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Literate Chaotic / Re: The Death of the Vampire Trope
« on: Today at 09:19:37 am »
With regards to The Walking Dead, you indeed have not missed much.

Once the zombie threat becomes understood, there is nothing much where a story can go from there...except to rebuild civilization.  And that's just a bunch of messy "just-so" stories based around the prejudices and politics of the author.  Which is frequently boring.

I will say that the disparity between the walking dead TV show and comics couldn't be larger. It can be summed up that the TV show is about heroic characters with a show that focusses on Zombies.

While the Walking dead Comics have very little to do with zombies, instead it is the focus on a group of broken people who continue to lose what little humanity they have left.

The TV show squanders every emotional growth the comic gives them because they have to keep Rick as an identifiable paragon of manliness.

I don't want to go into it too much, all I can do is recommend the comic (and tell tale games) as a great character drama.

For those watching the TV show here is a big example; After the prisoner and the governor arc, the group come across a more "green" set of survivors, they are so mistrustful they don't even try to communicate with them, they just immediately butcher them in case they were a threat. Everything like this is whitewashed away for the show.

Literate Chaotic / Re: The Death of the Vampire Trope
« on: July 29, 2014, 09:19:01 am »
I predict vampires are making a comeback.

It's not just the strain now that I think of it, Penny Dreadful had an understated vampire plot that was overshadowing the season but played a very small role in the individual episodes.

It was like vampires were taboo for the entire time the twilight films were running but now it's ok for them to have a resurgence.

Literate Chaotic / Re: The Death of the Vampire Trope
« on: July 28, 2014, 02:04:32 pm »
I predict vampires are making a comeback.

The first episode was certainly good.

Oh sybillia, tell me which game of thrones character I am

Rob Stark

Oh sybillia, tell me which game of thrones character I am

When done properly, it is pretty delicious.  I mean, it's not bacon or anything, but it's certainly less bland than chicken or fish.

Boiled or plain roasted chicken is pretty unpleasant as well. It doesn't take much to make it nice though because its a neutral flavour, generally if I do chicken breast and I'm in a rush I just wrap it in tinfoil with thyme, oregano and pepper and it tastes pretty good then.

Haggis has an unfairly bad reputation, prepared properly theres no reason the meat wouldn't taste good, compared to the likes of lets say a turduken which to me is beyond saving.

Fresh haggis is fantastic.  Any other kind of haggis is an abomination.

Twid seems to be the only one ITT who has actually had haggis, and not some kind of offal abomination, because he knows it tastes spicy.  And that's because there is a ton of seasoning and spices already present in haggis.  Oatmeal, onions, nutmeg, sea salt, black pepper, parsley, thyme, sage and mace at minimum.
See when you put it like that it sounds tasty. My aunt made it once, it smelt disgusting but she didn't put in any of that.

I'm a weird food eater.  Love me some tripe.  Love me fish heads.  Love me livers, hearts, and chicken feet.

The reason I've given haggi a pass is that it's sold as "oatmeal and parts in stomach" which I hear as "coppery blandness with the texture of cat food" which simply doesnt appeal.

Are there spices or herbs of any kind used?

Black pepper. A metric shit ton of it.
I could eat a old tyre with enough black pepper.


would also like it to be noted at this point he was in fact stalked for a period of about two years by a member of this site and EB&G, which constituted a number of harassing personal communications.

Id forgotten about that, that's where the harassment rule came from wasn't it?


No Harassment of members or real life threats (This ban has been immediate following severity in the past)

It's rethorical at this point, but i felt that the racist and homophobic remarks counted as harrassment towards specific members, that's why I wanted a ban on him.

And you can't tell me it's a dick move on my part because im doing the white knight "person in power helps powerless minority" because I'm a minority myself and I was simply trying to express solidarity.

We've had cases of scumbag ex boyfriends stalking girl members on this site. Had them send threatening messages. Had one or two members threaten other members kids. Threats of violence come in pretty frequently. That's more what I meant by harassment but I'm sure it's a debatable point.

as well as the nature of the imagery.

Weltburger's Dick Graffiti is considered ART.
Its a genuine Banksy

Techmology and Scientism / Re: The Tech Forum
« on: July 16, 2014, 08:42:18 pm »
They should rename kickstarter and indiegogo to "Shut up and take my money!"

I'm almost tempted to shell out for a devkit just to frontend an eyeball on there. Pretty sure it'll happen without my help, tho.

The casual cynic would say that the AI in that demonstration is far too advanced and is staged.

The more enlightened individual realises the war has begun and this must be stopped whatever the cost.

There used to be a sticky with them, in the Meta-Forum.

I can't find it now, though....
I accidentally nuked the metaforum about a year ago when pruning its old threads (I clicked prune before entering an age date and it was set to 0)

So I've been looking around for forever trying to find a post that actually says what the rules are.  I mean, I figure that simply not being a complete asshat would be a safe way to play it, but out of curiosity could anybody point them out to me?

Ehm this mightn't be complete and might be explained better by the others:

These tend to result in a warning followed by a ban

No spamming -Links, walls of text or images or otherwise deliberately attempting to impede users from using the forum
No outing of Operation Mindfuck trolls, invasions or safaris
No Harassment of members or real life threats (This ban has been immediate following severity in the past)

And my personal rule:
Anything illegal or otherwise that could get me into trouble can result in immediate banning, account deletion and if it was something like posting child porn: Referral of details to the authorities

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Oh LOL
« on: July 15, 2014, 09:23:16 pm »
Relevant. Tumblr's "Dashcon" turned out to be a megashitshow.



Mother of god. How can it go so wrong? SA 4chan and reddit have been pulling them off for years with a lot less planning and smaller budgets.

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