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Aneristic Illusions / H.R. 6054: Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018
« on: July 11, 2018, 06:30:07 pm »

"To amend title 18, United States Code, to provide penalty enhancements for committing certain offenses while in disguise, and for other purposes."

Punch a Nazi while wearing a hanky over your face, go to jail for no more than 15 years.


Is this a new thing? I can't remember another example of a state or federal government entity openly imposing sanctions against a company because of their political activity. I mean, maybe they did it before and gave some bullshit reason, but never actually just coming right out and explicitly stating "We are punishing you because we don't like your political stance. Get your politics right or suffer the consequences!"

This seems like something that someone should go to prison over.

In local, regular non-anti-muslim news:

The story according to his own newspaper:

Long story short. A guy from New York sends him an email wanting to meet him to discuss a “discreet and powerful solution to the third world invasion you are being forced to endure.” Turns out he was looking for financial backers to build an X-ray based weapon to kill Obama and Muslims.

Doughtie, being the paranoid asshole that he is, decides the guy is just trying to set him up for a terrorism conspiracy charge, and promptly forgets what he hears, and ignores the guy when he tries to call him back instead of doing his civic duty, and reporting the incident like a good American. This by a guy who has encouraged his readers to report (to him) every little detail on activity by local Muslims, and went on and on about Muslim family members who own a local car dealership driving vehicles with dealer tags supposedly to avoid having to pay for regular tags like the rest of us good citizens.

But reporting on a white maintenance mechanic from New York who wants to build a radioactive energy weapon to murder the president and Muslims?

Nah, Brah.


So, apparently, since this place isn't a church, non-discrimnation laws apply. I'm thinking that they will still be able to retain the right to not make it a religious ceremony.

"Do you?" "I do."
"Do you?" "I do."
"By the power invested in me by the state of Ohio, you're married now. Cash or credit?"

I have mixed feelings about this one, but lean towards just leaving them alone, and letting the gay couple find someone who doesn't have a religious/moral issue with it.

Aneristic Illusions / MOAR freedom in Tennessee in 3... 2... 1...
« on: March 27, 2014, 06:46:03 pm »

Tennessee: Stop the So-Called "Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act"

While purporting to prevent discrimination against students expressing religious viewpoints, SB 1793/HB 1547 crosses the line from protecting religious freedom into creating systematic imposition of some students’ personal religious viewpoints on other students.

Students’ right to express and practice their own religious faith in the public schools is already well-protected by the U.S. Constitution and existing law, so the portions of this bill allowing students to start religious clubs and to voluntarily pray and express religious viewpoints, are unnecessary.

But this bill also encourages religious coercion, requiring local school boards to establish a system for selecting student speakers and allow those students to express their beliefs about religion in a variety of inappropriate settings, from the classroom to school-day assemblies and school events. Should this pass, students with a range of religious beliefs, as well as non-believers, would likely routinely be required to listen to religious messages or participate in religious exercises that conflict with their own beliefs.

Tell your Tennessee legislators that public schools are not Sunday schools.

and the text of the form letter the ACLU has written up for people to send to Governor Hasslam:

While this bill is called the "Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act," it would actually encourage discrimination against public school students who hold a variety of beliefs about religion.

Much of this bill is unnecessary: Students' right to express and practice their religious faith in the public schools is already well-protected by the U.S. Constitution and existing laws. Tennessee public school students cannot be denied, among other things, the right to pray individually or in groups, or to express their religious views as long as they are not disruptive, and to organize religious clubs to the extent that other non-curricular clubs are allowed.

But this bill also encourages religious coercion, requiring local school boards to establish a system for selecting student speakers and allow those students to express their beliefs about religion in a variety of inappropriate settings, from the classroom to school-day assemblies and school events. 

Should this pass, students with a range of religious beliefs, as well as non-believers, would likely routinely be required to listen to religious messages or participate in religious exercises that conflict with their own beliefs. Conversely, if a student of a minority religious faith (e.g., a Buddhist, a Wiccan, etc.) or a non-believer were to obtain a "position of honor," as defined under this bill, that student would be permitted to subject all classmates to prayer and proselytizing specific to his or her faith tradition in connection with school events. In both cases, parents would have no recourse to ensure that their children were not coerced into such religious exercise.

This bill will only cause confusion for school districts that want to comply with the U.S. Constitution and existing federal laws, as well as respect the religious beliefs of all of their students.

