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Discordian Recipes / Alexander Fleming Discovers Penicillin
« on: July 26, 2012, 03:26:46 am »
Edited to remove copyrighted material.

One more time and you're history, jackass.

Okay, this was published work as well.

Fun spam copyright time over.

i had a dream about this, it is a dream deeply rooted in the hippie
dream, the hopi dream, and the wanti dream, (and basicaly all of em)
i had a dream about all of this, several dreams, since i was basically
3, dreams that told me details, down to the fact that i would be
living in the place i'm living right now, and such things as this, and
now that its 2012, and we are entering more into the world where dream
and reality is one again, its important to try to put together the
meaning of what it is... for one, one hugely important thing dnd
stands for dream'n druids, not dungeons and dragons, even that small
change changes the entire world, opens up new perspectives of looking
at things that aren't unreal but just creative and valid expressions
of truth, and takes us beyond the childish and totally overblown
reptilian overlord idea, that was being forced down our throats, the
solution was not a huge battle, it was simply tao, it was changing
that simple term, sometimes, thats all it takes to be a hero.

because using things from that can help us live our lives in a more
authentic and visionary way, but we have to break it free from the
parts that belittle it and wield it with virtue, and responsibility
truly realizing what it means to live it, and that it is effecting
this world, and other planes of reality.

we are playing that game, but a boundless version of it, and the
stakes are literally our lives, and karma and stuff is real...

night elf rap!

we're in the back

with a leaf we used to wrap

many liberty caps

to relax

the limitations of pyramid stacks that they use to attack

but Airmid will collapse em (note: Airmid is the diety of herbs and healing)

its kinda like Kweli

in the treehouse on metaphorical molly (note: talib kweli, underground mc)

except its really coille (note: gaelic for 'Forest')

the forest spirit told me;

irish is the native tongue

its the rainbows that had spun

records when our spirits were young

but lately these hippies just see a rainbow for her gold

they want the end and not the journey

so out they have sold

and they call it white magic

but really, its just a waste

if you're just in it for the end, you speak to feet but not face (but technically feet would be about the journey since they move us around so idk there, but i mean yea)

instead feed your head thats what the slick grace said

but also feed your heart

because head rhymes with dead

art rhymes with heart

and it don't end or start

there is no gold without the rest you'll never tear us apart

not even a transgendered Goddess can seperate light from dark

though the torah says it, but think about this;

you can only see the frown of a rainbow

the rest you have to intuit


this is simply tao

but theres no way to turn a rainbow upside down

wow, theres no duality

the dark and light celts came together forming cows

this pleased the spirits so

the mushrooms grow

and now come the

reds yellows blues orange green and purple glow

becoming all species


thats how the story does go of how the circle of life started in

ireland, don't ya know?

it was passed around because mushrooms like to be nomadic,

so really the circle starts everywhere

with anyone its not static

but ecstatic

the beginning is everyone in all of us this is equality

break free realize africa has nor wants no monopoly

dream your own dream, listen to others insights

and you'll find life is much more of an adventure

and a lot less strife

we've all got native raving in us

we represent animal rights

but its all a different type

if it was all the same it would suck

my mom taught me that

and shes a hip hop gypsy irish fairy

so watsup

my dad is a shroom

and my sisters are both good luck

we're the flemings yo

and this is our rap

bringing real hip hop back, from nazi attax

now you can relax not the black but the rainbow family is back

(now with more tao!)

freestyle, we'll never relapse

Apple Talk / endarkened rockville shamanism celebrates the orgasm
« on: July 20, 2012, 06:56:20 pm »
no traditions, no context, just what the spirits are telling YOU personally right now.. i dont understand this ayahuasca ritual, but i noticed a lot of dmt containing trees, mimosa hostilis, growing in rockville maryland and surrounding area,they are recorded as invasive but there are so many of them and they seem to be full grown many of them, i dont know if they are or not, but now thers a bunch of videos up about rockville and real estate ppl, and its scary, i dont use that kind of shamanism


i feel more that im being stalked and forced to be a shaman in that way, but no one is affirmin that in my real life really, its just the videos, im not like these guys, i have a different style, i respect that style but i dont understand if they are like invading and if its a bad thing, like so many videos on youtube reference me seems to be like, something political, i dont want the duality conflict constantly, real shamans dont fight eachother



it seems like its about humiliating videos and making me feel bad, like i have to be perfect cant watch any sexy videos or they will judge it and appear in my life and attack me, the reason i do it on the internet is i dont want it in real life, i dont want intercourse.. but im not going to stop orgasming or watching videos because of the threat, thats how this shamanism really is, its just a bully, its not empathetic, its immature and stupid, i am a priestess of wanti, and a danu worshipper


all it is ,they get the interenet to center on you, and try to make ur life a joke, its corporations, *destroys all corporations* *ends vampirism,ends parasites*

the reason its this corny is because it keeps trying to attach itself to me (as i've explained in other posts, especially lughnasadh trip, brontesaurus hill)... making this huge path.. of synchronicities... pointing me out specifically in various ways with varying degrees of subtlety

i like to think that my art is more sexual liberated than that, its not conformist, and its not about the judgement of others, but its also not about  hurting anything, especially nature, and its not about racial divisions, and saying some race has a specific role...

in my lifestyle/philosophy, you can enjoy yourself and thats good for the world, the more you enjoy yourself, as long as you are not enjoying yourself through anothers suffering, the more the world flourishes

its not ascetic

it also doesn't believe in pets or leashes

because thats what this feels like, being on some leash to the internet and it being like oh do some primitive tribal healing ritual,  do the primitive tribal healing ritual, shaman on a leash...

and it might happen in some other context but it can't happen in this setting... because it would just be stupid

in a way i've fallen in a sense, just by talking about it, but i dont care its worth it just to put it out there...

can we come at it from a less commercial/manipulative seeming direction? if its happening at all

i dont want these to all be huge places that are like known on the internet and stuff.. not through me... but its like i feel so surrounded it just seems like its not really new its just acknowledging thats basically how it is anyways, otherwise how do they know so much about me...

my consciousness is totally endarkened, and obviously you guys wanna treat me as the chosen one, its like archetypal like road to el dorado, but no.. i mean i refuse to do that, the image of being like a king of dude who is followed in that way, with no subtley is not appealing to me, rastafari is not appealing to me, i feel they are not virtuous enough with their words, and philosophy,

i am a totaly endarkened consciousness

this issue is settled, im not performing for you all, thats not even nessecary, this is not a south american village... this is not conquistadors, inquisition, this is not history book... this is just people living... simple zen life

we leave you with this story


a band of beings with sharpened blades were descending upon a tree at

the edge of the wood where the amazing Lisa Rosdonen sat in deep

meditation, the commotion caught her attention and she looked up, just

as the man in front raised his acts she shouted from the brush, "DONT

CUT DOWN THAT TREE!" (a small voice followed from an unknown source

'plant hemp instead and use the versatile stalks as wood!') the man

put down the ax gently, and the band was enlightened.

to be enlightened is to be endarkened, to be endarkened is to be enlightened


i am zazen, air is luck, kabbala is anarchy follow no one, be whole in yourself, this is the way, we all break from it and return, spontaneously, Any God's Goddess's Hippie's or Shaman's name is only one feather on the wings that are your divine Soul

ultimately they all fade away to the silence, and then there is just what you have done, then you see that you are creator, all names are just pathways to remember or dances as you watch it unfold on and on it unfolds, you must chose what will be, there is no creator, there is just being...

