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Cheers Q.G sorry I haven't responded, on the road a lot this week and next week, what I can do is I'll make a list here first and see if they have the cc information and add those to the reading list, and cross post some of them to the blog after that if that sounds good.

What I was thinking with the minimum viable truth was cross posting it to the Verwirring blog as the wordpress format is easier to link to to new readers than the forum where there's a lot of other stuff going on.

What I have in mind is using the blog to promote activity and writing of the Discordian community which I've done on occasion but not nearly enough. I know its tacky but wordpress posts are easier to digest as its generally just the body of the message displayed to the user, its easier to share and reach a wider number of people.

Ideally what I'd like to do is have a few contributors to the blog, front page and the website in general as I really am just acting as a caretaker, monitoring the server, doing little beyond updates and backups, with very little time to do much beyond that.

However since we talked about that you've made a shit load of gorgeous spreads, which is cool because a lot of those pieces haven't been looked at in a while but with the propaganda format, its much easier to spread, would you be interested in putting them into the reading list or other?

There we go, updated the link, its a shame the FB link went down because you're able to see the discussion along with it.

Is there anything you'd like me to add to the reading list, or update anything on the front page?

The ones I've always wondered about are the RAW books (Illuminatus etc).

The original reading list was compiled by reverened Rev. Judas IMOK K.S.C and mirrored here. When I first went through it much of the content is/was originally posted here much explicitly listing copyleft but not always, that said the list has grown since then.

There are pieces in there that are unknown copyleft/copyright state but those were all posted on the forum, its probably brash of me to assume its ok to mirror them on another part of the site (and if anyone ever has any complaints about thiers I'll take it down right away).

Letter to the cabbages I think is ok:

is this free use if the situation arrises?"


I'll note that google wasn't able to see that link, not entirely sure why.

How often is too often to think about suicide/homicide?

Daily or almost daily is potentially an indication of serious mental illness. If you have a plan, that's cause for immediate intervention.


I asked a friend once if he ever had murder fantasies,he said he did and it was always in front of people and everyone approved, totally socially acceptable and zero consequences. I told him I did too, but it was in secret, and involved getting rid of the body. Then I thought to myself "Hmm... My murder fantasies may not be quite  enough like fantasies, and a little too much like plans." They have gotten significantly less frequent lately, though. So that's a good sign.

If they are not fantasies any more but you aren't comfortable with them being called plans then find the nice middle ground and call them contingencies.


striped raven. it speaks a forgotten and ancient language both disturbing and enchanting to mortal ears. it is a superwholock blogger.

(Huginn and Muninn) Memory and Mind lesser known brother, Fanf´c.

Thought and Memory and Fanfic each morning fly
Over the vast Earth
Thought I fear may fail to return
But more I fear for Memory
And Fanfic I wish would stay lost

striped raven. it speaks a forgotten and ancient language both disturbing and enchanting to mortal ears. it is a superwholock blogger.

(Huginn and Muninn) Memory and Mind lesser known brother, Fanf´c.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Panama Papers thread
« on: April 07, 2016, 02:12:31 pm »
I've got a tenner on Bono.
Nah bono is openly using the Irish/Dutch Sandwich Tax mitigation thing that drives everyone crazy, which means he legally pays 0 Tax.
Which is worse really, but until the loophole is closed there's nothing shady about it

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Panama Papers thread
« on: April 04, 2016, 10:23:15 pm »
That was painful to watch. He would have been better off not giving an interview at all till he knew what he was going to say.

After a bit of cyberstalking and the interview he gave I don't think he was security services. However it is possible I am drastically underestimating how dopey they could be.

Or Kill Me / Re: Rev Roger, Sermon #63: Too Old to Rock N Roll
« on: March 31, 2016, 08:35:30 pm »
That would be tempting fate. I do that and I'd wake up with a Tonsure.

Or Kill Me / Re: Rev Roger, Sermon #63: Too Old to Rock N Roll
« on: March 31, 2016, 08:05:14 pm »
Glad I was wrong about this, I got lucky It rolled back to here and stopped. The brother is entirely bald and he's a lot younger then me.

I forgot to mention that, arguments are breaking out pretty much everywhere this article was posted of people arguing that this isn't a selfie which makes the whole thing even better in my mind.


At first this had me rolling my eyes but the more I think about it, the more this makes me laugh.

Its a small stupid little action but it has done more to undermine the fear narrative of the media of the last year. If anything its a huge knock to Isis who want to push themselves as a serious and credible threat, effectively deflating their currency of fear bought with the Paris and Brussels attacks.

I nominate this lunkhead for Discordian sainthood, for unintentionally or intentionally clawing back some of the sanity in this shitty world.

This whole story made my day better, the Terrorist is someone who hijacked the plane to go see his Ex-Wife who had just left him. His bomb belt turned out to be pencil cases, ethernet cable, an toothbrush charger etc. Hopefully he's not being water-boarded too much wherever he is.

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