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It was one of the best short in the SIGGRAPH film festival at PCC tonight.

One of my other favorites was this one:
That was fucking great. I'm a little envious I didn't think to do something like it.
I got the dirty deets on Peru... looks like it's timed such that I can take two other classes that summer, to meet my full-time requirement for financial aid. They'll be condensed classes which means that I'll actually only be taking one at a time, and if they offer what they offered last summer I can probably do something like genetics and something in psych.
Also I invented the best drink. It's cheap beer mixed with pickle juice, hot sauce, and V-8. If you're feeling adventurous, a dash of fish sauce.

I call it a Picklada.
I decided to replace the latch anyway, for the reason that getting rid of broken appliances is a huge pain in the ass. Same reason I still have the same ancient POS washer and dryer in my basement; the idea of getting them OUT of my basement is too much of an ordeal to bear, so I just keep repairing them.  :lol:
That was beautiful.  :lol:
(but ska is alright at any age)
I don't remember whether I mentioned this yesterday, but my dishwasher crapped the bed.

I hate being poor.


Did it stop working, or start leaking?

Stopped working

the door latch mechanism is broken. Mechanically broken, ie plastic parts have fractured. It's probably replaceable, but the dishwasher's ten years old and starting to disintegrate.
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