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it is a trend now to second-guess messages in the media which seem aimed at evoking some kind of alarm response

this makes a bit of sense

from what i can tell - the most common reason for this has been the fall out from the the airplane - trade center situation

most people i have come across with any type of analytical insight have become at least somewhat more suspicious of media than they were prior to that event

as a brief summary of the situation, we had the following:
1. 'catastrophic' event
2. explanation of catastrophic events from dependable and relied-upon organizations and media sources
3. torrents of reports from a variety of sources that provoked a lot of reason to question the original explanation of events

right now - it seems we are experiencing some kickback from that kickback

and the purpose of this discourse is to give some kickback to the kickback to that original kickback

these days - even tho the 'environmental' trend is still hot (as can be seen in many malls and department stores or TV advertisements), the other trend that is developing is a dismissal of all worries and concerns

with so many people having so much action to information,
and a generation of people raised with the 'Law and Order' mentality of being able to twist and bend arguments
there is not a single shred of 'news' that cant be turned to swiss cheese by the analytical mind

just about 45 minutes ago i saw a book here at the library called 'Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death?'
in the summary on the back it mentioned elements such as how much more efficient our automobiles and technologies are now compared to how they were 30-40 years ago
it also discusses shady tactics that are involved with disseminating health information in regards to foods and products and their potentially harmful repercussions

there is a place for this kind of stuff

at a certain point
enough is enough

now - i respect that there are people living in north america and possibly other pockets of the world where they can wake up in the morning, take a look around and feel that everything is ok

- maybe the ice isnt melting
- the war images on tv are distant
- they like that fresh smell of javex-clean

i understand how this is possible

a few months ago - i posted something up about the resilience of youthful bodies and the ability to consume pharmaceuticals that make the body carry on

this understanding is pertinent to this situation

it is possible for certain people to be more tolerant to adverse situations than others

the funny thing with stimulants is that until you feel how they are destroying you - you use them as a fuel source

you live off them

in order to take a reasonable stance on any societal or environmental issue - the smart first step is always to take a inventory of the 24/7 you are living in

with our heads in the clouds, industrialized society was stomping recklessly over the planet
the warning came that we could not continue that way or we would be the authors of our own demise
we tried to slow down

we have been burned by the exposure of false information
and we have become unable to determine just how destructive we are
and for some people
we wonder if we are even destructive at all

now there are some people who seem to feel that it is ok for us to let up a bit

and the portion of the population that seems to believe this also seem to be in positions where they can air this message to a population who would LOVE some positive reinforcement to go back to living a sloppy lifestyle

when i wake up in the morning and take a look at the city
the smog is thicker than it used to be
and i am pretty sure im not hallucinating

when i take the subway in the morning
the perfume that the men and women wear burns

there are places on the planet that is not good for me to go because i have pale skin
not because of anything i did
because the society i represent has spelled nothing but bad shit to a lot of people

when i have to piss
there are few places to piss at
and this is a society that would have a individual hold it in

people discuss you when you are not present

almost getting hit by cars is getting on my nerves

there is no slack here

but there IS the appearance of slack

the carefully constructed hairstyle designed to look 'sloppy'

the environmentalist who pollutes the audible environment by not shutting up about how environmental he/she is

the anti-alarmist alarming everybody to not be alarmed by the alarms (wtf?)


the opposite of this society is not a lets-hold-hands-cumbayah scenario

it consists of nothing more than respect and a understanding that your output is a segment of somebody else's input
which leads subsequently to what you input next

even if by some stroke of good fortune this 'global warming' thing is just a promotional ploy by Gore Corp
using these types of justifications to proceed to live a oppressive, exhaustive and abusive life would be nothing short of begging for some foul shit to happen

