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Bring and Brag / Re: WEIRDOVERSE
« on: Yesterday at 07:59:20 am »
I remember Ellis writing a blog series in part on Jack Kirby's screaming robot head, is this a reference?

UK fails to Negotiate with itself, delays negotiation with remaining 26 nations.


DUP trying to extort 2 Billion to prop up government. This probably comes as a surprise to many in the UK unfamiliar with the DUP, we've had to put up with these morons for years.

The next step is the Tories refuse and the DUP accuse the Tories of not supporting the people of Northern Ireland and treating unionists as second class citizens, if not going full idiocy and accusing the Tories of being disgusting Catholic Taigs undermining the Empire.

I can't tell you, Faust, how happy it makes me to see you're still using my graphics for your icon.
At first I used it as a joke, but I have grown fond of it, it is your art though so I should ask if it's ok?

Discordianism is the appreciation of chaos, not always an excuse to seek it out.

Chaos in the face of overwhelming order, yes. Things, however, are not in order. Struggle for chaos now is not warranted.

In the face of overwhelming chaos, the Discordian has no choice but to be uncharacteristically orderly... but not at all times.

My Discordia is that we are always in a natural state of chaos, our culture is tulmut, it is a complementary reflection of the perfectly ordered universe, that has always been ordered, will always be ordered.  Whether you act orderly or disorderly matters not.

I would also disagree that we are in a time of overwhelming chaos, we are in a time of overwhelming confusion, it appears chaotic, where opportunist politicians use that to their advantage, they are the greyface, and though their actions now seem chaotic,they have a grim and predictable outcome

That was their old motto, before the DUP, now its "turning and turning in widening gyre, The centre cannot hold"

I wonder is it that the DUP think they can make a list of demands before they form a government.
What happens if no one party can get the majority even through negotiating with another party, does it go up for election again?

SF are perfectly happy now, all they need to do is say very little and every move the DUP make will make them look better. They aren't interested in putting Corbyn in power unless it guarantees them a United Ireland, which could actually be less in the forefront of everyone’s mind if they were to take up their seats, they would look weak, pleading for something that shouldn’t need to be asked for.

In this position, they stand to gain the most, look at the DUP, they expect post Brexit they will get the same funding, most of the north is wondering that. It only takes the loyalist agricultural community (already pissed off over the co-op meat issue), who are heavily propped up by the EU to lose faith that England will protect their interests and a vote on re-joining the Republic will start seeming like an eventuality.

I'll be honest here, I would love to see a United Ireland within my lifetime. I know that seems stupid considering its a money pit, that its saddled with fringe nationalist lunatics on both sides of the scale, I think it’s the only road to lasting peace, and for yourselves over in the UK, these bizarre purgatorial situations are less likely to happen

SF are right in that a rule in westminster (should a government fail to be formed in NI) means indirect rule by the DUP which contravenes the good friday agreement and powersharing. However that is only because of their policy of Absenteeism. Considering we have SF in the Republic too, I unfortunatly cant blame the DUP for entering a partnership they are allowed to do.

The absenteeism leads to a bit of an impass; If SF were to have equal representation, they would need to take up their seats and the tories would have to take both parties in, such a goverment would likely last about a day before the countries are going to the polls again. The alternative is the rainbow party of SF putting Corbyn in power, in which case everyone gets what they want:
Votes on independence in Scottland and Northern Ireland, nuclear disarmerment, whatever the hell the lib dems want and of course, another referrendum on brexit to potentially hault that problem.

I don't envy the UK right now, but at the very least it might raise awareness of Northern Ireland, and for once its the DUP getting accused of terrorism from their masters which is hilarous.

We're progressive here on the forum, we are unhappy with the gender binary so we will in the coming months change it to the gender mono. All are one in Discordia.


The DUP’s ‘price’ for propping up a new Conservative government will include a promise that there would be no post-Brexit special status for Northern Ireland, the party’s leader in Westminster has confirmed.
Nigel Dodds, re-elected as North Belfast MP, said that among their preconditions would be an insistence that there was no separate deal that would effectively keep the region with one foot still inside the EU
The DUP fears that special status after Brexit – a key demand of Sinn Féin – would de-couple Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.

Decades of the peace process, thrown away like that. This is were it starts getting really ugly. If a border gets put in, expect a return to violence.

Waterford Whispers news on the ball again:
Tories To Make Deal With DUP After Satan Pulls Out

SF wont take up their seats, that would give legitimacy to English Rule, and recognising the queen, which they still refute. However I bet the offer of a SNP, labour lib dem sf schizolition would have been tempting.

They refused to for the Brexit vote in Parliament and that would have been an even better opportunity.

However having the DUP having any say in matters in the UK... Would have been better off with the schizolition.

And meanwhile the clock continues to tick. Strong and stable results this evening. An outright loss would have been better for her historically, rejected outright by the populace would have in a way decisevely got her off the hook instead of this halfhearted effort.

That's true actually, in fact trying to protect inefficient practices or obsolete products at the expense of innovation... Trump is the villain of an Ayn Rand novel, he is literally the enemy of John Galt

Millenials killed soap, for fucks sake.

I had to Google "Millennials killed" to see what popped up, and holy shit, as far as I can tell, Millennials are just ruining the shit out of just about everything.

Not economic conditions or a changing information landscape. Nope, Millennials are specifically and personally killing all the things.

Hey, Business Insider says it's our preferences, so it MUST be so! But at least it's the Baby Boomers' fault.

I LOVE that not spending money on frivolous consumer goods has been re-labeled "destructive spending habits". Boomers pioneered actually destructive spending habits in a gluttony of consumerism that literally threatens the future of life on  this planet, but Millennials just not buying shit is "destructive".
 :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:

"Business Insider" knows its target demographic.  And it ain't the kids.
Even from a business point of view, if the demand is isn't there, the problem isn't with the consumer. Then again if the article was "your media is obsolete, there is no demand for your product", I can imagine it would have gone down like a lead balloon.

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