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An entire back piece as your first tattoo?

That's gonna hurt like hell.

But if you really want to do it, research your local artists, see who's specializing in the style you want, and shop around.  Not shop around as "find the lowest price", shop around to find a person you feel comfortable around, and who "gets" your idea.  Then work with them for a while to formalize the design.  If at any point before the needle goes in you don't feel right about them, bail.

Also, be prepared for several multi-hour sessions.  And yeah, it's gonna be expensive.  It should be expensive.  You want the best, because it's permanent.

Was going to say all of the above but Alphapance nailed it. Can only add to watch episodes of 'TATTOO NIGHTMARES' in order to underscore the importance of the above advice.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Hip Hop Help
« on: October 13, 2015, 04:26:08 pm »
Dude, Pharcyde was awesome. I liked Labcabincalifornia too but Bizzarre Ride was definitely the best.

Agreed, Labcabincalifornia was ok but Bizarre Ride was way beyond that. Got to see them live in 1995..ahh...good times.

Have you seen this?    - What's Up Fatlip? documentary by Spike Jonze.

And while we are fueling the nostalgia, I just discovered this recently:

It's the ATCQ/Pharcyde mashup. I found the full album on youtube a few weeks back but angry lawyers at Sony have been..well...angry. Enjoy it while you can find it!

PS No love/hate for Slim Jesus? He's the Rebecca Black of Drill music.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Hip Hop Help
« on: October 12, 2015, 09:47:20 pm »
2nding A Tribe Called Quest for 90s vibe
Adding: The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde album (2nd once not so much)
           Digable Planets - Reachin'     
           The Roots - looooonnnnnnnggggg before they were the Jimmy Fallon House Band (tm) I saw them in a tent in 1994.  Favorites are probably 'From The Ground Up' EP and 'Phrenology'.

Also this guy?

Thank me later

Hi Guys!  :wave:

Just passin' through. Saw that my last post before yesterday was exactly a year ago, so I thought I would celebrate it.

Wizard Joseph - sorry the link didn't work. It means you miss out on AKK's 'troll lessons'. Shame he doesn't have a student testimonial section so we could write back and explain how he was completely terrible at trolling and his time at PD was measured in minutes rather than days. Still, not actually the worst of the 'UNLIMITED thread' offenders IIRC.

Basically, congratulations. I believe you are so far, the only person who climbed out of the 'unlimited' category and made it to regular poster. Think we need to study how that happened and leave a sticky for new members. 'The redemption of Wizard Joseph - how to turn the lemons of butthurt into the lemonade of acceptance'. (working title)

Ahh, the sweet citrus smell of group dynamics.


TWJ, I just realized that you might be the only person on PD to get your own Unlimited thread and still come back to become a regular and well-liked contributor. Kudos!

No regrets, no going back. If I hadn't met real people here that I came to admire first I'd have disappeared. As it stands I'm VERY happy to have found a peer group of decent folks. I kinda want a shirt that says

"PD .com taught me the true meaning of butthurt" or something.


I think this is unprecedented. Good thing you didn't take lessons from this guy:!__troll-kamp/articles

as for the cats thing i was trying to work out what a hashtag translation of #catscatscats would be in as many languages as possible.

I got french and italian so far.

trí cait  (3 cats)

FWIW the German plastinated people tour, Body Worlds, is less shady than the other (plastinates only volunteer donor bodies who sign up while they are still alive, no Chinese prisoners). It's one of the most surreally beautiful things I've ever seen. The competitor one, Bodies, is all Chinese prisoners who did not give consent.

Thanks Nigel - this is good to know. I wasn't against the concept in principle. It was the sourcing of exhibits that bothered me. Mind you, how many museums out there are not full of plunder & bloodshed?

I think Body Worlds swings through CT every now and then, so maybe I'll get to see it and have less ick in my conscience!   :)

Literate Chaotic / Re: The Death of the Vampire Trope
« on: August 22, 2014, 06:55:53 pm »
I predict vampires are making a comeback.

Vampires have to make a comeback...or else they're just corpses.

The "Bodies" exhibit by the crazy German anatomist dude (or the rival offshoot exhibition).

I was encouraged to go see this in New York when I was at massage school. I did not for the following reasons:

a) I aced all my anatomy exams at school from good old fashion books & flash cards. Seeing cadavers is not as useful as you think, especially when you consider that the clients you work on are alive. Turns out working on living people and dessicated husks reeking of formaldehyde is not the same.

b) More importantly, the vast number of subjects in the exhibit are Chinese. Given how easy it is to get onto death row in China (and how very very hard it is to get off when you are innocent), I'm having a hard time believing that there's a torrent of adult Chinese men (and some women) whose burning ambition in life is to be turned into plastic medical mannequins. It's ok though, apparently executed 'criminals' want to help Westerners learn Science! The thought that maybe even one single person in there might've been someone on death row for a crime they didn't commit and ended up with all their flesh removed and posing naked holding a fucking golf club was a chance I wasn't going to take.

Thus, I didn't go, took the day off and went on a road trip with Mrs Mang instead. In boycotting this event I also forfeited my chance of meeting David Blaine who, apparently, hung around my classmates to remain in earshot of my anatomy teacher.


