main office.  Fortunately Windows 7 doesn't freeze access after a certain amount of time has passed, but it does mean the computer has not been updated in a very long time...I'm just waiting for a worm to infect our machine and propagate through the entire school system.

The Russian government has clarified it meant a transcript.

Which is precisely as worthless as it sounds.


Ex-Mossad chief: We need to punish the US for Trump intel leak
Danny Yatom says Israel needs to hold back on sharing intelligence with the Americans so as not to endanger sources

And, apparently, Comey has begun releasing memos describing every conversation he had with Trump. The first one alleges that Trump directly asked him to end the FBI's investigation of Flynn.

Which, anyone who knew anything about Comey could tell you was what he was doing.  He's got a reputation at the DoJ for putting everything into memos, probably ones with unusual names or wording so that he can FOIA request them very quickly if need be.

The Cloud, she cannae take the strain?

Oh wow.  Donnie, you just fucked yourself. 


Newsweek isn't saying it's Israel, they're just strongly implying it.

Indeed, which is why the government had a contract with Microsoft specifically for computer security updates.

Until Hunt cancelled it.

Of course, it would help if anyone applied security patches regularly.  MS has done such a bad job in the past, with its patches breaking Windows and Office functionality that companies and government agencies alike purposefully ignore best practice and don't apply it until they test it themselves (and if anything happens in the meantime, they just cry "advanced persistent threat" and go about their business).  MS did release a critical security patch for this exploit back in March, but clearly a lot of companies did not see fit to apply it.

I did a sort review on WCry for the law firm I do contract work with, and it's a clusterfuck endemic to the IT security industry and government thinking about IT security. There's plenty of blame to go around, and believe me, they all deserve a fair share of it.

Which is the worst part.  What if someone competent purchased something from the Equation Group/Shadow Brokers hack?

You'd be right on both counts.

I'm waiting to see how much howling and wailing occurs via the Telegraph and Times before I can call the first.  If it's the 2nd...well, I'm sure they will make their displeasure known.

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