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Ah.  Gotcha.  Well, at least there's parkour.
Oh, something to do with this Khorasan group.  Basically, it seems like someone in the Middle East did some actual journalism and went into one of the bombed out safe houses a US jet hit and took some documents.  As it turns out, Khorasan may have another name, and some names of its members were included in the documents the reporter took. 

One of those names was (before sadly dying in a freak accident involving a head-on collision with a laser-guided American missile) part of an elite sniper unit, who had videos made of them training.  So I'm watching the videos as part of my research.
Interesting.  What do you hope to learn from watching them?
You could always watching jihadi training videos instead, like me.

This Jabhat al-Nusra one is actually quite good.  Slick production values, but not over the top.  Music is not overpowering, or obnoxious, or entirely terrible.  And for a sniper unit, these guys have some neat parkour moves.
Incidentally, I won't be around much today.  I've been volunteered for some all day training thing. 

So, another thing you probably know, but I just found out about: When you're attacking a portal, hold down the "Fire" button.  You'll hear a "whoop whoop" sound, and a white circle will shrink to a point centered around your position.  If you release the button when the circle is the smallest, your shot will get a hit bonus, up to 20%.  You can easily take out an L8 resonator with L6 bursters this way.

-flippin' smurfs like it ain't no thang.
Can't do it here. If someone can manage this, I will add it.

Like this?

Well I'm not.

I now sympathise with North Korea's desire to conquer the south.  Hell, I enthusiastically endorse it, and putting the people responsible to that to productive work in a salt mine.
Each of my books weighs about eight pounds, with the consequence that I have to pick one to bring to school. I will be at school all fucking day.
Rent a locker?

you might consider my old locker
it is in nueberger ? 4th floor as i remember
on the path to the math lab 465?
on the South wall | proble is i do not
eXactly remember the number 338
its not a coat locker its just holds books & papers
you don't kneed a key | you can turn the
lock with anything finger nail works
paper clip tops of ball points etc
you may have to try sever to find 338
its about 4 to 6 rows from the East end
and about tit leval | easy to reach
no stooping or reaching up
just walk up when the hall is empty
and turn
but it could well be the whole bank is gone
from the South hall across from a water fountain?

good luck | also check SU.sub basement SE corner ?/?
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