Facebook/Twitter - have never done either. No inclination to.

Walmart - Avoid as much as possible.

Dunkin' Donuts - Even if run by enlightened super-beings of the most elevated consciousness, the coffee is beyond terrible.
Amazon - Only buy from them after all other reasonable options are exhausted. I used to love being Mr "One Click" and getting all this stuff. That was until I started to talk to people who ran real bookstores, worked in publishing or are authors. The Amazon business model has made the publishing industry bland and overly conservative. The variety of what gets published has shrunk because, unless you drop a multi million unit-shifter in their lap, they have no interest. It's the literary equivalent of the music industry. Book deals are highly tied into Amazon sales rankings. One author I spoke to over 4th July weekend told me that his book was being sold through 'Amazon' affiliates as being 'used' on the day of release!


Suu and the Alphaman beat me to it. Basically, too many parameters and none of them seem prioritized.

As for Hartford, the only thing biological there is the scum and miasma that infests it. The city is mostly financial jobs - insurance, financial planners etc. Don't know what opportunities there are in biology in other CT towns/cities. Would have to look into that...

Oh, undoubtedly you are right... it's just that when it comes to my wife, I want her to be as safe as humanly possible.  I don't want to sound like I'm mental illness witch hunter, but when Nigel mentioned that aspect of the bullying phenomena, the story (which is still ongoing, that incident I mentioned only happened a matter of weeks ago) popped into my head.

I know how you feel. In Mrs Mang's last job, she worked with some pretty deranged people. Some of them were kind of people where you just had this feeling that you're going to see them on the 6 o'clock news complete with camera close ups of crime scene tape and those little markers they use for shell casings.

Does Mrs Hoopla have other work colleagues or higher ups to talk to or does the buck stop with her?

My wife recently hired a young woman, who in the interview seemed extremely exceptional... she was outgoing, intelligent, had all the right schooling and references... her first week there she came to my wife in a panic that someone had given out her information to a guy who was stalking her online.  My wife obviously took this very seriously, and took her to a board room to discuss... the conversation quickly broke down as the female described the situation it seemed obvious (I don't recall the exact details at the moment) that it would have been impossible for this individual to have gained any information about the female, at least from her very very new job.

A week or so later, she came to my wife again, in tears.  She claimed that her co-workers were in cahoots against her, talked about her all the time behind her back, made running jokes at her expense, and finally deleted the work she had due.  My wife has known her co-workers for years, and obviously found all this a little hard to swallow.  Keep in mind she's been at this job for less than three weeks at this point.  My wife gets IT to look into the issue, and they discover that the work was never on the computer to begin with.  Suddenly the new girl remembers that she had it all on a flash drive, which she must have taken home.  Or maybe one of the other employees stole it, trying to sabotage her.

Also, somewhere in this conversation her stalker comes up again, but this time the stalker is a female.  Someone from high school, apparently.  When my wife mentions the male stalker, the girl begins to cry that nobody ever understands her.

I told my wife: you have to get rid of this chick before she comes in and stabs the fuck out of everyone.  And get your supervisor to do the firing.   That seems like a lot of warning signs to me.  Am I right?

Could be schizophrenia?

When step-Mang #2 got married, I sat next to one of her good friends at the wedding reception. Seemed like a nice, sensitive young woman. But she talked...A LOT. I started to realize that across however many hours dinner lasted, she talked entirely about herself and while I learned a great many things about her extremely complicated, drama-stricken life, she didn't once ask anything about me. I could have written biography of moderate length about her while she, on the other hand, would've had trouble remembering my name.

When she wasn't yammering to me, she kept going over to step-Mang #2 and tried to embroil her in yet more drama, plots and what have you.(Most of which centered around the desperately unhealthy relationship between her on again, off again boyfriend). She was fairly sure that all the woman in the bathroom room were talking about her, giving her the 'evil eye' and all the rest. Aside from the compulsive talking she was drinking at a fairly alarming rate, even for a wedding.

Later on, we heard from Step Mang #2 that this behaviour got worse & worse complete with 'voices in the head' and all that. Turned out to be a classic schizophrenic break which, thankfully was diagnosed and medicated (correctly for once) and the person concerned is doing pretty well and getting on with things.

One of the interesting features of schizophrenia that I heard about is the way in which it slices up time perception & memory. It's possible that she (the new hiree) sincerely believed she had done the work or was about to. Because a person suffering from this loses the normal linear sequence of events, they can frequently end up in odd situations, places etc without a proper memory of the how & why. Maybe she believed she had done the work and couldn't find it because of 'time slippage' and then panicked that it was missing. If you're paranoid, you're going to assume someone else must've fucked with it.

This woman sounds like she needs help. Gotta wonder if this has been diagnosed or whether she's got medication(s) that are not being used correctly, if at all.

Don't know enough about these things in terms of threat level to your wife or other employees. Having seen this in Step Mang 2's friend (and some others) it seems like a different type of problem to the 'I hate my parents/school/police so I'll shoot them' syndrome.

What a shock. I wonder if he's still going for the "crap satan" look. The last load of mugshots with that shitty goatee made him look hilarious.

What is shocking is this:

In particular, the number of times the phrase 'reduced sentence' appears.

This just in from our 'completely unsurprising' dept:

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