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The idea was great, but all 3 published versions sucked.

So, doing it myself.  Instead of some demon lords being behind the fake elemental cult, it's run by an inner circle of Vecna cultists.  Of course, the undead Vecna has moved on to bigger and better things than being a moldy old undead thing, so he has no intention of coming back.  But they're dumb and maniacal, and yanno...

Anyway, I have two groups going through the campaign at the same time, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  I am not running the same adventure twice, I am running them both through at the same time, and the actions of one group affect the other, and vice-versa.  In fact, tomorrow they all sit at the table together for a massive "Rumble in the Slums".

The groups have cleared out and set up shop in a couple of arcane sites, smacking around some temple heavies in the process (and learning of the return of the ancient threat).  The local wizards guild has decided they want the sites, and have hired goons to take the parties out.  The more experienced party has gotten wind of this, and the fact that the guild is going to take out the less experienced party first.  So they send a henchman to warn the group (who is going down to the docks to meet a guy who supposedly knows where the ancient evil temple is).

The more experienced group arrives just as the bad guys kick off their ambush.

The map of the docks and the adjoining slum is divided into 19 segments, and each segment has either hit men of one kind or another, or nothing, or helpful people from a gang the parties are friendly with (which is to say, they have common enemies).  Each segment also has "chase" conditions that have to be met before anyone can enter them (crowded street, etc).  This of course applies to the good guys and the bad guys, and may result in groups of both being split, as individuals make the required checks.  The less experienced PCs arrive randomly in one of the first 8 zones (the Northern half of the map), and the other party arrives in either zone 1, 5, or 9.  The less experienced PCs are out of their league, and have to survive until the other party shows up.

Also, there's a pack of pit bulls that wander the map and attack either side.  Because life is just more FUN with a horde of feral pit bulls.  Oh, and more giant rats than you can shake a stick at. And a swarm of carniverous cockroaches. And CANNIBAL STREET URCHINS.  Because slums.  And it's raining like Goddamn Portland, mostly so they don't burn the city down, but also because the modifiers are universal and vastly amusing (to me).  Lastly, the bad guys in an adjoining zone may see the PCs if they make a ruckus, and attempt to move into their zone to attack, and all bad guys chase good guys no matter where they go.

Victory conditions are:

PCs are killed - obviously, bad guys win, campaign over.
PCs survive by fleeing the slums - draw, no information, and the goons are still out for them.
PCs get to the informant and then escape - PCs win, get information.
PCs wipe out 80-100 percent of the bad guys - Crushing victory, PCs get information, wizards guild humiliated, bonus experience for everyone.

The parties have three (3) hours of real time to complete their objectives.

The bad guys are a mixed bag of lunatic bleachling gnomes, red mantis assassins, street thugs, some murder cultists, a solo monk bounty hunter, and some Sczarni (ie, Roma) hit men (among other things).

The friendly gang, the Garbanzo brothers outfit, is located in two zones, and can be made helpful with a diplomacy check, in which case they either toss the PCs a healing potion or two OR eliminate any one group of assassins chasing the PCs.

Now, this comes off almost like a boardgame, and it really is for this session, but that's the best way to get the cinematic feeling ala Indiana Jones or Brandon Fraser in The Mummy.

If they live through this, then phase two starts, and the more experienced party goes off to the temple, while the less experienced party works for that nice old deformed noble that's been paying them for odd jobs that are getting more than a little disturbing.

would those of you that have a trainer (or training experience?) mind asking (or providing) some feedback regarding what i believe is called circuit training?

i'm not really looking to bulk up - just tone and shed fat.  i'm pretty satisfied with my current size and strength level - mainly just trying to shed the beer gut without giving up beer and i sure as shit fucking hate doing cardio.

what i've begun doing is, instead of doing 3 sets of 5 to 10 reps (depending on the excercise) and then moving on to the next exercise is doing 1 set of each excercise with no breaks in between.  i then do 3 "circuits" so, in the end, its still 3 sets of everything.  each muscle group gets a break, but I don't because i immediately move to the next exercise.

i've found it to definitely increase my sweat production and respiration -so it seems to be combining the benefits of weight training with the benefits of cardio (i fucking hate doing cardio)

another bonus to this style workout is that it shaves about 10 minutes off my workout time since i'm not taking breaks between sets. 

for me, 10 minutes sometimes means the difference between "do i have time to work out today?"

1 circuit for me consists of:

dead lift
shoulder shrugs
bent over row
bench press
crunches (20 reps here)
plank (1 minute on each side)
shoulder raises

i do this 3 times per week.

i've read a lot of mixed opinions online but would appreciate some "real world" opinions

My opinion and that of my trainer is that this shit works...

BUT:  Never approach your max while doing it.  Don't even come close.

And then the bartender says "We don't serve time travelers here."

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Cain called it. Greece defaults.
« on: July 02, 2015, 09:21:26 pm »
Well, they sure as hell weren't doing very well under the enormous amount of austerity they were forced into -- austerity that has more or less been proven not to work in their scenario.

This is a "bad" vs "worse" situation, and one that was made inevitable by austerity.

Doesn't mean the situation is going to improve.  Economic collapse is never pretty.

Literate Chaotic / Re: The World Unseeing Ebook!
« on: July 02, 2015, 05:18:48 pm »
This will teach me to be nice to new folks.

Which was a bad idea.  I need to go back to the tried-and-true methodology of shitting on them from a great height.

It's better than smiling at cheap hucksters.

Literate Chaotic / Re: The World Unseeing Ebook!
« on: July 02, 2015, 05:16:57 pm »
So straight, so square, so greyface, so non discordian, so out of here.

Can't find out how to delete my account, would one of you squares do it for me?

1.  You guessed it.  We're the FAKE Discordians.  The real ones are 3 doors down on the left.  How clever of you to see through our ruse.

2.  We don't delete accounts.  Sorry.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Cain called it. Greece defaults.
« on: July 02, 2015, 05:03:25 pm »
Oh cool!
Thanks for that, it explains quite a bit.

Now the second question is: who benefits if Greece defaults?

I imagine the Greek people would.

You imagine incorrectly.  VERY incorrectly.

Or Kill Me / Re: silly teenage rants
« on: July 02, 2015, 04:09:47 pm »
The Good Doktor recommends your course of action, on account of he didn't like the sissy guy comment much.

Until the monsoon broke, it was 46C here.



And it is the contract that worries me, because the commitment only dances around the notion of informed consent.

Where do you get that idea?

The potential loss is difficult to grasp for most males aged 18-28, I think, from personal experience.  I don't consider myself entirely unreasonable and yet still was susceptible to suggestion.

If I may allow mself to imagine what it feels like, I'd think the 'draft' at first was breezy, like the invitation of an open door, slowly turning into a massive undertow.

This kind of training may be good but the end result is something of a complex beast.  The only way I know to kill it is not to serve it.

I have a feeling you may have a better grasp on the subject, so I wouldn't be opposed to conversation, it's your thread?

Well, we certainly can't allow people to make decisions before they're 70.

I wonder if sales of Hagakure are soaring in wake of season 2 of True Detective, much like season one prompted purchases of The King in Yellow?  It was pretty prominently displayed in episode one in Ani Bezzerides' home, alongside a less prominent copy of A Book of Five Rings and some what look like some Fairbairn and Sykes knife-fighting manuals.

Well tough luck poseurs, my samurai killer manuals are well over a decade old. My knifefighting manuals too, though I only keep digitized copies of those nowadays.

Who the hell is Ani Bezzerides?

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