I can't wait to see how this works for cities with a significant Muslim population, such as Murfreesboro, and Nashville. I'm guessing it will make it even harder for Muslim students to obtain these so-called "positions of honor".


Building on the success of our recent Uvalda/Vidalia demonstrations, positive news coverage, outrage of anti-Southern activists, and our growing organisation strength, the League of the South and SNN are pleased to announce our next major public event. It's coming up soon so we urge supporters to begin to prepare now to make this another successful event as we build on our momentum!


The event will focus attention on and rally opposition to the demographic displacement of the Southern people in central Tennessee, an area which a short time ago was homogeneously Southern. Tens of thousands of immigrants from Islamic countries in the Middle East and Africa have been brought to the area by the Federal Government. This has been done as part of the US Federal Government's 'refugee' resettlement program. The Feds attack countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and then bring vast numbers of the people from those countries and place them in places such as Shelbyville, Tennessee – greatly altering the demographics, culture and politics of such places.

This is from a government which has announced that it is attempting to break up homogeneous areas of the United States by forcing 'diversity' into local neighbourhoods and communities. What is going on in Tennessee is therefore part of a broader anti-Southern and anti-White agenda by Washington, DC. The US government is supported in this program of demographic displacement by Left-wing, anti-White organisations such as the Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee, the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition and Health Assist Tennessee. Huge corporations such as Tyson Foods (which has, for example, dropped Labour Day for Eid al-Fitr, an Islamic holiday), led by CEO Donnie Smith, have also fought hard to displace Southerners with cheap immigrant labour supported in part by tax-payers' money.

The US media has dutifully produced a vast amount of 'news' and 'information' which present the local Southern people of Tennessee as 'racist bigots driven by ignorance and hate' while presenting the immigrants as 'persecuted, patriotic, freedom loving Americans who are trying to exercise their constitutional rights.' The influx of 'diversity' has touched off a political and cultural struggle between over the construction of a giant mosque for the outsiders in the heart of the Bible Belt. The Federal Government has actively opposed the people of Tennessee and even gone so far as to suggest that anti-Muslim speech (which is protected under the US Constitution) will be punished.

BTW, in that last statement, they are referring to that time that guy from the federal government came and told them it was illegal to threaten people.

Not sure where they're supposedly being "displaced" to, exactly. I still see plenty of idiots whenever I go, you know, outside.

Apple Talk / The pool on the roof...
« on: August 17, 2013, 08:04:20 pm »
is a Doctor Who reference, right?

Or is the 1987 episode Paradise Towers also a reference to something else?

Possibly something having to do with the 87 stock market crash which occurred during the time Paradise Towers was being aired?

or  :?


A Newport mother is appealing a court's decision after a judge ordered her son's name be changed from "Messiah."

Jaleesa Martin and the father of Messiah could not agree on a last name, which is how they ended up at a child support hearing in Cocke County Chancery Court on Thursday.

That is when the first name came into question.

Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew serves the 4th Judicial District of Tenn. including the following counties: Cocke, Grainger, Jefferson, and Sevier.

The name change was part of Judge Ballew's case; however, the parents did not think the first name would be changed.

Judge Ballew ordered the 7-month-old's name be "Martin DeShawn McCullough." It includes both parent's last names but leaves out Messiah.

"The word Messiah is a title and it's a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is Jesus Christ," Judge Ballew said.

According to Judge Ballew, it is the first time she has ordered a first name change. She said the decision is best for the child, especially while growing up in a county with a large Christian population.

"It could put him at odds with a lot of people and at this point he has had no choice in what his name is," Judge Ballew said.

Basically, the judge changed the kid's name to protect him from the idiot mafia.

Or something.

So this guy stops at a DUI checkpoint on the 4th. He has his window cracked, and the cop tells him to roll his window down. He tells him it's fine where it is.

The cop tells him to pull over to the side. He asks if he is being detained. That pisses off the cop. He repeats the order without answering the question.

They wind up running the dog around the car, the dog allegedly gets a hit, they search the car, and find no drugs, only the camera, which they apparently left in the car, but not before flipping it over or covering it.

No charges were pressed. It is not yet clear whether he is planning to sue.

It's not something I would have done, I have denied consent to search my car in the past because they had no reason to search, other than the fact that I had long hair and it was a shitty car. Also, the tags belonged to another vehicle which belonged to me.