Or Kill Me / Acting Ruthlessly while Not Burning Bridges
« on: May 02, 2007, 03:49:01 pm »
another balancing act

dire situations often call for swift and drastic action

swift and drastic can result in unforeseen/unfortunate collateral damage ('the costs')

we see this often -
it is often said that in the pursuit of a objective
'the ends justify the means'

one need not look much further than any news source to see unfortunate situations which have been 'justified' by decision makers

the problems of this approach are painfully obvious -
if one hasnt done the due diligence to develop a accurate understanding of the situation - the ends, the means, and everything in between
the result is nothing but unnecessary strife and destruction
where means are employed to accomplish no ends

at the other end of the spectrum - the situations we DONT see (but each individual prolly FEELS at some point in their life)
is those situations where the ends wouldve justified the means
instead of getting to work
he/she sat on his/her hands

this is often referred to in the form of 'regret'


this is also understandable and provokes one to explore the question 'but how can i be sure?'

the balancing act -
not to be a destructive train wreck of a failure
nor be a hesitant member of a audience being led to the bottom of the ocean on a sinking ship


1. you can be sure about your motives and intents
2. you can be sure about how you handle making mistakes
3. you can be sure about never making the same mistake twice
4. you can be humble enough to admit error even if you have made that error using everything you have
5. you can be understanding and supportive of those who make errors in this vein
6. you can be sure that there are others who will be supportive of your efforts if your actions are approached with well developed motives and intent
7. you can be sure that nothing good awaits you if you sit inactive and let hesitation rot you from the inside

in this way
you can act ruthlessly without jeopardizing those things which can be called 'important'

namely - the connections and relationships you have with those who approach the universe in a similar manner

for all you ZOMG cult motherfuckers:
notice that i say 'approach the universe in a similar manner'
and not
'strive to achieve the same objectives'

Or Kill Me / Somebody Forgot to Check the Math
« on: April 29, 2007, 03:26:14 pm »
before i get to my main point - i have a little tangent to go off on:

on the surface - people will tell you that they like honesty

amongst the many perils that ol' LHX has to face on a regular basis are the people who are able to intellectually acknowledge that 'honesty' is preferred over deception
when faced with certain 'honesties' (in place of deception)
these people start to squirm

this is annoying in a lot of ways

a lot of people's first instinct when they hear a new but unfortunate or unpleasant piece of information
(especially one that sounds accurate)
is to lash out at wherever that piece of information came from

as tho throwing rocks at a cloud would prevent the fact that the parade has been and is being rained on

the second aspect in which this is annoying is that people get the deliverer of the message confused with being some sort of supporter of the message

i dont like half of the shit that comes out of my mouth or my finger tips
what is a person supposed to do?
hold back?
(one could say those are both the same thing)

did everybody get mad at their school teacher when she said that 3 x 3 = 9?

whats the difference between that and any other situation where a person is trying to bring something to your attention?

capsule summary:
LHX interviews LHX about LHX:

LHX - Thanks for joining us, X. What we really want to know is: you point out a lot of bleak observations online; and offline, when serious subject matters come up in conversation, you seem to have a tendency to really deconstruct things down to their bare bones. You have been known to point out that we are experiencing some sort of social decline - and have even been known to toss the word 'apocalypse' about (-chuckle-). So the question is: do you enjoy these observations?

LHX - No.


that being said

the main point of this post is the following observation / reminder:

You live in a place where even if you conduct your actions with good intent and proper reasoning, and even if your intent is to help and support, your motives can and will be misinterpreted.

Due to the nature of the situation we are experiencing, and drawing heavily from the flaws of perception as covered in-depth on these boards, it is possible for proper actions to be misunderstood, falsely accused, slandered and subsequently punished, and it would have nothing to do with you.

The same can be said about approaching any force of nature - and it is becoming more apparent than ever that a 'force of nature' is exactly what this quasi-robotic mankind has become (not the highly-sophisticated and righteously analytical machine that it strives to be).
Tornadoes will not check your ID.
Earthquakes will not interview you before wrecking.
Fire does not discriminate.

