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With the work email system down yet again, I am writing a proposal that we build a semaphore line between the two college accommodations and the main school office.

Not because I want one implemented, as fun as it would be. But because I cannot abuse the maintenance department and trolling them with this proposal is the next best thing.
The final figure, at least, is in the right ballpark - politifact examined some claims in April which gave Clinton 2.4 million more votes than Sanders.  Taking into account recent losses, that number seems in the area of being right.
So, Inland Revenue finally returned the money they over-taxed me for a couple of years back, and I'm looking to spend some of my newly re-acquired wealth on a laptop.

I'm thinking a Dell Inspiron 15.  I mostly want something for travel, word processing and internet browing, but I thought I'd solicit feedback here as well.
Propaganda Depository / Multifold Megathread
« Last post by Q. G. Pennyworth on May 29, 2016, 06:33:52 pm »
I'm just gonna do one thread for these, because a) they're a little complicated and b) I don't wanna bump everything off the front page.

Multifold flyers are print only. They are designed to be printed double sided, flip on short side although if you mess up the flip it's kinda nbd. Once it is printed, fold in half so that the fullsheet is on the inside, then fold in half a second time so that the halfsheet is inside. The resulting flyer has two quartersheet designs visible (back and front) and is easy to put into hands.

Wanted to see if this holds up under scrutiny, or if there's some bigger picture I'm missing.

Please do!
If she is, they better go after Condi and Powell too.

Seems like this was SOP for Secretaries of State, going by what I've read of the most recent report (not much, admittedly).

But they probably wont be, because the Bush years are like some sort of fever dream which, if you go by people who are actually in politics, never actually happened.
There has, of course, been the bog-standard number of people who come in, flaunting whatever things they think make them baaaaad people (Aini comes to mind).  But nobody CARES, and they get all bent out of shape.

So my question here is, what kind of "Gay-friendly" stuff do we want?  I have some ideas, based on things I've written in the past about other things, I suppose.

My first one would be the "Remember, for some fucking reason, THEY are afraid of US" thing.

THEY are afraid of US is a good place to start IMO. Free All Over The Place WITHOUT PERMISSION I think is another. Cain's Hearts and Minds is really close to on the mark, but it's focused on O:MF to a slightly distracting degree. Maybe something along the lines of "Welcome to the Front Lines"?

In the formatting/printing department, I churned out a ton of existing stuff (posted most of the booklets yesterday, ran off a bunch of The Strange Times too). I'm also trying out a new format (for me) I'm referring to as multifold: full sheet design on one side, back has a half sheet and two quarters, it's folded up such that the two quarters are visible when you hand it out, then unfolds to reveal the half, then the full. I'm also doing doublesided half sheets of some of the one pagers (Systems vs The System, Letter to the Cabbages, Chasing Green Butterflies, Guerrilla Surrealism). I can post those in the propaganda depository if there's interest?
LuciferX you're right in a distinct sense. A lot of mystics claim that the soul is without inherent gender. It's most common in reincarnation mythology, which I suspect most of the early church held as doctrine until the meddling of Theodora under Emperor Justinian.. I think. Would have to go double check. See if karmic laws still applied after one's "salvation" then a bunch of imperial debauchery starts to make one seem... insincere spiritually. Look up "monophysite heresy" for more.
Right-on.  I find this very interesting.  Without leveraging the political aspect, perhaps we might invoke Tertullian to reconcile the whole mono-dyo disjunction with a dose of trinitarian doctrine, which would tend toward resolving these differences in a synthesis that perhaps even radically changes the very nature of "before and after", as it also may have done to above and below.

Don't know anything about Tertullian. Also... I'm sketchy about trinities. I just got out of a long term relationship with one and I'm leery about diving back in so soon. I'm still a little sore about it.
Seems like another story.  The way I'd break it down to them is that there is the corporeal, granted identity by the soul, and predestined by the spirit.  The interrelation of these is both continous and distinct.  They can choose to be offended all they want.  :lulz:

Oh.. and they will!! Look at how much shit went down over the whole Akhenaten thing when he got a hard On for monotheism. Fuck, Egypt would kina like to just gloss over the whole period to this day!

Troll level: Demiurge  :lulz:
I remember when the Caitlyn Jenner transition news broke last year. There was an upswing in all manner of related strife, but also folks started to "come out" or begin to actually seek transition in considerable numbers and with new, unheard of boldness. I remember only 1 voice calling for a creative push among the Discordians I had interactions with on FB at the time. One. Single. Discordian.

There was a resulting flutter of conversation from the cabal whose FB he contacted. It became painfully apparent to the folks paying attention that despite all its "counter-culture" Discordianism remains remarkably CIS-male in active membership. Never even got a pamphlet out. Times moved on, election shit set in.
Window closed. I'm still "FB friends" with this person and respect them quite a bit, but not seen much lately.

I'm not bringing it up to poop on anyone, just reporting how it went to look at. I think that if a real effort to expand and recruit in "minorities" overall is made, then the whole of Discordian Society will benefit immensely as those folks actually within a given situation or sub-culture are best fit to speak to it, and will once Eris gets her fingers in.

I guess I'm saying that the question seems not so much "what does "Discordia" have to say to the community", but rather "how shall we bring elements of the community to it?" What would they then say to "their own"? The first action of expansion is to gather, then order, then push, push HARD, repeat.
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