On Activism – From the Boomtime Cabal

On activism  is a new publication from the elusive Boomtime cabal: Exploring concepts such as what activism hopes to achieve and the flow of power, Action over paralysis in a society that bombards information, of building systems of lasting change.

It details how to get involved in change you want to see, even if what you do is small.

It highlights the importance of communication and incremental change over glory chasing or ego of Causes.

It warns of the perils of the lack of self criticism and introspection on a personal level and at a group level and delves into the role of Discordianism and the need to poke fun at ideas we hold dear and those of the causes we band to.

It expands into the changing role of technology in activism and ramifications of how we communicate through new mediums, to the mechanics and interplay of protests and organisations (and the perils to watch for).

It comes in two swanky layouts:

On Activisim – Adelord Layout

On Activism – Beasley Layout

Mirrored Links:

On Activisim – Adelord Layout BoomtimeCabal

On Activisim – Beasley Layout


Cosmic Trigger Play

Via Nadia Luijten

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Cosmic Trigger Play



Room For Love – Ilya

With a name like room for love and a blurb like “Lonely Divorcé romance novelist starts affair with dangerous young rent boy” this sounded like it could be just a bad romance plot.

Both the name and the plot are lightly played up with satire within the story.

What this actually is, is an examination of two very broken people and their desire and isolation. Both characters have lost someone they love to the cruelty of others. Both characters utilise a symbiotic use of each other, Pamela feeding of raw sexuality and unpredictably for inspiration for her novels, Frank to avert a predictable dismal downward spiral in his life.

There’s a lot of focus on the sexual powerplay between the two characters and how the two switch between passive and active assertion over each other with themes of abandonment and homosexuality explored along the way.

Room For love – Ilya

The use of colour and shading in this is interesting. At first it appears quite simple as a colour coding of blue for Pamela and murky yellow for Frank but is actually used to great effect and in complex ways throughout the story to convey the characters feelings; Where it expands in wild coronas around the characters upon their they interact on equal footing or contract into geometric cubes around them when they are being restricted by the other.

The Irish artist Francis Bacon was famous for drawing figures trapped within cubes and shapes and I only mention him because he is referenced shortly after a page where the colour is used to the same effect.

The story is bleak, primarily one of exploitation and heartbreak but it’s lightly satirical of the romance genre and its dark themes never overpower the story so it comes away with a positive feeling.


Also not sure if it’s a subgenius reference or not but the Stark Fist of Removal shows up during the stories climax.

Time to pull the Cosmic Trigger?

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Never-before-seen filmed interview with Alan Moore

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Book Here



The Private Eye

A comic called The Private Eye by Marcos Martin and writer Brian K. Vaughan(Y the last man) Just released issue five which is the half way point for the story.

It’s excellent, and weird sci-fi to boot.

The issues are pay what you want (including 0), so even if you don’t feel like paying check it out.

The Private eye BKW MM

I’ll give it a proper review when it’s finished. One thing to note, because it’s designed to be read in digital format makes its reading order and flow work seamlessly with widescreen layouts which I often find difficult with scanned/converted to digital comics.


Black Iron Prison – Common Walls release

“Black Iron Prison 2013: Common Walls is a collection of essays that explore the idea that while our collection of experiences are unique, the experience itself is shared. It tries to do away with the nihilistic narcissism so prevalent in today’s society, and foster a sense of belonging, of commonality. At the same time, it takes pains to avoid advocating for blind tribalism and conformity. In the end, Common Walls is a group of people writing about what it means to be alive and conscious in 2013, and what we should do with the other seven billion people on the planet”

Black Iron Prison – Common Walls

You can purchase a physical copy from lulu, you can download a copy from here, or you can read a hosted copy Now.

Sex Criminals

Unlike all the dark melodramatic stuff that makes up most of the new stuff that I try out each month this is a really refreshingly fun, and despite being light hearted it’s a mature way of portraying sex in comics. A lot of the sexual situations are quite satirical and there’s a lot more exploration of both the leads awkward discovery of sex before they became the super powered titular sex criminals.

It’s really nice seeing a couple as the leading stars of a super power book, in a happy relationship which is still a riveting page turner; It just makes all that fiasco about Batwoman getting married seem all that more stupid and weak an argument.

It’s full of really funny anecdotes, with the stories about the leads finding crumpled porn out in the woods, and having the sack race around the sex shop, and they are some of the most colourful enjoyable Pages I’ve seen in ages, the vibrancy reminds me of Transmetropolitan.

The art is fucking fantastic. Chip Zdarsky (if that IS his real name) packs so much detail and so many visual puns into every panel that you find yourself scrutinising the book shelves in the backs of panels to read the titles.

Sex Criminals

The first issue is still free here so check it out:


I bought two and three off of image directly though cause I think the creators get more of a cut, but I can’t be certain.

The reason this has really caught me up and I am posting about it so early (only at issue three) is for incredibly frustrating reasons.

Apple censored… well no. Banned the comic from their app store because it depicts sex. It’s ok for dismemberment, sadomasochism, cannibalism, etc but we can’t be exposed to people having sex, because that might be obscene.

(This Blog has been liberated from the Discordian Menace by the Order of La Mancha)

The Et Cetera Discordia

In 1958 or 1959 (we’re not sure which), Eris, the Goddess of Confusion, sent an Emperor Penguin to a bowling alley in California. It appeared before Malaclypse the Younger and Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst and inspired them to create the Discordian Society: a tribe of philosophers, theologians, magicians, scientists, artists, clowns, and similar maniacs.

The Et Cetera Discordia proudly celebrates 50th the anniversary of this prophetic vision. It is a collage of the funny, weird, and often profound writings and art created by numerous modern (and post-modern) Discordians. This book is an invitation to join them in exploring, celebrating, and remixing this strange and exciting century.

A bit of background: Triple Zero and I had this idea back in 2008. The original idea was to create a quick one-shot internet forum which gathered content for quick publication of a new Discordian text celebrating Discordia’s 50th anniversary. So we threw THE PARTY AT LIMBO PEAK, an intentionally shortlived Internet forum, where people could post anonymously and then later unmask themselves at the end of the party. The project got out of control and we took a million years to finish it. And the finished product is a beautiful 128 page paperback, the latest addition to Grand and Glory Old Discordjia!

The Etc. Discordia can be purchased in paperback or downloaded for free in PDF form here.