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Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« Last post by Prelate Diogenes Shandor on August 27, 2015, 05:43:05 am »
Sort of a combination of The Shadow Over Insmouth and Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Deep Ones of Dagon have made a play for world domination and the only thing that can stop them is the Ark of the Covenant (in reference to the biblical story wherein the Ark is placed in the temple of Dagon by the Philistines, who had capyured it, and the next day the statue of Dagon is found prostrate before the ark with it's head smashed to pieces). The good guys in this novel/film are even deeper into weird Lovecraftian shit than the bad guys. The name of the judeo-christian god is consostently rendered as Yod-Sabaoth (cf. "Yog-Sothoth") amd in addition to being conflated with Yog-Sothoth the deity is also interpreted in a way that sensationalistically combines all the most outrageous aspects of Kabalistic, Gnostic, and SubGenius mysticism (this last one already being deliberately sensationalistic on it's own). They also make use of all the freaky stuff from the Book Of Ezekiel like angels with too many faces and reanimating skeletons. In the dramatic conclusion the deep one army is swept away after the hero recites an incantation over the recovered ark which unusually astute viewers may recognize to be the fake bible verse from Pulp Fiction translated into Hebrew.
Nate; scorpio
Update: have since talked with my therapist, his take is that no, he doesn't see my case as an Asbergers diagnosis. Kind of a weight off of my shoulders, as I noticed my behavior within the last few days changed in such a way that i found myself kinda "acting the part" of an ASD case. Gonna get a second opinion, but right now i'm pretty well convinced that no, I dont have ASD.

A while back I thought I might been autistic. Turns out I'm just an asshole with hypothyroidism. If you want to prank the asshole. Make fake craiglist ads using his address for random shit. Like a few years ago I gave out some ex-friend's personal info about giving out free Justin Beiber Tickets.
I'm working at a call center for various legal matters right now. One of my cases is a really huge and clusterfucked bankruptcy.

The tl;dr is that the company, Life Partners, bought out people's life insurance policies, giving them cash while they were still living, and then sold interests in those policies to investors. So investors pay x dollars for stake in this policy plus ongoing premium payments and then when the insured croaks, the investors collect their portion of benefit.

This, of course, fell to shit as people refused to die and the premiums plus the initial investment began to vastly exceed the unmatured benefits. Sooo...people realizing they had bought a lemon would occasionally abandon the policies which was fine for them, except several people had interest in the policies, so if this person stops paying premiums, that person either has to make up the shortfall or abandon their interest as well.

Blah-blah-blah, something, something, SEC, stiff fines, CEO and Board of Directors removed, Chapter 11, widespread fraud, etc, etc. Hail Eris.

Writing it like that it's almost funny. Talking to investors daily, though, is starting to break my feels pretty hard. There are some straight assholes who call up just to yell at me because their insureds haven't died as promised. There are savvy people who are cool enough to talk to, except they're often working me to try to get info I'm not dumb enough to give (I'm a neutral who is very well trained at avoiding unauthorized practice of law). Lawyers, who are a breeze. And here and there some real heartbreakers.

...the worst heartbreaker (so far) is the reason why I had to vent here.

The deadline to file a claim is September 1. It has to be in our hands by then or...fuck you. I'm talking to a man who has interests in several policies (likely puts his total unmatured claim in the 6 figures). He's asking me to explain what's happening in laymen's terms. I have an easy lay answer for that--that's something only a lawyer can do for you. He's not hearing that. Nor is he hearing that "claim" in bankruptcy terms is different than "claim" in law-suit terms, so he thinks that filing a claim means he's trying to sue the company, and he doesn't want to do that, so he figures no response is necessary on his part.

He keeps asking me over and over if he does nothing by the first, will he cease "owning" this investment on the second. The simple answer to that is yes. The ethical, responsible, legal, answer to that is, "blah-blah-blah, forever barred from making any future claim, blah-blah-blah. ASK A LAWYER." I tried everything short of breaking UPL to get this guy to hear that he is misunderstanding something pretty severely and the implications could be a total loss. Usually "talk to a lawyer" is a funny game I play with more savvy people who are trying to get me to say something I'm not going to say. With him it was me practically begging him not to walk off a cliff. I honestly went deeper into gray area than I really should have (cherry picking bits of definitions, making a "hypothetical" argument, pleading tone, leading statements), but in the end...nothing.

I don't know why I'm this fucked up over a fool and his money. Maybe it's principle or something. Maybe it's every slightly shady trick I have in my playbook still fell short. Maybe it's thinking about my own Mom's vulnerability as she gets older and less aware. I don't know. But I am fucked up over it.

The recently signed up are not in makeup  :argh!:

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The recently signed up are not in makeup  :argh!:
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