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Speaking of which, did you guys hear about the 9 year old who wrote a scathing review of the movie for Esquire, which made the adult geek boys froth at the mouth?  It's sort of chuckalicious.

Hehe, my little brother said a lot of the same, he didn't like Guardians or the avengers because the Jokes were too cheesy, which makes me wonder if they are truly aimed at children or thirty something year old manchildren like me in the throws of arrested development.

It's for the kiddies!

I know I know, but they probably its a similar consoling that they use.

That said, I would love to see a R Rated Black Widow film, they were able to do it for Daredevil and he'll probably crop up at some point in one of the others films.

I think it is a fair criticism to say that the scene was written in a way that made it very possible to interpret the wrong way. I might even go so far as to say it's fair to criticize her [SPOILERS] wanting to run away from all this and start over [/SPOILERS] as being weirdly out of character based on other things she's said and done.

The fine art of polite differences of opinion is completely lost on these fucktards, though.

I dunno, she mentioned having red in her ledger in the first Avengers, and seemed genuinely kind of bummed about it.  Doesn't seem like a stretch to have her questioning leaving that life behind in the second installment.  Though the scenes with Bruce Banner did seem to pop up out of nowhere.

They had a similar scene in the comics a few years back. The hulk had killed a load of people in a rampage in Las Vegas,
he says something like "I've just killed 23 innocent people how does someone come back from that" and she looks really upset, when he asks why she says something like "I've killed 40 innocent people, does that mean I can't  come back from that?"

I think it is a fair criticism to say that the scene was written in a way that made it very possible to interpret the wrong way. I might even go so far as to say it's fair to criticize her [SPOILERS] wanting to run away from all this and start over [/SPOILERS] as being weirdly out of character based on other things she's said and done.

The fine art of polite differences of opinion is completely lost on these fucktards, though.
[its all spoilers at this point]
hrm good point on her suggesting to leave, I wonder if it was to reinforce the surprise when the hulk leaves without her. She is presented as a killer and we see flashbacks to undermine her role as a hero, looking to run away but then at the end of the film she is one of the only two remaining original avengers. It makes me feel like it was partly set up for her own film (if that ever sees the light of day).


SPOILERS AHEAD, fair warning....

The most hate I see seems to stem from Natasha referring to herself as a monster because of the way she was turned into an assassin early in life, at some sort of hardcore ballet school.  Part of the assassin program was sterilization, and for some reason when the character refers to herself as a monster (meaning fellow monster, including Hulk), they read that as because she was sterilized, and not, you know, because she became an unstoppable killing machine, which is sort of, you know, fucking horrific.  They also seem very butthurt that Hulk sort of "saves" Black Widow toward the end of the movie, because that's part of his job.  You know, like he saved Iron Man at the end of the first movie, and nobody cared about that.  Teammates shouldn't help other teammates, folks! 

There might also be some butthurt over Scarlet Witch becoming temporarily grief stricken when her brother gets killed in the heat of battle (I told you there were spoilers, fool!) and turns into a bit of a loose cannon.  But they very clearly establish how close these two are (were).  I mean, really well establish.

The left wing Tea Party (as Patton Oswalt dubbed them recently) is psychotic.

They misread her as calling herself a monster because she has been sterilised, its not, but even if it was, that would interesting story telling, its not exactly a stretch to say the character is to be further developed.

Taking her out of the last fight just as the action starts is mean if it was going to be the more high profile, almost exclusively male team taking the glory. But then its quickly followed by all the human characters leaving, then onto the super powered characters like captain America. Towards the end of the fight there's only two or three people on it.

The whole sequence was a very deliberate and calculated inversion of what we saw in Man of Steel which was nice in that it was showing they were placing saving human life even above defeating the villain.

Its also fairly amazing how much they obsess over comics/movies based on comics and Disney in comparison with say, actual politics.

Please, you cant compare them. One is a barely believable distraction filled with exaggerated caricatures that have been trotting out the same clichéd tropes since time immemorial, and then there's comic books.

I confess (not really much of a confession) I obsess over films and comic books and am largely ignorant of politics but I'm glad when I look at the rage against Weadon that I don't feel a sense of selfish entitled indignation when a creator makes a character do something that falls outside of my simplified tunnel vision of how things should be.

I have a feeling that Jeremy Renner calling BW a "slut" didn't help matters.
That was sexist and really creepy to watch

I haven't seen Age of Ultron yet, does this have something to do with Black Widow not getting EXACTLY what the hive mind wanted, in a movie with 800 characters?

People are idiots and the only sexest thing about the film is that theres not enough Avenger women.
It loooks like joss Weadon didnt read my tumblr post of 1001 and one things that women in superhero films must do to negate his cis white privilege, obviously he is a a sexist piece of shit and basically human grabage.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: UK general election 2015
« on: Yesterday at 03:16:10 pm »
There's always the 38 degrees solution. Tick the boxes it'll tell you which party is your best match.
It told me I should vote Plaid Cymru but I'm still gonna vote Labour to try and get the Tory out.

It tells me I am closer to Conservatives followed by Greens.

I'm not voting UKIP because they will have me on the steam boat with my bindle back to Ireland if they get their way.
Theres a woman running for the greens with no political experience who has acted as a chartity worker so I guess I'll vote for her.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: UK general election 2015
« on: Yesterday at 01:41:41 pm »
It is a difficult decision, I cant actively vote against all of them unless there is a reopen nominations option.
The only party I like is the SNP and they dont have anyone running in essex.

I hope HR grind him into a fine paste. That's repulsive.

Propaganda Depository / Re: REPORT STUFF HERE
« on: May 05, 2015, 05:15:21 pm »
Hi Queen G (et all)

A lot of the broken links links and stuff were old free hosting sites. Its something I should have forseen way back when.

Part of the small amount of stuff I've been doing over the last few years is trying to properly index resources (as inspired by Rev Judas Massive reading repository).

A more permanent solution would be if I offered An FTP folder for use or enabled attachments for this forum that point to a readable folder that can be easily linked to/copied etc. (or even a file management webpanel).

Would something like this be of interest?

Lillie has decided to launch an investigation into why a prototype didn't work as expected.

A prototype.


One investigation finding is that she's an asshole.
She doesn't understand the product/market lifecycle? How does she deal with the board or heads, I cant imagine the would take kindly to waste like that.

However, the book I've been reading (Hitler's War; The War That Came Early, Harry Turtledove, page 354):

"Staff Sergeant Alistair decided he'd said enough, and leaned back sucking on one of Nigel's fags."

Oh my.

What the hell are your fags doing with the time machine again? you said you would keep them in line after the last incident.

Hehe, The only party that sounds vaguely promising there is the SNP, if only for the entertainment factor.

I'm able to vote in this election but I know basically nothing about the parties (other then the sensationalist stuff thats hard to escape from)
so I'll probably abstain.

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