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Principia Discussion / The Roof
« on: August 16, 2007, 05:12:12 am »

Literate Chaotic / Re: Core Themes of Discordia
« on: August 16, 2007, 04:56:51 am »
oh that reminds me. Have you met Dr. Durden?

Paging Dr. Hunter S Durden

Literate Chaotic / Re: Core Themes of Discordia
« on: August 16, 2007, 01:44:35 am »
Also, where's the ole' Professor? I wanna know if i thinks QE and Lulz are actually themes of Disco, or just a side effect.

            Being THE AUTHORITY on Discordja,
           I'm glad you asked me that, Shinigami.

oh gawdess, just kidding :lulz:

Part of this thread has been examining what's "core" and what's not. Being an incredibly subjective religion, all we have is what we can all agree on. And I think pretty much All Discordians would agree Lulz are part of the "point".

As for the Quintuple Entendre, yeah too. I think confusing games which play with meaning are a pretty Discordian practice. To me. Everyday pedestrian reality is filled with assumptions, and I think it's good work to shake them up now and then.

Here's one of mine:

When in very altered states, I enjoy a conversation game which is impossible to explain in text, much less demonstrate (I'm also breaking a major rule by explaining it straight out). But the basic gist is that as you're speaking, you make abrupt changes of subject, embark on tangents mid sentence, contradict yourself, and then make a completely unrelated point. As the conversation goes on, relate back to previous points to make it sound like there's some grand conclusion you're leading up to. The object is sort of
A) make your listener follow what you're trying to say
B) get them to realize the nature of the game you're playing - without explaining it
C) *bonus points* turn it around on you

I had one guy hanging on my every word as I explained how quantum physics and history are the exact same discipline - and the Muppet Show's recurring themes were actually a cultural replication of Schr??dinger's cat experiment - and that we only perceive things because of the illusion of time - and all sorts of bizarre cutups like that. The trick here is to mix in some actual sense with it so it seems somewhat coherent. (I think we called this the Buffer Overload technique?)

Finally he interrupted me and tried to clarify. After a long diatribe, he finished with something like, "So essentially you're saying that any given particle is the size of an eon." I said, "No, an eon is a unit of time, not space." "No, they're both subjective." Is that what we were really talking about? Jesus... as I wrapped my brain around what he was trying to communicate, I realized he HAD me - I had fallen for his verbal trolling and was trying to make sense out of the gibberish he was saying. It literally knocked me on my ass laughing.

Bring and Brag / Re: RWHN's Pun House
« on: August 15, 2007, 10:09:00 pm »

here's a version of that with the stockphoto watermark mostly WOMP'd out

Bring and Brag / Re: RWHN's Pun House
« on: August 15, 2007, 08:58:18 pm »

(repost 'cause on second thought it belonged here anyway)

Principia Discussion / Re: Best Music For Sex
« on: August 15, 2007, 08:57:41 pm »

Found a blog entry which may be interesting to you jerks. It's quite reminiscent of the Black Iron Prison metaphor.  X-Posted from here.

I DID NOT WRITE THIS. If it's tl;dr, then don't read it.  :p

Unplugging the Matrix: Generate Your Own Reality

Sooner or later the intelligent human mind realizes that reality is an illusion. This operates on many levels: perceptual, historical, political, molecular, spiritual. Depending on knowledge, circumstances and belief system é─ý our reality tunnel é─ý we will each have a preferred method and subject of investigation. The scientifically inclined may turn to quantum physics, string theory and holography for answers. The religious temperament may begin to unravel the outer allegories of their sacred texts to get to the inner mysteries of true enlightenment. The social historian may realize that realpolitik, the private military-industrial complex and supra-national globalist agendas influence world affairs more than any seemingly democratic government. In the end however, all roads lead to the same destination: pretty much everything around us is not the way we thought it was.