I'm not particularly sympathetic to drunk drivers, though. I always just go along with it, you know, for the good of society and of course, the convenience.

I try to be respectful, without being too kiss-assey. I don't say "sir".

I find the flashing lights disorienting, especially at night, so I might seem a little googley-eyed to them sometimes. On one occasion, I had to go through the same checkpoint twice because it made me miss a turn. I got extra attention for that.

It all started when a county Comissioner posted a picture to his Facebook page with the caption "How to wink at a Muslim" showing a picture of a guy looking down the barrel of a gun.

A few weeks later, the American Muslim Advisory Council invites some guys from the Federal government out to explain the First Amendment, and what constitutes protected and unprotected speech. The local racist newspaper got wind of this, and posted a page one article encouraging people to come out and let their voices be heard.

Well, they did. They packed the room, leaving a sizeable crowd still standing outside. They heckled the guy for about two hours, screaming about how the feds were trampling all over their free speech, or whatever. I still keep hearing people saying that he told people they could go to jail for making "disparaging remarks" about Islam. So far, all I have been able to find, is that he said that threats are not protected speech. As far as I can tell, it's still legal to say Mohammed, Jesus, Ganesha, and Buddah all suck donkey dicks, and Presbyterians all eat babies.

Here's an article with video of the angry mob heckling the speaker:

Apparently, Victoria Jackson was there. She lives somewhere around here now.


After a lengthy and passionate debate, a House committee on Wednesday approved legislation that would reduce welfare benefits for families whose children are failing school.

The House Health Committee voted 10-8 in favor of House Bill 261. The measure would cut Temporary Assistance for Needy Families payments if a child fails a grade and a parent does not take an action such as attending two parent-teacher conferences, arranging tutoring, enrolling the child in summer school or taking a parenting class.

TANF payments would be reduced to the child-only grant, about $140 for a family with one child.

This bill was sponsored by Stacey Campfield, the Tennessee state senator known for this gem of a comment on AIDS:

"most people realize that AIDS came from the homosexual community – it was one guy screwing a monkey, if I recall correctly, and then having sex with men. It was an airline pilot, if I recall.... My understanding is that it is virtually – not completely, but virtually – impossible to contract AIDS through heterosexual sex...very rarely [transmitted]."[29][30] He later quoted the odds of heterosexual vaginal transmission at 1 in 5 million.

Also, the "Don't Say Gay" bill which would have banned schools from even mentioning homosexuality, and another bill that would have required teachers to report to parents if a student revealed to them that they were gay. Fortunately, both of those bills failed.

Somebody at least had the sense to add an amendment that would exempt families who attend at least two parent-teacher conferences a year, enroll their child in a tutoring program, enroll a failing child in summer school, or if the student has a learning disability, but that wasn't Campfield's idea.

They're just trying to help, though, of course.

I can’t stress enough how my heart goes out for a child that is not getting the support that he needs at home,” said state Rep. Barry Doss, R-Leoma. “But I am more concerned about the child starving for a lifetime than I am for a few days, because if these children don’t get an education and the parents are not going to be responsible enough, they’re going to be burdened for a lifetime.

Because there is in mine.

We got a used washer and dryer last week, but I noticed a burning plastic smell whenever it was running. Sniffing around, I found a leaky joint in the pipe going into the cold side of the hot water heater. Being aware of this, I watched it as I started the dryer and saw a puff of smoke, and what looked like an electrical arc coming from underneath the white translucent plastic around the valve.

Apparently, the current was enough to burn through the Teflon tape, or some other piece of plastic that breaks the continuity of the metal pipe and cause the leak. I've temporarily bridged the joint with a piece of copper wire to keep it from damaging the joint any more, and we now have a house rule against running the dryer while someone is in the shower.

Just now, I broke the link on one side of the copper wire, and stuck a piece of steel wool in between the wire and the pipe. This was the result:

Also, with the voltmeter I get max voltage of 8-9 volts accross the valve.

The dryer is on a separate breaker from the water heater, and I get the same result even when the breaker for the water heater is shut off.

I shut off both breakers, and tested the resistance between the neutral of the dryer outlet and the case of the water heater and found a fraction of an ohm between them. I suspect that something is up with the connection to neutral in the dryer outlet, or that it is simply grounded directly to the plumbing, which would be stupid, since ground isn't meant to carry load current like neutral is.

I also suspect that some section of the plumbing under the house is PVC, rather than copper, which is preventing a good ground.


