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You might have heard of Annie Jump Cannon

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The Wizard Joseph:

--- Quote from: Doktor Howl on April 07, 2020, 02:57:25 am ---
--- Quote from: The Wizard Joseph on April 06, 2020, 11:03:34 pm ---
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“While we cannot maintain that in everything woman is man’s equal, yet in many things her patience, perseverance, and method make her his superior. Therefore, let us hope that in astronomy, which now affords a large field for woman’s work and skill, she may, as has been the case for several other sciences, at least prove herself his equal.”

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This shit is going on a meme at some point. If anything it's a gross understatement of Woman's potential in most things, to my experience.

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It was said more than a century ago.  Dude was way ahead of his time, and put his money where his mouth was.  Just the fact that he didn't fire her for being pregnant was way out of the ordinary.

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I'm gonna re read it and google some names here. find a pic or two. That's straight up revolutionary for the period then. like get you hung for being mouthy revolutionary.


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