This epiphany is nothing new. The sages of old, the philosophers, scientists and mystics were aware of this thousands of years ago. Much of their knowledge was handed down and recorded for the benefit of successive generations, but as the sands of time blow across the ages, things can get obscured, lost and even forgotten. Changes to Earth and its ecosystem can further bury mané─˘s knowledge so it appears as if it were never there in the first place. But inevitably, some inquisitive mind will come along and rediscover the ancient wisdom for himself, and upon the quest, will realize that his attainment is indeed an unearthing rather than an original creation. It is a remembrance.

One fundamental principle of the illusion is the false impression of separation; the idea that we are somehow separate from the material things in our world. This is still the foundation for much of our thinking today. Well to distil a thousand learned books into one comment: we are not separate. At the deepest level everything is connected to everything else. Quantum physicist David Bohm (1917-1992) postulated that the ultimate nature of physical reality is not a collection of separate objects (as it appears), but rather it is an undivided whole that is in perpetual dynamic flux. Bohm was reinterpreting ancient knowledge and translating it into a modern quantum vocabulary. This was his remembrance: é─˙at a deeper level [matter and consciousness] are actually inseparable and interwovené─Â Deep down the consciousness of mankind is one.é─¨ We are not separate from the things in our world and we are not separate from each other. Bohm called this gigantic flow of energy and consciousness the holomovement.

Within this paradigm, neurophysiologist Karl Pribram suggests that our most fundamental notions about reality become suspect, for in a holographic universe, even random events are based on holographic principles and therefore determined. Synchronicities or meaningful coincidences suddenly makes sense, and everything in reality is seen as a metaphor, for even the most haphazard events express some underlying symmetry. As Pribram himself summarized: é─˙the descriptions you get with spiritual experiences seem to parallel the descriptions of quantum physics.é─¨

The Holomovement

You may be familiar with the holodeck from Star Trek. This is in fact, a mini implementation of Bohmé─˘s holomovement concept. According to the Star Trek Technical Manual, the holodeck is an enclosed room in which objects and people are simulated by a combination of replicated matter animated with weak tractor beams, as well as shaped force fields onto which holographic images are projected. Sounds and smells are simulated by speakers and fragranced fluid atomizers, respectively. The feel of a large environment is simulated by suspending the participants on force fields which move with their feet, keeping them in one place (a virtual treadmill). Perspective is retained through use of sound damping fields and graviton lenses, which make objects, people, and sounds appear to be more distant. The effect is an ultra-realistic simulation of an environment, with which the user can interact.

Wow. Wouldné─˘t you just love your own holodeck? Well, youé─˘ve got one. And youé─˘re already in it. It is the holomovement. Bigger and better than the holodeck. However, both systems do have one very important thing in common: they require a program to function. Without a program, they doné─˘t work. There is only a blank nothingness. No program - no holodeck. And this is where we get to the crux of the matter.

We program the holomovement with our consciousness. Consciousness is the software behind everything. It follows then that if we create the holomovement, and the holomovement constitutes everything (all objects, places and people), then we co-create the entire universe, probably with many other beings and entities. What we call the soul is our little unit of consciousness that we get to work with. Sometimes we incarnate it on different planets and in different individuals. We call them lifetimes, people or experiences. When a 3D manifest experience is complete, the soul travels to a new destination. It is a constantly evolving piece of consciousness, indestructible and eternal. This is one of the great secrets of mankind.

Moreover, we can detect within the holomovement, evidence of a super-soul; an awesome quality of consciousness with an ancient evolutionary path that has existed for billions of years. This super-soul is responsible for nurturing and guiding the substructure of the holomovement and all the souls within it. Many refer to this entity as God. It is this super-soul that authored the holomovement programming language itself. It is my belief that God wants us to go through the holomovement, exploring, creating, enjoying and charting it.

A Virus In The System

When we doné─˘t realize that we are generating our own reality, our contribution to the holomovement is negligible. The reality field that we generate is weak. We feel unimportant and at the mercy of the worldé─˘s ominous, random and wholly impersonal events. We have no control.

