Yes we're horrible toxic people, because this is 2020's Mental Illness Olympics, and the winners get a free pass on giving life-threatening advice with the bonus of having zero accountability for their shit behaviour.

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Damn. The queue is only 17 Km. See how European we are . . .
As a devout discordian I endorse this image

Close-up of the 17 mile long queue to clear customs at Dover on the way to France. Estimated time per truck = 15 minutes

<Hollow LoL>
Quote from: Cain on April 30, 2021, 01:33:52 AM
Is blaming Trudeau ever really wrong?

I'm also still waiting for a vaccination, if it makes you feel any better. Of course the government's attitude to anyone under 60 is that we should fuck off and die, so I'm not too surprised at this being the case. Denying us the ability to get vaccinated, while making snide remarks and hectoring us to go and get vaccinated when it's finally available is entirely in keeping with their approach to...well, everything.

LOL speaking as an over 60 I challenge your claim about governmentally approved fucking off and dying . . . the bastards want us all to die. ALSO my 2 pennorth on Astra Zeneca - I was fine for 5 days and then there were 3 days when I couldn't move and which I can't remember clearly. Still, its gotta be better than Covid. Right?
Quote from: Cain on April 04, 2021, 12:30:32 AM
The PM now dsistancing himself from the report tells you everything you need to know about how well that has gone.

but he's still the 'teflon toff', though - gods but its embarrasing to be a brit
Quote from: Faust on April 01, 2021, 06:40:34 PM
Meanwhile 500 illegal immigrants from the UK in Spain were deported today, but because they are from the UK all the news titles read "ex-pats"

well that's a whole wadge of "April Fools" . . .
Thanks guys, its been a tough day :(
A lifetime ago, better known as last September, I had a small pack of 4 stupid lurchers. Then we had to have one put to sleep. He was old, and its something you know is going to happen with dogs, but it doesn't make it any less painful. He was a small broken coated lurcher probably a cross between an Irish terrier and a whippet sent over from Ireland 12 years ago to a local rescue because they couldn't rehome him in Galway which was full of similar dogs. When we went to get him I fell in love completely for another of the dogs in the batch a 5 yr old bitch who looked like a miniature Borzoi. She was scared of everything and had to be picked up and carried to the car. It took us 6 years to persuade her to siit on the settee and she only started to come up and sit with us when she started to go senile! She's very fragile now, her kidneys are going and I ring my vet more often than my doctor, (and I'm not in good nick myself." We are living day to day with her. She's well over 16 so we are getting ready for the inevitable. So last night when they had their tea, they were all fine. By 8:30 Little Nipper, (only 9, and the youngest and fittest, could be a whippet x alsatian with a touch of corgi, and definitely a local Welsh lurcher) was a bit subdued, and by 3am he was dead. So now we have 2, one who is staggering slowly out of our lives in a senile daze and our problem child who is what the Daily Mail and the Sun call "DevilDogs" - Greyhounds crossed with salukis for extra speed and agility, and some sort of bull terrier specially bred to hunt deer. They thrown them out of the back of moving 4x4's with floodlights as they career across the countyside at night to chase down and kill deer. The guy we rescued him, from as a 6month old pup, had been training him so he is a bit odd and very nervous. He adores the old bitch but he will insist of trying to snuggle up to her, and since he has absolutely no concept of his size and no respect for anyones personal space he keeps sitting on her. She nips him in self defence so thats fair. And soon he will be our only dog, and not one who we could really introduce a new dog to.
<sigh> Dogs; you've got to love them
Grats Cramulus, kudos Suu . . .
I love how challenging your stuff is
A totally serious update on Covid regs in SE Wales
Cwm - You are able to fight your neighbour providing you wear a mask and social distancing rules are adhered to.
GILWERN - you can do anything you want. 1. because your special. And 2 because you would anyway; you have never done rules as you're too posh
NEWTOWN - You can only visit your dealer when collecting your children from school. The dealer should wear a face visor and make sure all bags are sanitised.
BLAINA - Having sex with your sister is still permitted but you must be home before 10pm and use approved lubricant.
BRYNMAWR SQUARE - Vigilante groups of no more than six allowed outdoors and socially distancing between the hours of 10pm - 2am only. You must wear suitable PPE for any physical contact.
RASSAU - Prostitute services are still permitted to remain open, this is now classed as essential services for fear of the economic collapse of the city. Entry from the rear only
THE GURNOUS - Declared a NO GO ZONE (in 1984), if you must travel to this area please follow all diversions, traffic cones and signals, remain in your car, do not abandon your car, masks are not required as nothing is open
ABERTILLERY - Everyone must remain at home and self isolate until manufacturers can distribute gloves with 6 fingers. Please do not go to A&E for digit removal as they are a tad busy.
CRICKHOWELL - The wearing of Pink trousers is a must. Travel to and from CRICKHOWELL must only be by at least a 30ft limo with no more than 5 other Pimms drinking tossers.
TREDEGAR - Do as you want, even Covid wouldn't go to TREDEGAR
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Re: Identity
January 13, 2021, 04:47:15 PM
We live in our heads. Our genes, [or even jeans,] and their contents are on some level irrelevant. That's the whole problem with identity. It isn't really real. You can't measure it, you can't touch it. We live in a material world but so much of the way we perceive it, [and our place in it,] is posited on the totally notional and the utterly fictitious . . .
Quote from: Cain on January 05, 2021, 11:33:16 AM
Of course, it should have been done in October when cases started rising again, and they should have closed the schools as well.

I'd blame the government, but at this point it's like blaming a dog for barking - we knew they were going to fuck it up. Instead, I'm incredibly disappointed in Keir Starmer and the Labour front bench, who are completing ignoring the teacher's union on the risk they are facing by keeping the schools open - the threat to the health of the teaching staff, the students and all of their collective families is being put at risk by insisting on keeping the schools open, and all Labour can fucking come up with is "uh, maybe we should close the zoos, but schools definitely need to stay open".

Gotta say it, but if this was a zombie movie, I'd kill Starmer first, because he's the kind of guy who won't have your back when shit gets real. If you're trans, a teacher, part of an ethnic minority or just not rich you can apparently fuck right off in Labour's esteemed judgement.

and don't forget the socialists . . .
Quote from: Doktor Howl on January 04, 2021, 10:19:28 PM
Back in lockdown, I see.

I suppose it is what we deserve . . .