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The Parable of the Cat

by Requiem

A cat sat scratching at the door, asking to be let out.

“But it is cold outside” said the human.

To which the cat began to meow loudly.

“But you could get hurt.” Said the human.

To which the cat threatened to hork a fhairball on the human’s shoes.

“Fine” said the human, who opened the door.

To which the cat ignored, and went into the kitchen.

The Parable of the Exploding Head

A woman named Carla was visiting her uncle in the City of the Dusky Mountain. Along the way she met a lizard. The lizard asked the woman “Are you sure you want to go to the City of the Dusky Mountain? For the road leading to that place is dangerous and filled with danger!”. But Carla was resolute in her decision, as she had made a promise to her uncle!

And then, her head exploded.

It was an awful mess, and the lizard got hit by a shard of Carla’s skull and was paralyzed in its left foreleg for the rest of its life.