Even in this unnatural state, our consciousness (our dream as the Australian aboriginals call it) is still programming the holomovement; we are still generating reality. The difference is that the contents of our subconscious and unconscious mind (so easily influenced by external forces) are more literally translated into what we create. What we see through the TV screen we actually program and manifest into reality. Without real mindfulness of our creativity, we simply serve as conduits for the programming instructions we get from the Control System outlets é─ý the TV, the media, the education system, the government and society as a whole. This is the virus that has crept into our section of the holomovement and is infecting our minds. It has contaminated most of the people on earth and corrupted their hard disk, causing them to forget their own infinite, independent, divine power. And sadly, the virus was released intentionally.

The creators of the virus have been around for millennia. They have remained well hidden and used third party agents to do their dirty work. Today we know their agents as The Globalists, The New World Order, The Illuminati, The Imperial Elitists etc. Whatever your prefer. All of them stretch back into antiquity in one form or another. Basic study consistently establishes that they have two main operational arms: the global political arm (Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Rockefeller Foundation, Club Of Rome, Tavistock Institute etc), and the secret fraternal arm (Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, Knights Of Malta, Knights Of Columbus, Rosicrucians etc). Information on these organizations is freely available to the reader for their own study. For now, in short, we may reasonably say of the fraternal societies that they are ancient, widespread and exceedingly influential in world affairs.

I have come to refer collectively to these groups and their methods of dominion as the Control System. This focuses the mind on the matter in hand and avoids any obscure cross referencing or unintentional intimations.

Unveiling The Control System

Naturally, the enquiring researcheré─˘s studies will turn to specific events and mechanisms orchestrated by the Control System to provide the requisite level of evidence to substantiate the astonishing idea that our world is controlled by highly unpleasant forces. The initial shock that the government is most certainly not your friend, is actually one of the worst along the whole journey. Indeed it is here, at this crucible of realization, that most fail the preliminary test and instead opt out to follow a path of comfortable diversion.

For those resolute souls who forge ahead, deep study of the Control System leads to an even more profound unveiling. It becomes clear that even the Control System itself is merely camouflage to obscure a grander and much older strategy: what we now know as é─˛the virus in the holomovementé─˘. The awesome magnitude of this strategy, once conceived, indicates a total unlearning of all official personal, national, human and planetary history. The resultant cognitive dissonance at this point will stretch the researcheré─˘s belief system to its limits. Even those who have fully unraveled a mysterious event that proves government complicity in some terrible act of violence, will be tempted to simply re-examine another aspect of the Control System. Find another project to pour themselves into. Better to be consumed in their own study than face the prospect of a total rebuilding of their personal belief system from the ground up. Thaté─˘s a hard thing to do.

The Sleeper Must Awaken

You can only examine the Control System for so long. You can only investigate the inside jobs and the setups so many times. Yeah. They perpetrate this stuff all the time and the game has been rigged from the very beginning. So where are you going? Whaté─˘s next? Sooner or later we must face up to our own spiritual and metaphysical reality. This is the real destination. Only from here can we begin to dismantle their power structures. It is time to get spiritual. It is time to suspend your belief system while you download a major upgrade.

We are infinite. We create reality.

Without true knowledge and internalization of this information, the Control System successfully manufactures reality for us by controlling our consciousness, our dream, our imagination. If the human consciousness is manipulated through fear-based and trauma-based systems (entrenched in our media, entertainment and news broadcasts) then the Control System can implant a reality of its own that keeps us self-limiting and passive. We are not required to be actively creative in their reality. We are just cabling for their network.

But something is changing at a fundamental level. It is accelerating events. Something that was predicted a long time ago. A natural spiritual awakening is occurring planet wide, as our galaxy moves back toward the galactic core where ité─˘s unique frequencies begin to vibrate at higher levels. More and more people are waking up to their own spiritual potential and divine human identity. We do not need anyone elseé─˘s programming. The year 2012 marks a key energetic crossroads where a quantum leap in human awareness and a polarization of belief systems is likely. The Control System is well aware of this and is pulling out all the stops to consolidate its authority. Massive fear-based control events are planned - alien landings, plague, comet, world war, economic collapse. All attempting to nail down human consciousness and make it incapable of shaping its own destiny.