for you are the whole thing, what more can be created? each creation is an emptiness each emptiness is a creation, thus it is wholehole, thus everything exists and nothing exists, to be enlightened is to be endarkened and to be endarkened is to be enlightened. all phenomenon is its opposite, thus there is no karma, all is equal, good or bad, really its one, this is wantism.. i think,

but the whole is larger than you think you are, the whole can't ever be controlled, its not control that the ravers have, its not control we ever obtain, even as creators. control is loss of control, the forest only grows if its not consciously planned, neat rows are not a forest, neat rows do not speak to us the same, they are not free. We don't obtain control, we just attain trust.





never give up the practice of zazen, they may try to make you think zazen is this and that, filling you with preconceptions about zazen and some kind of delusion tradition or trend, but the nature of the truth breaks down all of these in turn, as we realize zazen is merely sitting and nothing more. Doing nothing, therein lies its fulfillment. Zen is the eternal spirituality, ineffable, incomprehensible, hidden, yet liberating all, when you practice, don't seek others to practice with, simply practice. you might be dead by morning, all dissapears into the endless river of being that is mind. Any being who practices zazen diligently, attains karmalessness, any being that practices zazen is instantly aware of the truth.








last nited dreamed i

was in ff7 it was about animal rights

there were these nazis who surrounded it

but i worshipped danu

because i didnt want to catch the pokemon, aeris,

they had to be free

it was a game but it was real

and people were turning into the animals

the pokemon and they were being hurt

because they kept catching pokemon

like it was a game and trying to train them and fight with them

but they couldn't tell that the pokemon were people

and danu was the new way, where it wasn't about fighting

where everyone was just free

and even people there wasnt like money and beauracracy stuff controlling them

they just lived

danu showed them that the pokemon and animals were part of us, we are them its not a seperate race, that we can't fight like that as a game.. because it just hurts us



- brought to you by the people who brought you pennicillin

this is not even just about rockville, i feel like this is about all transgendered people, all people who go against racial or any kind of stereotypes and the rave scene and internet in general


...we do think its a stupid dance, but we are willing to rave for it, thats one thing we will do... but its not primitive tribal, its just zen... its a rave zen meditation for the dumbness to stop... its not based in any faith, its just like idunno dancing for health, so everything can be where it must be...


personally i really like jungle/drum n bass, but raving isn't just electronic music, its just like being free, living free, not a bunch of responsibility, dropping out... its not discipline, its trust... looseness, surrender to the flow of love


the ecstasy comes from inside not out

getting high on life


i am female... i am the priestess of wanti

i am a non conformist


*offers tao

also paganism and magic and such is not repressed here at all, its not even a place like that, its a place thats pretty open you can be yourself, i never felt like there was dislike for me for being transgendered, when i wore all womens clothing etc... it only come from the people i was living with who would take me clothes and make it some huge deal, but outside, no one did anything, its like an open minded place

 Happiness Spell

        *cast this spell by breathing while thinking about ducks*

        - Courtesy of the Duck Goddess Weyawel

5 yea, so join my
forum, its the new lycaeum, which was a message board for people who
used psychedelics, but then they started being obsessed with politics
and all negative and it sucked, but now we're making a new one...
share your rave, meditation or psychedelic experiences, art, stories,
converse or just write some random shit that makes no sense in a cool
way because ur either insanely visionary or ur just tripping that
hard, or both, or you just wanted to type something that made
absolutely no sense on a forum without being judged, thats beautiful

your free expressions will be respected here... they will be peaced
loved and united with a cow in outerspace who will rain the milk of
the Goddess down upon you... we only ask that people dont be mean to
eachother, stupidly negative, or write about violence or politics, but
writing about how weed (the ness) is amazing and why, thats okay...

u dont have to join just post

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Lughnasadh Trip and Brontesaurus Hill,
« on: July 20, 2012, 04:02:59 am »
Lughnasadh Trip and Brontesaurus Hill,(note: i feel that having so much focus upon me goes against tao)

elder woodrose

after reading some of the trip reports on basendra i had an odd
feeling the internet was trying

to coordinate my life, it seemed like they all knew and were making a
path for me, whether i

liked it or not, but more or less with love, i was at the center of
some kind of rave storm.
the guy who i had recently moved in with had a dog named charlie, and
i had met these pagans on

youtube, one of whom was also named charlie and somehow they did seem
connected. She reminded me

of someone i went to highschool with, but then she moved back to
peurto rico, we would talk

sometimes on the bus, but she just seemed more popular than me, in
another circle, she wanted to

try shrooms and her mom did reiki. one day she talked to me about how
her friend and her were

planning the communist revolution and if i wanted to join

i was more of an anarchist

now she returned again in another form, it had to mean something. she
made a video about lucid

dreaming, and the trip reports, i can't explain how but they seemed to
point to another persons

video on lucid dreaming, a guy who looked a lot like a girl.

maybe these were the bi-sexual spirit beings both in the internet
world and out, wholistic beings

who could help me
it seemed like flo was kind of like this too, and really everyone.

i was a part of their tribe on the internet, and these seeds had
something to do with it.

it was about april 23.... my birthday... they were showing the trail,
the fairy trail, into the

psychedelic community, things were lining up, it wasn't going to
happen in the same way, but

messages could go out, real healing vibrations, just in this way.

i noticed also, all the people on erowid would always talk about their
girlfriend, and it just

seemed funny, did they all really have a girlfriend who would trip
with them like that? or was it

just a shaman, was it just one shaman, writing all of the stories?

i felt like i was meeting more people raving, i was living my life and
finally meeting people who

understood me, outside of our tribal spell, which gave me a home.

i was talking to the animals, the whole medicine circle, the hippie
ways were coming alive,

there was a church right outside our neighborhood with a huge triangle
sign that looked like a

pyramid i thought it was hypocritical,

it all seemed like a huge pyramid scheme. but slowly it was getting
better. i had trust more in

the circles. i would meet people on the internet and then it would
seem like they would leave

signs of being there, near me, in the recycling, like they were all
watching me each day, and i

was helping them all reincarnate, until they reached nirvana.

i am diagnosed with schizophrenia, but i swear it all follows like an
arcane order, i dont see it

as schizophrenia but a psychic sensitivity or call to shamanism. we
had moved to a place called

aspen hill, on youtube also, the druids there seemed to mention it, as
a place that they were

present, in going along recycling, there was a sign someone put in the
grass saying it was for

real estate, i took it down and recycled it also. It was Open I
remembered, because I'm learning

gaelic that Druid in gaelic means Shut in this case it was a good
thing. The teaching that the

land cannot be owned.

aspen hill is a shopping center... it looks like a dragon, i think its
a metaphor, for the

kundalini energy, there is a K mart down the street from it, and Home
Depot on the other side of

the street. and as you walk the gas stations begin to look like a
dragons head, at least they did

when i was high, and that huge K mart sign above it. Also, down the
street in the opposite

direction on one side there is another church, and the other side of
the road a huge tube.

on the bridge there is both I love you, but then it says Faggot in
another place.

this is the place the internet was talking about, they were the ones
who were reaching out to me,

trying to shepherd me along, this place is sacred to the Divine
Feminine. But I felt too much

dragon imagery, I would have to defeat the dragon in some way, or at
least prove myself against


I saw they were the reason. I was tired of being followed, led along
through everything, everyone

being a part of it, me being the only one left out.

