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Colbertgasm Update

For those of you that haven’t heard, COLBERTGASM was an amazing success. I’ve also been a lazy ass about spreading word of the Discordian Society’s immense and total spagtacular victory. Recently, I became motivated to give the project wiki an overhaul – check it out:


I’ve included many video clips of Colbert’s Discordian references – if you know of any more, let me know!

Let ColbertGASM stand as a flag that you can do crazy cool stuff by organizing people over the web. The OMGASM is a great way to organize people and find help for zany projects. Are you missing an artist, web designer, editor, idea machine, whatever for your mission? Want to create a mission for other Discordians to go on? Use OMGASM to amass an army of net Discordians waiting to do your bidding. If it’s fun, they’ll actually do it. And with an army of spags, you can do a lot of unbelievable stuff. Proof is in the link above.

Don’t just read about fun — GO HAVE IT — RIGHT NOW!


What Do You Do?

You are slumbering blissfully, dreaming of things that were, things that are, things that will be, and things that never will be. Your fantasy slides gently from the normal into the unbelievable, then pirouetting back into normality as dreams are wont to do.

A perfectly boring fourth-grade math lesson is disrupted by your teacher’s transformation into a clown, who proceeds to blast the classroom full of marshmallows with his rainbow-colored rifle. Your friend Danny gobbles up the candy with uncanny speed, then finally swallows the clown. Danny explodes in a puff of pink smoke, and through the wisps you see your teacher once again.

After class you find yourself flying with your friend Danny, soaring through the sky on leathery wings, on your way towards Dinzyworld… What a summer it will be! You make a broad loop through a cloud, singing with joy, when suddenly…


You are woken up by the buzzing of an alarm clock. You open your eyes and blink in the morning light streaming in from your window, the dreamy haze quickly dissipating into oblivion. You’re still very tired…

  • To hit the snooze button, go to Page 2… “Just another ten minutes, mom….”
  • To get up and jump out of bed, go to Page 3… “Let’s get this day started RIGHT!”


EGGGASM EggGASM is an annual Golden Apple Seed Mission. It’s simple: the object of the game is to put cool things inside of plastic eggs and hide them for people to find on Easter. This idea originally came from Pinky McFatfat, ASS.

What you put inside the eggs is really up to you. But here are some suggestions:

  • cool pictures
  • One Line Meme Bombs
  • quotes or images from the Principia Discordia
  • quotes from wherever
  • weird facts
  • your own political agenda
  • an absurd political agenda
  • a surreal political agenda
  • money
  • quotes from the Black Iron Prison
  • secrets
  • your phone number
  • bathroom-graffiti style messages
  • fortunes
  • poems
  • whatever you think is cool. Think For Yourself, Shmuck!

Moar information can be found over at the EggGASM Wiki Page, or the EggGASM thread at the Principia Discordia forums.

If you have any moar ideas, belch ’em out over at 23ae.

If you take any pictures, upload them to Flickr and tag them “egggasm“. (with three G’s!)

If you create any .docs, .pdfs, or lists of stuff to put in eggs, post it to with the tag “egggasm“, so it shows up on the OMGASM Mission Feed.


Are you excited about the OMGASM yet? It’s changing lives and blowing minds. And it’s spreading like STUPIDFIRE.

Check out the most recent Golden Apple Seed Mission: POSTERGASM

Here’s some of the latest pics from the mission:


Don’t just use the internet as a form of passive entertainment – get off your ass and DO IT!

  • Put up crazy posters
  • Take a picture and upload it to flickr
  • tag it with “postergasm” – voila!


Check out one of OMGASM’s current projects: COLBERTGASM

This is an oldskool Discordian jake which involves sending tons of snail mail.

Mission Statement

During the week of February 17th-23rd, 2008, we will send Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as much mail as possible. Letters to Colbert will invite him into the Illuminati. Letters to Stewart will invite him into the Discordian Society. In order to gain entry, on March 5th they must explicitly use a Discordian or Illuminati “code word” (of their choosing) on the air.

Buzz week is going on RIGHT NOW, so get on it! Check out the website for mailing addresses and sample letters. We hope everyone will mail at least 20 letters (about eight bucks worth of stamps) – but consider mailing more!

As usual, check out the GASM mission feed under “colbertgasm” to find more links relevant to this project, and more Golden Apple Seed Missions in general.

If you don’t send letters, and they use a codeword on the air on March 5th, you’ll wish you had participated. And if you play along, you’ll be able to fondly reference that time that Discordians pranked the media and you were there at ground zero.

Now get off your ass and DO IT!