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Discordian Recipes / Re: Cooking with LMNO
« Last post by Regret on Yesterday at 11:01:10 pm »
I made empanadas!
I started out not knowing what that was, but now i want them.

Dwarf fortress changelog
:lol: I love dwarf fortress a lot more as a concept than as a game. Though maybe I just never put enough effort into it.
zackli, I don't know what exactly your experience with mental illness was, but telling other people that your experience trumps theirs is not a way to make friends.

Stupid Poe's law... You sound JUST like one of them, and I'm not even TRYING to rationalize you away; it's just a convenient side effect. Them, obviously, being one of the people who is a mental health worker condescending to one of his or her "patients". Your attempt at invalidating my perspective is not going to work, simply because I recognize it as such.

If I cared about making friends, I would probably be out making friends and not philosophizing about human nature.

PS: If you actually read my "experience with mental illness", I am actually downplaying my own opinion as a "mere" rationalization as well. The fact that I am asserting it as something more than a rationalization is illusory, because EVERYTHING is a rationalization. It's a way for the individual to make sense of his or her world, which does not necessarily include other people's perceptions of the world. This is how that phrase came about. It discounts the other person's reasoning and makes the one speaking feel superior, much like you saying that I'm not making any friends by saying my "experience with mental illness" was superior to everyone else's.
The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: A new currency.
« Last post by Eater of Clowns on Yesterday at 10:31:59 pm »
I opened my eyes to the voice, or I tried, but my palms stuck them closed. Lifting my head I tried again and a blurry vision stood before me in pearls and a tight little red dress and tumbling golden brown curls. I blinked, against disbelief and the sun and the angel standing there.

“You look…” was all I managed.

She tilted her head back and laughed like she had at the brewery, that overly flirtatious laugh that worked despite its obviousness, and I laughed with her in relief and exhaustion. A hero would have swept her up in his arms then but I leaned backward and when I hit the back of the bench I went sideways and lay down on the stone. Gracefully, in heels, she moved just beyond my head and sat down there. She stroked her hand against my head gently.

“You made it out of the Catedral,” she said. And I was silent for the angel abomination guardian and the godhood bestowing guardian and the grotesque slug guardian and the -

“DEBT COLLECTOR!” I yelled, sitting up, eyes wide. “Lara, the Debt Collector! It’s after you, you have to run.” Lara sat there. “There were three guardians, like you said, but there was something else, Lara, something that was waiting for us there. It called itself the Debt Collector. I was warned about it in the bathroom.” She looked at me apprehensively. “On the wall of the bathroom, in 1492 over at -”

“The T, yes, I know Bogota,” she said.

“It said ‘Befriend The Thief. Pity The Ledgerman. Beware The Debt Collector.’” I pointed at her, “You’re The Thief.” She looked affronted for a moment, then nodded. “He,” and I mimicked the thick set of him and the squirming hair and the segmented skin, “was the Debt Collector. He trapped me in some kind of rock and then he went after you. I got out, I made it to the, and by the way I’m still upset you didn’t tell me about this, the Necronomicoin ATM, and when I got back you were gone. I rented a motorcycle and rushed here after I remembered what you said about the Museo del Oro.”

She sat back and rested on her palms, looking at me and then away. She took in a breath as though to speak, then stopped.

“You rode a motorcycle in Bogota?” she asked.

I nodded. She smirked, then her face turned stern. “Rushing after me was foolish, J. I do not know if you think you are some knight in shining armor but I am not your damsel and I do not need any rescuing,” she rolled her eyes, “American men! Always have to save me,” her eyebrows perked up, “but it does make them easier to rob.”
The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« Last post by The Good Reverend Roger on Yesterday at 10:17:38 pm »

Going back a bit further (1972).
My ability to withstand the various smells that come in with the truck drivers has been kind of a badge of honor for me, YET, I just gagged. First time ever. I think I'll congratulate that particular individual from 30-40 yards away.


Dwarf fortress changelog
zackli, I don't know what exactly your experience with mental illness was, but telling other people that your experience trumps theirs is not a way to make friends.
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