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Inspiration has struck... Possibly, maybe...

Started by ThatGreenGentleman, April 09, 2011, 08:19:16 AM

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   She curled into herself. The girl hadn't meant for it to happen, but it did. Out of all the guilt trips people used on her, she actually felt guilty this time, without anyone trying to make her feel guilty. She didn't want to peek at what was across the room. She was afraid of it, and new the moment she looked at it, reality would hit her like a freight train. So she hid in her own world for awhile, until it began to talk to her. "Hey!" It said, "Look at me! Look at what you've done to me!" It's voice was thick and disgusting, and would send shivers down your spine if you could hear it. It's voice was thick as a concrete and disgusting as if it had a stench to it. It kept bugging her from across the room to the point where she finally looked up and glared at it. Then she regretted doing so. It's eyes got wide and began to screech "Don't look at me! Don't look at me! If you look at me I'll destroy you! Don't look at me, don't look at me!" It's form is what repulsed her the most though. There were stains on the wall and floor from where it happened. She couldn't help but retch as it continued to screech at her. The girl couldn't peel her eyes away from what she created. Oh god, how could she have created something so grotesque as that? Even as she thought about it, It seemed so pitiful and helpless, just screeching "Don't look at me!" though she could understand why It wouldn't want to be looked at. I mean really, would YOU want to be looked at if you looked like It?

   The twisted reality of things.
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   She looked out at the passing scenery from the train window, as the sound of a non-existent piano echoed. She didn't remember how she got on the train, or where it was heading. Hell, she didn't even remember who she was. But she did remember a piano. It was a Steinway if she had remembered correctly. When she was a child it was the only thing she could do to keep her parents from fighting. They''d tell her how proud they were and how she had such talent. She didn't enjoy playing it, but it was a small price to pay to keep her family from breaking. Pulling herself free from the nostalgia, she looked around the train car. She wasn't sure if her vision was blurry or not because the other passengers didn't have faces, or they did but she couldn't see them. She turned her attention back to the train window. The piano music echoed louder and louder, but there was no piano to be seen. The ticket man came around asking "Ticket please." When it was finally her turn, she said "I don't have one." He whispered "Don't let the other passengers hear that, they might get jealous." She didn't quite get it, but the ticket man told her to follow him after a few minutes. He moved along to another train car, and after a few moments, she got up and followed. But leaving the comfort and security of the seat, she was finally able to see the hellish and disfigured faces of the others passengers. The other passengers paid no attention to her, and she moved along.

   After catching up with the ticket man in the dining car, he explained to her that she did not belong on this train or it's destination because she had no ticket. He also explained that because she has no ticket, she can leave and go home. When she tried to ask him about the other passengers, he only replied with "You'll have to figure that out for yourself. I'm already in trouble just trying to help you out." He excused himself from the car, but over his shoulder he said she'd have to find the way out herself. She sat there for awhile, thinking of ways to get off a moving train. She looked out a window once more, she could see what was out there, yet at the same time she couldn't. When she glanced down at the table she saw a small note. Upon that note was something of a riddle or puzzle:

    "On this train there are many passengers. The answer you seek is where the most grotesque passengers reside and piano echoes abound. But tread with care, for one wrong move shall seal your doom.

   The note's writing sent shivers down her spine. Since she came from the very last train car, she guessed she'd have to go to one of the front cars. She moved into the next car. The passengers seemed more aware of their surroundings than the ones from her car. They only craned their heads in unison to look at who had entered the room. They seemed a bit perplexed to see that it was another passenger instead of a train staffer, but the girl paid no mind to this and kept moving. She opened the door and moved into the next room while the piano echoes got louder.

   In this room, however, she couldn't hear herself think because of the blaring music. The last two passenger cars looked like family hour, while this one practically screamed "Hysteria". There were flashing lights, dancing cages, things you'd find in dance club on the verge of a rave.  She was bumped about by the crowd when she tried to get across the room. She ended up falling onto a couch, next to someone who looked like a cross between a drug lord and a notorious man whore. To be quite frank he scared her, and he asked "Where's your ticket?" Her eyes got wide and she made a dash for the door. He saw that as a sign that she didn't have one, and commanded everyone's attention to be turned to her. The music stopped and she could her the adrenaline pumping. The passengers began to grab at her, eager for the chance to give up their tickets. She made it through the door before she was caught, and she could hear people cursing at the lost chance. She sank against the door as she listened to her heart beat slow down. When she looked around the new car, she saw the most grotesque figures she'd ever seen.

   It looked like some sort of S&M chamber, but taken to the extreme. People were overly stretched, others had their skin pulled off, etc. This was where the piano echoes were the loudest. She began to look for the piano, being as quiet as possible, since the passengers here looked like they were sleeping. She accidentally bumped into an overly stretched person, and the person's eyes snapped open. The person mouthed "So you don't have a ticket either?" She responded with a head shake. The person mouthed "What you're looking for is in the engine room, but be careful, that's where HE is." The girl was glad that she could read lips, for it was extremely useful in this situation. But before she could say thank you the person's eyes snapped shut again. She slowly made her way to the engine room.

