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This last weekend, we had an email issue involving a few hundred Virtual Desktops. We submitted a high priority ticket to a resolver group along with a pager alert. After they bullshitted in a 500 dollar conference call, they decided to close the issue because we (The Service Desk) had a half-functional workaround. So we submitted a new shiny high priority ticket with more information on the issue, along with a blunt statement about the fact that it was going to drive call volume on Monday, and that it could be a potential disaster. The team kicks it back to us to resolve and says it's not their issue, and that it was determined that it was [Insert another team's name]'s issue during the 500 dollar conference call. Why they decided to leave that fact out when they originally closed the issue, I have no clue.

Either way, we open yet another high priority ticket (Wow, this is costing them a lot of money by this point) and send it over to the team that it was supposed to be with, with even more information. They took one glance at the ticket notes and called the EXAMPLE user with the issue, and closed the ticket on the basis that it was resolved for that person.

At this point, my team is risking dropping calls over this issue, so we're all pretty frustrated. So, we re-open the ticket right away, and send it back to them WITHOUT the pager that alerts the team of the ticket (It doesn't matter, they're supposed to be monitoring their queues anyways). Of course, it sits there the rest of the day without being touched. Not until Monday, anyways.

On the weekends, we don't have extremely high call volume, so I spent the time in between phone calls researching the issue. I ended up figuring out exactly what went wrong, and sent the solution to the team with the ticket. I also sent an email to my supervisors alerting them of what was going on, as well as a pre-setup email blast ready to be sent to MY team on how to deal with the calls.

As predicted, Monday rolls around, and my team gets SLAMMED with calls. They use my email blast, and things go a little smoother.
The guy who had the ticket breach (The agreed upon resolution time-frame for the high priority issue wasn't met) on his watch must've had his ass handed to him over it, because he was going back through 30 or so tickets, personally, to make sure that each person that was affected had their issue resolved.  :lulz:

Perfect timing for my conversion to a non-contractor employee status. Just a few more incidences where I resolve an issue that's thousands of dollars above my pay-grade and I'll have enough under my belt to bargain for a higher position right out of the gate. Good thing is, I usually do this very thing once a month or so. So I'm pretty stoked.

Kinda wonder if we work for the same company.

Atos? NSC Global?

Boss got a data logger unit, wasn't logging data.  Opened it and found a mostly empty box with a raspberry pi inside.

I just pictured a 90s cell phone looking contraption being opened up, and it's literally empty with a Ras-pi banging around in the case, not attached or connected to anything.

Nope, not Atos or NSC.

It looked like  beige box with some ports on the side, and a 90's cell antenna.  The pi was in a bracket to hold it in place.
We use the Pi for demoing kits, and you can use it quite well with some sensor modules with modbus/fieldbus. But its not a product for redistribution, there are issues with them on scale, its an amazing piece of kit, but it's a hobbiest tool.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: OOO
« on: August 09, 2016, 03:17:44 pm »
Global warming is a class model, its not an object in the sense that the class Environment does not contain an object Global warming, however it has a shit load of inheritance from lots of other functional-Ohmygodthisisstupid.

I find this a weird criticism of TNG. (Been rewatching them since they were added to netflix), while I agree that many episodes have the tech as a plot device to push the dramatic effect, the majority of the show is about exploration of various concepts from religion, politics, culture and history, to more complex themes about identity self image and sexuality with this blind optimism behind it.
Each episode follows a template format: a overarching story focusing on a member of the cast, this makes up the majority of the episode, and a ship wide threat which would fall into the technobabble category.

Science fiction is about exploring more then just technology, it would be very shallow if it did, and ironically those parts are the shallow part of the show.

In contrast, when looking at the later shows like voyager, the exploration of complex ideas takes a back seat and the body of the show is a drama set in space. I see his criticisms and would say that it is present in so much of science fiction on TV, but for the Next Gen I just dont see it.

Techmology and Scientism / Re: Futurism up for discussion.
« on: July 30, 2016, 02:09:05 am »

I wonder if a low-value, universal commodity, like fresh water, might not serve as a commodity basis for a universal currency.

Joe, I'm gonna step back for just a second and let you try to see the obvious flaw with that.

Not quite.

Hint: its around the pile of dead bodies.

I'll give it a shot, and can guess at particular things, but what's obvious to you I can't guess. I've never tried to think of it in real terms before though, so here we go.

It's of almost no real value and any real commodity exchange would require quite a bit more energy than the water could ever represent. A traincar full of gold's value is such that actual relative cost of transportation would be negligible, if high risk.

Now that I think about it the idea of a low-val commodity currency is just flaxscrip in a different wrapper. Kinda funny idea, totally unworkable in the current system.

The water thing might work if it was profoundly high-value and strongly guaranteed somehow, but that would be either post-apocalyptic or perhaps interstellar scifi and not at all real world.

All I got for the moment. Anywhere near the mark?
Not quite.

HINT: its located near the pile of dead bodies.

Has anyone asked trump if he will parden snowden?
I'm fairly certain that given trumps winging it on the fly, there's a 50% chance he'd say yes.

Techmology and Scientism / Re: Futurism up for discussion.
« on: July 28, 2016, 08:34:01 pm »
Facebook and tumblr transhumanists seem to be an aesthetic movement, almost entirely devoid of technical examination and no imagination beyond prostheses.
Most even act confused or dismissive, when you tell them the most significant piece of transhumanist development, has been the Oracle in their pocket.

I want to give this a proper response when I am home next week, I am currently in Argentina, posting to subscribe.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: ATTN: Roger
« on: July 28, 2016, 11:47:00 am »
Nah, it's alright. I'm done here. I know how you guys get once blood's in the water. Enjoy your forum.

Not really, it sounds like you had an argument with roger and ech, which is your own business, however as someone on the outside looking in, this thread feels more like a tantrum based on frustration then anything else.

No one (should be) taking sides here, but some of us are worried about you dimo, you are a good guy and its not nice to see you in this state.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: EU Referendum 23rd June: In or Out?
« on: July 26, 2016, 01:04:50 am »
When a country becomes unfavourable to big industry or the rich, and they withdraw their wealth en masse. For instance a country trying to close the wage gap by increasing taxes on the rich can end up with a net loss when the rich remove their money from the country.

I'm not sure where the name comes from.

In this case most every financial institution that deals with day to day transactions within the EU would suddenly have all kinds of red tape on their transactions, potentially reduced client base,  and added complexity on its own assets. As such all of them are either threatening to relocate, or have already started the process.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: EU Referendum 23rd June: In or Out?
« on: July 25, 2016, 08:32:55 pm »
And that's not even counting the flight of the doves happening with the financials right now.

If someone crested a matrix to control the world, I would jump for joy for on that day we would finally have someone to blame for this mess we call a world, before inserting them in a bonfire post haste.

Awesome, will have to watch out for him

I didn't think was back till next week, Awesome. The husband has a cameo in it?

There we go, all file permissions had reset to read only which meant the forum wouldn't load

Still exists, hirly uses it a lot.
It was working for about 5 minutes but it said all the directories were read only, trying to find out why now.

I moved everything from one server to another, it should be back now

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