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Or Kill Me / Viva los Malditos
« on: September 13, 2010, 09:20:34 pm »
[In a mood. Prepare to be ranted.]

             For some, the weight of the notion that we never really cross the abyss is crushing.
The jury is still out on my disposition. Here, we try to bob and weave around the mountainous
ridges and cavernous valleys at the edge of it all, but we find ouselves moving full circle, back
where we started. Welcome to the island of Daath. This place is nailed to the tree of life, just
above Tiphereth. In fact, this place is Life, itself; Life is Daath.

            Quicksand surrounds us. We stand on a plot of firm ground with no safe path which
leads us from where we are, to where we would like to be. The wait is excrutiating, and we
have witnessed the braver of us foolishly attempt to ford the quicks in vain. Scientists have
demonstrated that our cozy patch of calm and safety is also sinking in the sand, at a rate
directly proporational to the crushing of our hopes. So we stand in mourning for our own eulogy,
as panicked egos grasp for "Alternatives" to our "Predicament". This is sweet talk for "how to get
our asses unfucked."

            It seems that the only solutions they can contrive hinge on some sort of salvation by
someone or something from beyond the quicksand. Meanwhile, homemakers sweep their porches
off into the quick and tidy up a bit; no sense in dying with a dirty welcome mat. People continue
to trade each other scraps of paper that used to mean something. A growing number of people
have taken to the notion that ignoring our situation can make it go away, but even the most
oblivious of us knows what's happening. So we shuffle about , waiting for the unforgiving cesspool
of time to wash over us and deliver us to the other side. Not the other side of the sand marsh,
where one can just make out the edge of a serene, lush prairie. No, this other side doesn't offer
hope. It's not even a tangible place. It's just an end- no joy, no pain, no love or fear; just nothing.

            There is another solution. It isn't very popular. We could, if we so chose, dismantle the aging
structures we've built on this island. That might slow the sinking, some. We could also use the scraps
to build a bridge. The work will be tiring and the journey across the marsh will be dangerous, since we
only have ancient materials with which to work. Surely, many of us will choose to wade into the quicks,
or wait patiently to be engulfed on dry land, rather than live free or die scared. For some, too much has
been invested in this island to even contemplate it; for others, the green pasture seems like an illusion.
Somehow, though, I'm sure there will be enough of us to tear it down and leave this place.

Rats are the smartest thing on a sinking ship. Hand me that hammer, would you?

-Iron Sulfide,
Damned if I don't.

Apple Talk / Music Help Needed
« on: February 14, 2010, 01:33:27 am »
i recently suffered a virus that made me reformat my hard drive. now i have the tedious
task of rebuilding my music library.

I want to build it in a new direction from what i had, and i'd like recommendations.

My only criterion is that it be something i haven't heard before.

(my tastes are diverse, but my exposure is fairly limited, so it shouldn't be too hard for some
of you)

Or Kill Me / Footsteps in the Sand
« on: December 29, 2009, 08:39:26 pm »
An (obfuscated) Discordian "Footprints in the Sand."

I call it, "Footsteps in the Sand."

Once I dreamed I was walking along the coast with God.
Many images from my life played atop the water.
As each image played, I noticed footsteps in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets,
other times just one.
During the lowest periods of my life,
I could see only one set of footsteps.
So I asked,
"Looking back at
the worst of my life, there
was only one set of footsteps.
Why, when I needed you the most,
you have not been there for me, God?"
God replied,
"The times when you have
seen two sets of footsteps in the sand,
you were drunk with celebration, staggering about,
and merely imagined that I exist."

Apple Talk / There's nobody here but us Pidgins
« on: September 24, 2009, 11:41:47 pm »

GASM Command / HoliGASM
« on: April 13, 2009, 08:56:00 pm »

This is a simple thing, and i have only the most basic of ideas for it so far.

People still put up decorations for holidays. I know, i've seen them places. I've always thought they were stupid. Now i think i may have a use for them.

Two things sparked this idea mostly: people so lazy that they have Christmas lights up still, and the resulting thought: maybe i could distribute meme bombs year round with easter egg leftovers?

So i thought: wait a tic- why don't we do holiday decorating that's drastically out of season?

Shamrocks on Halloween; Nativity scenes on Veterans Day; Bats for Cinco De Mayo, etc....

ideas and feedback, plz.

Bring and Brag / High Viscosity!
« on: February 13, 2009, 09:24:20 pm »
So, i'm writing a screenplay. My general idea (i don't want to give you all the beans, or you won't read it...) is to incorporate the intertubes as much as possible outside of the internet. There's a plot as well, which you may get to.

My hope is to incorporate many of the stronger memes/better memebombs from the PD forums without making it feel like buttons and pins on a local scene kid's leather jacket.