I recycled everyday and added my own writing to the bridge, a
pentagram and a spell, Aeris, I

identified with her. I also wrote about paganism. I didn't want to
discriminate against the

dragon, but I am practicing Irish witchcraft. We had to find our
group, maybe someone would

appear, after a while, maybe this is where it had to end.

been listening to so much drum n bass, it all seems so archetypal,
this is true zen. I am

schizophrenic, but Christ is not my medicine (as if so often pushed
for some reason especially upon the schizophrenic community), cannabis
is, and sometimes tripping. I was tired of

the dishonestly of the antiquated paradigm of it all. the same
initials began appearing of the

guy who abused me, through the illusion, so the voices told me. I went
across the street, i left the huge yellow tube on the other side, it

symbolic of the dragon, i was closer to the church, but it wasn't that either
its like they wanted me to have no place to go. they were all doing it
on purpose. bringing it up

again and again, it was something bigger, it had to do with the patriarchy.

It was celtic spirituality, the traditional vision, thats why they
have so many crosses, i

understood but the cross isn't christianity, the cross existed before
that. all the badness was

the dragon.

I was returning to the truth, my true family i had seen, because
everyone was sick, the system

made them sick tried to program them. In the mundane world, they
didn't accept me, but i kept

having visions that they were there, they understood what i was
struggling with, they were

helping me, they couldn't as much physically because of the church.

the christians had a monopoly on the schizophrenic healing, they would
try to force it all into

their paradigm but that wasn't helpful it was too dualistic.

i kept it pagan. i am a black person but i don't feel so connected to
african spiritualities, i

feel saddened at rastafari, for all of its condemnation and hypocrisy.
i am more comfortable

piecing together the mythologies of all peoples and the mythology of
my own personal experience

into this moving model that reflects the psyche and spirit beyond time.

it was a shamanic calling. i had always done that, since i would read
greek and egyptian mythology and king arthur as a kid and connect
them, they always seemed so similar. first i felt

native american, then celtic, and flemish, is my family, from
flanders. is that really me? its

what i feel, somehow my spirit had been caught in the void, and
randomly ended here. because my

true being is so old, so wise. has not died (fairies have very long
lives, i think i have been reborn at the different stages of my life,
but this is still in essence the same life)

maybe they were all waiting on me, i really was an old druid, i did
have the truth, a very

special truth, i have always felt like one, and now things were
strange all the forums had banned

me for writing about wantis, saying it was incoherent. I didn't feel
it was incoherent, just


it was alchemical almost, like it could have been something from a
movie or something. i didn't

want to be associated with masons though, or rosicrucians, or aliester
crowley, that was

something else, not that it was defaultly bad, but it just wasn't me.
the people who seemed to be

against me, trying to pain me associated with satan and with egyptian, hindu.

in the end it was just hippieness, gypsyness, pure and simple, it
seemed. i was truly not with

them, they were not the guru, or the baba, i never had a guru like
that. i was never for the

guru, though i listened to ram dass and respected it, also leary, and
i practiced devotional

yoga, i felt a deep mystical love and powerful spiritual awakening in
teenage years, for the

Goddess, for God, now I use the names, the names of the Pagan Gods, of
many pantheons, many faiths,

I see that all species and gendered and spiritualities are archetypes
of the essential spirit and

thus are part of us all.

i like that my worldview doesn't fit in with the conventional world,
its non traditional in a

sense, its truly me own, yet it is rooted in something, in the
tradition of wantism, i feel

connected to that, that there is an order to it which i can't fully
express. and there are those

who came before me who lived and felt similar. i've felt deep
connections and all this makes me

feel like they are out there even now and we do know eachother, but
mostly we meet magically its

like the moon, there are some physical signs though and those are
important. its all like a

universal pattern, its the spiral. the galaxy, the cosmos. Always they
were trying to speak upon

it, saying it was not what it truly was, but the truth came back again
and again, just because

they would say those things, tht was not the essense of what it was,
just like with zen, they say

its patriarchal, but you get over that, and you just live in the
moment and do it and you are so

much happier, eventually you learn fools will always talk but the
truth is deeper than that.

its now lughnasadh. i'm going to trip, i've just started my own forum,
its to gather with people

like me, because the other forums for schizophrenia seem to be just
about moderators having a

power trip and freaking out people who want comfort even more, causing
huge drama and making it

all seem fake. and the other forums for psychedelic community, idunno,
i just dont feel at home

there. this is different. i can trust it, because i know its me, and
even if no one else writes

there, its okay.

i feel like this connects to the tuatha de danann, the people of danu,
but the more i say that

the more it seems like a cult, and thats not really the energy that i
want to invoke.

but you know, maybe its really true, its a fairy revival, and the
teaching is you can never truly

lose your spirit, but you can truly wander freely, the sidhe are the
most solar of them, and they can take us back to our true

roots, because they know of many worlds besides the ones which are
recorded associated with them. beyond the roman/christianized
recording of history

i'm coming together i feel with people, and seeing their native side,
native roots of all people,

because africa, its ways are too hidden, though i would like to
sometimes, i cannot penetrate there i must just take whats inside

and go with that, thats still native, native to the present moment,
but its just as significant,

it might have to appear in a different way but its just as authentic,
just as ancient, its like

the rainbow family, these rainbow beings, here, beyond race, its
beyond that, thats only seem as

a totem, communication beyond all that with the planet the universe
itself, thats where we are

really at, though we spend much of the time asleep, from tripping i
learned that its actually all

significant, everything, it shows you, it shows you about the
universe. so i stop fighting and

just live my own life. i started being myself. i rejected the image of
what i was supposed to be,

i found my true self, i can tell the old world is still apprehensive
about it, but what does it

matter, this is the realness, two dimensional decolonizers (TDD aka
tuatha de danann)

the truth is that world is mostly illusion, the tribal reality is so
alive now, i can't see it

fully, none of us fully understand, but this is the truth, 2012, its
real. there is a deep

healing happening. it goes beyond the rules of the status quo, but its
more alive, its more real.

kindred spirits everywhere, there is so much love, there is no
hierarchy, people just realize,

they can do what they want, this way of life, this wanti way, which
grew in me, which is the true

me, the world understands it. sometimes i think they all talk to me
secretly for a reason, its

all kind of a game, its for the feelings of it, and for the joy. its
because what else is there,

everything is pure energy, its always pure energy, there is no time
all times happen at once.

everything is natural, all of it is a plant. i feel so much but i
haven't even taken the seeds

yet. its like our minds are already there connecting psychically with
the earth spirit of the

plant, and its all going through the internet and its breaking down,
the ignorance on the

internet, its psychedelic research, they called me out, they saw how
trippy it was, they did it

in a covert way, on the internet for psychedelic research if you
search it, the last update for

one of the sites is on my birthday 4/23
thats how its happening, its all astrological, i am like the fairy
queen, at the festival for

now, i wrote on lycaeum and something real was created from that...
then i was called to be more

in my immediate community, but still internet, just not forums,
facebook, emailing friends.
working on bridging the internet without it becoming something
robotic, how internet can really

be a good thing.

