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Aneristic Illusions / Re: Shootings in Canada
« on: Yesterday at 09:42:23 pm »
To be fair, CSIS did not tip off Syrian intelligence about his flight to Damascus.

They tipped off American intelligence, who then tipped off the Syrians.  You can lay pretty much everything else at their feet though,

So it was three assholes instead of two.  That's WORSE, not better.

Fucking Canada.  I had expected better.  Because I am naive in some ways.

Interesting. It sounds like that the new duties are amplifying the existing fist?

Does your increased role result in the ability to allow any increased leniency on a fuck-up? From their apparent reactions I'd guess not.

A better question, might be - Why does it worry you? I can guess but I'd prefer not to assume here.

When I saw what my new job was, I immediately and blatantly ripped off Grant Morrison.  We are the Science Gestapo.

And it worries me because I once spent 8 months here yelling at people for becoming their labels.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Shootings in Canada
« on: Yesterday at 08:52:08 pm »

This is what millions of po'buckers vigorously defend.

The accidents of the future are going to be so much more hilarious and horrible than I suspected.

This is why I want flying cars huge fucking SUVs.

Well, do people leave you the fuck alone? The opposite seems to occur.

And "The welcoming fist" sounds like either a terrible martial art, among other things.

IRL, I usually get left alone.  It does not translate well to the interbutts.  It has taken a while to catch on at work, but functions normally now (mosly on account of my new job duties, which seemed to have caused my erstwhile coworkers to look at me like I'm the fucking NKVD or something).

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Shootings in Canada
« on: Yesterday at 07:50:01 pm »
Same.  Canadians are jumpy though, after the guy on Monday.  Three attacks, even low level and lone wolf in nature, can look like a planned campaign, if you're as paranoid as the CSIS is (they make the Stasi look trusting by nature.  I'd love to know what level of hell Canadian intelligence summoned them out of).

They wont be ruling anything out.  Hell, they'll probably ship half a dozen people off to Egypt to be tortured on reflex alone.

We seem to have to act like this once or twice each century.  You could set your watch to it.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Shootings in Canada
« on: Yesterday at 07:25:16 pm »
A gunman also entered the Canadian Parliament, fired several shots.

Not sure if its the same gunman, or if the gunman had accomplices.

My guess is that it's one guy.

I grow increasingly worried that the fist I've made for years to say "leave me the fuck alone" has actually become my identity.  Especially lately.

HOLY SHIT is that real???

It's a real painting.

Other than that, no.   :sad:

Sadly, the argument is going in the direction of "reality is only perception" and "conciousness is not a physical aspect".

Right this minute, I'd like to feed fuckers like that into the choppy grindy burny machine.

Which is actually a thing.

I want one plz.

There's only one.  And I worked for decades to rate that thing.

Your hoverboard has arrived.

I'll believe that when I fucking see it.

They keep promising shit like this, but it never works out.  Remember that Japanese invisibility cloak?  Neither do I.

Best ruin porn of the year:

I don't miss Garbo (aka hovercat), but I wish I'd found this while she was still around:

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