For anybody who has stuck around to this point in the diatribe - let me point out a brush stroke of silver lining -

although you are not immune to these 'forces of nature' - in place of a Cure-All-Answer‚Ѣ - there is a Best-Approach-to-Take‚Ѣ

this best approach involves - first and foremost - reconciling this unfortunate circumstance and accepting the nature of the situation

second - it involves not being dumb enough to allow yourself to get wrecked (mentally) by being caught off-guard by a situation that really shouldnt have caught you off-guard

alleviate those traces of panic and anxiety that result from being raised into a situation where it seemed like you were a part of a society capable of conducting itself with civility

the punchline of the joke is that it really wasnt you that had the problem after all
and you dont even have to say that to yourself and feel like you are only trying to cheer yourself up

somebody forgot to check the math on this planet
all you anti-socialites who feel bad about being anti-social can now revel in the fact that society was fucked up in the first place - its not your fault

now yall can focus on taking care of your other shortcomings
like your laziness
and unreconciled fetishes

but above all
you now have less reason than ever to back down from finding ways to take a hammer to this place

the foundation is cracked
and the cracks are getting exposed more and more

the third aspect of the Best-Approach-to-Take‚Ѣ - align yourself with those who are big enough to acknowledge these Ugly Truths‚Ѣ as well

getting thru this shit is going to take approximately everything you have in you

spread your messages

find those that back you up

use any mechanisms for support

and support those who are enduring the same shit you are

if you take the 'smart' approach - even tho you will still prolly get ripped apart and obliterated (possibly/probably even by those you love the most)
you will not have to be shocked and dismayed when it takes place

and possibly

manipulate a way to enjoy the process between now and then


Or Kill Me / It's Not Romantic
« on: April 29, 2007, 05:01:34 am »
It's not romantic.

This thing you're looking for - that thing you are striving for...

That achievement.

"The answer".

That shining moment with others watching...

Perhaps the silencing of the critics?

The scene where they come up to you and say "Oh damn... you were right about everything afterall!"

You are not going to hear those words.

It's not romantic like Hollywood.

You don't get to see the explosion from afar.

You don't get to observe it from safety.

You won't escape to the mountains just before the shit hits the fan.

The shit will hit the fan even in the mountains.


Your place is here in the thick of it - and it has nothing to do with your preferences.

Until you resolve to accept that, this situation will linger.

On and on and on.

Escapism is yesterday's tactic. A dinosaur. Old technology that doesn't work.

And the Hollywood ending is an illusion.

The only option is to find the hidden charm in the reality of the situation.

The silver lining that will give a person enough backbone to endure seeing things that they do not want to see.

The foundation that will allow a person to stand up to the shit storm that comes along with not following the masses.

The accusations.
The finger-pointing.
The misunderstanding.

And then to be faced with the responsibility of forgiving these same people as they get their asses whipped by the universe.

By all known conventions, this path is thankless.

By unknown conventions, this path is the only path.

Or Kill Me / And On and On (part II)
« on: April 25, 2007, 04:26:55 pm »
with a brief recap:

some people want to change these things they perceive as being bad / unfortunate / unnecessary / lamentable
only to discover that it is not possible
-- and not 'not possible' from a pessimistic point of view - but rather due to the physical nature of the situation which we are experiencing --

i spoke of the necessity for a person to have first-hand experience in learning the pitfalls of their ways and actions
and it holds true

you can explain to the slanderer why it is bad to slander
the slanderer will not stop until he is slandering somebody who happens to over-hear and subsequently beats the ass of the slanderer

you can explain to the murderer why it is bad to murder
the murderer will not stop until he experiences facing the unnecessary extermination of his own life (contrasted with the body's impulse to stay alive)

you can explain to the glutton why it is bad to be gluttonous
he will not change his ways and actions until he can feel the strain he has put on his system

you can explain to the oblivious north american how their way of life will come at great personal expense
he will not change his approach until it is clear - tangibly clear - that he is in too deep

i talked about people here having been thru some sort of apocalypse already
my intent was not to coin a new term - but rather to acknowledge that there seems to be a trend here that people already know what it is like to have been 'in too deep'

a lot of what is detailed here on these boards is a series of observations of people who have managed to crawl out of having been in too deep (and/or observations made along the way of trying to navigate toward a better place)

that being said
this suggests that over the upcoming years - we will be forced to sit back and observe as everybody goes thru the same thing
possibly en masse

thats what apocalypse is all about right?
mass judgment according to the laws of the universe