i won't shirk from it, i am schizophrenic and its 2012, and the
universe seems to be speaking to

me directly, i love the universe... i love everything, mystical love,
divine love it is, but none

of it expresses it, yet all of it is perfect, thats just how we
communicate and we do help

eachother... the dragon just represents the universe, the spirit as it
flies in that form
in the street names it makes it seem like so many dragon eggs, or are
they changeling children,

or mushrooms?
or is it all one,thats the gift, its the rainbow
the kundalini has all forms none of them are default forms, i did feel
like a dragon, but i also

felt more like a fairy, and also like a porcupine, and a female,
though i am male, its always

changing, even my name,, thats the true essence of who we are, its not
about a physical place,

but spirit, that can immediately take us there, tao.

so i can just look at it, and see it as an ancient being, and they are
all ancient beings, and we

are all teaching eachother in these ways, we may not even realize, and
we are all one spirit. and

the ego is gone, its not one default form, its always changing, always
flowing, not steady... so

where am i from, everywhere... and my name is everything. its a wierd
druid order, its something

ancient, its something beyond time. its not really manipulation but
its cosmic law playing out,

as karma fades away, we see more of the truth.

its all witchcraft, what is writing that on the internet going to do?
what is being so open going

to do, surrendering to Goddess/God

hopefully find the true cure, not holding back, not pretending to have
false limitation, truly

trying to heal.

that church had the pyramid, they admitted, they themselves are the
limitation, we go beyond that,

admit we are truly alive, the story is being written right now, not
then. do we keep it out of that circle?

now i felt like i was in the huge ship this huge circle and everyone
mumbling around me, its like

the bad thing had happened and we are there.
we are here earth worshippers, fairies, elves, gnomes, good spirits,
even a crazy dragon,

skeleton, this is the city of the ancients.

its like being in final fantasy 7, it was real, i had seen it so many
places, i had lived that

life, it was showing me things from my past life, which connected me,
in this life, and made me a

priestess here too. these were the wise ones they had taken the
medicine too, who i lived with,

i had this faith they were all truly with me, and that they were all
the sidhe, and it was a fairy

story, which was the true dna, in the story... all those beings, all
that we see around us, it

shows us the true family, its not something conceptual. that was too
limited, but in all the

stories, there was truth, the truth of nowness. in a way that was just
as real as they genetic

stuff, but a lot less dangerous to mess around with.

i am a story teller, i am a story teller, im tripping in a way which
is just mine. this is what

the ancients did, there was no one telling them to all trip in the same way,

i took 5 shrooms.

i wonder if i was being watched and judged for breaking away and being
or was it just like an acid test, like you get what you deserve in a
situation like that, slowly

as you change your ways, its not always against you. it was never
really against me, but i wasn't

for me either, it was just neutral. being neutral i found the center.

i realized the acid test was an ancient sigil, we had a book and it
seems like we were written

into it, it tried to bind us to certain concepts, its just the degree
of ego death thats

happening, that you start to see yourself like that.

and you go into that solar world and see the mystery, i trusted that
my spirit was there, i

trusted i would see what i must see, i trusted that i was healed in
the way i must, i saw it was

something ancient mysterious, it was wanti and many things.

it was like being inside of the acid, it was magic, timelessness, deep
kabbalah, porcupine


i live in a hick town, harpers ferry west virginia, its way are
antiquated and everyone seems like they want to roleplay something or
other about histry, if you are into zen, this is not particularly
appealing, but on the brightside concealed within the aura of 1830s
boringness, there is one of the best systems of recycling i've ever
seen, there are recycling bins openly publically available here, and
even this huge coffin like looking recycling containers located behind
one of the old historical houses, next to some plants seedlings that
are marked to have been planted on 4/20

what i see among it all is the hippie spirit at work, in a camouflaged way.

you have to see through the supposed anger of people that is truly
from the past or assumptions about west virginia and realize the
entire thing is basically a museum and then it can be used to its full

my approach is i dont care about the past, i care about the earth
right now. i recycle and plant as many trees as possible.

everyone in town seems to be either trying to imitate erowid, and then
do it in the worst way, like a scientist constantly asking you how you
are feeling
so much so that you can't really develop a strong feeling because you
are constantly being interrogated, and can't focus on the feeling, the
entheogenic faith is strong here as in all places, but as always if
you are truly serious its probably best to do it alone or with someone
who truly regards them with sanctity and doesn't try to direct it and
control the experience with their ego, only for the exterior social
aspect, and this can be hard to find.

or they are in some kind of youtube video, which references them, as
is the case with me, i didn't have a say that i would be included in
the video, apparently they just made one
probably it was some kind of alchemical plan which brought us all together

many community members have native american ancestry, cherokee,
choctaw, chickasaw so perhaps in a sense its also like a kind of

our goal as a community is to overcome the hang ups on the history,
which keeps up the aesthetic of colonialized, overblown monarchy,
focusing on all the hypocrisies of america, and basically making it
into a place of psychological bondage, and to bring the focus and
statement of the town more to nature, which it is totally surrounded
with, so much beauty, if you are not distracted and drawn in by the
letters and the signs, and have a clear enough mind to perceive it,
there is much to learn about nature here, and there are many fairies
and magical beings, who are not at all malevolent but very kind and

the only real fear is coming from the compulsion to continue the
stories of history and transform every into a history book, which
keeps those spirits unrested, and thus angers them. but thats not the
full true history, to really understand, you have to understand
america, what is it really about? its about freedom, its not about a
bunch of flags, its about living happily in the world without other
people trying to control your beliefs and what not

rather than repeat the history over and over again in a drama type
production i think we can actually continue the abolitionist work
here, which was began long ago, by liberating our own minds and
perceptions from the constrains of the system which is vampiric, and
leaving behind ignorance. Through meditation, leaving colonialization,
leaving monarchy all of this goes against what america is really about
we must remember, even the official manifestation of our government
today sadly goes against that because they have adopted a monarchial
aesthetic, of ruling over instead of working with, i believe the only
way to heal this wound is through the legalization of cannabis and the
end of the immature  fear surrounding free thought, in which people
become paranoid and self regulate themselves when really there is no
reason to because free thought is what we should be having innovative
ideas and people willing to act on them and try to bring them into
existence, as long as they are not violent.

im just going to start yelling that at everyone
i will force them to relax
you wait and see

*world peace*
thats how wars should be fought they should just be running (or walking) up to
eachother, and telling eachother to relax and in the end the ones with
the most standing up still win but in a way the ones who are laying
down also win because
its not a bad position to be in
in the context of existence in general

thats the kind of 'civil' war i am talking about, and that still goes
on, obviously the place is a hotbed for psychological folk, once again
trying to shape us into stereotypical roles and ensure nothing large
ever changes but you know what?

it doesnt really effect us, we are relaxed, we go to the beaches, and
we protect them, we live a modern live, we walk the lower town area,
and it can be seen as a meditative labyrinth instead of a history
tour, and this elevates the experience to a state of kind of zen

because we have been revolutionary all of this had been set up for us.
it is like a psychological experiment, kind of like the world of

and because of ayahuasca, and they are like, Dee, you are a black
celt, thats the means by which you can overcome this harsh duality as
you walk through the town, and its what you've always felt in your
heart, this is a place where fairy history can be known to, and a
place sacred to Hekate.

