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Or Kill Me / You're not conscious
« on: March 17, 2017, 06:13:37 pm »
I hate to break it to you, but you're not conscious. You're just running a program. Your habitual mind is driving your meat machine. Your reactions are mechanical. You are running on autopilot. You are a script in human form.

There's a part of your mind which can become conscious, but it's too much work for you. It might open an eye for a moment, learn something, make a decision, but then it goes back to sleep. The autopilot is in charge.

Your mind is a mansion. But you? You spend 95% of your life jerking off in the basement. You didn't even know there was an attic. Can you even find the way there?

Your mind is a crowd. The party is buzzing and everybody's doing their own thing. But you? You're in the corner on your phone.

Your mind is a like a menu with 300 possible things to order, but you? You order the same meal every night.

Your mind is an anarchist commune. It has no leader. It resists leadership and coordination. But you? You couldn't lead them if you tried. If you were a real self, you could coordinate the collective and accomplish something. But you can't do it, so you let them lay around and talk shit all day.

And every time you start to wake up, when you begin to move from that comfortable spot you've been resting in for so long, you get distracted. Something else pops up, and you forget. Your habitual mind is overbearing, every moment of the day it's bullying the lazy conscious mind into the background. Your habitual mind doesn't want to be examined. It doesn't want to be resisted. And it's stronger than your conscious mind, so it wins every time.

And even now, as you read these words, your habitual mind is revving the robot's engine. Don't you have an update to check? Isn't there something else you're supposed to be doing? These words are boring, and there are too many of them. And it doesn't even apply to you, because you're conscious. Other people walk around on autopilot, but not you. Right?

For TWJ: 100% of the time, this guy cheers me up

I'm glad you're okay. Please don't go to that place. How you're feeling right now isn't permanent; things will get better.

If you ever want to chat, vent, etc, swing by #discord.
I appreciate the offer. Does #discord mean the IRC or something? I'm not exactly hep to the techno slang. If it is IRC do you know of a decent client app for android?

Yeah during the 9-5 hours I'm in the IRC channel called #discord. The easiest way to find it is here:

Android clients.... there's -
- androirc, but it's shit
- andchat, but it's outdated

I'm glad you're okay. Please don't go to that place. How you're feeling right now isn't permanent; things will get better.

If you ever want to chat, vent, etc, swing by #discord.

RPG Ghetto / Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« on: March 16, 2017, 02:13:37 pm »

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Post-Irony (& The New Sincerity)
« on: March 16, 2017, 03:44:21 am »
mmmm no

Hey PD, I'm not dead. I'm not on the internet a whole lot and that's working for me.

Hope you cats are doing well.  :)

                  MY CATS??
                  MY CATS
              ARE TRYING
               TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!

RPG Ghetto / HONEY HEIST: a free 1-page RPG
« on: March 15, 2017, 12:58:52 pm »
In HONEY HEIST, you play a CRIMINAL BEAR. You have two stats: CRIMINAL and BEAR

Link to full size image

the guy's website

RPG Ghetto / Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« on: March 15, 2017, 12:55:02 pm »
Just saw the Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer trailer.  Looks promising.  As I'm sure you all know, I played the shit out of Mass Effect 3's multiplayer (over 2000 hours), and while it was simple, in comparison to say Battlefield or CoD, it had a certain amount of variety in weapons and characters that made it very replayable.  It looks like they've applied the same formula to Andromeda.  4 player co-op, shared XP, 10 waves of increasingly difficult battles against enemies, extra objectives on certain waves.  Also 25 characters, 5 maps and all the base weapons on launch (which appear to be the majority of weapons in Mass Effect possibly 40+ guns).

Once I get my hands on the demo tomorrow, I'll play the shit out of the MP and give further impressions.

Generally, I avoid multiplayer games in a big way. I take no joy from battling Internet strangers.

Me3 was different... just the fact that you were cooperating with random internet strangers instead of blowing them up.. it was a whole different culture. Really smart design.


Such a shame to see a good "let's check out the instant replay" moment go to waste

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Post-Irony (& The New Sincerity)
« on: March 14, 2017, 02:51:55 pm »
And in the interest of showing both sides of the conversation - this essay comes out against New Sincerity:

The thrust of the essay is that Wallace (who himself watched a shitload of bad TV, perhaps for ironic reasons) was writing in the mid 90s... at that moment, the self-aware, sardonic side of the Internet was just getting started.

We have multiple identities, multiple ways of relating to things. I am a little different on Tumblr than I am on Facebook than I am here on PD. This means we have multiple ways to ingest and contextualize That Cultural Stuff.

The essay argues that irony is a mode which reconciles our self-conflicted points of view. It's going to be an inherent part of a medium like the Internet. Wallace just didn't get it because “E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction,” was written in 1993.

The essay says that Irony is going to be an inherent part of a landscape like the Internet because of the way it builds multiple-relationships with the same material.

I will close with a link to MACINTOSH PLUS -

The reader is invited to consider whether Vaporwave music (like the above) is an ironic appreciation of muzak that you'd hear at a mall, or a genuine attempt to distill it into something good.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Post-Irony (& The New Sincerity)
« on: March 14, 2017, 02:35:50 pm »
It sounds like a flinch

regardless, it's part of this culture of engaging the thing using sarcasm and cynicism - to position yourself in this hip cool space floating above everything, untouchable, unaffected.

"Are you being sarcastic, dude?" / "I don't even know anymore."

Here's a David Foster Wallace quote which unpacks what we're talking about a bit more clearly:

“Irony and cynicism were just what the U.S. hypocrisy of the fifties and sixties called for. That’s what made the early postmodernists great artists. The great thing about irony is that it splits things apart, gets up above them so we can see the flaws and hypocrisies and duplicates. The virtuous always triumph? Ward Cleaver is the prototypical fifties father? "Sure." Sarcasm, parody, absurdism and irony are great ways to strip off stuff’s mask and show the unpleasant reality behind it. The problem is that once the rules of art are debunked, and once the unpleasant realities the irony diagnoses are revealed and diagnosed, "then" what do we do?

Irony’s useful for debunking illusions, but most of the illusion-debunking in the U.S. has now been done and redone. Once everybody knows that equality of opportunity is bunk and Mike Brady’s bunk and Just Say No is bunk, now what do we do? All we seem to want to do is keep ridiculing the stuff. Postmodern irony and cynicism’s become an end in itself, a measure of hip sophistication and literary savvy. Few artists dare to try to talk about ways of working toward redeeming what’s wrong, because they’ll look sentimental and naive to all the weary ironists. Irony’s gone from liberating to enslaving. There’s some great essay somewhere that has a line about irony being the song of the prisoner who’s come to love his cage.”

Aneristic Illusions / Re: The New America (x-posted from my blag)
« on: March 14, 2017, 02:24:16 pm »
It's good writing. I am having trouble coming up with a response to it. You've highlighted some shitty currents. You've contrasted your values with their values and explained why theirs suck. Where do we go from there?

Your premise is that freedom, justice, and equality are founding principles, and that the current right wing America doesn't really believe in them. It's interesting, you kinda position marriage equality and trans acceptance as being part of the "founding principles".

I'm not sure that's true, but regardless... the essay maybe doesn't land a hit for me because - you say it right in the first line - "30% and 40% of Americans no longer subscribe to this nation's founding principles"... me personally, I don't really care about the founding principles. I think we need 2017 principles. If some of the values I care about were in the bill of rights as intended by the founding fathers, that's cool, but incidental.

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