Discordian Recipes / Chuck Bagsteak via impromptu French Water Grill
« on: August 24, 2012, 10:05:03 am »
So I needed this mixer with controlled speed, right? And I had a variable speed drill, a cheap drill press, and a mixing blade. I went to Lowes and found a lamp dimmer and hooked it up to my drill to control the speed, and then used zip ties to attatch the drill to the drill press, and to hold in the button on the drill.

The drill press I was using was one like this:

It was missing the part that holds the drill.

This is the lamp dimmer I used:

I also had a crock pot, and I thought to myself "hey, I bet I could use the lamp dimmer on the crock pot and make it into a French Water Grill".

So I did that.

I cooked some chuck steaks in it using those vaccum bags they sell at Walmart. They were ok. I cooked one of the chuck steaks regular for comparison. It was different. I can't say I liked either way over the other, but it was scientifically kind of interesting, I guess.

One good thing did come of it, though. While I was cooking the bagsteak, I needed to use the mixer, but I couldn't, because I needed to use it, like, all night, and I forgot that when I started the bagsteaks.

So I found another way of doing it so that I didn't need the mixer anymore, which is good, because I work late at night, and my roommate has a 4 year old daughter that lives here half the time, and that drill was loud, and in the kitchen.

That's my story about bagsteak.

Our sheriff is apparently an idiot.

MURFREESBORO — Local Muslims and a prominent national Muslim civil rights organization are questioning the validity of a seminar being offered to Rutherford County law enforcers by a Virginia-based organization that refers to Islamic centers in its training materials as “potential military compounds.”

Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold on Tuesday confirmed that about 25 of his officers — along with one officer from the Murfreesboro Police Department, four from the Smyrna Police Department and one from the La Vergne Police Department — are attending the three-day seminar at World Outreach Church about Islam and the threat of terrorism. The training is being conducted by Arlington, Va.-based Strategic Engagement Group.

Attending officers will receive 24 training hours towards a required 40 per year from the Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission, the state agency whose website says it is responsible for “developing and enforcing standards and training for all local police officers” across the state.

Arnold’s confirmation came amid concern in the Islamic community that an investigation of local Muslims could be on the horizon as a result of the police participation in the seminar. That’s at least partially due to the involvement of a former FBI agent in the seminar who claims Nashville’s mosques have no legal right to exist.

John Guandolo, vice president of the Arlington, Va.-based Strategic Engagement Group, spoke at an anti-Shariah law event at Cornerstone Church in Madison on Nov. 11, calling local mosques front organizations for the Muslim Brotherhood with no right to exist.

“They do not have a First Amendment right to do anything,” Guandolo said then.

Arnold said his officers are simply trying to learn more about “Muslims” and “Islamic culture.” Such interest comes in a county that has wrestled with religious tolerance the past few years following a move by members of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro to build a much larger mosque just outside the city limits.

The new building for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, under construction near the corner of Bradyville Pike and Veals Road, has been controversial since it was approved in May 2010. The issue has drawn national and international media attention.

Opponents organized marchers, community events and eventually a lawsuit was filed to block the mosque. Counter protesters and others in the community have expressed support for the local Muslim community’s right to religious freedom and point to their peaceful presence in the county for three decades.

Chancellor Robert Corlew III denied a request for an injunction to stop the mosque in November 2010.

Still at issue is whether the Rutherford County planning commission published adequate public notice before approving the project. A trial on that matter is set for April 25.

Such local tensions reflect the growing uneasiness within portions of the Bible Belt and elsewhere as Muslim American communities continue to get bigger while radical Muslims around the globe commit atrocities in the name of Islam.

“There are not many classes out there for anything when it comes to Muslims ... but this training isn’t just about that, it has many other components to it,” Arnold said, pointing out that he and other employees of the sheriff’s office also attended a four-hour training on Islam offered by the U.S. Department of Justice Human Rights Division back in May 2011. “My stance is and my office’s stance is, we are not here to pick sides. I am here to protect the people of this county, and I am never going to waiver from that.”

Officers were paid by their departments to attend sessions held between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday and Tuesday. Today is the last day of three-day seminar.
Sheriff 'not trying to offend' Muslims

Local Muslims such as MTSU professor Saleh M. Sbenaty and the national Muslim civil rights organization, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), were “shocked” to hear that both the Tennessee POST Commission and Arnold were OK with the type of training program being offered by the group.

More at the link.

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