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On Activism – From the Boomtime Cabal

On Activism is a new publication from the elusive Boomtime Cabal: Exploring concepts such as what activism hopes to achieve and the flow of power, action over paralysis in a society that bombards information, and building systems of lasting change.

It details how to get involved in change you want to see, even if what you do is small.

It highlights the importance of communication and incremental change over glory chasing or ego of Causes.

It warns of the perils of the lack of self criticism and introspection on a personal level and at a group level and delves into the role of Discordianism and the need to poke fun at ideas we hold dear and those of the causes we band to.

It expands into the changing role of technology in activism and ramifications of how we communicate through new mediums, to the mechanics and interplay of protests and organisations (and the perils to watch for).

It comes in two swanky layouts:

On Activism – Adelord Layout

On Activism – Beasley Layout

Mirrored Links:

On Activism – Adelord Layout BoomtimeCabal

On Activism – Beasley Layout


Black Iron Prison (French)

Attention EuroPopes (except that one pope, this might not be for him),

This nice treat came by from Spartakus FreeMann and Melmothia. They have painstakingly translated the Black Iron Prison (2007) into French.

It is available from here.

If you would like to stop by their site visit:



Black Iron Prison – Common Walls release

“Black Iron Prison 2013: Common Walls is a collection of essays that explore the idea that while our collection of experiences are unique, the experience itself is shared. It tries to do away with the nihilistic narcissism so prevalent in today’s society, and foster a sense of belonging, of commonality. At the same time, it takes pains to avoid advocating for blind tribalism and conformity. In the end, Common Walls is a group of people writing about what it means to be alive and conscious in 2013, and what we should do with the other seven billion people on the planet”

Black Iron Prison – Common Walls

You can purchase a physical copy from lulu, you can download a copy from here, or you can read a hosted copy Now.