   Within the engine room, she saw the people who ran the train. But they were all asleep. Among them, she saw the ticket man. She had no idea what she was looking for. That is, until she came upon a miniature piano, which must have been where the echoes came from. She grabbed it, but then the train staff opened their eyes and began to shriek "NONONONONONONONONONONONO! NO ONE MUST EVER LEAVE THIS TRAIN! NONONONONONONONONONO!" The girl got up and ran, with the small piano cupped in her hands.

   As she ran back through the train cars, the passengers that were once alive and moving were now nothing more than skeletons and corpses. She was sickened at the sight but kept running, for if she stopped, they, no HE, would catch her. The train staff had morphed together to become HE if you were wondering. She finally made it to the car where she started and ran out to the small deck at the end of it. The scenery was now clear. It was nothing but endless water and sky. When she looked down she could see that the train tracks were on a small raised hill, but were still underwater. She looked over her shoulder and saw that he was still coming. She climbed up on to the railing and jumped off, and the shrieks got louder. She landed in the water with the piano and kept sinking further and further, until she hit reality.

   This would be a fairy tale for two if such a thing actually existed.
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Quote from: ThatGreenGentleman on August 27, 2011, 10:02:33 AM
   In her dreams, her dream world is amazing. She can do whatever she pleases, like bending the laws of physics and such. If she wanted to she could have a picnic on the moon with the cow who tried jumping the moon, but got stuck on it. In reality however, her body lay in a hospital room, hooked up to different machines. In reality, she was a girl who's life depended upon machines. The sad fact was, she was a girl who could never wake up. But perhaps it's for the best. Because the last time she was actually awake was when she was 5, and that was 11 years ago. So the girl and her machines will remain in that hospital room, slowly aging physically, but eternally young mentally. Wars could come and go, and she'd never know it. Natural disasters could happen right outside her door, and she'd still be dreaming happily. But in this hospital, there was a woman, who used to be named Octavia. And she'd always wander into the girl's room and start talking incoherently, as if they were having conversations. The staff members always wondered how Octavia got out from the high security mental ward, all the way to the girl's room, while wearing a restraining coat. And this would go on for a few years, Octavia would go and see the sleeping girl, Emily, everyday. But unfortunately, good things must come to an end. I've seen the ending of this story and it gets worse.

   The princess sleeps with electronic lullabies.

   Emily always met this strange girl in her dreamworld. The girl had glowing blue and red eyes with the name of Octavia. When they first met in the dreamworld, Octavia spoke complete jibberish, but what she was trying to convey with her jumbled words seemed important. After that, the next few times Octavia appeared, her speech was more coherent, but there were still some missing pieces to her puzzle of words. They'd have conversations about random things, and every time Octavia appeared, Emily could hear the sounds of jumbled words far off in the distance, and knew they came from the waking world. And because of this, Emily was fairly certain that Octavia was a real person. But one day, in the dreamworld of Emily's mind, Octavia had some serious business to discuss. Octavia plucked out her own eye that glowed blue, and placed it one of Emily's eye sockets, and then both of Emily's eyes glowed that eerie blue, while Octavia's eyes glowed a menacing red. Then Emily woke back up to reality, her eyes still glowing blue, and there stood Octavia, next to the hospital bed with her own eyes glowing red. They both stayed put and just stared at one another for awhile,until a nurse came in and saw them. She ran out into the hallway to tell everyone that Miss Emily had woken up, and she did, but they both appeared behind her. The hospital staff never left the building that day, but Octavia and Emily did.

   In a rainy town, balloons dance with devils.
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   "THE END IS NIGH, THE END IS NIGH!" cried the man with the news bell. Though his lungs felt burned by the cold air, he continued to shout, "THE END OF ALL THE STORIES HAVE COME! THE AUTHOR IS PUTTING AN END TO ALL THE INTERTWINED STORIES!" The townspeople all panicked, as did many other towns and cities where all the stories I have written about happened. As you, dear readers, may have or haven't noticed by now, but all the stories I have written in this thread have all been intertwined in one way or another. Mainly because they all take place at the same time. In a way I suppose this is the final chapter, and I hope very much that you all enjoy this like you have enjoyed the other ones. Remember now, ALL THE STORIES ARE INTERTWINED, I WILL NOT REPEAT MYSELF ABOUT THIS UNTIL THE VERY END.

  Jal walked among the gravestones, looking for a specific one. This grave visit had been like the previous ones, except for the fact that she brought a guest with her. Jal's guest wore a Hood, so you couldn't see their face. When they arrived at the grave of Juris, both of them saw how neat it was kept, and how many flowers there were (It looked like such because of all of his neighbors from The Slum who had known him since they were children and such). Jal knelt down and placed a sunflower on Juris' tomb, for it was his favorite flower. The person said nothing, and only looked at grave. Jal turned around and said, "Don't be so rude Zeit! You two loved each other, don't you think you should say something? At least cry you bastard." Zeit lifted the hood to reveal the face and identity that I have kept hidden. Zeit knelt down beside Jal and said "Juris you idiot, I told you to wait for me." He then began to cry and Jal said to calm down. Not far off from where they were, an elderly couple, Neil and Alison, were visiting their deceased friend's grave. The same friend who had always been in love with Alison. They both silently wept over the lonely dead woman's grave.