this is the return of tir na nog and the end of the journey all the
synchronicities were they real? the connections to my true family, all
of that seems to live here,
it seems to be a miraculous mix of all the aspects of what i learned
joined with the old aspects that were in me and in recent years have
a real rainbow family, i sense my family among all the things of this
place, a fairy family, a spirit family, an anima family, a tribe, not
based on race, not based on blood, but just based on the fact that we
are here, natives of the present moment, and this is the means by
which we overcome the divisions which are assumed on us, which we must
wear and which are painted anachronistically upon the buildings. the
old lives anew, its not about history, its about the joy of it, the
spirit of it, the absurdity of it, once more i hear the joke, its not
at all serious, this life is not a all serious

finally i understand again, yet indeed, it is.

for even my friends are here, their ghosts, their shells, there is
max, he is the hannah's restaurant, where they come out yelling pagan
dude, though i am a woman and offer me food, and we smoke bowls in the
backroom and they talk about the bullshit distractions they are
putting in the news these days and the guy gropes the women like
bacchus from a greek painting its a bit alarming but they don't seem
to mind too much, and theres mel, she is next to the pizza restaurant,
in the window, looking stereotypical, i dont pass there too much
because next to the pizza restaurant on the other side is a mason
lodge, but i figure if you dont bother them, they dont bother you....

there is a orange van with the word gary painted on it, like the snail
from spongebob squarepants, because thats the kind of existence this
is, and then next to our home, upon the hill, theres the plastic
yellow ribbon symbolizing the video which references me, its straight
out of the videos...

so if we live here, it must be performance, this is ayahuasca
shamanism, but its not real, its too glitzy,

all of life is but a stage, i feel like a king here. its all so awkward.

and everyone is far away, but its art.

i'm the one who refuses to go the historical route, the traditional
route, i am the environmentalist, i am evolution, i am revolution, i
am the harpers ferry yoga scene.

this has been set up by the radical fairies, i am pretty sure. its
kind of sad realizing you can't really be alone, they will always be
assuming things.

you can't have recycling without reincarnation they say, but here we
are like the gods, we are the tuatha de danann, we carry the souls of
the dead, symbolized by recyclable materials after their death,
through the world of spirit and bring them to the recycling bins, but
the reincarnation will not be more of the same, it will be different
and i like to think for every new tree planted and everything
recycled, we are helping to break down past karmas even in ourselves,
and eventually create something amazing, we almost had it here, but it
was made sour by the movie type stuff happening, the behind the scenes

everytime we recycle we come closer to breaking free from these stereotypes.

we are not the ancient hebrews, or the ancient egyptians, nor the
ancient celts or the ancient africans but its their spirits we pass
through and help to be purified  of the ego illusion and return to
oneness, as we do this the power of the stereotypes fade away, its no
longer about these labels, even hippie but just it has become relaxed,
we look at the absurdity of the world around us,
we thank the spirit of ireland, and we go on with the game.
knowing that it is the past, and what will arise our psyches because of it?
this is a place of the psyche.
it is said that most racism is psycholigical, and i believe thats
true, it takes a lot of patience sometimes, because people try to
manifest that...
even people within your own family, they want to believe racism
exists, but for me its more important to believe it doesnt exist...
it did in the past, we can't deny that, but now, not really, but to
really end it, we would have to leave this tradition of christianity.
and sadly no one is willing to do that, so all i have is myself and
these writings, writings of wanti, of the Goddess of the ultimate
reality, and the world beyond these bodies and this status quo. that
world lives here too.

we realize they just want to cause us stress to keep their system
going, but we refuse to be stressed, refuse to worry, only loving,
only loving, perhaps that makes us perverted, thats what they want to
force... thats the path they have magnetized, hoping everyone would
shirk away, or else actually become perverted,

they are the ones who cause the abuse, through their videos of voodoo,
and bring us to the moment of zen,

"One day while walking through the wilderness a man stumbled upon a
vicious tiger. He ran but soon came to the edge of a high cliff.
Desperate to save himself, he climbed down a vine and dangled over the
fatal precipice. As he hung there, two mice appeared from a hole in
the cliff and began gnawing on the vine. Suddenly, he noticed on the
vine a plump wild strawberry. He plucked it and popped it in his
mouth. It was incredibly delicious!"

though perhaps we'll never know the origins of the ones who have
organized this around us for sure, instead of complaining about it, we
can just enjoy life as much as possible.

accept it as something that is meant to keep us humble, even if it is
a bit uncomfortable at times. and perhaps it really is real magic,
having to do with twin spirits, and things.

but we will never become clones. judaism still lives here, thats all
that it means, we are kabbalistic, flying through the spiritual world,
but judaism is alive, in the chaotic way of the psyche.

light and dark are still seperated, though in a sense we have come
together also, what can we do now but surrender. hoping to be able to
disappear into obscurity again. having trust in the least likely
place, perhaps being misunderstood.

hinduism also lives here, because we know we cannot rule over the
earth, but must care and love all nature, and in the reincarnation
that happens, though hinduism is the same as paganism, hinduism has
more of an aura of morality, though in truth paganism is also moral
its just been spoken badly of by those who have been against it, we
accept all ways not just one, but all ways as manifestation of one.

the buddha also lives here, and the rainbow body, these are the secret
gifts of the spirit, folks and beings of many cultures live here. and
we do our best to be in harmony with nature, and we are

the pagan lives here...

even the yomo lives here. its only in words that light and dark are
separated because everywhere else they are coming together, words are
just words, but life is life, so much beyond words, so much beyond
names, names aren't important here, if you can see beyond that, then
you are in heaven, then you see the true miracle of judaism, was it
really the water that was separated or was it the words which were
made clear and thus the mind cleared and brought back to its original
freedom, and original intuitive morality of gentleness, without
thought of reward but just for the sake of gentleness.

christ lives here too and there is a secret harmony to it all, all the
meeting of all these dimensions, now we understand and the medicine
wheel is fulfilled, now coming as far as alaska, but undeniably right
here, the far away is here, by the blessing of Hecate all manner of
spirits together so diverse and yet digging in the same way, just as
was prophecied.

so we live our lives, we pass on our joy we express our love and our
visions and yeah... we relax and realize its all infinite and

and perhaps most of all the Tree of Life lives here in harpers ferry
and verily everywhere! we can all come together in some way around
cannabis, hemp, just as it happened in the beginning, and feel its
sacred energy and just dig the mystery of this universe, in happiness
and peace, and love, and varying degrees of bohemia.

eff corporations!

oh yeah and dischordianism lives here

and i think it must all be being controlled by,
who are making the videos abut us and bringing us together

curses be to that side, taking things way too far and invading folks
privacy apparently this was set up years in advance.

