Beautify our town!

Beautify Our Town!

One of the excellent ideas to come out of this year’s KallistiCon is the BOT project. In short, we have chosen a small town in the midwestern United States that we are going to beautify, Discordian style. Discordians have done some excellent concerted jakes in the past, usually aimed at businesses or governmental bodies. We thought, why not a town? Why not up the weirdness quotient for a whole town?

We have chosen a town. We have a specific project. We need your help.

We are in the preparation stage right now, and the project will commence on August 23rd, the Day of Discord.

Who: You! And your friends!

Where: The location will be disclosed to people who join the project via the project mailing list. We are in the process of compiling a database of addresses.

When: Starting August 23rd, and then on the 9th and 23rd of the month for the next six months.

Why: For the lulz. To make the world a weirder place. To find fellowship amongst freaks.

What: This is a letter writing campaign. Write a letter to someone as if you had bought a product from them, and you are writing to express how happy or unhappy you are with it. Please, get creative! You may have purchased a goat harness and found yourself unhappy that the goat didn’t come included, or find yourself extremely satisfied with your new dildo cozy since it keeps your dildo so toasty warm. Aim for the ridiculous! Once you’ve written a letter you’re happy with, print out five or ten copies and send them to different people.

For right now, join the mailing list to hear more as the date approaches. We’ll send you contact info for residents of Our Town and a few sample letters. You’ll also get to read letters other people are sending out, and be in on our other BOT projects.

Join up!