So if you like it, great! If you don't: Suck a trout! But most importantly, if you have comments, criticisms, thoughts on how something would work better, etc...please, post them. Also, if there is a meme/bomb you would like to see but haven't yet, send me a PM.

I hope you enjoy the Show!

Principia Discussion / Lollercaust...
« on: January 28, 2009, 08:52:48 pm »
who originated the term/concept?


may i use it in my writing class as the name of a video game?

Propaganda Depository / Idea: Meme Bomb Hand Mine
« on: January 13, 2009, 08:25:37 pm »
I happened upon business card sized magnets at work some time ago. this project is for someone with a little extra money to throw away, but you may think it's worth it. maybe not.

basically, if you haven't figured it yet: sticker + metal surface + Business card magnet (preferably with additional sticker or business card...)

it's pretty simple, and i think the finer points of impact would be in selection of memes to use.

I also tend to use the 2"x4" mailing labels because there's more room to incorporate visuals. those are about the largest stickers you could use with this idea, as the magnet barely covers it.

recently, i used this: "you have found clue #3" on the front of a newspaper dispenser, with a business card/magnet saying "you are the enemy, and we are you". Also, i added the "be a winner!" genii image from one of the other sticker downloads to the Clue #3 sticker.

My hope is that, as per usual, people see it, someone eventually tries to tear it off (or notices it sticks out's just barely noticeable, though, so i'm not banking on this) and discovers the secondary incendiary device. of course, this means you're spending the cost of a business card, a magnet and a sticker each time. and you don't get the magnet back. on the other side, someone else gets to keep it, and it's very likely they will become a vector point for that meme, even if the magnet just sits on their fridge.

suggestions and comments, plz.

GASM Command / college postergasm
« on: October 22, 2008, 07:12:51 pm »
for those of us at a college, there's something i thought of.

(perhaps not your college, but at mine) there is a "registry" requirement for any poster put up. at mine, it's a generic date stamp.

so if you have something similar on your campus, get a clean scan of the stamp, shop it with an appropriate removal date, and post as usual.

should increase the lifespan.

that's all. if anyone has any additional ideas along these lines, post them here:

Propaganda Depository / Festwo Propaganda
« on: October 17, 2008, 10:07:40 pm »
five dollar bill mockups
for printing memebombs in the guise of money

twenty dollar bill mockups
same as above with 20's

Krisnha's Answers PDF
Krishna's Answers to Earthly Problems: Why Money Matters

a colorful End Human Suffrage meme

Krishna's Answers .Doc
Same as above in .doc in case anyone wants to reformat.

Literate Chaotic / A World View
« on: September 18, 2008, 09:07:49 pm »
not literature, but:

zeitgeist: addendum is being shown oct. 2 and web-hosted the 3rd.

i'm sure several of you know this, and probably all of you have seen the original.
(if you haven't seen the first, KYS and watch it dead.)

that is all.

Or Kill Me / Christian Funeral For an Atheist
« on: February 07, 2008, 04:04:39 am »
You heard it right. That's how I spent my day.

I began by applying the shape of a cross on my forehead with the charred remains of a recently spent bowl. Then we went to give blood, which has nothing to do with this, but it's important to do anyway. Then we went to his funeral, at a United methodist church.

Some background information: he was an atheist, blunt a simply, so he doesn't exist anymore, according to his beliefs. Fair enough. If that's what a body believes, go for it. So it doesn't bother me when they [his christian family] didn't respect his wishes that certain music be played at this funeral, or that they had it in a church. What irritated me was that they gussied it up like a sham and turned him into some beacon of something or other that makes them feel okay about it all, in a sterile way.

Some background information: he commited suicide. That's taboo in christianity, so they side stepped it as a celebration of life, completely oblivious of the irony, I'm sure.

The greatest of irony, though, was on his part, and intentional; in his suicide note, he requested that mars volta's "Deloused in the Comatorium" to be played, which is an album they wrote for someone that commited suicide.

I'm glad for that intentional irony.

Some background information: the point of life is against your throat, slowing piercing the skin.

Some people don't understand how I can be okay with the thought that someone decided to /quit life. Those people are one of the reasons he's dead.

In my personal opinion, suicide is one of the mindfuck ultimates, but it sucks because you get no bragging rights. Still, you create this cyclone of chaos and confusion in the wake, forcing people to evolve emotionally, or jumpstarting them into the march of the lemmings. Either way, it's good for business.

Some background information: No one will ever ask if you are High, ever, not ever, at a funeral. Trust me one this.

So it was an amusing day for me, all-in-all. Even though I didn't get any bites for the Ash Wednesday thing (the rev. at the church, though, did seem to notice I was "catholic" and thanked me for coming to the funeral, "under the circumstances...")