those physical laws

which means that everybody who bases their lives on illusions or false principles or anything that doesnt actually exist will eventually be called to task as 'real life' situations present themselves and they find themselves abandoned by the illusion that they had been relying on

dont get it twisted -
we are going to observe these things

- the marketing campaigns get stronger
- the entertainment industry gets better
- more drugs allow people to get thru more situations without reconciling the real cause of the situation
- adolescents going thru a stage of vulnerability will be turning to the internet and they will find themselves swallowed up by social networking sites (and all of the subsequent implications of this)
- we will continue leading a consumptive lifestyle
- we will continue extracting from resources without giving the time to allow resources to recover
- etc

and although we have found reason enough to consider these things and attempt to either a) prepare or b) avoid
it is becoming clear as day that b) is not an option
and it has nothing to do with a lack of effort

it is not possible to deliver peace of mind to a person who is chasing property

in the upcoming years - the most that can be done is to make the information available
and prepare it in a way that is most palatable

prepare the vegetables as best you can without turning it into a dessert

deliver the rice - but resist turning it into rice pudding just because they are crying for it

the lamentable aspects of this are clear -
- observing loved ones fall apart in ways that seem to have been unnecessary
- being forced to be amongst those who wear themselves out while stiving for that which is non-existant
- observing the decay of future generations

the positive aspects are also in abundance
- the number of people that come to these understandings will increase
- we have the means by which to stay connected and avoid being swallowed (again) by this social decline
- this wild times will result in some tremendously creative art as people search for answers
- while everybody else is panicking and losing their shit - we will prolly be able to sleep a bit better and hold our shit together

it is quite possible that i am talking out my ass when i say it is not possible to change the direction of a system that is carrying the momentum of 7 billion people

000 or SillyCybin may have come up with some sort of weather-control technique that would allow us to threaten some densely-populated areas with bad weather until they start seeing things differently
as i sit here and crunch the numbers
i think it would be unnecessarily cruel to maintain any illusions of stretching beyond our grasp

that being said - i am going to pause again because i have to think about what is within reach

the objective is to not be oppressed by a oppressive system
not becoming a part of the oppressive element
encouraging the components of the system not to be oppressive and contribute to the exploitation
providing support to those who have made some observations about the nature of things but dont know how to act on it
acknowledging the absurdity of the situation

hopefully i can bring this home in one more post -

Or Kill Me / On and On
« on: April 24, 2007, 06:46:16 pm »
"Looking on various street corners - I'm sure you've seen it yourself - standing on the corner is an alleged brother dressed in blue, or green, red and black... And stating the news that the revolution is coming and you better get ready. Sort of like... the end of the world is coming. Unfortunately, the world is just gonna drag on and on."
- Unknown sample from the track "Street Corner", Masta Killa feat. GZA, Inspectah Deck

im not sure what the current themes on the board are, so pardon me if this clashes with what is going on

back when i first started posting on this board, i was coming to a reluctant understanding that it is not possible to affect wide-scale social change and i found the adjustment to that understanding to be difficult

living in a situation that features self-destructive behavior - the instinct is to determine a course of action that would prevent calamity from happening

but it is clear that due to the nature of the beast - such prevention is not possible

back in late summer 2005, these conclusions i was coming to were being re-inforced on this board which is one of the reasons why i started posting here in the first place

i really never cared much about the PD and altho i found the observations regarding the interaction between chaos and order to be interesting - they were nothing that could not be found elsewhere in different forms

what was here, though, was a group of people who seemed to be acknowledging the same unfortunate tendencies that i was seeing

a lot of Rev's rants at that time were detailing a more down-to-earth prognostication of the future that lay in store for us where we live, and a lot of the community here seemed to agree with the notion that it was unlikely to see any dramatic events occuring on this planet
instead - the observation was that we were in for a prolonged and intensifying social decline and degeneration

no explosive climax
just a grind

over the past year-and-a-half, a lot of different angles have been explored on these boards, and in taking an inventory of everything, i can see how they relate back to that original point -

being in a situation that seems like it can be remedied and contrasted with the cold, hard understanding that it will not be remedied

subsequently, we are left asking the question why

why is it not possible to fix such a situation?
why is it not possible to avoid something negative which seems so imminent?