I appeal to the people who do that for compassion, not trying to make
this into a reality, of forced incest and psychological rape
surrounding us everywhere, its not a good basis for our lives, nor is
it true paganism..

im kind of a rolemodel for order in the global community

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Naklin (sacred wanti text)
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Naklin went to Africa and communed with the spirits, denying all
monarchies and all sovereigns, it wasn't how it was portrayed, but
mostly people were nice, there was food and peace, by and large the
conspiracies of the outside world disappeared, there was incredible
peace, and incredibly wise people from all over the world there who
had gathered, practicing original spiritualities, channeled
spiritualities from the forests, from nature itself. Perhaps it was
Wanti that was truly Africa. We looked at the stories we looked at the
portrayals, and we just realized everything we were getting it had a
spin on it, to see purely, we had to stop thinking in consensus terms.
It was designed to make you feel like a conspiracy was happening
around you, but really it wasn't, none of them could trick us into
performing in their cult, all of them claimed to know what Africa
truly was, but was it was was something inside, we had never been to
the physical place, but it lived in us, in primal originality rising
again and again, rising in what we called hippie, in these movements
of truth, and sincerity, which blasted away the doings of the robots,
and yet inconcievably seemed to live right among them, in the way of
the Amanita Muscaria, we left the context of texas, where they tried
to trap us under the influence of old faiths and saw purely without
the propaganda a spirit even deeper than that, and deeper than any
determined priesthood. Like magical monkeys of the sea we danced
camped on and on, across the plains and over mountains. We had simply
left the ouroboros, we say the Yomo dancing in the trees, and seemed
to slip into the cosmic algorithm of existence, true happiness, the
vampirism, the vampirism was gone, the spiral which matched the truly
good with the worst had finally disipatted, we were able to live in
accordance with tao. in these fields of mushrooms, people of all
types, rainbow people, fairy type people, would gather around, dancing
ecstatic in spirit, dancing but not with weight, pehraps they were
apparitions. travelling through an astral path, travelling across
stonehenge, and through every mushroom ring, singing the intoxicating
song of spontaneous life, what was there but simple life every day,
growing and fading away the eternal breathe, and all the sensations of
the spirit.
It wasn't that it was african, its just that it was happening ,it was
truly universal, it was beyond judgements, it stirred us away from the
cults, they had fallen so deeply into roleplay for long dead kings,
but here everything was a circle, and we were not warriors, we were
not nights, nor any longer were we dazed.
we just saw through the ways society had tried to handle us and
shepherd us along, we meditated and realized there is a greater path,
we didn't have to support this system, we could just support eachother
and through our warmth and openness set up a camp of peace and love,
everywhere, just as others were doing in other places, and had done
before us, we realized it truly went on forever, and went deeper and
deeper, its this society really which was the small place, they tried
to hide the rest away form us, so we would never seek it, but as we
went out into the woods and the fairies began to speak to us more and
more eventually they became people too and strengthened the way of
truth in the world. it wasn't based on spirituality, race or species,
but we saw indeed that was the game of the other world, it was based
in something more inner, more spiritual, which was hard to express,
but we did through so many organic arts, becoming again like the
tribes, but not seperate, not fighting, just being.
we were the shamans, on the outskirts, living, bouncing between worlds
ensuring that chaos continued and that idealism never died, the crow
and the raven and the bear were the gatekeepers, but they made it seem
too much like a battle, or a sickness, they were still intertwined
confused, the degree they allowed the crystals to intermingled with
their essence, that was just their way, but we seeked further, to the
places were patterns no longer existed, and realizing that place, it
was clear that everything was one huge plant and there was no system
and not, only varying regions of the spirit, all of them sacred, all
of them organic. this intuitive teaching, wasn't passed on by old
collegiate men, but they had taken it from the annals and corners of
the mysteries hidden worlds all around us, the characters and shamans
passing doing the universal dance, and tried to let it flower in hopes
of changing the grand lesson, so we could move back closer to the
celestial communion with all things, beyond these divisions which no
longer served a purpose, beyond the passion of folks who just wanted
to fight, but perhaps them, the morrigan they will always exist, and
this is the way of the world, and so our way also shall exist and
perhaps they compliment eachother, because in all this, the herb still
grows, the love still flows, there is simply enough, when we have come
together in the mutual warmth and no rules, setting no boundaries but
inexplicably, pointed towards the liberation of all consciousness, in
meditation all the energies of the universe coalesced and ultimately
every action was the yoga which completed everything, what are we but
a fractal plant and its cellular guardians, buzzing away in
infinity,as the dramas come and go, still in the spirit, the great
peace awakens and it merely passes over us like a quiet storm of all
the colors of the horizons and things we see every day, all of it
alive, the sacred doesn't discriminate when it enters, it entered

it wasn't based on segregation and we began even again to prophecized
and write again in the flow

In the beginning all was shattered and clashed against eachother for
none of it knew the rest existed until it all met, then there was a
force that grew between them and united them all together, and knew it
was all good, that force was Goddess, who had created the rainbow
bridge, and brought it all together, thus ending the clash of
dualities, and saving us from constantly having to replay old events
from the past. She had liberated us from slavery, and yet old us that
she is in all of us and in everything, to love and make stories and
prophecize, healing the old, and forgiving all adversaries, in the
rainbow energy we went forth, because it brought peace to all beings,
and say the inner essence of all faiths and all Gods, appeased them
all that no suffering came from their worship, and showed us that we
had the power to dream, and to hear heir voices individually.

They had just been waiting for the story to take shape, she was not a
Lord, it was not a great celestial monarchy but simply a planet, wild
natural, yet with a place for us, an egoless place, speaking in an
ancient language, emanating and bringing us together, psychically, as
all of this had been woven.

the Yomo showed us that she was strong, in all the other faiths, we
saw too, the Ness, it lifted us up and we spoke to the universe
through all sensation, becoming one with it, returning in spirit to
the stars, there among the shining spheres of the tree of life our
spirits learned the ways which had been blocked, by the tao, now we
realized, how we were all together. We realized and we were joyous,
many thought only of the sacred, and the earth and everywhere sprang
with bounty, which we were thankful for and reaped in part, always
sowing some in return, for this was the dance that we were taught, we
saw it all as a circle, and heaven is here now, not seperated by
death, and even the dead are here now, and we planted trees over their
burial grounds which again became greater forests, and sacred places
where we could hear especially strong the universe spirit speaking to

the spirit went forth and those of all faiths began to understand,
less and less was the pressure, and more and more was the relaxation
as the dharma of infinity went throughout spending much time in zazen,
enjoying the grand vision, this world is that vision this is the
supreme, the unimaginably beautiful, rest in stillness here we did,
knowing all beings are one with us, and praying by the method of
making these stories, which the spirits gave us, stories of the coming

we planted trees and we made our joys and our songs, stepping out from
the past, loving all, directed by the angels of positivity, the
messenger was in all of us, like Shiva, appearing in so many different
names yet the energy in the end was one, at night we gathered in it,
without words, without distinction, simply melting into eternity.

Om all of us came from everywhere, we were all natives of the present moment.
the dream is sacred. and lucidity is our sacrament, which we will
never truly be without.