I almost LOL'd in the church when they played music, though. Deloused in that huge chamber would have been awesome. Instead, we got "tears in Heaven", "Calling all Angels", "stairway to heaven", and some shitty-est contry song called "I can only Imagine," about jesus and heaven and shit.

This was supposed to be a rant, but now it's just a journal entry. I think I'll hang myself like Chris.

GASM Command / ApostateGASM
« on: February 02, 2008, 04:40:06 am »
this is a simple one.

Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.

Wear an ashen cross on your head and start a conversation with a "fellow" catholic.

then pretend that catholicism condones the way you would normally act.
wednesdays are slow, and i have my friend's funeral to attend. and blood to give.
catholics will be there, undoubtedly, in both cases.

spread the word for warping god's words!

GASM Command / AuralGASM
« on: January 28, 2008, 06:30:29 am »
AuralGASM is misleading, but the Pun required my biding, and I already said AuralGASM.

This is meant to span beyond just the sound. An All Inclusive media attack, with heavy online
and (hopefully) IRL to match with enough time.

The Meme that i want to be the focus of this is ego-stroking, some might say. but i prefer to think
of it as self-promoting a group that is open to expansion and inclusion. once it gets underway,
the very thing that i've put so much work into myself will lose it's sense of novelty for this, as it
will blend massively with everything else coming out.

The thing that drew it all together for me was that fucking swote php that 000 wrote to mirror a
users avatar. when i saw five different people using my icon, i was initially weirded out, because
Cram was one of them, and my Icon references AW watching my fictitous Show, but not the "S"
in the AWS. "maybe he's pissed off and getting people to troll me on this site now? shit, just what
i need after pissing off roger weeks ago for pooping on pope tom." those were basically my first thoughts.

props to that script, 000. So, perhaps i had a slightly different experience with that all, but aside:

We (participants in the GASM) generate media, any type, for distribution IRL or online, both would be best,
with one single common meme: The Fillet Show.

There's already:
(kinda base, in my opinion. no finess.)
(That's your's, truely.)
(over the top, but not bad...)
(haven't been able to listen, or find freely.)
(I'd pay to watch The Fillet Show!)

Now, as we build our own projects, etc, part of this mission is to tell people about it, particularly
people that you think might also make their own Fillet Show. Online, basically an AWS-style campain
for disinformation to help generate buzz, and converts, to help build momentum.

once we reach a critical mass in this, with enough people involved, and enough confusion between all the Fillet Shows,
we can work the media with a press release that with so many Fillet Shows, we have to know: who's the best?
easily said, but that bit will take some work, and relies heavily on all previous parts. The Great Debate of the Fillet Show,
or whatever it will be called by the time, will be underway. the announcing of this cannot come before any other phase.

The first phase is getting people initially involved. we already have some stuff above to work with, and i'm sure a reasonable
amount of time will be needed for a reasonable amount of people to have media for the carrying of the meme.

The Following is the appropriate CopyPasta for Discordian Boards: or write your own when you cross that bridge:

_________________________________________________ ____________________________

Please to be granting your attention.

You Have Stumbled, by the dog, upon the most secret plans for OM:AuralGASM.

Please stop reading.

Are you a musician? How about a discordian? Or Not? Well, I am, and I'll tell you what:
It sucks for My Music that a seriously considered piece of music for mainstream consumption,
and therefore profitable, is subject to the whims and the ideas of the people in CONTROL,
censoring, selecting musical sock puppets to help rear the mindless consumers for many more
generations to come. But Evolution is Coming...

The Game: Sex and Violence, I'm sure plenty of us have plenty to expend in both areas.
And hey, what the fuck else is there, anyway? This is how The Game shall be approached
in this mission.

Now, It may seem like I am getting away from myself here, rambling about nothing really.
That's because I'm trying to reel you into this awesome project in which you can Show off
you musical talents, and potentially get serious exposure if we play this shit right, yo'.

The Catch: Quid Pro Quo. But it's to fight the Status Quo, so not only is it fair, it's
for the Great Justice. The upside here is that if any individual wins in this game, we all end
up winning.

For a Primer in Progress, Visit:

That is a self-promotion, but it's part of the catch, and the jist of the plan.

AuralGASM is a call to arms: we're going to troll the media, motherfuckers. If you have a Band,
Slice Beats, Scratch Tracks, or Fart on Snare Drums, start making music for you're very own
Fillet Show, Now!

Shit, son...if you Cook, like Advertising, you animate, film, ANYTHING....any Thing that could
use the Title "The Fillet Show," for it's Obvious Connotations....DO.IT.NOW.

Get it started Now, if you want to partake in this. The Key is to make media that can be easily
distributed; i.e. webshows, flash, music, etc. People wanting to help in this outside of the creative
aspect will be a special ops group known as The Fillet Minions. Which we will discuss later.