a lot of times you will hear people ask these types of questions almost as tho it is a hobby to consider larger metaphysical issues, but around these boards, the issues have been approached and deconstructed in a relatively serious manner (some people might even say too serious for a 'discordian' message board)

it seems that the answers are not clear
but it seems that the answers are understood

there seem to be flaws in the foundation of communication and subsequently society and the minds and logical processes of man

this renders us unable to communicate fully

this means that you cannot take an understanding and communicate it so that your brother or sister will share this understanding

you cannot communicate an understanding of poverty
you cannot communicate an understanding of rejection
you cannot communicate an understanding of abandonment

you can spread the knowledge that these things exist
you cannot instill an understanding

i have said in the past that there is something undefined that the people on these boards have in common
it is my hunch that it has something to do with having been forced to encounter some of these undefinable understandings

what i mean by that is - a lot or people here have experienced an apocalypse of sorts
and are subsequently able to see when circumstances are approaching where other people will be experiencing the same thing

it is not a physically pleasant experience - and although the desire is there to try and help people to avoid the unpleasantness - it is becoming apparent that this is simply not possible

im dropping all this shit off my dome right now and i have to step away for a few minutes

this will be continued later


Or Kill Me / steam rolling
« on: April 12, 2007, 02:24:39 pm »
got buckets of shit nobody wants but dishing out anyway

people watch because its more fascinating than what is otherwise seen

the allure of natural disasters

these things that nobody calls good
but relentlessly fascinating

a naked woman has less pull than a woman in lingerie
and this is true for very specific and identifiable reasons

killing motherfuckers mostly by letting them kill themselves
watch as they flock toward a pestilence

this thing they seek - where is it exactly?

these things that everybody 'knows' yet cannot demonstrate


looking people in the eye and speaking

producing a series of written text on demand

skeleton + skin roaming a planet communicating with like objects

nothing more - but more importantly - nothing less

there are things we dont know
there are things that are unknowable

we will know the things that are knowable
we will determine a boundary beyond which the unknowable exists

sloppiness is old fashioned

those who commit themselves to planning yet are timid to action will be run over

there are certain achievements that are not celebrated

according to the universal justice system - the only people allowed to criticize are those who are committed to assisting that which they criticize

there exist beings on this planet who will trip you up at every opportunity they get
- they do such things as pointing out inadequacies but stopping short at offering solutions

these beings want your attention
and their desire for your attention is endless
a bottomless pit
relentlessly hungry

some suggest it is only curable by lava
others suggest that it may be curable by dedication and effort piled on effort

pay no attention to those beings and situations which provide you with no nourishment in return
unless you are paying attention to it in order to destroy it

if anybody needs me ill be in the trenches using every tool i can get my hands on

there are people who will fuck your ass up if you dont move correctly
and if you havent met them yet
you will meet them soon


Bring and Brag / black hole
« on: April 08, 2007, 01:10:36 pm »
creating magic with words
magic - producing a result that was unexpected - the procedure of producing the result not known by an external observer
a state of affairs that cannot be related to a origin

"how did he do it?"

natural wonders
those things that appear spontaneous or rare
- they can also be called magic

unknown regions and unexplored frontiers: all magical


the way her ass shakes and the seemingly uncontrollable reaction it prompts from the basic self of the male mammal

these days - dry and barren soil can represent itself as fertile
-- magic --

and the nutrient-dense seed has a overwhelming urge to fertilize anything and everything

i said "a vacuum"
my brother said "more like quicksand"

anything that pulls you in

a whirlpool
a promise
a hope for the fulfillment of a vague and incomplete notion of some future ideal

refinement rarely occurs here
instead of allowing irrational and unfounded notions to be met with their natural end
-- disappointment --
the youth is allowed to let their false notions grow

instead of seeing the brick wall they are headed toward - it has been decorated
painted with natural tones

'make it look like paradise with boundless potential'

and then the punchline
at the end of a long fruitless and ultimately aimless search for that heaven -
it turns out it was just a screen

people who are worn down look docile and weak
but under the surface they are in the midst of a frantic search

"how did i go so wrong?"
"why can't i reach it?"

