Cain’s introduction

Most of you know me, so this is probably unnecessary.  But for those of you who do not, or for those who chance upon this place, this will be a little introduction.

Obviously, my internet pseudonym is Cain.  I’m one of the administrators of the PD forums, purely due to cronyism and the general admin of this blog.  At least, the actual blogging part, since I have no experience with things like servers and domains and all that business.

I’m 23 (don’t start now) and a postgrad in the UK.  Currently unemployed, but I’ll take whatever is going, especially if its a writing gig.  Anyway, my little personal area on this blog will be dealing with politics, warfare and economics.  Unsurprising, for those who know me.  I’ve got some experience in the political sciences, but on top of that, I take a genuine interest in what is going on around me, and I think that is what really counts.  I am a politics junkie.  I usually only pay minimal attention to the headlines however.  Much of what is really happening is implied, or obscured by personality-based reporting.  As such, I prefer to delve behind the headlines and pay attention to what power-brokers are actually doing, who benefits from their actions and the web of relationships and enemies that comprise the political world.  I also take a personal interest in military theory and the changing nature of warfare.  And of course, with the current situation, at least some grip on economics is desirable.

My section will be called “Tactical Polyvalence” (see the categories at the top of the entry), mainly as a homage to Foucault’s ideas on power.  In that, I hope to draw attention to less reported on stories, detail corruption and influence peddling in high places and document methods of conflict and violence being considered by the powers that be.  I’ll also probably take the occasional snide swipe at some political bloggers or “journalists”, but I promise to try and keep that to a minimum.

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