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The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: So here's a question
« Last post by Nigel on Yesterday at 07:18:15 pm »
Yes, I have, and yes, I am.

Consider that for most kids who are well-bonded to a parent, that parent is the love of their life. The idea of a parent dying, for most young children, is as unthinkable as the idea of losing a child is to post parents.

Your friend who was brain damaged was, well, brain damaged. That can cause no significant personality changes at all, or it can be huge. Who knows?

I understand that people who are depressed are literally incapable of seeing outside their depression, and to a large degree are also incapable of doing most of the things that are clinically known to help lift depression, but I still think that suicide is a complete dick move.

I do support physician-assisted suicide for terminal patients, though.

It's interesting to see so many different sides of this.
Nigel, did you have people close to you self terminate? You seem very bitter and angry about it.
I never considered the ones I know to have been selfish assholes. I sort of sympathized. In a weird kind of way.
I understood a couple of them, like my friend with the child (which is where all of this stemmed from. I was thinking about her the other day).

She was in an accident and in a coma for a couple of months. A small portion of her brain had to be removed due to swelling, and one day she woke up and said "Where's my bike. Shit. Where the hell am I?", like nothing had happened. However, she suffered a downward spiral of depression a short while after. It went on for a couple of years. No smiles, no happiness, not even moments of "ok". She truly just suffered under a dark cloud until one day she ended it.
I feel horrible for her family and her child, but at the same time I never saw her as a selfish asshole, but as someone who just couldn't live inside her own head anymore. I felt sympathy for her. I felt like she was finally free. I'm sure her family thinks much differently, but it was hard for everyone to watch her suffer, and honestly, I think there was a little relief from a few. Her grandmother said "She doesn't have to suffer anymore" at her memorial service.

As far as comparing it to my own child, I can't even fathom the thought. Meaning I can't even think about that. The idea of him even being heartbroken over a girl makes me want to Hulk out on this town. I love that boy more than words can even say (obviously), so really, I can't use that to contrast, cause the mere thought makes me die inside.
I have stuff to say about this, but I'm posting via phone.

Short form: Dad decided not to continue cancer treatment, though he knew it would end his life sooner. So he both suffered AND killed himself.
Awwww, someone took down the "cock and repost" emote!
So, had a workplace injury last night.  UAnd as the result of a completely preventable workplace accident, I have ended up losing a thumb.

Well, part of a thumb.

Well, half the nail of the thumb.  On my non-dominant hand.

But it really fucking hurts.

Ouch.... I cringed a little bit

Prepare to cringe more.  The sliced bit of nail didn't come off clean, it was about 3/4 of the way through, but it was left hanging there.  So, naturally, I had to rip it off the rest of the way.

Fun times.
Circumstances always apply.
The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: So here's a question
« Last post by The Suu on Yesterday at 06:40:53 pm »
When one of my best friends blew his brains out in 2004 because his girlfriend said no to his proposal (see also: laughed in his face,) I didn't react with empathy or sadness, I reacted with anger. In fact, I think the first thing I said when my mom told me what happened was, "I'm gonna kill him!" despite it being, well, too late for that. Another friend from high school did suffer from depression for years before he finally succeeded with suicide. That...that was a little less harsh feeling, imo. Because he did seek help, and his friends were always there for him. It made me feel terrible, though, terrible in that there was no way I could have saved him. He made up his choice years before he finally did it, he just hid it well.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Can we get another Cain reading dump?
« Last post by Bu☆ns on Yesterday at 06:38:18 pm »
I'll see as well--get it while it's hot
We just bought an epic plaid couch. It's so full of awful and wonderment, and it will fit in with our Early Disaster interior design theme. It was $40 at Salvation Army, normally I cringe at 2nd hand furniture, but it's spotlessly clean, and a LaZBoy. It looks like it was never used.

He also got me one of these:

That's a classic White rotary, it's strong enough to go through leather and in mint condition with all the attachments...$15.
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