Richter’s Introduction

Howdy, I am Richter.  Warrior poet, slacker, pervert, and craftsman.  I’m a currently an employed college refugee with a psychology degree, and I’ve spent most of my time alive doing an odd assortment of things.  Having worked as a sailor, trucker, roofer, building manager, camp counselor, residential counselor, phone monkey, corporate lye smith, and teacher, one does get some sense of how  a lot of things work (and don’t work, and get fixed.)  The experience has led me to become something of a habitual problems solver, and I have been accused of thinking like MacGyver, and engineer, or a survivalist with a sense of PR.  Although I haven’t seen it all by a stretch, I’m always happy to discuss it, educate, and learn. 


While I have my interest in literature and philosophy, I’d characterize myself as more focused on the actual.   This, I try to bring out in my entries titled “CRAZY PREPARED”, which address the navigating life’s odd situations.  They will encompass ideas, commentary on useful equipment, and discourse on developing the will to deal with as much of anything as we can.  The title, Cain’s suggestion, references the character trope, (  In that spirit, these articles aim to combine the fun of oddball knowledge and inventive improvisation with pragmatism about what it is realistic to actually do.  Read, enjoy and comment!