EGGGASM EggGASM is an annual Golden Apple Seed Mission. It’s simple: the object of the game is to put cool things inside of plastic eggs and hide them for people to find on Easter. This idea originally came from Pinky McFatfat, ASS.

What you put inside the eggs is really up to you. But here are some suggestions:

  • cool pictures
  • One Line Meme Bombs
  • quotes or images from the Principia Discordia
  • quotes from wherever
  • weird facts
  • your own political agenda
  • an absurd political agenda
  • a surreal political agenda
  • money
  • quotes from the Black Iron Prison
  • secrets
  • your phone number
  • bathroom-graffiti style messages
  • fortunes
  • poems
  • whatever you think is cool. Think For Yourself, Shmuck!

Moar information can be found over at the EggGASM Wiki Page, or the EggGASM thread at the Principia Discordia forums.

If you have any moar ideas, belch ’em out over at 23ae.

If you take any pictures, upload them to Flickr and tag them “egggasm“. (with three G’s!)

If you create any .docs, .pdfs, or lists of stuff to put in eggs, post it to with the tag “egggasm“, so it shows up on the OMGASM Mission Feed.