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viagra boys
« on: January 29, 2019, 07:36:35 pm »
Ivy, pretty ivy shun me into darkness, come beside me in this heart of shit, this throb of man manning on becoming butterflies and balls of deep fried butter served alongside deeply fried coca cola, see the world and as you gaze into the darkness and light that is them that is you shove the syringue filled with washing powder, rat poison and heroin into that eyeball and gaze into the future, become nostradamus, become the mayan calendar transcend time and step into the future, create it like powerful maagickque from something you have made nothing

and in nothing you will end and I will have something because I'll be dancing on your grave, tapdance on top of the fake marble, poledance on that pretentious obelisk you got yourself and I will dwindle away to Tchaikovsky, an angry stupid bird going back and forth, in the zone, gotten the rhythm like no white man ever since

and they glow like the fires of the fields of Verdun
Everyone will always be too late