For now: iff'in you're interested, Come to (sign up, if you have no account)
and post in the O:MF subforum in the thread entitled, "AuralGASM."[/u]

_________________________________________________ ____________________

TOOLS: (to be updated);1386312;/browsefiles.html

after this, i have some ideas for how we, collectively and individually, can approach this.

thoughts and comments?

Or Kill Me / Flyer/Rant...Gawd Awful Troof
« on: December 06, 2007, 01:57:10 am »
When you're in Shit Deep, it sticks to your feet,
So Watch Your Step, while walking with the Sheep

For too long, now, i have been backed up. The shit runneth, but my tight ass wasn't producing squat.
i attribute this to a Troof deficiency.

Like grotesquely obese Amurricanz eating plenty of food and gaining no sustainence; over-fed and under-nourished.
What a Shame. What a Sham.


if for no other reason, because it's better to be yourself, and other truisms.

But mostly, because the Troof, once known, cannot, ever, never not EVER be unknown.
Sure, it can be ignored. You can ignore the Troof all you want.
It will be then as the child that seeks negative attention.
You will come to know more than the Troof, but the Awful Troof.

When Schrodinger's Cat is dead, closing the box again won't bring him back.


{The is a brief interlude to break the weight of this Bullshit into more palitable, consumer friendly rations. Please Stand By:
-The Modern term "Never," a negation of the term "Ever" is actually a contraction of "Not Ever."
-Ever is a word that connotes an occurence, whether actual or potential, of any event or circumstance.
-The negation of "Ever," then, is the opposite, or "an event or circumstance that is beyond the scope of possibility."
This has been a friendly reminder from your Friendly local chapter of Newspeakers Academia Department.}

When the Awful Troof comes for you, like it did me, there is a chance to pay attention to it.
If it has come this far, BE LIKE ME, and start paying attention, quick, motherfucker.

if for no other reason, because this is your last chance.

When you aren't paying attention at this point, you learn the Gawd Awful Troof,

* * *

The Awful Troof came to me last night. It doesn't matter what or why, and it'll never make sense when it comes.
But it will bring More Clarity than you thought possible when it does. For me it was rats. Two of them precisely.
Pez and Nox, tan and black, respectively. Pez was your classic under-dog (rat?), timid but inventive and resourceful;
Nox was more aggressive, relied primarily on muscling more food than Pez, frequently biting people that tried to handle them.
Not usually myself, as i typically am the person to clean the cage, feed/water/nurture them, even though they belonged to a
former roomate's girlfriend.

It's been a year since we were roomates, and he got stuck with the rats when he and his girlfriend broke up. I say "stuck"
because it was such a fucking chore to feed and water them, and occasionally change the litter, that i would usually end up doing it when
i was over visiting sometime. Really, they're captive rats bred into capivity, they don't especially need attention.

I gave them attention, though. I don't care much for people. I like animals, but i prefer them to be wild, and thus am less likely to have contact with
them. Probably for the best. Pet- the concept- disgusts me. Rationalize lower life-forms or true companionship with an animal, but if you got an
animal with the intent of ownership, and training it for this or that- performance or convenience- fucking disgusts me. So i could probably be categorized
as liking pets more than their owners. Period.

The most recent visit to my friend's place, i went into the garage where they were kept, to feed and handle them while having a smoke.
Yeah, tobacco is bad and nicotine is addictive. The fuck i care, right? That's the American Way.

Anyway, only Nox came up as i was filling the food container. I didn't notice at first. Then i reached in and took hold of him, because sometimes
Pez will wait his turn, instead of bickering for the food.

I stirred the dry oats and nuts and flax seed with my finger. Nothing. I already knew what had happened, but it was so much worse.
Pez was dead, yes. But the poor fuckers were basically starving to death, and the water bottle had slipped to an odd position so they couldn't reach the spicket.
I found Pez, curled up under the plastic dome and litter, half eaten. Nox hadn't even touched the food i put into the cage.

When i informed them, they became afraid of Nox getting blood lust. They wanted to destroy him, as is the custom. None of them would have, though.

I said, Fuck that shit, he's not blood-lusting. He never bit me. But he could do that at any point now, I did realize. And he wasn't going to get the care
he needed here anyway. I think my alternative was better. No different in the end, but still better.

We took him down to the local park and released him, with some food, near a tree with nearby shrub cover, and lots of food sources at his disposal.
I could very likely be a death sentence for him anyway. And if he dies because he was domesticated and released, well, it'll be a better death than starving,
and he won't be in a cage. I think he's got a chance, though. He ate another Fucking RAT. RAWK ON DUDE!

R.I.P. Pez.

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