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Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Anatomy of a Meme
« on: July 31, 2007, 09:01:54 pm »
no, but I'm a fan of Hine. Do tell.

Or Kill Me / Re: The Spiritual Fridge is Full of Leftovers
« on: July 31, 2007, 05:35:15 pm »

that's a pretty good ending actually

Or Kill Me / The Spiritual Fridge is Full of Leftovers
« on: July 31, 2007, 04:49:25 pm »
I felt hungry
But not hungry for food.I was spirit hungry, soul hungry.

It was midnight. Wearing naught but a bathrobe and a five o'clock shadow, I opened the spiritual fridge and squinted in its its fluorescent glow. My nipples hardened at the chill.


There was some glazed and oversweet Christmas Ham taking up most of the fridge. I had gotten sick of it but couldn't bear to throw it away. Pushing it aside, I spotted some wafers from the tenth century. Blech.

On the next shelf there were some Chakras sealed away in tupperware. Kind of weird, and I didn't really want to get into them. I had ordered them from this Indian place as an experiment, but they didn't really suit me.

Maybe a glass of wine would help me sleep? Eh, all I had was some manischewitz - also too sweet for my taste. I was lost in the fridge, not the desert. My toes were gripping lenolium, not hot sand and sharp rocks.

Hungry for substance, meaning. Hungry for something fulfilling and worthwhile. Something that would taste good but not leave me feeling guilty.

Something was mummified in plastic wrap. I unwrapped it and sniffed. Ancient. Smelled like it would have been tasty thousands of years ago, but it had gone bad. The modern palette has trouble reconciling this old fashioned stuff.

There was a lot of condiments, but nothing substantial. Fire and brimstone goes well with anything. There were some preservatives like mysticism and dogma. Some cooks think Eternal Rewards should be applied generously to any dish. Personally, I think they're best used in moderation.

The freezer wasn't much better. What wasn't overcooked to begin with was scorched by freezer burn.

Sometimes I like complicated, rich dishes. Sometimes I want simple, minimalist affairs. Maybe I could make a gumbo from all the stuff in here. But somehow I didn't think all those tastes would get along well.

What else was in here? Soda, but that wouldn't help me sleep. Some sort of sacrifice, but that wouldn't fill me up. Butter. Cheap beer - hey, beer might be a good start!

I was sick of take-out. And no one delivers this late anyway. The spiritual fridge is full of fast food, condiments, and leftovers.

My eyes drifted to the dusty cookbook lying on top of the fridge next to the phone book. If I wasn't so tired, maybe I'd cook something. Maybe after a beer or two. I wondered if anything good was on TV.

I yawned. I picked my nose. Hmm, in fact, didn't taste bad at all. As I opened my beer, I shut the fridge. The kitchen was dark again.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: The Black Iron Prison - v2
« on: July 31, 2007, 03:21:56 pm »

Submitted for your approval:
The Black Iron Prison
in glorious 8.5 x 11 inch format
for ease of reading
tight-ass 6x4 inch booklet format
for memetic distribution
with 400 magnificent dots per inch.

8.5 x 11 inch format - for ease of reading
booklet format - for ease of distribution
.doc format - because all this shit is opensource kopyleft doityourself anyway

here's some oldskool wompage

I don't remember what this was about. And oddly enough I didn't notice the fishing pole in Uncle Sam's hand until the day after. Or that his hand is upside down.

I think these are from the I'd Hit It thread

I also don't remember why Paul Daniels and TGRR are the same person.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: The Black Iron Prison - v2
« on: July 30, 2007, 07:19:00 pm »
What version of Word did you use to make this, Prof?

I'm using Word 2003.

I'm getting a whole intertruk of weirdness concerning this file. When I saved the file it came down as "LOLLERCAUST.doc" then I made the .pdf from that. The formatting is a bit odd too. Why 6"x4"? Trying to force that much text per page is going to make a 6"x4" booklet barely readable.