« on: May 24, 2012, 05:52:14 am »

Apple Talk / im just a dickless eunuch
« on: May 24, 2012, 05:23:36 am »
i know, i cant deny it any more but its thrilling to say that at least

it seems like it would hurt me, maybe it will, but i am doing it to

myself... thats the extent of this schizophrenic, as far as i

understand it..

im just this spirit i guess in this wierd ass world and when i think

i'm a dickless eunuch and do kechari mudra its like heavenly music and its mystical... lol

and now at least i know it has to do with Mira , when i said basically

that on her facebook years ago, stuff happened, they were not able to

let it go, they make it serious, and force it, and before i guess it was just from being dumb, but then it crystallized so much... but idunno, idunno if

i really cant escape it then.. idunno.. this makes no sense but..

i just hope old men dont start trying to fuck me... protection spell from that and the ones who do already to stop

maybe thats actually like healthy, cuz this world seems fake anyways, and everyone pretty much acts like that here.. honestly

its buddhist!

this is probably the best thing that ever happened to me

I dedicate this moment to the TREE GODDESS WHO IS GODDESS OF ALL THINGS

through this prayer the forest will be protected and cannabis will be legalized, masonry will not harm the environment or be mean or forceful, and spirits will be good and laugh will be laughed at and love will be everything and all beings will experience total bliss and complete nirvana and much psychedelicness


thank you all for letting me share this moment with you, im sorry if it freaks you out, but life is full of freak outs, and in the end, its probably all good for you, this is wantism

we are the only wantist, we're the only ones who can be wantist!


we are a member of every gender, race, and species

this is tao

we are a rainbow


still raving!!!!!

Literate Chaotic / epic cure! (dryad wantism)
« on: May 17, 2012, 07:23:56 pm »

Eureka! the password is keeg, missy elliot is so deep, keeg is the
esssence of friendships, not worship

Peaceship bhajan! hippy phajan fashion.. pagan pajamas fashion.. i am
a pajama from now on in truth.. and always! hippy peaceship trippy
ffideas, not fetish or vegas, vegish veggies foot veggies, root
veggies, medeblessings metaspellings magic language we can't fear, new
works from old roots make clogged spirit clear, rainibus cainabis,
boghafroise, ccrazy gaelic magic healed global warming nobodies
talking bout that anymore the planet realy is healing wow, ecstatic
afros.. rave fave

cool fools, keel feels
smart arts
feelings live, canna lope

canti kanteloup cant elope
 kannelope.. not cannabis, kinda loopy but healing spirits
true love! is the healing of the  soul and what israel, the heart not
illusions of mine, mayan, but ours, hours, 12 and 12 hours, the end of
the day!

in the end the love you make is equal to the love you take
and the love you give is equal to the love you live

the heroic dosi-do

many hippie feet dancing in fractals
like mandalas of kaliedoscopes of talking body parts
in wierd tripped out freak outs
going deep, going far, how many buddhas are in your body?
dancing across and toadstools hat and leaving a circle ring from the tracks
and growing from that was the dew like the wax, tiny buttons of healing
and now we relax,
hippie feet of wu-wei, ending wars, holding the seed of peace
in our roots, we are like garlic, we spend most of our time doing nothing
letting rainbows grow
psychedelic world of feet, enter into the fairy world
and your spirit journey will be closer to complete...
we are grounded by the feet, around them exists everything
they are paisleys, they are the drop of yin and yang,
they are the endless drum of dreams,
this is like my art, woman of not what it seems
seems to be a stop but really and endless portal
the realm you fall into is truly immortal,
all kinds there must be, is it greater or lesser
you realize nothing can really ever be gained  or lost
but then what is it that was realized?
many hippies feet dancing in chaos, making trails, trails of peace
painting the zen painting, organically, impermanently
in the valleys, mountains, hallways, rooms, and streets
the labyrinth does open and we all go flying
the medicine is mushrooms, their vitality is never dying
under one layer of earth, through this layer we speak the best
not anchored by slow words, no longer can we test
the spirit is just one, as its always been... the spirits out in the
endless gathering,
how do we know what to say, even remember whats happening, somehow its
comes, like the tides, like the winds, the messages that the spirits
give to us to send
we are earth, we are fire, we are wind, we are water, we are spirit
we are ecstatic, not son nor daughter, mother nor father
just that which is, here and there, there is no organization,
i see the world, i see it all flying around... i feel the energies
i know nothing, its all chaos, its all lights flickering forever,
there is no life
there is no death, the egoless ones, assemble finally, in having ego..
suddenly it is saved, for the others were lost just looking for a place to cave
now it is open.
all of you could be corrupted, but i just trust the universe, it is
egoless, we can't speak here in the world of ego, it doesn't make
sense, psychology is just what they call shamanism these days, magic
we all know some, awkward yeah, we all feel it, why?
why let the ego know, the ego can grow too, we can experiment with it,
as a sacrament perhaps
we can help it realize non duality. ego, just the trickster, the
rebel, the exiled ones,
how easy it is to channel good spirits, so many good spirits, so much
kindness out  forever, on the astral plane, hippies were always part
of some kind of psychic, magical world, who knows what is going on,
hippies are folks with good karma, hippies are..

what are hippies?

this shrink dude says

and i'm like wow its such a good feng shui situation to talk about the fae
aren't you a hippie?

or are you just a shaman, a total neutral spirit like a buddha
our dreams, dont happen in logical ways, that can be controlled, they
are just dreams its just life, its just surrender, its like surfing,
that is zazen
hippies are just trips of love, its just like people who are trying to
get rid of the disharmony, people who are hip, who have consciousness
of why things are like they are, whereas others just kind of do things
without thinking about it, self directed, its an art, its a way of
love, a way of peace, hippies are like angelic spirits who are healers
and guardians of the world who keep up the sacred wisdom while many
others abide in foolishness and ignorance, perhaps it has something to
do with the tao, maybe the masses will always be like that, they are
just like a mantra, like the hare krishnas, its not gonna change but
its there, thats their yoga... hippies are shamans who can heal that,

hippies are compassion, its not about the devotion, it like thats hard
to trust, the free love,
undifferentiated consciousness, people who chose to abstain from the
system and to drop out, people who retain their true original spirit
in the face of the mindless monotony and peer pressure to destroy it.

hippies are really calm, and really wierd, they are kind of like gods,
they do yoga, its more of a psychic thing,
hippie is a meditation that can help your aura, and allow you to see
the infiniteness of everything and that everything is nature, it will
cleanse you from the synthetic, and bring you in touch with the
moment, for everyone its different, hippieness is awesome

people who have different views than you would think of, just how it
is when the world is not at all what they said, question everything
think for yourself, everyone needs to have their own trip, it doesnt
matter what it is, theres enough space for that to happen, the
universe is infinite, and realize its just your trip, so there is
always space of lucidity, where it all ends, nirvana, we can always go
there, but the spirit must take us... hippies have deep psychedelic
magic, entheogens they are recently called, its all a meditation to
awaken these qualities you can find it in the world, you just remember
that energy and it will arise, its really trippy though its all really
buddhist, its a divine ritual

what are spirits, the yomo is a spirit, a spirit who revived hippieism
and spoke of a mystical pagan land which is the origin of all things,

and taught about a pervasive energy called ness which is also the tree
of life and cannabis, mushrooms, halko, and invoked also innate in the
self to channel chaos

all hippies really usually wanna do is sit around meditate, have fun
dance and play music have a visionary experience hippies realize that
sometimes thats all that needs to be done.
its magic it has nothing to do with this world, these generic things,
hippies feel knowledge should be free from initiation type ideas and
consciousness is just consciousness so its kind of like hinduism,
thats why dropping out, hippies are really chaotic, its like an
ancient really funny dance, its not really serious, its not gonna
follow the program.

