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Wait, what?

He's confessing to ordering peoples executions here, why haven't I seen any mention of this before?

Here's some idle thoughts about things that might help the situation:

1.) As soon as the relevant technology starts to see large-scale production all current police sidearms should be replaced with models that use biometric verification to identofy legitimate users, thus ending the legitimacy of "he tried to take my gun" as a relevant excuse. The officers themselves would also be protected in the rare cases when someone actually does go for their gun. Write your congressthing.

2.) If the sense of espirit de corps among police officers could somehow be reduced or eliminated (though i don't know how this would be achieved), police would actually be willing to arrest other officers that they catch breaking the law.
The chest cameras are a far greater deterrent then biometrics, although I'm all for biometric locking on home retail weapons if the electronics can both be guaranteed to:
-Fail in safety mode (gun cant be fired if fault with ID system)
-Fault tolerance of manufacturing to six sigma (3 devices in every million), with a long maintenance cycle (this is very hard in home retail electronics and drives the cost up).

I opted to exile him.  With all the weapons he could carry.  To the not very pleasant Tevinter Empire, who may or may not be secretly supporting my enemies.

Strangely enough, everyone approves of this course of action.
Lest the commander send the goatse man after them as well.


And now I'm called back to my actual keep because someone is assaulting it with a goat.  Not "a goat is alongside him".  No, as in the goat is the weapon.  And now I have to judge what happens to, what is clearly, a crazy man?

I would suggest you surrender to him immediately.

The portrayal of men on television as the leader of a family especially in comedy shows is always as a blundering oaf (Simpsons, Family guy, American dad),  or menacing threatening figure (Primarily when the show is from the point of view of teen child of the family).

The father from American Dad really fits both those categories, not just the first one.

Depending on the episode yes, there are plenty of Stan V's family member episodes and those are the only ones he is competent in.

Principia Discussion / Re: What degree are you?
« on: December 06, 2014, 07:09:05 pm »
North by northwest

I watched the eris episode but it was only ok, It had a few good laughs but didn't have the charm of a lot of the cartoon network shows used to.

Techmology and Scientism / Re: So M$ finally forced the 8.1 update...
« on: December 06, 2014, 06:33:19 pm »
Get a Mac.

Yosemite is what I am running on my home laptop and I have to saw, its awful and broke my audio, having worked on every previous version to this, so I cant recommend it

Windows 8.1 hasn't given me issues on my work laptop beyond weird skype integration issues and stupid UI layouts.
Ubuntu is nice if you are willing to put the time in to make it look nice (is it worth it?)
You're almost best on 8.1 unless you want to go back to win 7

Marina Abramović is, from what I've seen, fearless.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if the gun was ready to go.

There are photos, btw, from that particular performance of hers... they are a little disturbing.

Holy shit, thats the broken glass eating, cuts herself woman I saw in spain. She was fascinating and as you say fearless, but I couldn't watch most of it.

I guess, but when you have video evidence of the person that's pretty irrefutable evidence.

But I understand if he would not get any benefit from the media circus that would surround the court case and the negative attention the video evidence, so maybe just talking about it to the media is the best he can get.

That last post of mine was pretty cold and unsympathetic. I've never been in a sexual assault, so it's impossible for me to theorize. Obviously.

It is a difficult scenario for me to visualize, which only illustrates how out of depth of knowledge I am. I'm truly sorry if I've offended, or inadvertently triggered, anyone.

I don't understand it.

Reading more on it seems stranger and stranger. He didn't break from character for some hours after the rape. Including when his girlfriend, who had been down the line entered asking him about it because part of the exhibit was not to respond.

It probably wouldn't be much use but no police report has been filed yet either, considering this happened 8 months ago now it probably would be hard to find the woman, even if they have the video of her.

Maybe, but I think were still on topic, if not circling the definition of art too closely.

I should have named the thread differently, because my interest isn't really in this particular story, but in this kind of situation.

When art turns into something horrible.

Harm is entirely where I can't engage. For instance the display of human bodies in germany, I think is fascinating to look at and intriguing from the point of view of anatomy, posture, musculatory systems which are really hard to draw, no one was harmed, the people were already dead and had donated their bodies to the science. Skinning cats to me seems like unnecessarily inflicting harm on a creature. It lessens the value of the piece to me.

There was another exhibit in Spain I saw over the summer where the artist would cut her hands repeatedly over the course of many months, always in the same place (some statement on repetition and authenticity in art) and another where she chews broken glass, again I couldn't engage, I guess I get the concepts but am repulsed.

stimulation with aesthetic intent

I love this definition. I was trying to think of one which didn't amount to "it's pretty", but I've had a couple martinis, and probably shouldn't be posting at all.

I was so glad when I thought of it, because until then I'd basically been thinking along the lines you just specified, but that definition always failed when Dada came up. But intention of ugliness is still aesthetic intent, right? I figure it works.
Its good, It blurs the line on media intended for consumption and media created for artistic craft though and pushes it into the deeply subjective territory. For instance I find less and less artistic merit to computer games then once I did, but under this definition all media is art.

The Zodaic Killers cryptography has this haunting aesthetic to it:

But that's not really what you mean. You're talking about the guy who murders everyone in the phone book who's name is a palindrome.

There is no boundary. Art is difficult enough to define without involving acts of cruelty and harm.

The not resisting argument only has foundation in the strange behaviour he's presented in the last year. Paralysed with fear or otherwise unsure how to act to exit a situation is an all too common scenario.

The reason he is facing unfounded ridicule and lack of support is mostly his peculiar behaviour over the last year.

He was in Lars Von triers Nymphomaniac (Part I is pretty well made and occasionally funny, part II is puerile garbage).

Over the last year he plagiarised other peoples work, then plagiarised the defences verbatim from other artists defending against accusations of plagiarism.

That was really only the start of some very bonkers behaviour which has led to widespread mistrust of Labeouf and this odd concept that everything he was doing was a publicity stunt somehow masterminded by Von Trier.

They might be right about all the weird stuff up until this, but I cant see anyone saying something as awful as this for a publicity stunt.

I don't see it as a publicity stunt at all, I see it as a misguided dedication to art.

I don't either, but because the last year has been publicity stunts so the lad has been getting accusations that it is.

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