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What next Mol, adverts for Hezbollah?

My favouritest Pagan website on the planet, MysticPricks, has sunk to a new low. Not content with promoting woolly thinking, historical inaccuracy, superstitious dogma, sectarian hatred and allowing cryto-racists to have the run of the site, they’ve now stooped to the level of pimping The Church of Scientology!

As usual, click to view a larger image.

The question is, of course, is what to do with such information? Apparently, the site owner’s wife has already stated that to take it down would be to discriminate against Scientologists. You know, in the same way that arresting and incarcerating Al-Qaeda members is discriminating against Muslims. I know only a few weeks ago at least one member on the site made a detailed post listing the wrongs of the Church, so either they didn’t read the post (in which case they are bad admins, but then we already knew that), or they just don’t give a shit, and are more than willing to promote the Scifag cult because of the filthy lucre it brings in.

John Gray kicks up a storm at Comment is Free

While some of you may remember that I was not totally impressed with the conclusion to John Gray’s book, Black Mass, I nevertheless found it a good and enjoyable read, which tied up the links between utopianism, religion, the Enlightenment and secular extremist movements rather well. Gray’s got a lot of perspective in his worldview, which I like. He instinctively understands both the historical context of the movements and how that applies when considered in the current context of events.

Which is why I am enjoying his book review/Comment is Free article. Gray committed the hideous crime of knocking down a few New Atheist sacred cows, and so the usual suspects have come running, howling and moaning with their usual strawmen about atheist inspired terrorism, totally ignoring the context of the argument or addressing any of the issues.

I have yet to see a commenter actually address his point about repressed religion being much like repressed sexuality, or the origins of secular liberalism being tied into the history of Christianity, and Nietzsche’s critical attacks on this. I have yet to see someone either deny that belief in such secular follies as free markets, global revolution or the global spread of democracy and progress are any less ridiculous than belief in a god, or try to claim they are in some way different.

Sure, the comments page may be filled with 300+ screaming monkeys trying to make Gray look like an idiot, but if they think they succeeded in this task, they’re only fooling themselves.

Even a committed agnostic such as myself can take pleasure in such a spectacle.


EGGGASM EggGASM is an annual Golden Apple Seed Mission. It’s simple: the object of the game is to put cool things inside of plastic eggs and hide them for people to find on Easter. This idea originally came from Pinky McFatfat, ASS.

What you put inside the eggs is really up to you. But here are some suggestions:

  • cool pictures
  • One Line Meme Bombs
  • quotes or images from the Principia Discordia
  • quotes from wherever
  • weird facts
  • your own political agenda
  • an absurd political agenda
  • a surreal political agenda
  • money
  • quotes from the Black Iron Prison
  • secrets
  • your phone number
  • bathroom-graffiti style messages
  • fortunes
  • poems
  • whatever you think is cool. Think For Yourself, Shmuck!

Moar information can be found over at the EggGASM Wiki Page, or the EggGASM thread at the Principia Discordia forums.

If you have any moar ideas, belch ’em out over at 23ae.

If you take any pictures, upload them to Flickr and tag them “egggasm“. (with three G’s!)

If you create any .docs, .pdfs, or lists of stuff to put in eggs, post it to with the tag “egggasm“, so it shows up on the OMGASM Mission Feed.