The Control System has one major disadvantage though: it does not possess something very important that we all have. Something very special and possibly rather rare in the universe.... what is this thing? It is our divine spark, our piece of the super-soul, our lineage to God. Did David Bohm feel this when he said: é─˙in some sense man is a microcosm of the universe; therefore what man is, is a clue to the universe. We are enfolded in the universe.é─¨

We must start generating our own reality again. Begin programming the holomovement with our ideas, our love, our intent and our infinite creativity.

The Control Systemé─˘s holomovement virus is weak. It is dependent on our ignorance and disbelief for it to function properly. Awareness of its very existence begins to instantly erode it. Full comprehension of our own creative consciousness attacks the virus. When we begin to generate our own powerful reality fields again, the virus is eliminated. So we must get natural. No more implanted reality. No more Control System programming. We generate our own reality from now on.

Or Kill Me / Re: Apologetics--What a Crock of SHIT
« on: August 15, 2007, 03:31:58 pm »
interesting rant. Some context would be helpful in commentary though.

And what Discordians want their fluffy-ass lives back? Discord isn't about comfort! MAYBE its about finding serenity in cacophony, but I always thought Discordans prized restlessness over complacency.

It's like Taoists say - once you find the path, you'll always be on the path. Discord's the same way. Over the last decade I've embraced a number of different versions and incarnations of Discordia. I've found myself so far estranged and displaced from the norm that the norm looks crazy to me. But I don't want to go back, no matter how STUPID all of this is.  :p

Hail yes.

Principia Discussion / Re: Best Music For Sex
« on: August 14, 2007, 08:01:55 pm »
I just want to say that I spent about 10 minutes trying to make LOLCANCERPATIENTS.

and even I could not do it

Literate Chaotic / Re: Noodle's Nutty Nonsense
« on: August 14, 2007, 05:13:28 pm »
Is France's Bacon okay?

*audible groan*


*heads over to the Open Tavern for a healing spell*

« on: August 14, 2007, 05:11:55 pm »
Is it worse to go on a shooting spree while stoned, drunk, or sober?

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Difficult Choices!
« on: August 13, 2007, 11:26:01 pm »
Visual aid please

Discordian Recipes / Re: Pie or Cake?
« on: August 13, 2007, 07:08:09 pm »
STFU you cakefucker.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Anatomy of a Meme
« on: August 13, 2007, 05:46:59 pm »
I've started a ritual which gets used surprisingly often among many stoners (surprised sometimes when I see it happen). It's basically a rip off of a sect of Hindu (the Saddhus). When they smoke, they call out "Bhangi Bhangi Bhangi" as an invocation to Shiva (The God of Bhang). This also alerts anyone who would like to join the ritual of communing with Shiva, using a Chillum of bhang. Afterward, they anoint their third eye with ash from the bowl and intone a call to Shiva. I mutated this slightly and when meeting a new dealer was surprised to see him do the same ritual. I asked about it feigning ignorance and he said "Someone showed me that the other day, its from some ancient ritual for pot and supposed to bring good luck" Maybe the instances are unrelated, I can't say. However, I have many hippie friends and quite a number of them have adopted my little rituals. Have they spread beyond my circle of friends... well I'd like to think so.

That's really cool. I think stoners are really susceptible to these sorts of ritualized behavior memes.

Back in high school, before I knew what a meme was, I tried to get a fad started that when a fire alarm went off, everyone would immediately stand up and dance ridiculously to the rhythm. All it took was cueing the two coolest kids in the class and the rest of the class would follow. I was tickled pink to later see fire-alarm dances break out when I didn't start them.

The anatomy of that meme:
-reward for participation: dancing to fire alarms is fun
-it's so simple you don't even need to explain it
-if the cool kids do it, you're cool for doing it
-participating in the meme advertises the meme to others

Apple Talk / Re: WOMP-ertainment
« on: August 13, 2007, 05:29:06 pm »

*BUMP*ed because Izzo posted this at the end of a page and I don't think anyone saw it

My Gawd AKK is such a great scapegoat for these things
it almost makes me wish he'd show up again


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