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Or Kill Me / Re: Get a job, ya bum
« on: May 19, 2015, 03:59:09 pm »
its the paradox of, I want society to collapse and I want to retain all the benefits, or I am blissfully unaware of the benefits because they are an ingrained subtle and permissive through every aspect of my life.

I want liberty but I don't want to lose anything.

Its fucking hard to get out of the poverty trap. I worked about a decade as security and then a shop clerk, before there was any sign of anything better showing up, and even then it ended up being by chance, if it hadn't been for a chance introduction by a friend I'd probably still be packing backs and living off 5 Euro a day.

You laugh about it now, but somewhere out there, there is black stinking liver damage crap with a grudge. It's going to bide its time, build up its strength and when you least suspect it, its going to crawl back into its home.

I use gimp for creating basic Icons for work stuff, its not friendly. I often have to Google basic stuff that comes off as intuitive in CS, but once you get used to that being a fact of life for it, it becomes quite easy to use.

Energy drinks are dog piss. If you want caffeine get it in a way that tastes good, a nice hot cup before going back into the trenches for the day.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Comic Reviews and discussions
« on: May 14, 2015, 09:54:39 pm »
There's been a few things I've enjoyed in the last months (though I haven't been reading much at all).

I picked up Here by Richard McGuire. This is one of the more unusual Graphic novels I've read because it uses a fixed point perspective for each page, and the reader remains at this point, small windows are overlaid upon a base image, each from different points over the years. so effectively you are looking at the same spot, but throughout history.

When I saw this I thought it would either annoy the shit out of me,  or be a cool way of building a narrative. The results are mixed but it's a cool idea.

It's difficult to explain without an example

It's very much using the visual medium of comics to drive the story, the slices that are joined together from different time periods are connected thematically, or by the actions occurring or by the dialogue. For the most part it describes several different families lives in this space and builds together fragments of the drama and mundane humane aspects of their lives, thought the sixties, up to the twenty-first century.

As it builds up the narrative and you start to see the connections between events, the time periods broaden, and this is where the execution of the concept lost me a little, it goes into Sci-fi future/early history periods. While it has some stunning visuals for these periods, I actually found the tight knit family stories far more interesting.

Conceptually, it's really impressive, and for the most part it is a deliberately bold attempt and making the reader feel like a voyeuristic nosey neighbour, or grand observer of history, and artistically I've seen few things use the medium to such a degree, only a handful of things spring to mind like in Hickmans work and a few others.

I would recommend it wholeheartedly if you are interested in how comics are made and the narrative process.

Saw Ex Machina last night, and that was interesting.
I really enjoyed this, good performances by everyone, cool idea. Reminded me of Fowles "The Magus" a lot, which is a good thing.

I'm not posting much because I'm jobsearching.  Just so you know.

Good luck, hope you get the job in Oxford, I was there at the weekend, its lovely.

He was also spamming links on email and pm. Not sure if he was automated or some sort of troll.

He responded to my PM with emotes, so I doubt he was automated.

He was from someplace near/in London, so might have been Tentasticle.

nah, tent wouldn't have been able to resist an opportunity to tell us how terrible we all are. Its probably just some random goof.

He was also spamming links on email and pm. Not sure if he was automated or some sort of troll.

Propaganda Depository / Re: REPORT STUFF HERE
« on: May 11, 2015, 07:56:38 pm »
I've enabled attachments, they are listed on the reply screen under "Attachments and other options".

If using them is inconvenient dont worry about em, but they wont expire the way free file and hosts do. 

LMNO, I'll set up an FTP account tomorrow evening if you want to bulk store stuff, and anyone else who needs one I can set it up.

That was classified information, shame on you. Please report yourself to your local [REDACTED] for corrective re-education.

If you cant find the [REDACTED], calmly proceed towards the nearest group of black helicopters. If none are available drive towards the thin shifting line in the sky. You know the one, kind of like the horizon but when you look at it you are overcome with vertigo and a melancholy feeling of being far away from the bed you got out of, far from the seas from once you emerged.

You don't need to worry about finding the exact location, when you are close enough and have inhaled enough of the spores you'll just know. You'll even develop any extra limbs or breathing organs you need to make that final, hard, stretch of the journey.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: UK general election 2015
« on: May 08, 2015, 07:06:50 am »
The Scottish result seems really good, I hope they act as a good opposition party.

I think they all followed that standard narrative in parallel.
Scarlet witch introduces the seeds of fear into all of the characters in pretty much the same scene and they all succumb, react to or over come those as the film goes on. Stark Ends up creating his worst fear and ultimately... gives it another attempt and gets it right?

Hulk and Black widow are both wrestling with being "monsters", the hulk eventually succumbs and runs, black widow reaffirms her want to change and stays.

Thors story is incomplete because it is largely foreshadowing and his story is the least progressed, he leaves to search the universe for answers.

Captain America's character didn't feel like it developed too far, his fears were the man-out-of-time all my friends  are dead isolation thing playing off his team falling apart around him, but I supposed he was acting as form of  grounding from a story telling point to accent the damage to the people around him.

Quicksilver and scarlett witch are the ol' villain turned hero trope, which is fine for an introduction, I'm interested to see what they do with her next.

Speaking of which, did you guys hear about the 9 year old who wrote a scathing review of the movie for Esquire, which made the adult geek boys froth at the mouth?  It's sort of chuckalicious.

Hehe, my little brother said a lot of the same, he didn't like Guardians or the avengers because the Jokes were too cheesy, which makes me wonder if they are truly aimed at children or thirty something year old manchildren like me in the throws of arrested development.

It's for the kiddies!

I know I know, but they probably its a similar consoling that they use.

That said, I would love to see a R Rated Black Widow film, they were able to do it for Daredevil and he'll probably crop up at some point in one of the others films.

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