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Mnemonics Lesson part 9
« on: March 29, 2007, 06:07:35 pm »
All physical objects can be used as storage devices.

If you have a series of physical objects - you can start arranging things

metaphor is a way to link one series of objects to another series of objects

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Meme Bomb Refinement
« on: March 29, 2007, 02:46:11 pm »
since the topic is up right now

i am proposing a motion that the meme bombs be taken a bit more (gasp) seriously

for this group - meme bombs are one of the things we specialize in
and that being said - a lot of them on the wiki are kind of shit

granted - one may resonate with a person more depending on where they are at and what is on their mind
the difference between a good bomb and a bad one is huge

no disrespect to any authors

just because those phrases are short does not provide excuse to blurt out the first witty paradox that comes to mind


"Black sheep are still sheep" = good - witty - sharp - a twist

"Secure your future: Declare yourself Jesus while masturbating in public." = tacky - controversial but too blatant - the 'secure your future' part is a good lead in but this one seems to fall apart

these are just opinions

god only knows the amount of trash i have produced and broadcast

im just sayin tho - the meme list on BIP isnt necessarily something that looks too great given the inconsistent quality

some of it sounds like it got torn out of the pages of 'new age' literature

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Visual Aids
« on: March 28, 2007, 04:00:25 am »
is a disease of the eye

no - just kidding

some things cannot be readily explained without the use of visual aids


Literate Chaotic / Messiah Complex
« on: March 27, 2007, 04:13:21 am »
'Chosen One' disease -

a good way to rile people up in the right circumstances

say things like this:

'you wont understand these words right now'
'it was pre-determined that...'

say something inflammatory, and preface it by saying 'i know you dont like to hear it...' as tho you are a messenger of a harsh truth

predict your downfall by somebody close to you or at the least a assassination

Bring and Brag / space travel
« on: March 26, 2007, 09:22:45 pm »

jaws drop in disbelief but also lack of preparation

i never told you how good you look in that shirt
why dont you take it off?

i got something to show you

at 5 am observe to the southwest appears venus

is cold a state of mind as well?
if it is i can heat you from here

your skill is inferior
your style is inferior
i make better mistakes
proper error
when somebody takes my belt i make another one

just sit and watch
some peoples thigh and ass muscles look square and flat

i dont pass judgment but i know the guy who does

sometimes he tells me

when you are dealing with something in the wrong place
you need to erode it and re-build at the same time

call it the other side of decay
the root of decadent is decay
decay is a stage of death
when something is decayed - it is said to be spoiled
a spoiled child is a child what has been killed

me and mine come together
we exist in many forms
we grow in numbers
when the work is done - we rest

every time you hear a genuine laugh - it means we showed up

you cant try to relax
it doesnt work that way

hot springs are naturally occurring

in deep sleep you do things that are difficult to do during wake hours

like recover


i started this thread at Wu-Corp as a response to a thread where i got into a heated discussion about the Qur'an and man's inability to 'meet' any of the 'divine' challenges set forth in the Qur'an

this is the main body of that thread - please to be applying the barstool treatment if applicable


the idea of 'creating things' came up in that thread

in a mythological concept, we are presented with the idea of live beings raised from dirt - 'created'

but what is creativity really?

what does it mean to create something?

if you write a fictional story in which you 'create' characters and 'create' a universe - how does that differ from what we are currently experiencing?

from a objective perspective, it is not impossible to fathom a narrator in your head, and a story in which you are the main character: "and this is the part of the story when you read that post by LHX"

it is beyond the realm of provability, but it is also beyond the realm of disprovability?

if you create a 'fictional' character, what is his relationship to you?


the rest of the thread has some interesting posts

this other forum i post at has some interesting discussions come up from time to time:

Quote a time loop - broken record syndrome. The only way out of it is a massive change from within- but we can't do it alone. Repeating the same mistakes over n over again.

Who feels me on that one and wants to build solutions for them? Things need to slow down and get back to normal. And no - I'm not speaking about drugs- this is spiritual battles - we in the last days.

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