  In the town on the coast Donnie had grown old and weary with age. He gazed out onto the sea, he muttered under his breath "Finally got what you wanted, didn't you Vanna? Wanted me all to yourself, that you did." As Donnie stood up, his bones creaked and moaned. He moved over to the piano and began to play a sorrowful tune. He sat there at the piano for three days, without stopping the beautiful music. On the morning of the fourth day, the music stopped. A few townspeople got in a boat and rowed out to Donnie's ship. A young man named Dave found him first, and swears to this day, he saw Donnie as a young man saying "Thank you for finding me" and then reverting to his old corpse.

  The ballerina still sat in her wheelchair last time we saw her. Something sparked within her, a new life perhaps. Or maybe it was one of her old rivals saying "How pathetic she looks", we'll never know for sure. But one thing that is definitely for sure, is that she got the use of her legs back. She could dance again, and was the star of a new ballet. John sat in the crowd watching the performance with his wife. He said he came only because his wife wanted to go, but the real reason was because his deceased twin, Mary, had always wanted to be a ballerina. As he thought back to his childhood, it wasn't as great as others, but it wasn't too bad because Mikey had been there for him and his sister. He shed a few tears, at remembering his sister's death and that Mikey had passed away only last year. At the end of the performance, his face was streaked with tears, but he stood up and applauded the ballerinas like everyone else.

  At some point Father Time realized that the young man who would replace was himself. It was just an unending loop of time, because after all, Father Time can't die nor can he be born, he just exists. Perhaps the previous Father Time, or himself he had met all those years ago, knew this too. He couldn't be quite sure, but as he thought of this, his thoughts drifted to cleaning up those broken clocks in the hallways. Or maybe he shouldn't touch those in case he ruins the fabric of time and space by doing so, because he had no idea what those clocks actually were. So he sat there and pondered about this for quite some time, until he got bored and decided to go watch the mortal realm.

  Eliza was nothing more than a shell of her former self. She had children with the man she was forced to marry, but never thought of them as her own. She couldn't even bring herself to look at them, especially when she told them that they were the reason why she couldn't ever be free. She was a horrible mother and she knew it. Eliza couldn't remember a time when she had held her children, if she had ever done so. She lay in her bed, an old woman, regretting her life and wishing she could do it all over again.

  It had been about ten years since Lily died, but Phillip still dreamed about her. He dreamed about her because he couldn't forget, he wished they had more time together, but it's impossible to wish for something so far out of reach. Within his dreams though, he could see her as if she was still alive, and these dreams were really the only thing that kept him sane. Because his other half, his "missing puzzle piece" had left the world of the living long ago, and he missed her terribly, every day.

  Harold had a job to do at beach resort, that involved investigating an ambassador from Endora and why the ambassador was always trying to "make the sexy time with the womens" or something like that. Instead he decided to relax and watch the waves. Down the beach a ways, he saw Casandra. Harold couldn't tell if he was dreaming, or if he was actually seeing her there. When she came closer he said "I'm sorry I've been such an ass to you for so long, maybe one day you can forgive me for all the horrible shit I've done." She sat down next to him and said "Well you're going to have to work hard if you want me to forgive you." They sat there staring at the waves, while the Endoran ambassador was partying with all the womens.

  When she woke up, she remembered who she was. But she also remembered that horrific dream of the train and Him and the small piano. She thought it was a dream, until she looked down, and saw the small piano. Her heart began to race, and she looked up. He stood in the corner, his grotesque figure and voice seemed to say "I'll follow you forever because you left the train of the damned!" Her eyes reeled back and she passed out in the hospital bed.

  Emily and Octavia had traveled for many days and nights from the hospital that they had left behind. It was raining and dark, the only thing to guide their way was their glowing eyes. They finally made it to their destination, which was the equivalent to Mount Olympias. They climbed the mountain, and when they reached the top, they both saw the same type of old technology that Octavia had come across that had made her insane. Octavia approached it first, and then Emily. They both placed their right hand on a circular stone, and the machine began to radiate red and blue light. The wind howled, the rain came down in torrents, and then their entire bodies glowed blue and red. Then finally, they both disappeared. Perhaps they became gods, or maybe they were also eaten by the ancient technology. We'll never know.

  The people of the widespread cities and towns where my stories had taken place now screamed in terror as the stories came to an end. And just like what happened with the people of Pomppei, the people became frozen in time within my memory. And perhaps one day, they'll spring back to life and more stories will be written about them, and perhaps not.

  If we're going down in flames, then I'm dragging all of you along for the ride.

P.S. I hope you all have enjoyed all of the stories and characters. I thank you guys for always reading them, even if they were crappy.
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I've loved reading these!  Thanks for posting them here, TGG.
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