im probably never going to meet hippies, but everyone is a hippie at
the same time, everyone is beautiful, everyone is wierd, no one is
judging, there is compassion, just the spirit, emptiness, peace, no
more gender roles, hippies is like a crazy tribe, but what does tribe
even mean, what is this type, it is nothing, its not a philosophy, its
just slowly dissolving into insanity and enjoying it because you can
feel intuitively that it means you're actually being healed, come for
from the world of delusion, the world of infinity is here
live and change you life, fashion what it is you are doing, just do
it, don't think of 'them'...

the fairies dig it, the trees dig it, its just a spirit dancing love,
everything is the astral rollerskating rink of the ancients, its like
stonehenge, its like this wierd insane dude.

life is insane, it makes no sense, hippy is like hooky
its like not being there, in a good way, these hippies are not here,
continuing to just be yourself , live your life dream

travel in spirit meditate, live a life, you will see all things, eat
the natural plants become one with nature, its about becoming one with
nature, its about the spirit
listening to the spirit,

it has to do with life, i can tell its somethin natural,

the yomo is a hippie, i love hippies, i love the meditation of life
philosophy, hippies knew the true zen, they left the program, they
broke free so in a way, its like hygiene you know
hippies were said to be dirty but we have clear minds and really its
just a healthy energy...

i have no idea what im talking about anymore or why i do this but its
something, its just zen, its this life, its beautiful, its the
universe, it is what is, nature at work

everything is a hippie, transforming into everything

and just constantly ask yourself if it comes to you, why am i not
enjoying life more, why am i not shirking more responsibility, and
just shirk the responsibility and enjoy yourself without cares
you have to not care and then you'll realize everything takes care of
itself, we all have a place in the universe, there are certains rules
but not that many, just live, anarchy, and peace and love
peace love anarchy and nature
its like a plan but its not even, because who knows what going to
happen, how can i address it here, how can history addresss anything
truly it all is just what it seems to be in this moment,which
constantly changes,
you realize that that way it common and its like the greater good, and
you realize you were in some kinda  cult and its not at all that
powerful really, and that the world is okay, and like.. you just relax
and dig infinity

hippies are people who are too smart for the government of submission
and the government doesnt mess with them because that makes no sense,
most people should be too smart for it, we dont harm anyone, we just
live our lives and be free and experience our consciousnesses, when
enuf are hippy (or when your spirits awakens enough to reality to
realize that) government basically just a game and its like that right
now, always really.. magical laws are real, karma is real, but it
doesn't come from the place of ego... ego has no responsibilities and
it not trusted to handle it, its just kinda there for the most part,
should be easy enough to just live  just dont hurt anyone else and
enjoy the art of life

with all its stuff

we worship a god called hippie who is ourselves
hippie is everything, in everything hippie is like a kinda of energy,
hippie is ness, its like animism or sufism, but its not based in that,
its not paganism, but it has no histroy

hippies are like porcupines

hippie was suddenly there after we had a dream
the thing with shamanism and the internet is this fear, the fear that
it will be stolen, your style will be copied, but the thing is, its
not that, if that happens, it just goes to the ancestors, who in
another time needed it, or it goes to others who need it now
and nothing is really lost, its just their spirit can be there too, it
becomes two spirited, it can end their suffering as it ended yours,
but its not the same as yours, its just grown, formed again, and
helped someone else and you can see how it goes, its the true magic,
going and helping so many.. and thats the great thing about, then your
pleasures and joy can be shared with the world, then you have really
healed, then you are really a shaman, all of them can have happiness,
all of it can exist, just from one many candles are lit...
as you get over the shock of seeing another

of being at the annex between schizophrenia and ayahuasca, you can
relax, and realize its okay, the spiral will continue.

im not afraid i will be copied, i dont care, if you do it
authentically, and who is to say you don't? the kabbalah taught me
everything is shared, everything must be shared, none of it is all the
way logical, no one has to let you do it, shamanism is just something
you naturally do maybe you join a group maybe you dont does it matter,
its not about the outter, as i let it be healed, i healed everyone..

we healed everyone...

it felt wierd, but it happened.

the thing with shamanism is that will always happen, it will always be
dismembered, dont be fooled by that, that is its genius, and then it
comes together, it doesnt make sense,

its all being scattered through out, its all wytipodating going
through every circle, mira is wytipodating, ruby is wytipodating, erin
is wytipodating, flo is wytipodating, aisha is wytipodating we are all
one being, but really its just the spirit of wanti wytipodating for
all is wnati, we go everywhere meditating on compassion and divine
love, worshipping trees, planting seeds, and healing with sacred
plants, and hippie ways, loving kindness, upholding consciousness
rights, rights of the heart, rights of the mind, rights of beings, it
can't be pinned down to an exact method, its intuitive, we are healers
of wanti, but it is the spirit itself that heals, this is matriarchal
judaism, we don't have a problem with christ (aka AERIS! who is a manifestion of the higher self living in all creation)), with non traditional
gnosis, with compassion beyond the law, in adherence to the true law
that an it harm none do as ye will, we love magic, we love Goddess, we
know its all one, we are all peoples, we have returned in some part to
wanti, ness sulos, adawapayo, nommo... to all peoples was revealed one
essential spiritual truth that echoed out in various ways because of
its ultimate reality

because its not money that matters its consciousness, we are
consciousness, the more conscious we are, the more rights we have,

without consciousness you could have everything and not even realize it

we are destroyers of history, enders of karma,

in this faith, wanti/jews/christians/pagans/wiccans/schizophrenics(chordian and discordians) saw
all the bad stuff  in the books about their 'history' prevented
anything new, and was like dont be a slave to it or use it to control
others  but praying is fun and wise and natural and then you see the
truth  just love, no specifics, you ultimately pray to yourself, your
realized self, to wake you up,  ultimately it all amounts to zazen
just this one moment outside of thought structures,  only this is real
and the beginning of everything,  any conceptual world is unreal even
spiritual conceptual is unreal, an intuitive process awakens us

the universe is a conspiracy to relieve us from karma and a limited
sense of self

we plant trees, trees are so sacred,

we use hemp and care for the planet, we use all plants of
consciousness as sacrament to heal from the history from a tradition
which hurts the planet if it is there, we legalize cannabis across the
world, magically, and bring back peace for all, we are in many forms
like shiva and shakti, we join them, who have come this same path,
this path that goes many directions at once, it more than one place at
once, the direct path,
yomo, yaveyetta, airmid, nommo, for the healing of earth, for joy!
delight in the universe!
this is the faith of some hippies.

it has always been, we are just realizing it

Hashem-Hachem-Shalem! wanti yomo om blessed be the forest of hempowillowysp

ya-we are the messiahs!

you and we
are wanti and whatever else some other name form, its not really about that!


not customers but consciousness
these custums are a costume for consciousness, a comforting song,
naked consciousness,  we are consciousness,  the game is just a game,
you can give up a game,  its not always time to play or fun to play
but dont give up consciousness
.. happiness health dont give up what you want if  you want it for a good reason
i want what i want for a reason,
 why is consciousness in a costume? just let it be what it is not
focused on words, then its no longer a costume, its no longer a
pretense, it just is
songs of matriarchy not communism, not bondage, harmony,just
something.. something you cant explain

you dont have to agree with all of it, if you can change it  to make
it better you should

no one will try to stop you, but we'll question it and really think about it...

ultimately though, you decide

eat your mushrooms!

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