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It's also what happens when you give artists final say over any design. Did I ever tell you about the guys at jaguar who wanted claw marks on the engine?

Whats an engine without a few stress fissures  :D, did they make it go faster?

Even weirder physics could see it reborn as a gravity drive.

The event horizon is what happens when you give a team of scientists who have the ability to do something, half the budget time and safety precautions required to actualise it.

Gonna argue that Event Horizon is what happens when you give them stacks of cash and no oversight.

Ok so both: Good project management is about finding that optimised balance where your product does open doors to, or take shortcuts through hell.

Even weirder physics could see it reborn as a gravity drive.

The event horizon is what happens when you give a team of scientists who have the ability to do something, half the budget time and safety precautions required to actualise it.

Recently i've been finding that my usual time-sinks of Reddit and console games are feeling less fulfilling than previously.

Particularly Reddit, where i've been noticing the effects of the 'hivemind' more and more.

What do you guys do for rest/relaxation/stimulation? Anything that you would recommend?
I found the same, so I tried to find the cause of my dissatisfaction, its all transitory, consume once and forget with most of the web sites I used to visit without meaningful engagement, gaming I still a lot of, Deus ex Mankind divided was enjoyable, but utterly superficial and with only the shallowest pretence of story compared to its predecessors.

For the instant consumption websites sites I've tried to go through less content, but think about what I am going though and think about my response where normally I wouldnt make one. Even for image sites like tumblr I try to spend a minute looking at each picture in my feed, think about it, and why it was shared.

I'm trying to balance my time between creative stuff (even if I create BADLY), in a good proportion of what I do when I get home and switch off tired from work.


Someone posted this all over my workplace.

I am simultaneously angry and cringing.

*I posted this on facebook but its probably not a good idea to have a kkk image in my profile

Mir has allegedly been seen fleeing the scene of the crime

Who among us was never just a skinny lad?  Who among us never knew no good from bad?  Who among has never let it all hang out?  You get left alone with Big Fat Fanny, and she makes a fat boy out of you; it cannot be avoided.  You can only sing with your band.  You can only take me home tonight.
You need to get the astro boys to find all the pieces of Freddys essence on whatever comets and shooting stars they are currently rocking out on and get him to take corporeal form again

This pneumonia thing has reignited the Bernie crowd, in the very unlikely event that Clinton pulls out in the next few weeks, what kind of chance do you think Bernie would have of 1) Getting the Transferred nomination and 2) Getting voted in instead of Trump?

At least they are consistent, in their batshittery.

Ok say we get the October surprise, served steaming on a plate from Putin by way of Assange or others, what are the chances the Democrats can pull something similar out of their ass, and if so, could it have any impact either way, is there any debasement of Trumps that he hasn't already flaunted himself left to use?

Fuck it, imma move to Iceland.
That's a much better choice than the "I'm moving to Canada" I've been seeing a lot of, in fact its a good plan regardless of what else is going on in the world. Valhalla I am coming.

I've never seen the appeal of a happy ending: I love massages, and it doesn't take much to put me into a deep relaxation coma. It's in that state of bliss that I have zero sexual interest in anything.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Apple and Haugheys legacy
« on: September 01, 2016, 04:09:52 pm »
But but but THE MARKET and CAPITALISM! We need these corporations to be as free as possible to do whatever they deem best, so the market pressures can decide on... things.

Its an interesting one to speculate on, because of finance these companies have figuratively been allowed to put resources outside of peoples reach,  with the assistance of changing technology and their new found interest in space travel, I get horrible visions of them literally disappearing into space with the worlds wealth.

Aneristic Illusions / Apple and Haugheys legacy
« on: September 01, 2016, 01:57:43 pm »
30 years ago Ireland was led by a man named Charles Haughey, he was a husband, a politician and before anything else, a criminal; willing to do things that would make Berlesconi blush. He was for all intents and purposes a mobster, with a finger in every pie; gun running, extortion, property scams, if there was money to be made by bending or outright breaking some rule, he was for it.
Roll on 30 Years and we are seeing his legacy in the news, even if he is not explicitly named, over a deal he made with Apple.

When you hear about Ireland being a tax haven, you think of systemic corruption, to allow such a thing, in our case, it can all be pretty much put back on this one man.
He was mercurial and beyond morality, to the point that the troubles of the North actually were calmed by his presence, after all, political ideologies driving violence was bad for business. You can see from that cold knowing crooked smile that he knew what he was doing, he knew what the future would be and at the heart of it he knew he would be a rich man for it, if anything he had a consistent approach to policy: shake hands with anyone who will and keep the money flowing.
For better or worse he has shaped Ireland for what it is today responsible for Ireland's most prosperous and most corrupt period.

You probably didn't come in here to read about some dead Paddy from three decades ago, even if he was good at pulling an ol' scam or two. The reason you are hearing about him now is because he was the MASTER of pulling a scam or two, and its his legacy that has shaped the stage of international business and politics.
Its because of him that Microsoft, Apple, General Electric, Facebook, IBM, Starbucks and Google have their headquarters here, and declare 99% of their worldwide profits through here.

Lets talk a little about these businesses... The large internationals are incorporated, so lets think of them as people, because as people they are developing some serious issues.
The role of government and business isn't a new problem, nor is the notion of a company moving elsewhere when the profits are to their advantage, what seems to be new though is the implicit resentment of a corporation for its national ties.
The tax avoidance issue is just a small symptom of a mentality that is arising. It became clear with the other battle Apple were fighting this year, fighting for the civil liberties of its phone users and their right to privacy from the state. The encryption lawsuit that apple won publicly humiliated the FBI should paint a clearer picture of the companies self image.

It is a declaration by these companies, not that they are stateless, amoral entities, but that they are a nation of their own, with a sense of entitlement to set their own rules, and the rights of its citizens be they employees or consumers of their products.
It's a worrying trend because the combined lobbying power, and pervasive presence in day to day life means that they are more in touch with their users/citizens than the slow moving wheels of government ever could be. Facebook is far more likely to be able to tell you what it's preferred colour of the truth is then any public body because Facebook knows, they see how hard it is, it listens to your needs, give you what you want, and they do all this without asking for much, nothing more then to keep them close.

We're now in a time when these companies can petulantly and wilfully ignore the desires of their parent nations, and the recent explorations of Tesco, facebook and even your Mobile phone providers experimenting with the idea of their own currencies, sooner rather then later you'll be able to get a passport from one of these guys.

I suppose the real question is, Will that be worse then what we have?
I suspect that this coinciding with the time where wealth inequality is wider then it has ever been before, when the average couple needs to be a middle earner with both working full time to be able to afford a home, that it is unlikely this is going to lead better lives for any of us. The new boss will be worse then the old,and accountable to no one.

So here we are, when a corporation can drain its host state before discarding them. Where government is approaching obsolescence. The next time you hear about a company pissing in the states eye, think of old Charles Haughey, because this is his dream not just for Ireland, but the world, fulfilled.

So is selling an election to the highest bidder. Democracy is a communist idea.

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