Yeah I thought so too at first. If I recall correctly, the 6x4 template was installed on work computers for booklet printing. Or I tinkered with an existing template until it looked right. I agree that the pages are a bit crowded, but I tried to strike a balance - without cutting down any of the content (IMO some of these pieces run a bit long for a publication like this), it was either cram the pages full or release a 60 page booklet.

On my printer it looks fine. To me. In fact, I was surprised at how readable it is despite its size.

.. and this is why you shouldn't try and do any serious formatting with crappy applications such as MS Word

I wholly agree. I wish MS Word's formatting procedures were a human being because then I could track him down and strangle the life out of him.

I cannot describe the constant headache that this formatting engendered.

But here at work, I only have access to crap (hence MS Paint and not GIMP or photoshop).

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: The Black Iron Prison - v2
« on: July 30, 2007, 05:08:51 pm »
other thing, i think the watermarks need to be still lighter. maybe i'm used to print on printers with a too dark gamma (or maybe i'm looking at it wrong, cause i haven't worked with print yet from previews on my new-ish LCD monitor)

sure - can you clarify which watermarks?

other last-minute change - in the shuffle my .doc named LMNO's piece "fuurther explorations", but it will be changed to "further". I'll reupload the .doc when the watermarks are fixed.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: The Black Iron Prison - v2
« on: July 30, 2007, 05:06:37 pm »
Yeah - hm, I'm not getting the page spill on my .doc, but I'm getting it in Syn's PDF. I think its because the page frame got changed somehow into that shadowbox thing. When you guys view my .doc, do you see it as a 36 or 52 page document? (should be 36, with no page overflow)

also, why is it called lollercaust.pdf? Lollercaust is a different project/product.

I can scan it into PDF (the printers at work RULE) but it'll be an image scan - so you won't be able to highlight or copy text.

IIRC The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test printed it as Fuurther, but I've seen a photograph of the bus with just "Further"

I do like Fuurther though. It's sort of like pushing even further than further. like typing you as yuo, draws attention to the word without being obscure.


Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: The Black Iron Prison - v2
« on: July 30, 2007, 04:10:06 pm »
and on that note:

TA DA!!!
I would call this "finished".

I'm not sure how to dump this into a PDF
can anyone here hook us up?

mittans to you LMNO. I think this cleans up the previous essay quite nicely. It also clarifies what we mean here about reality. I like how it explains the metaphor concretely without beating around the bush.

As a side anecdote... for space reasons I was thinking of truncating the title to Further explorations, and then I recalled that the Ken Kesey's bus had a sign on the front which read Further. Or maybe it was Fuurther, with two Us like that. So I googled that phrase to find a clarification and got the following book:

maybe it's because I'm only skimming, and the Law of Fives, but some of this stuff fits our project with a note of synchronicity. Check it out:

Code: [Select]
Delusion 1

Calamity sounds.

Trust lies sweetly in a phantom of recognition.

Wayward souls & death-house tolls,

      lost innocence out of control.

Bastards name the hopes of game,

      leaving nameless faces to place the blame.

Wander still & be happy, é─˛cause spring is different than winter, & a corner holds your dream,

      & dangles your hope to fall & splinter.

Doné─˘t care & waste space,

      but take happiness, love, bliss & beatitude,

            & wrap them into soft beds

                  & lie in luxury.

Pimerreals, bustomens, words that doné─˘t exist.

      The print of life that binds you

            dried up in the mist.

Faintful accuracy aimed at the good guys of the universe.

Another humorous anecdote disguised as a housewarming mitten.

anyway, don't mean to derail, but I thought that was cute.

This revision of the essay added a bit in length, so I've shrunk it down a font step to fit on two pages.  anyhow, I think it's sound.



Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Difficult Choices!
« on: July 27, 2007, 04:03:14 am »
Avast ye got me there - you're right, it was '71.  :p

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