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If you enjoyed that, you have to check out the remix:

What even is this?  What the fuck?  Why is anything?  People are amazing sometimes.  :lol:
For the first time in 5 years, I have my whole family together again.  :banana:

Excellent work that two legged Komodo.

Why don't you offer to show them what you've learned in the kitchen over the past few weeks?

Because Jenn would frown.  She might look exasperated.

You survived, though!

24 hour Thai takeout is only 20 minutes from my house.

Then I am even more impressed you didn't take the entire Desert with you.

My trainer at the gym has expressed his loathing.

That's his fault for making me do reverse hypers.

He deserves it.
To be fair, it's probably you.
Fair enough. I'll outsource it to Findem, Fuckem and Flee LLP.
It's around 2 in every 5 or so that are just batshit insane and have a serious grudge against "Those people".

They usually start a couple of posts after I say hello which is why I mainly leave it to others now.
Somehow, Discordia has been discovered by the alt-right, and they made their own little nest.

I mean sure, everyone's a discordian, and we all have our own Discordia, but that doesn't mean I want to have dinner with them.
I'm FB friends with twid, if you want me to send a message.  Or, 'send a message'.

If you're interested in buying the debt, why not do both?

The overhead on Mr Chop and Mr Scratch isn't worth it, to be quite honest.
Last winter I was in a bit of a slump and the thing that shook me out of it was the first really bitter cold snap. Like, it's sad and boring when it's just cold enough that nothing's growing and the trees are bare and the grass is brittle and yellowy and the skies are gray and nothing happens. Give me some "so cold you'll seriously get frostbite if you don't cover up," some black ice and freezing rain, give me snow up to my armpits and leaky boots and the buses aren't running. THEN I'll show you what I'm made of. I'll SHOW that fucking weather who's boss.
Oh my god yes.
Give me weather that I have to creatively live around.
Give me temperatures hot enough that I have to tactically reduce clothing cover as much as humanly possible without being arrested.

As for cold, well,
Nothing beats the feeling of biking down a highway at two in the morning with so many scarves on that you can barely see oncoming traffic.   
Is that screaming racist things, accusing people of racism, or some strange mix of both?

Have the last few newbies been that bad? :sad:
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