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Here's the master list of To-Do stuff. Please check off items as they are completed.

To-Do notes from Oct 2009



  • TOC: "Go OMF Yourself" should be "Go Mindfuck Yourself"
  • Page After TOC (page 00000?) - is blank? Do we need a graphic here?
  • Introduction - insert text from Introduction to the book. A Zarathud image could go here.
  • I notice we don't have bylines after some pieces. Can we add those in?
  • Page 00006 - The modification of Faggotry -> Spaggotry doesn't show up
  • Page 00009 - Change title to "TAZ Has an Ugly, Retarded Cousin" (was missing word "an"). Credit Vexati0n.
  • Page 00011-12 - Regrab text. There were some minor edits a while back which don't seem to be in the copy.
  • Page 00017 and Page 00029 - these sections can get a zarathud image
  • Page 00034 - there was one minor change here which didn't get regrab'd. Delete the word "Operation" from the second to last line. And we're good! :-)
  • Page 00035 - credit Vexati0n
  • Page 00039 - Regrab - we added a small italicized intro paragraph. We also had that shrapnel graphic with the "Fuck that, become a dragon", which should go somewhere after this piece. If it doesn't make it in, no heartbreak.
  • Page 00052 - move the protip way down the page, like a footnote
  • Page 00053 - some punctuation marks appear to be the wrong characters. For example, double quotes look like a lower case i.
  • Page 00057 - change byline to "by DirtyEssence and FullTimeSlacker, edited by Zarathud. If we have a zarathud graphic we can insert on this page, that'd be awesome.
  • Page 00065 - not sure about the out-of-focus effect. It might be a too severe.
  • Page 00071 - add byline "by Bacon Cone Nixon"
  • Page 00073 - add byline (Cramulus)
  • Page 00071 - add byline (Cain)
  • Page 00085 - on my printer, the text is just a little hard to read (due to horizontal lines behind text)
  • Page 00097 - Grab text from Outroduction
  • Misc: - Discordians in History, BurroughsAOMCutup1, Discordia2008?


Old To-Do Notes (prior to Oct2009 edit)

everything below here is old notes!


  • Finish writing Introduction
  • Write Copyright page - what belongs here???
  • Write Outroduction


  • Identify which pages Zarathud should be on. (I'm guessing about five-seven pages?) Let 000 know so he can draw up the little bastard. I've added a To-Do list for him below, just append it on there. Can you guys conference about the zarathud stuff?

--I'd prefer 000 to identify pages that he'd like to attack. Net 08:25, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

  • Page 9: change title "TAZ has ugly retarded cousin" to "The TAZ has an Ugly, Retarded Cousin"
  • P3nt has requested that the poem "Me and My Girl" be credited to P3nt4gr4m rather than Sillycybin.
  • Page 00027: In the piece "Welcome to the Prison", make sure first line is broken so that is on its own line
  • Page 00045: In LHX's piece "Pipe Bombs", expand to
  • Page 00049: Liber Fru Fru - needs spellcheck
  • Page 00055: Title "Tips on Launching a Golden Apple Seed Mission" should be "Tips For Launching..." (replace On with For)

Add the following pieces:

* Introduction to the book - by Cram - NOT FINISHED YET, DO NOT ADD


* Discordia2008 - discussion on why Discordia is relevant in the year 2009. Note that heading should be 2009, despite page name.
* BurroughsAOMCutup1 - cutup of Burroughs and AOM piece.

done, I think?

* Kopyleft_page - lifted from Syn. Goes on the Kopyleft page. 
* Discordians in History - Net and Cram discussed this in Portland - formatting this section as if it's a history text book. 
  Net, if you're still feeling up to some creative formatting, I can send you a scan of a textbook page for reference. 

progress made 11:10, 14 October 2009 (UTC)

Nitpicky End-Game Stuff

This is a list for little shit that Net said he'd save for the end. We don't want to drive him crazy with minor formatting bullshit, so this stuff will be saved until the last minute.

Edits have been made, so re-grab text for the following pieces:  * Strange Times done  * Bare Minimum BIP I think I regrabbed, please double check

* Dream Jam

It fucked everything up but I regrabbed it anyway  * Shrapnel Project I found a bunch of spelling errors (which I fixed), are you sure this is the correct file to regrab?

* Pipe Bombs


* Thoughts on Shrapnel


* OMGASM Description 2

Done, but I kept the PROTIP but if you really want it out I'll delete it.

* The Great Pope Joan


* Followup to Go Mindfuck Yourself

done 11:10, 14 October 2009 (UTC)

Triple Zero

  • Draw zarathud making construction edits. Scan drawings. Clean 'em up. Pass to Net.

General: Graphics Changes

This is a list of graphics that need swapping. I (Cramulus) will do my best to image hunt for replacements.

Graphics which (I think) are not yet in use:

(not necessary to put them in, but helpful if we need to substitute something)

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