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Just made this

I got 38

WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH TWEETY BIRD? I seriously do not understand why truck owners obsess over him.

Propaganda Depository / Re: Half-page images
« on: March 31, 2016, 06:43:45 pm »
Woah I love that!

heh, if you think the sexual revolution is complete try having a sexuality that is outside the norm.

not saying it's complete - I'm saying that how we talked about it in the late 70s might not be as powerful anymore.

On a similar note, in Illuminatus, one of the big plot points is about breaking down the societal barriers between the races and accepting interracial relationships as okay. Today in 2016, racism sure isn't over, but the idea of a white guy dating a black girl isn't as revolutionary today as it was in '77. So if we were pitching it at a 2016 audience, maybe we'd say it differently.

The broader question is - is there anything that Discordia can give us that we can't get from another source that maybe said it better? That's the lifeblood of Discordia - not continuing the revolution that Mal and Omar lived through, but figuring out what we all need Today in 2016.

I swear to god, a coworker just stopped by my desk with a plate of orange slices and said "Here, help yourself" and I reflexively made a snarly noise. Is she reading this forum or something? what the fuck

TrumpScript™ – Making Python Great Again!

 :lulz: :lulz:

-No floating point numbers, only integers. America never does anything halfway.
-All numbers must be strictly greater than 1 million. The small stuff is inconsequential to us.
-There are no import statements allowed. All code has to be home-grown and Amerian made.
-Instead of "True" and "False," we have "fact" and "lie"
-Only the most popular English words, Drumpf's favorite words, and current politician names can be used as variable names.
-Error messages are mostly quotes directly taken from Drumpf himself.
-All programs must end with "America is great."
-Our language will automatically correct Forbes' $4.5B to $10B
-In it's raw form, TrumpScript is not compatible with Windows, because Drumpf isn't the type of guy to believe in PC
-The language is completely case insensitive

Or Kill Me / Re: God told me to skin you alive[edit]
« on: March 29, 2016, 07:44:08 pm »
I missed you, Sepia.

You have a way of coalescing these ephemeral moments and emotions.. dreamlike. Then the last sentence sharpens the focus, like emerging from a daydream.

Propaganda Depository / Re: Found an old project
« on: March 29, 2016, 07:21:23 pm »
That's awesome - I love the style you were going for, with the -- what would you call it -- ransom-cut-up-style lettering? inconsistencies in type and alignment.. it has a certain Wabi-sabi


Huuurrrrrrk, yeah, that's the stuff

This was an extremely surreal thread for me.

Now that it's a few years out, I feel like I can talk straight about it.

I had developed this Pterodactyl Handler character as a way to poke the "gaptoothed barefooted mud fondlers" at It started off as this, like, comedy routine. And over the course of several years, he grew more and more fleshed out & real to me. (maybe more 'real' isn't the right word -- more coherent) Eventually I could feel the Pterodactyl Handler in the back of my head, going BIKAAAW, impatiently scraping the earth with this claw-feet.

And there came a recognition that Cramulus was a similar construct - a certain mix of ideas and attitudes I'd been brewing here for a long time. And these two personalities, Cram and the Pterodactyl Handler, had developed in reaction to one another, had become polarized.

It's kind of like - there's a certain (I don't know how to put it) trance you go into when you're playing a character - in acting, RPGs, whatever. You can feel that person inside your head. And in my case, these two people were in conflict.  For me, the 'trance states' of PD and were anathema to one another.

And when I made this thread, it was because people from TCC were coming to All of the sudden I was relating to them from the Cramulus headspace instead of the Pterodactyl Handler headspace. And it felt weird. Uncomfortable. It was the definition of cognitive dissonance.

And the third character, the OP, was kind of my attempt to step away from both of them. I guess I'm like half the people in this thread. Years later, this still sticks out to me as an extremely weird time.

Propaganda Depository / Re: Strange Times Pamphlet
« on: March 29, 2016, 04:37:30 pm »
Love it!

in other weird news, The Strange Times is being published/printed by a Turkish fashion magazine. I'm still not sure what to make of that.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm probably living in an information bubble. My facebook and tumblr feed are filled with progressive memes which make a silly caricature out of the conservatives and libertarians.

The other day, a libertarian friend* popped the bubble by posting a riff on the "Jesus is a socialist" meme...

*this guy is a small-gov libertarian who is employed by the TSA... wrap your head around that one

It made me curious to see some conservative/libertarian image-memes or political cartoons which are caricatures of great left-wing stuff I agree with.

What can you find?

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