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Aneristic Illusions / Re: Duh Rugs
« Last post by axod on Today at 05:38:50 am »
Because all their assets are bad, bad, bad, and bad.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Can we get another Cain reading dump?
« Last post by axod on Today at 05:34:04 am »
May I have espresso, just, no seeds, I don't like beens in my coffee (:
Or Kill Me / Re: To a certain breed of atheist
« Last post by The Johnny on Today at 05:21:39 am »

But I think IM retarded, that must mean I'm Illuminated.

Seriously now, I did really like the part on how some people think that they hold a neutral objective viewpoint that is TRULY TRUE and cannot be contested by the different subjectivities every single human has.

The guardians of "truth and objectivity" are always either despots, bigots or just plain clueless... rather the posture of doubt and uncertainty, channeled thru the proper means of a methodology (im looking at you conspiracy theorists) is the closest we can get to veracity and not being assholes.
some old vhs tapes
Literate Chaotic / Re: The Death of the Vampire Trope
« Last post by LuciferX on Yesterday at 10:33:01 pm »
I was wondering whether these tropes constitute a form brainwashing  Although I consciously relate to the zombie as a metaphor, I subconsciously might be admitting the "double-tap" as a reasonable way to deal with whatever zombies represent.  The metaphor leaves a kind of dehumanizing residue.  Zombies are less human than vampires, so the resultant trope is stronger?

Ever heard of groups like "zombie squad"? Basically, you have groups of modern survivalist preppers who use the thinly veiled trope of the zombie to basically represent a stand-in for riotous, unarmed looters that tend to crop up in disaster scenarios.
In more extreme cases, ive even seen "zombie preppers" justify themselves by saying stuff like "zombies = niggers. Of course we dont believe in a real zombie apocalypse" (naturally, NOT on ZS's official forums, but in more ephemeral places where zombie survival gets discussed).

So definitely allows people to dehumanise others. Maybe not as some sort of "woo evil brainwashing", but certainly in the form of it being co-opted and sold as something innocuous when it really isnt.

But yeah...all sorts of fucked up shit hides itself in the zombie "movement".

I saw some piece of meme once, it's pretty muddled in my mind, it might have been a comic, it might have been a paragraph long story, I completely forget the form, but the content was like a newscaster being all like;

"We apologize for being so premature in telling you to kill zombies, turns out, there's TOTALLY a cure... Sorry you staved your dad's head in."

Sure, it's just that the "cure" turns them into vampires.
Um, that's insane!
Or Kill Me / Re: Another reason to hate the world. True or False?
« Last post by LuciferX on Yesterday at 10:15:58 pm »
It was an outstandingly short list, congratulations!
Or Kill Me / Re: Another reason to hate the world. True or False?
« Last post by Slyph on Yesterday at 09:22:51 pm »
I dig, but the guy was all like "HERE'S WHAT I'M INSECURE ABOUT"
In other bullshit cease and desist news: Apparently a handful of Bostonian yuppies who decided to move out to the "country" (Fact: Portsmouth is NOT the country) are complaining about all the gosh darn "noise" downtown because Portsmouth is actually a city with festivals and movies in the park and such. So the arts festival actually listened to them and cancelled the movie double feature for tonight. They're even complaining about a musical being put on every night in the park downtown. THE SAME PEOPLE ARE CALLING EVERY FUCKING NIGHT to the point the cops are pissed. Because nothing is actually happening that is breaking the law, and all events end before 11pm. The locals are now in a total uproar and have started a counteroffensive called Keep Portsmouth Loud and selling obnoxious hot green and pink T-shirts with that saying on it. I need to give them my money, because I was looking forward to hitting a movie in the park night once the husband's training is over.

Seriously, you move to a seaside tourist destination city to get away from the big city in hopes of quiet? Morons.

Hey Portland, can we borrow your unicycle Darth Vader with the bag pipes?

Yea, like a week ago or so, I'd seen the posts that they were throwing the Movie in the Park event and thought it was awesome. This week people are already complaining about it. What a crock of shit. An art-based tourist center and they're going to complain about the arts and tourists. People who always need to be complaining, especially to ruin a good time for everyone else, really are near the top of my list of People I Hate Most. And like my friends in the area said, they're probably the same people up at the crack of dawn mowing their fucking lawns while everyone else is trying to sleep.

It's the same 4 people. Over and over again. I have no idea why the festival is listening to them, because the cops already told them that they need to suck it up. Something tells me that these are also the same people who hate the idea of Portsmouth being a *gasp* working port where tankers come in and ship things, and that the Naval Shipyard is an eyesore.  :roll:

This is what happens when your rich Bostonian parents leave you a fucking trust fund, you go to Harvard, you never work a day in your life and you decide to be "hip" by buying an old Victorian for millions in downtown Portsmouth so you don't have to pay Massachusetts taxes on your independent wealth while getting socked for New Hampshire property tax. However, since you never worked a day in your sheltered life, you don't understand that other places don't just thrive on being a pretty tourist destination. If the port and shipyard were to close to meet every rich shitfuck's expectation of their New Hampshire tax dodging paradise, Portsmouth would die. Not to mention, the shipyard is in Maine. What are they going to do? Write letters to another fucking state? PEOPLE ACTUALLY FUCKING WORK FOR A LIVING IN THIS AREA, AND IT'S NOT JUST AT KITSCHY STORES AND RESTAURANTS, GODDAMNIT.
The problem is how those kids are probably being incubated for later political use.  They are just practicing antics that later will be repeated on a larger scale.  Someone needs to send them "The political economy of noise".
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