An Excercise

msia_yawa.jpgHello.  Rev. What’s-His-Name here.  I want to propose an excercise for you to do over the coming weekend.  (Or if you are reading this at some later time, do this whenever it seems to be a good time)

 Remember when you were a kid, and you pulled out all of your Mom’s pots and pans and pretended to be Alex Van Halen, or some other rock and roll drummer?  Do you remember how much fun that was, making all that racket?  I would like for you to relive that childhood pleasure.  Go home, find some common everyday objects, and make music.  If your significant other objects to you using the cookware, use a couple of tupperware tubs.  Just look around, experiment, discover the different timbres and sounds you can get from different objects.  If you have kids, have them join your jam band.  (Don’t actually use Jam, that would be messy)

If you feel like it, report back here, and post your results.  Tell me how it felt.  If you’re really ambitious and have the hardware, record it and post it.  Then, share this excercise with some friends and family. Have fun!

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